Bantry. (Pop 165)

Post, maneyorder and telegraph office

Postmaster-J Bouchier


Conveyances—Durrus Road astation , Cork, Bandon and South Coast ry,station 6 m, from village ; four trains to and from Cork daily

Stationmaster-T Harrington


Parliamentary div West Cork

County Electoral divs Schuil and Bantry


Rural District Council Bantry

Elec. divs. Durrus East, Durrus West,and Bantry


Dispensary and Registration dist of Durrus and Kllcrohane

Med officer and Registrar,Durrus.and Kilcrohane - Dr J FO'Mahony


Petty Sessians Court of Carrickhue

-every fourth Wednesday in month.

Quar Sess dists of Bantry and Skibbereen

Clerk Petty Sessions - G T Nicholson, Bantry

Constabulary district of Bantry.

In charge of Durrus station- Sergeant Thos McDonald


Lace School (under C D B), teacher Miss Cosgrove

National Schools-head teachers

Aughagoheen-Miss Jenninigs

Cashelane- Miss Trinder

Durrus-George H Pattison

Dunbeacon – John O”Mahony

Fourmilewater-J P Moynihan, Mrs McCarthy

Gurtalasa-P J Moynihan

Rooska-John Pattison


Mutter market Fridav & Wednesday



Beamish R, Ardogeena

Beecher J, Lade Idge, Ahakista

Cronin P, D C, O'Donovans cove

Desmond Rev W, P P, The Presbytery

Evans Verity, The Bungalow, Dunbeacon

Healy T H

Levis Rev G T, B A, rector

McCarthy D, Blairs cove house

McCarthy Patrick, Friendlycove house

Morris Richard, Morreagh

O'SulIivan Rev J, CC, Ahakista

O'Sullivan J D, Carrigboy

Shanahan Philip, Dunbeacon



Bandon Arms-J Phillips, prop

Tobin Miss


Butter Merchants.

Lucy D

Newman Jas

Sullivan Jerh

Tobin Richard


Flour and Carding Mills.

Sullivan John D, Durrus


Quarry Proprietor.

McCarthy Timothy, Durrus


Shopkeepers, etc.

Acton Mrs A., grocer, etc.

Barry D, blacksmith

Barry John grocer victualler

Browne Mrs, vintner

Ellis James, carpenter

Gilhooly James, M P, vintner

Boggle John and Edwd, tailors

Leaky Julia, vintner, etc

Lehane L, carpenter

McCarthy A, boot and shoe mkr

McCarthy T, carpenter

Minehane Danl,boot warehouse

O’Brien F, carpenter

O'Brien T, boot & shoemaker

O’Sullivan T and P, blacksmiths

Smith William, blacksmith

Sullivan Denisy vintner

Sullivan Jerh, baker and grocer

Sullivan Mrs Mary, vintner

Sullivan S, grocer, Blairs cove

Tobin Miss J, vintner




Electoral div. Durrus East.

Brooks Edward, Dromreagh

Brooks Richard, Dromreagh

Clarke John, Glanlough

Coughlan Danl, Coolcoulaghta

Crowley Cornelius, Dromreagh

Crowley Robert,Ballycommane

Donovan Danl, Ballycommane

Draper Richard, Dromreagh

Dukelow Charles, Durrus

Dukelow P, Coolcoulaghta

Dukelow Richard, Dromreagh

Dukelow Robert, Durrus

Gay Samuel, Dromreagh

Hurley James J, D C, Durrus

Hurley Jerh,DC,Ballycommane

Hurley John, Ballycommane

Hurley Mrs, Coolcoulaghta

Hurley P, Ballycommane

Jagoe James, Dromreagh

Kelly Timothy, Durrus

Keohane J, Clonee east

Kingston William, Dromreagh

Lannin William, Coolcoulaghta

McCarthy D, Blairs cove

Miller William, Coolcoulaghta

O'Leary John, Dromreagh

O'Neill John, Ballycommane

O'Neill Mch1, Ballycommane

O'Neill blchl A, Ballycommane

O'Neill Peter, Ballycommane

O'Sullivan John, Clonee east

Phillips James, Durrus

Spillane T, Moulivard

Sullivan Michael, Clonee

Sullivan P, Ballycommane


Sullivan W, Ballycommane

Sullivan William; Murreagh

Swanton Benjamin, Clonee

Sweeney Mortimer, Murreagh

Vickery G, Ballycommane

Vickery George, Ballycommane

Ward Thomas, Glanlotigh

Ward Michael, Glanlough

Ward J, Moulivard


Electoral div. Durrus West.

Attridge Arthur, Rossmore

Attridge Samuel, Rossmore

Attridge William, Rossmore

Burke John, Coomkeen

Coakley Daniel, Killovonogue

Cronin Jeremiah, Coomkeen

Cronin Jeremiah Clashadoo

Crowley Patrick,r Carrigboy

Daly Daniel, Crottees

Daly John, Rossmore

Deane Thomas, Crottees

Dillon Timothy, D c, Clashadoo

Donovan Cornelius, Kealties

Dukelow C, Droumatinaheen

Dukelow Charles, Clashadoo

Dukelow Herbert, Crottees

Dukelow James, Coomkeen

Dukelow Jolin, Rossmore

Dukelow Richard, Brahalish

Dukelow Richard, Crottees

Dukelow Robert, Crottees

Dukelow William, Brahalish

Dukelow William, Coomkeen

Kearney William, Rossmore

Kelly Timothy, Clashadoo

Levis Robert, Cashelane

McCarthy Daniel, Blairs cave

McCarthy Timothy, Crottees

McCarthy John, Blairs cove

Mahony James, Carrigboy

Moynihan Jerh P, Clashadoo

O'DonovanC,O'Donovans cove

O'Donovan Mortimer, Kealties

O'Sullivan P, D c, Crottees

Phillips James, Durrus

Shannon James, .Rossmore

Shannon John, Clashadoo

Shannon John,Drotamatinaheen

Shannon John M, Brahalish

Shannon Mrs K, Brahalish

Shannon Mrs M, Brahalish

Shannon Richard, Brahalish

Shannon Thomas, Brahalish

Shannon Thomas, Clashadoo

Shannon Wm, Brahalish

Sullivan Daniel, Clashadoo

Sullivan Patrick, Crottees

Sullivan Daniel, Clashadoo

Sullivan Wm, Killovonogue

Wholohan Michael, Clashadoo

Wolfe John, Clashadoo