Post and moneyo rder office ; Drimoleague 6 m. nearest telegraph office

Postmistress-Mrs Hennigan


Conveyances-Dunmanway 8 m. Cork, Bandon and South Coast ry) nearest station


Parliamentary div South Cork

County Electoral divs Dunmanway and Rosscarbery


Rural District Council Skibbereen ;

Electoral divs. Bredagh,Carrigbaun, Drinagh, Garranes


Dispensary and Registration dist of Dnmoleague

Petty Sessions and Constabulary district of Dunmanway,

In charge of Drinagh station- Sergeant P J Malone


National Schools-head teachers

Derryclogh-Daniel McCarthy, Mrs J Butler

Drinagh-James Nyhane ; Mrs A F Cotter

Shandrum-Miss Smyth



Girling Frederick A, B A , rector

O'Sullivan Rev T, C C


Shopkeepers, etc.

Council Wm, vint, Club house

Connolly C, Paddock

Connolly Michael B

Connolly Thomas

Donoghue B, Driminidy

Donovan Cors,vint,Toughbaun

Hennigan Mrs

Lynch Eliza, grocer

Mahony M, grocer, Toughbaun

McCarthy Budget, Minanes

Sheehan Timothy, carpenter

Tobin James, vintner

W'alsh Edward




Electoral div. Bredagh.


Barren W, Lissane

Coakley Denis, Lissane

Collins Denis ju.n, Lissane

Collins James, Lissane

Collins John, Lissane

Driscoll Jeremiah,Lissane upper

Hourihan Patrick, Tooreen

Hourihan Patrick I, Tooreen

McCarthy Chas C, Lissane up

McCarthy Cornelius, Lissane

McCarthy D D, D C, Lissane

Mahony Daniel, Lissane



Electoral div. Carrigbaun .

Baker John,Carrigbaun

Brier John., Driminidy

Casey William, Driminidy

Collins Denis, Driminidy

Collins James, Carrigbaun

Connolly James, Minnanes

Connor Patrick, Driminidy

Dempsey James, Derryclogh

Dempsey Patriclr, Derryclogh

Donoghue Barth, Driminidy

Donoghue Timothy, Minanes

Donovan Corns, Derryclogh

Donovan Catherine, Antmount

Donovan Cornelius, Driminidy

Donovan Daniel W, Minanes

Donovan Eugene, Carrigbaun

Donovan Jeremiah, Minanes

Donovan Jeremiah Driminidy

Donovan John, Driminidy

Donovan Mrs, Driminidy

Donovan Mrs Margt, Driminidy

Donovan Mrs Margt, Minanes


Donovan William, Minanes

Driseoll Corneiius, Derryclough

Driscoll Cornelius, Driminidy

Driscoll Daniel, Minanes,

Driscoll Denis, Carrigbaun

Driscoll Jeremiah,Mount Nagle

Fitagerald Richard, Driminidy

Hegarty Cornelius, Derryclogh

Hegarty Daniel, Derryclogh

Hegarty John, Derryclogh

Hurley Mrs Ellen, Minanes

Hurley Timothy, Driminidy

Kingston James, Carrigbaun

McCarthy C, Driminidy

McCarthy Cornelius, De, Driminidy north

McCarthy Daniel, Carrigbaun

McCarthy Mrs, Minanes

O'Driscoll C, D C, Derryclogh

Regan Daniel, Carrigbaun

Regan John, Carrigbaun

Wilson Allen, Minanes

Young James, Derryclogh

Young James, Minanes

Young Thomas, Derryclogh

Young William, Minanes


Electoral div: Drinagh.

Barry Edward, Curraghalicky

Brier Patrick, Cashloura

Bryan Thomas, Curraghalicky

Cahalane Dl, Curraghnaloughra

Carey Denis, Curraghnaloughra

Carey F, Curraghnaloughra

Collins Mrs, Curraghnaloughra

Connell blrs hlannah, Paddock

Connolly Daniel, Shandrum

Connolly Patrick, Shandrum

Coughlan Richard, Toughbaun

Daly P, Curraghnaloughra

Donovan Catherine,Toughbaun

Donovan Mrs Mary,Toughbaun

Donovan Pk, DC, Curraghalicky

Driscoll Timothy, Paddock

Ellis Edward, The Pike

Ellis John, Garryglass

Fuller Thomas, Curraghalicky

Hurley J, Curraghnaloughra

Hurley Michael, Maulagow

Hurley Patrick, Maulagow ; -

Jagoe Arthr,Toughmacdermody

Jagoe E, Toughmacdermody

Jagoe Mrs Kate, Toughmacdermody

Jennings Francis, Toughbaun

Jennings Robert, Toughbaun

Jennings William, Paddock

McCarthy Daniel, Garryglass

McCarthy John, Paddock

McCarthy John, Shandrum

Nyhane B, Curraghnalouglira

Sheehan Thomas, Cashloura

Walsh John, Toughbaun

Young Cornelius, Maulagow

YoungWilliam, Curraghalicky


Electoral div. Garranes.

Beamish Thomas, Lahanaght

Connolly Corns, Dc, Lahanaght

Cannon Denis, Lahanaght

Collins P, Killaveenogue

Daly Michael, Lahanaght

Driscoll Flor, Killaveenogue

Honey James, Killaveenogue

Jennings B, Killaveenogue

Murphy Thomas,Killaveenogue