(Pop 21)


Post, money order and telegraph office

Postmaster-Alex Donnan


Conveyances-Drimoleague, a station and junction for Skibbereen and Bantry (Cork, Bandon and S C ry) ; four trains to and from Cork daily

Stationmaster-James Neill


Parliamentary div South Cork

County Electoral divs Ballydehob and Rosscarbery .


Rural District Skibereen

Electoral divs. Carrigbaun, Garrane, Dromdaleague north, and Dromdaleague south


Dispensary and Registration dist.of Drimoleague

Med officer and Regr-Dr John J Fuller


Petty Sessions Court fourth Monday in each month

C1erk PettySess-Andrew Collins

Constabulary- dist of Dunmanway.

In charge of Drimoleague station- Sergeant P Fitzsimons


Bank-Sub branch Bank of Ireland ; open Tuesdays and Fair days


National Schools-head teachers

Drimoleague-T J Hurley ; Mrs J Gunn

Claddagh-Mrs Bryan

Deelish--Edward Young Mrs K O'Connor

Knockbue-John Nyhan

Meenies-Mrs Eliaa J Ross


Fairs and Markets-Second Monday in Jan, Feb, Mar, April, June ; 20 May, 18 July, 27 Aug, 25 Sep, 27 Oct, 18 Nov, 18 Dec.


Butter and Fowl market every Tuesday.



Beamish John

Beamish Robt H, Ivycot, Acres

Beamish Thomas J, D C

Beamish Thomas M, JP,Lahana

Beechinor M, J P, Reenroe house

Carey D, Gurrane

Callnan Rev J, C C

Coffey John, Butlersgift

Cotter Mrs, The terrace

Fewest Rev Denis, P P

Golding Rev E A, B D, rector

Hurley Patrick J, solicitor

Burley T J, Rockmount

Jennings William, Claddagh

Kingston S, n c, Bawnahow

O'Neill John, D C

O'Sullivan James, Derrynagree

Ross Mrs J, Sunville;

Sweetnam Richard



Cork & Kerry Creamery Co, Derrynagree-W Sullivan

Lonsdale J J & Co, Derrynagree Denis Driscoll, manager



Collins Mrs

Cotter Mrs, Railway

Deane Win

Kingston Richd

McCarthy M



Drimoleague Corn Mill-Richd Leary, prop


Slate Quarries .

Beamish Slate Quarry – Thos Beamish, prop

Drimoleague Slate Quarry--Henry Wm Deane, prop

Dromasta Slate Quarry—Mrs Kate M E Carson, Coronea, Skibbereen,prop ;Bryan McSwiney, manager

Knockane Quarry-T Dempsey, prop


Shopkeepers, etc.

Beamish John, vint, Car owner

BeamlSh T J, butter, Corn, Coal and Seed merchant

Burke Denis, draper

Burke Mrs J, vintner

Cahalane D, builder, contractr

Collins Catherine, merchant

Collins Timothy, gracer, baker

Cotter Mrs, vintner

Daly T J, draper, outfitter

Deane Mrs W, Vintner

Dempsey Timothy, grocer

Donnan Alexander, postmaster, stationer and grocer

Donoghue Catherine , vintner

Forbes James, draper

Forties Mrs dressmaker

Forties Richard grocer

Gunn John, grocer, etc.

Hourihane J, groc, car owner

Hurley Miss M A, grocer, etc

Kingston James, baker, etc

Kingston John J, gent mrcht

Kingston Paul S, vintner hardware merchant

Kingston Paul D, car owner

Kingston R, draper

Kingston S, vintner

Kingston Samuel P, prov store

Lambent Richard, Car owner

Leary Honoria, vintner .

McCarthy A, grocer

McCarthy C, grocer, etc

McCarthy J, relieving officer

McCarthy Jas, cabinet maker

McCarthy Miss, merchant

McCarthy M J, gracer

McCarthy Mrs, vintner

Manley J, carpenter

Nolan Mrs,stationer,bookseller

O'Brien Miss M, grocer, leather merchant

O'Leary Bros, millers anal flour merchants

Regan Michael, wheelwright and Carmaker

Ross Paul, summons server

Sullivan James, bootmaker

Sullivan john, grocer, etc

Willnecker John J, draper, egg merchant, etc




Electoral div, Carrigbaun.

Baker Richard, Rearahinagh

McCarthy Andw, Rearahinagh

McCarthy Denis, Rearahinagh

Mahony Patrick, Rearahinagh

Mahony Timothy, Rearahinagh

Young William, Rearalrinagh.



Electoral div . Bredagh.

Collins Denis, Two Kneeves

Driscoll Humphrey, Kilmorc

Hourihane Mrs, Bawnahow

Keane Timothy, Bawnahow

Kingston Paul, Bawnahow

Kingston Samuel, Bawnahow

McCarthy Andrev, Clashduff

McCarthy Cornelius, Derryduff

McCarthy Danl, Two Kneeves

MCarthy Daniel, Derryduff

O'Neill Daniel, Reenroe

Electoral div. Carrigbaun

Deasy Timothy, Bredagh

Donovan Corns, Kilscohanagh

Donovan Djun, Kilscohanagh

Donovan Daniel, Kilscohanagh

Driscoll Corns, Kilscohanagh

Good John, Bredagh

Kingston John, Dromduvane,

Mahony Denis, Bredagh


Electoral div. Garranes

Beamish Frank, Acres

Beamish George, .Acres

Beamish Robert Henry, Acre

Boyd Thomas, Clodagh

Bryan John, Loughcrot

Chambers Chas, Knockeeribue

Collins Jeremiah, LoughCrot

Collins Jeremiah, Kilnahera

Duly Jeremiah, Derrynagree

Duly John, Derrynagree

Donovan Mchl, Derrynagree

Farrell James, Derrynagree

Forties John, Acres

Forties Richard, Ciodagh

Forties Richard, Knockeenbue

Hayes William, K lnahera

Hennigan John, Derrynagree

Kingston P; KnoCkeenbue up

Kingston S, Knockenbue lr

Luey Edmd, Knockenbue Ir

Nyhane James, D C, Louglicrot

Nyhane Mrs, Loughicrot

O'Sullivan J, Derrynagree west

Sullivan Michael, Derrynagree


Electoral div . Dromdaleague North

Casey Jeremiah, Ceancullig

Casey Dominich, Ceancullig

Collins Darnel, Leitry

Collins Denis, Ceancullig

Collins D, Leitry

Collins Jeremiah, Leitry

Collins Mrs, Ceancullig

Collins John, Leitry

Collins William, Leitry

Crowley Mrs H, Butlersgift

Donovan Danl, Castledonovan

Donovan Jeremiah Butlersgift

Donovan Jerh, Castledonovan

Donovan Mrs H, Castledonovan

Driscoll Patrick, Seehanes

Driscoll William, Seehanes

Forties Edward, Leitry

Keane Cornelius C,Meenies

Keane Cornelius P, Meenies

Keane Denis, Meenies

Kingston John, Leitry

Kingston John, Meemes

Kingston Samuel, Meenies

Mahony Daniel, Leitry

Mahony Denis, D cC, Leitry

Mahony Jeremta`h, Seehanes ,

Mahony Wm, Castledonovan

Mahony W P, Castledonovan

Neill John, Butlersgift

Neill Patrick, Garranes

Nyhane Thomas, Ceancullig

Regan Mrs Mary, NIeenies

Ross Catherine, Sunville

Ross George, Cumnreen

Ross Paul, Seehanes

Russell, Harry, D c, Garranes

Russell John, Castledonovan

Electoral div . Dromdaleague South.

Collins Daniel, Shronacarton

Collins Mrs, Shronacarton

Collins Patrick, Dromasta

Collins William, Knockane

Daly Patriek, ,D C Deelish

Donovan Patrick, Deelish

Driscoll Jerh W, Drimoleague

Dullea Jeremiah, Deelish

Hurley James, Deelish

Kingston George, Gurteeniher

Kingston Thomas, Deelish


Leary Denis, Glanaclogha

Leary Michael, Glanaclogha

Leary Mrs J, Glanaclogha

Leary Patrick, Glanaclogha

Leary Timothy, Glanaclogha

Leary Timothy T, Glanaclogha

McCarthy Andrew, Dromasta

McCarthy Mrs D, Dromasta

McCarthy Patk, Toughraheen

McCarthy Thos, Toughraheen

McCarthy Timy, Toughraheen

Mahony George, Glanaclogha

Pattison Richard, Drimoleague

Shea John, Glanaclogha

Spillane Timothy, Deelish

Sweeny Patrick, Drimoleague

Sweetman Richd, Drimoleague