Post, money order, savings bank.and telegraph office

Postmistress-Miss H O'Regan


Conyeyanaces - Donoughmore the terminus Donoughmore extension

branch Cork and Muskerry ry ; station about 1 m, from Donoughmore

cross and Firmount ; three trains to and from Cork daily

Stationmaster-Richd O'Sullivan

Stationmaster, Firmount-James Barrett


Parliamentary div Mid Cork

County Electoral div Blarney


Rural District Council Macroom ;

Electoral divs. Gowlane and Kilcullen


Dispensary and Registration dist of Clonmoyle


Rural District Council Cork ;

Electoral div. Firmount -


Petty Sessions Court of Firmount

Every fourth Wednesday. QuarSess district of Cork.

Clerk Petty Sess-John Carroll

Constabulary dirt of Ballincollig

In charge of Donoughmore station-Sergeant E O'Connor


National Schools-head teachers

Ballykerwick-J Lehane ; Mrs Lehane

Firmount--John Murphy ; Mrs Julia Murphy

Rathcoola-T Murphy


Fairs-Second last Tuesday in each month, except May, 17 May

Butter Market every Tuesday



Barry Rev David, PP, Parochial house

Carroll John, CPS,Ballykerwick

Darlington Job, Rich hill

Dawson Rev P, C

Millard Francis, Smyrna cottage

Sheehan Rev P, C C



Donoughmore Creamery - A Roche, manager


Car Owner,

Murphy D, Donoughmore




Ambrose Rchd,vint,Lacltabane

Barren T, vintner, Lackabane

Barry Patrick, mcht, Stuake

Coakley Mrs H, vint, Coolmona

Downey William, egg exporter

Healy A, Ballycunningham

Hurley Mrs, general merchant

Murphy Timy, vint, Coolmona

Murphy P, grocer, etc, Stuake

O’Callaghan Mrs, Lackabane

O'Connell Jas, vint, Fornaght

O'Connell Patrick, Firmount

Shea John, general merchant

Silence John, vint, Knockane

Walsh M, mcht, Lackabane




Electoral div. Firmount.

Ahern Corns, Pluckanes south

Buckley Denis, Pluckanes

Buckley Jeremiah, Pluckanes

Buckley Michael, Ahadallane

Callaghan Abbey, Knockane

Coakley Patk,Pluckanes east

Cronin Patrick, Curragh

Donovan T, Pluckanes east

Donovan William, Curragh

Dorgan M; Firmount

Golden Thomas, Garraun

Healy John, Ahadallane

Healy Patrick, Garraun

Honohan Andrew, Curragh

Horgan J, Garraun

Horgan James, Pluckanes

McCarthy Denis, Firmount

McCarthy Denis, Pluckanes sth

McCarthy Timothy, Knockane

Murphy Jeremiah, D c, Garraun

Murphy Jerome, Dc, Firmount

Punch John, Garraun


Electoral div. Gowlane.

Barry John, Meenahony

Buckley Patrick J, Coolmona

Buckley Peter, Rathcoola

Callaghan Mrs J, Coolmona

Callaghan Jerh, Ballygirriha

Callaghan Patk, DC, Coolmona

Casey Daniel, Knockyrourke

Casey John, Rathcoola

Casey Timothy J, Lackabane

Coakley Jeremiah, Rathcoola

Cogan Daniel, Ballygirrriha

Cogan John, Bunkilla

Cogan Timothy, Ballyvodane

Connell John, Knockyrourke

Daly Mrs, Lackabane

Drew Daniel, Rathcoola

Golden Bartholomew, Gowlane

Hartnett John, Lackabane

Healy Maurice, Lackabane hse

Healy Mrs, Fornaght


Helen David, Ballygirriha

Helen John, Ballygrrrilla

Helen Mrs i41, Knockyrourke

Keeffe Eliza, Kathcoola

Kelleher Cornelius, Gowlane

Kelleher Jeremiah, Gowlane

Kiely Michael, Monavanshere

Kiely Patrick, Monavanshere

McCarthy Chas T, Meenahony

McCarthy Denis, Fornaght

McCarthy E, Coolmona

McCarthy Jeremiah, Fornaght

McCarthy Timothy, Lackabane

MurphyJames, Lackabane

Murphy Timothy, Gowlane

O'Callaghan Denis, Bunkilia

O'Callaghan Denis, Fornaght

O'Callaghan. Michael, Gowlane

O'Callaghan P, Coolmona

O'HanlonTimy J,D C,Rathcoola

O’Shea Timy, Gurraneredmond

O'Sullivan Patrick, Coolmona

Scanlan Patrick, Ballyhennessy

Sexton D, Rathcoola

Sexton John W, Gowlane

Sexton Michl, Gurraneredmond

Sullivan Bartholomew,Searteen

Sullivan T, Lackabane

Sweeney Jeremiah; Rathcoola

Turner Michael, Fornaght


Electoral div. Kilcullen.

Barren William, Kilcullen

Barry L P, Coolicka

Barry Patrick, Coolicka

Brew Mrs B, Kilmartin

Buckley Cornelius, Coolicka

Buckley M, Kilmartin

Crowley Jeremiah, Knockanare

Crowley John, Kilcullen

Crowley Patrick, Kilcullen

Divan J, Kilmartin

Healy Mrchl, Ballycunningham

Healy Thomas, Knockanare

Honohan A,Ballycunningham

Honohan J, Ballycunningham

Honohan John R, Derr

Honohan John W, Derry

Honohan Mrs, Barrahaurin .

Honohan R W, Derry

Honohan T J, Derry

Kelleher D C, Ballykerwick

Kelleher john, Derry house

Kelleher john, Derry house

Kelleher Mrs Mary, Kilcullen

Lane Jeremiah, Kilcullen

Lehane Michael, Kilcullen

McCarthy John, Ballykerwick

McCarthy Michl, Barrahaurin

McCarthy Timothy, Coolicka

Mahony D, Ballycunningham

Mahony Dnl, Ballycunningham


Moynihan Daniel, D C, Ballycunningham

Naughton Mrs, Kilcullen

Naughton Patrick, Kilcullen

O'Callaghan Mrs, Barrahaurin

O’Connell Mrs, Kilcullen

O’Connell Timothy, Kilmartin

O'Keeffe Charles, Kilmartin

O'Leary Arthur, Kilmartin

O'Shea Cornelius, Kilmartin

O'Shea John, Kilcullen

O'Sullivan John, Kilcullen

Riordan Timothy, Kilcullen

Scanlan Mary, Barrahaurin

Sweeney Daniel, Monataggart

Twohig Eugene, Ballykerwick

Twomey JasJ, Dc, Barrahaurin

Twomey Patrick, Monataggart

Twomey James, Barrahaurin