Buttevant (Pop 829)


Post, money order and telegraph office

Postmaster-J T Pratt

Conveyances-Buttevant 6 m. (G S and W ry) nearest station


Parliamentary div North Cork

County Electoral divs Charleville, Ballyhooly and Mallow


Rural District Council Mallow

Elec. divs, Caherduggan, Doneraile, Skahanagh and Streamhill


Dispensary and Registration dist. of Doneraile

Med officer and Registrar-Dr William Sheehan



Petty Sessions held Monthly.

Quarterly Session district of Mallow.

Clerk Petty Sessions – Denis Murphy



Jones A H, M P S I



Constabulary district of Mallow.

In charge of Doneraile station- Sergeant P Brady



National Bank ltd- Manager P J O'Brien ; accountant, J O'Neill

Doneraile Agricultural Bank- Chairman, James Byrne, J P ;secretary, Mrs Mitchell



Presentation-Rev Mother, Mrs Alphonsus O'Keeffe



The League of the Cross-President, Rev J Shinkwin, C C -

Pioneer Total Abstinence Society -W Kennedy, secretary



Heatherside, Doneraile .

[Contains 80 beds for treatment of patients resident in City and County of Cork, suffering from Tuberculosis of the Lungs (Consumption) in the incipient stage.]

Resident Medical Supt, Richard P Ahern, M D

Secretary-E J Murphy ,Courthouse, Cork



Christian Brothers-Director, Rev Bro P A Mulhall


National-head teachers

Ballyvouare-Miss L. O'Connor

Convent-Presentation Nuns

Clenor-Miss B O'Connor

Clonbane-Miss Tidridge

Skehana-M Fitzgerald



Doneraile-Market day, Saturday

Cahermee-12 July (cattle, sheep, horses) ; 13 July(horses)

Drumdeer-12 June



Ahern Richard P, M D, Res Medical Supt Sanatorium, Heatherside

Bolton Mrs, Doneraile

Bourne A R, J P, Landscape

Brasier-Creagh Capt J W, J P, Creagh castle

Brasier-Creagh Langley, J P, COC, Dc, Streamhill house

Brasier-Creagh Mrs, Creaghcastle

Carroll Thomas, Cahermee hse

Castletown of upper Ossory,Right Hon Lord (Bernard Edward Barnaby FitzPatrick, 2nd baron, B A OXON), K P ,Doneraile court,

Granston manor, Abbeyleix, Queens Co.Creagh Harry, J P, Roughill

Creagh R S B, Ballyellis lodge

Crogan Mrs, midwife

Cummins Colonel J, Kilbrack

Doyle Miss A, ladies nurse

Evans Capt J W,J P, Corker hse

Graham Wm, Cromore house

Greathed Miss H, Doneraile

Harold-Barry Philip, J P, Ballyellis

Healy P, land stwrd, Streamhill

Jones A H, MPSI, Medical hall

Kerr Mrs, Lissa house

Lysaght Henry, Kilmacroom

Lysaght Wm, J P, Twopothouse

Macnamara RevG H, B A, rector

Mitchell Wm Geddes, J P, Dc, Mill house

Morrow Bernard, Byblox hse

Mulhall Rev .Bro P A, director Christian Brothers

Murphy Denis, C P S

Murphy John, D C

Nichols W H, JP, Kilbrack hse

O'Brien P J, manor Nat bank

Ogg J, mngr Doneraile sawmills

O'Connor J,I P, DC,Donnybrook

O'Keeffe Mrs M Alphonsus, Rev Mother Presentation conv

O’Neill J, acct National bank

Pratt J T, postmaster

Rea Rev Michael, C C

Shannon Mrs, Oldcourt

Shea Denis, Cloonbane

Sheehan Dr William

Shinkwin Rev T, C C

Stawell Sampson, Crobeg

Tront Miss, Clogheen house

White Col James Grove, J P, DL, Kilbyrne

Wicks Mrs, Turnpike house


Pharmaceutical Chemist.

Jones Arthur H, Medical hall



Foley Mrs E

Powell M



Murphy Denis, F A I



Callaghan Michl

Creagh Patrick

Doneraile Stores

Mannix Mary

Murphy Thos

Neenan Denis

O'Shea John



Callaghan Jeremiah



Regan John

Regan Patrick

Regan William


Car Owners

Buckley A

Buckley Maurice

Buckley Patk

Cleary James

Hagerty Michl

Linane Michl

Powell Michl


Coal Merchants .

Kearney James

Murphy Denis



Cleeve Bros-D O'Connor, mgr



Kirwin Michael

Murphy Frcs J

Murphy John

O'Hanlon L

Pratt Richard

Roche H



London Mrs

Lee A

McCarthy Eliia

Murphy Mrs

Regan Mrs

Sisk Miss



(*Also Vintners)

Boardman Miss

Callaghan M1

Condon N

Doneraile stores

Doolan M

Fizell J

*Gallagher W


*Mannix Mrs

*Murphy Mchl

Neenan D

Neligan J

O'Hanlon H

O'Shea J

O’Sullivan Mrs

Pigott J

Pratt J T

Roche Daniel

Roche M

*Russell T

Sheehan Timy


Horse Dealer.

Murphy Thomas


Merchants General

Doneraile stores

Gallagher W

Murphy  Michl

Sheehan Timy


Provision Merchants.

Murphy M

Shea J


Saw Mills.

Doneraile Saw Mills- J Ogg manager


Stationers and Newsagents

Pratt John T

Walsh Minnie



Birmingham M

Palmer John

Pickett J J

Pigott S



O'Hanlon J

O'Shea R, Turnpike



Blake Michael

Murphy Thomas

Walsh Mary



Clear C

Creagh Patk

Foley Mrs

Nagle John

O'Brien David

O'Donnell J

O'Keeffe Mrs

O'Regan D

O'Sullivan M


Woollen Manufacturer.

O'Connor John, Donnybrook




Electoral div . Caherduggan.

Cotter Margaret, Caherduggan

Dorgan Hannah, Twopothouse

Lysaght Wm, JP,Twopothouse

O'Connor Denis, Clogheen

Roche David, Caherduggan

Vaughan Pk, D c, Caherduggan


Electoral div. Doneraile.

Buckley Michael, Ballydineen

Morrissy Mrs, Ballydineen

Roche Terence, Ballydineen

Russell John, Cornahinch



Electoral div . Doneraile .

Barry Harold H, Ballyvonere house

Blake Mrs, Rossagh

Bolster Thomas, Rossagh

Callaghan D, Ballyandrew

Casey John, Carrigeen

Casey Thomas, Ballyshane

Cavanagh Malachi, Ballyellis

Dunlea John, Ballyellis

Duane Michael, Cloonbane

Feehan Timothy, Knockbtack

Foley John, Carrigeen

Gallagher Thomas, Rossagh

Griffin Denis, Carkerbeg

Harman Robert, IVTewtown

Hartigan William, Carrigeen

Howell Edmond, Knockbrack

Howell Patrick, Knockbrack

O'Brien Daniel, Ballyshane

O'Brien Richard, Fountainvill

O'Connor John, J P, D C, Donnybrook

O'Leary John, Carrigeen

Roberts Henry E S, Ballyellis

Ryan James, Saffron hill

Tobin Mrs, Snugboro


Electoral div. Skahanagh .

Dwane Thos, D c, Skahanagh

Ellard Michael, Ballinree

Hannon John, Cloustoge

Heaphy Daniel, Garryhintoge

Heaphy John, Garryhintoge

Lillis John, Cloustoge

Lillis Richard, Cloustoge

Mannix Mrs Ellen, Cloustoge

O'Toole Roger, Cloustoge


Electoral div. Streamhill.

Morrissy Alex J, DC, Castlepook