Skibbereen (Pop 152)


Post, money order and telegraph office

Postmistress-Mrs M A McCarthy

Assistant-Miss M O'Sullivan


Marconi Wireless Telegraph Station

Officer in charge-F H Henchman

Staff S W Corrin, R J Smith,

H F Yardley, F Greenland,

V Jones, William Lupton,.

P Close


Conveyances-Schull (West Carbery Light ry) nearest station 11 miles to Rockisland, thence ferry day and night, 15 miles to Crookhaven ; mail car daily from Skibbereen 6.45 a m (fare 4/-), arr 11.00 a m.; ret 2 pm arr Schu114 p m, Skibbereen 6 p m


Parliamentary div West Cork

County Electoral div Schull


Rural District Council Schull ;

Electoral div. Crookhaven


Dispensary and Registration dist.of Goleen

Med officer and Registrar-Dr Thomas Neville


Petty Sessions district of Goleen

Constabulary district of Skibbereen


Coastguard station-

Station officer-C Hennessy

Chief boatman-N Spencer


Lighthouses-Fastnett Rock and Crookhaven Harbour

Chief lightkeeper-T P Murphy


Admiralty Signal Station, Browhead

Commanding officer--C Hennessy


Mizen Head Fog Signal Station


National Schools-head teachers

Crookhaven-Mrs K O'Driscoll

Garrigmanus-Eliza Cambridge



Crookhaven Copper Mining.

Co-Thomas Holmes, mgr



McCarthys-F McCarthy


Shopkeepers, etc.

Burns Patrick, vintner and. shopkeeper

Downing Mrs Mary,vintner, etc

Downing Sylvester, D c

Mahony Mrs J, Cannawee

McCarthy F & Co, genl mercts, ship agents, etc

Nottage Mrs, vintner

Sheehan P, shopkpr, Cannawee

Wilkinson Mrs, Gortbrack




Burchill Mrs Wm, Lackenaked

Cotter James, Lisagriffin

Cotter Timothy, Lissagriffin

Coughlan P, Dough

Coughlan P, Killeane

Donovan R, Cloghane

Downing John, Greenane

Downing Maurice, Ballyvog

Driscoll B, Knockeennagearagh

Driscoll Florence, Ballyvoge

Goggin John, Crookhaven

Hurley Daniel, D C, Cahir

Love Jehn, Lackenakea

McCarthy Flornce, Crookhaven

McCarthy Jeremiah, Kilbarry

McCarthy Patrick, Ballynaule

Newman John, Crookhaven

O'Connor Patrick, Tooreen

O'Regan Patrick, Crookhaven

Sheehan Paul, Crookhaven