Cork. (Pop 134)


Post, money order, telegraph and savings bank office

Postmistress - Miss Burke


Conveyances-Coachford the terminus  Cork and Muskerry ry ; four trains to and three from Cork daily

Stationmaster-Patrick Horgan


Parliamentary div Mid Cork

County Electoral div Warrenscourt and Macroom


Rural District Council Macroom ;

Elect. divs Aglish and Magourney


Dispensary& Reg dist of Clonmoyle

Med officer and Registrar-Dr Timothy Crowley, Clonmoyle


Petty Sessions Court-every first Wednesday.
Quarter Sessions district of Cork and Macroom

Clerk Petty Sess-Edwd R Corey

Constabulary district of Ballincollig

In charge of Coachford station - Sergeant Michael Murphy


Agricultural Society-DD Healy, hon sec


Schools-head teachers National

Coachford-Stephen O'Mahony ; Mrs O'Mahony

Tullig-Daniel Denneliy ; Mrs Kate Dunne


Fairs-Pig fair last Wednesday in each month ; cattle, sheep and poultry previous Tuesday





Alcock Rev E J, M A, rector, Magourney glebe

Corey Edward, CPS, Coachford

Carroll John T, Hayfield'

Crooke Mrs, Aghavrin hse

Crooke Richard, Aghavrin hse

Crowley T,MD,Larchfield,Peake

Dineen M J, deputy surveyor

Fitzgibbon Ellen A, Dereen house

Galgey WO'Sullivan, JP,Nadrid

Gillman Mrs, Clonteadmore

Gillman Thomas H, Lakefield

Hawker G W, Carhue

Hogan P, D C, Knockaneowen

Leader F H M, JP, Classes

Lindsay J, Leemount

McAuliffe Rev P,P P,Clonmoyle

McSweeney J, Dc, Leeview hse

Murphy John, Carhue house

Murphy P sen, Shandy hall

Nagle Rev J, C C

O'Grady G, J P, Oldtown house

Patchett A W, Clonmoyle

Pyre Miss, Cottage

Pyre T Lawless, Cottage

Ryan Michl, inland rev olhicer

Sheehan Timothy, J P

Shorten Samuel, kockgrove

Wilson A F, Forest

Woodley Miss A R, St Olans


Hotels and Posting Establishments.

Burke Thomas

Dineen Hannah


Horse Dealer.

Hegarty Cornelius, Knockaneowen



Newmarket Dairy Co ltd--

Coachford-D Foley, mngr

Kilcoleman-MI Regan, mgr


Flour & Corn Mills.

Clonmoyle-J Young & Sons, props ; J J O'Sullivan, mgr


Shopkeepers, etc.

Burke Thomas. groc, vent, etc

Dineen Hannah, vintner

Fullin Arthur, grocer

Hogan Jeremiah, grocer

Holohan Patrick, billposter

Murphy James, carpenter

O'Callaghan Timy, groc,vint,etc

O'Callaghan T T, vintner, grocer,etc

O'Keeffe D, tailor

O'Mahony B, harnessmaker,etc

Riordan Patrick, grocer

Sheehan Ellen, grocer, etc .

Sheehan Timothy, grocer, etc

Twomy Daniel, blacksmith




Electoral div. Aglish .

Byrnes Michael, Fergus

Byrnes Patrick, Fergus

Callaghan Michael, Fergus

Crowley Michael, Fergus

Deloughery Hanora, Fergus

Forde John, Fergus

Mahony Daniel, Fergus

Mahony James, Fergus

Crowley Timothy, Nadrid

Mahony William, Fergus

Murphy John B, Fergus

Regan Thomas, Fergus

Sullivan Michael, Fergus


Electoral div. Magourney.

Ambrose John, Clonteadmore

Buckley Jerh,~Clonteadmore

Callaghan Michael, Derreen

Callaghan Timothy, Nadrid

Cremin William, Oldcastle

Crowley John, Tulligmore

Delohery Patrick, Tullig

Dinan Mrs, Coolacullig

Dwyer David, Coolacullig

Dwyer John, Oldcastle

Dwyer John, Coolacullig

Herlihy Timothy, Tulligmore

Horgan John, Knockaneowen

Kelleher Jas, Knockaneagark

Kelleher John, Deeshart

Kelleher Patrick, D C, Knockaneagark

Lane Daniel, Tulligmore

Leary Cornelius, Clonteadbeg

Lynch Michael, Clonteadmore

McCarthy Daniel, Tulligmore

Mahony John, Derreen

Mahony Patrick, Clonteadbeg

Millard Thomas, Clonteadmore

Murphy Cornelius, Derreen

Murphy Edm D, Clonteadbeg

Murphy Edward, Clonteadmore

Murphy Matinee, Tulligmore

Murphy Timothy, Coolacullig

Murphy William, Tulligmore

Roche Edward, Kilgobnet

Roche John, Kilgohnet

Roche Michael, Kilgobne

Sheehan Timothy, Derreen

Sullivan Jeremiah, Oldcastle

Turpin Joseph, Greenlodge

Twomey Matthew, Carhue up

Twomey Timy J, Coolacullig

Walsh John, Derreen