Mallow. (Pop 506)


Post, money order and telegraphs office

Postmistress - Miss L O'Brien


Conveyances - Castletownroche a station Fermoy and Lismore branch G S & W ry (station 2-1/2 m, from village) ; six trains to and from Cork daily. Mail car for Kildorrery, Shanballymore, Glanworth, and Rockmills at 5 p m, returning at 8.20 p m same day

Stationmaster - Daniel Liston


Parliamentary div North East Cork

County Electoral div Ballyhooly


Rural District Council Fermoy;

Electoral divs. Castletownroche and Kilcummer


Dispensary and Registration dist of Ballyhooly

Med officer and Regr - Dr Denis Quinlan



Petty Sessions held each alternate Thursday.
Quar Sess dist of Midleton

Clerk Petty Sessions - Rd Smyth



Smyth Richard, C P S



Constabulary district of Mitchelstown.

In charge of Castletownroche station - Sergeant W J Robinson



Munster and Leinster Bank Itd - sub-branch to Fermoy ; open on Tuesdays and fair days



C of Ireland - Rev C F B Tottersham, M A, rector

R Catholic - Rev Thomas Madigan, PP Rev J Keating CC, Rev T Wilscan, CC



National - head teachers

Castletownroche - T J Kelly, Miss A Linehan

Fairs and markets - 21 April, 21 July, 21 Dec {fairs falling on Sat. or Sun. held following Mon) ; pig fair preceding days {fairs falling on Sat or Sun held previous Friday).

Clerk - P Roche



Ahern Daniel, Copsewood

Annesley R G, Annesgrove

Buckler J, Powerstown

Byrne James, I P, Coroner

Callaghan John, Ballykeating

Coughlan Arthur F, B L, The Close

Coughlan Mrs, The Close

Calvin Timothy

Hoare Edward, Naglesborough

Hoare Thomas E, B L, B A, TCD, Glenanore house

Horgan John, surveyor, Naglesborough

Hunter Corns, mangy creamery

Johnson William G F, MD, Lisalagourneen

Keating Rev John, C C

Madigan Rev Thomas, P P

Ladd Ralph V, Ballydehob house

O’Brien Thomas

O'Farrell Mchl, Kilcummer hse

Penrose-Welsted S Q, Ballywaiter

Priestley Thomas, The Mill

Quinlan Denis, MD

Smyth Richard, Castlewidenham

Smyth Richard, C P S

Thomas Mrs T D, Riverview and Bridge mills

Thomas Robt W,J P,River view and Bridge mills

Tottenham Rev C F B, MA,rector

Vaughan Mrs, Hunting hall

Wilson Rev T, C C



Bailey G



Bridge mills - T D Thomas, prop ; R W Thomas, mgr

Woollen mills - Priestley Bros, prop ; Joseph Wilson,manager



Castletownroche Creamery - Cornelius Hunter, manager

Cleve Bros – Skenakilla Creamery - J Uppington



Castletownroche Private Dairy - T D Thomas, prop


Shopkeepers, etc:

Batterberry Ellen, grocer

Batterberry James, vintner

Batterberry Thos, vict & grocer

Butler Thomas, grocer

Fitzgibbon Mrs Nora, vintner

Garvan Ms Diary, grocer

Gady John, clothier

Hunter David, vintner, etc

Kent Patrick, victualler

Linehan Michael, miller

Looney Mrs, grocer

McHugh Mary, egg merchant

Magner William, vintner

Neill Denis, grocer

Noonan Margaret, vintner

O’Brien Edmond

O’Brien Thomas, draper

O'Brien William J, vintner

O'Brien William M, vintner

O'Connell Ellen, grocer

O'Grady Michael, draper

O'Neill Denis, grocer

O'Sullivan John, grocer

Ryan Margaret, vintner




Electoral div. Kilcummer.

Barry Michael, Kilquane

Cahill Denis, Grange

Dunlea Barth, Bridgetown

Flynn Daniel, Kilquane

Gallagher Daniel, Grange

Gorman D, Bridgetown lower

Gorman T, Bridgetown upper

Hayes Patrick, Grange

Kiely Catherine, Kilquane

Linehan Michael, Grange

Madden William, Bridgetown

Magner James, Kilquane

Magner John, Kilquane

Magner Michael, Glandonohoa

Mahony John, Grange

Nagle David,Bridgetownupper

Roche Michl, Bridgetown lower

Roche Patk, Bridgetown upper

Sisk Thos, Bridgetown upper

Smith John, Bridgetown lower

Walsh John, Bridgetown lower



Electoral div . Castletownroche.

Broderick D, Lisnagourneen

Fouhy Timothy, Lisnagourneen

Johnson William G F, MD, Lisnagourneen



Electoral Div. Castletownroche .

Barry Bridget, Sleemana

Blake James, Ballinvoher

Blake Patrick, Ballinaltigbeg

Brian Edmond, Lougharuane

Brian Ballinvoher Mchael,

Butler Thomas,Ballyadeen

Callaghan M, Lougharuane

Callaghan Timothy, Ballinvoher

Cotter Miss, Ballinvoher

Drislane John, Ballydoyle

Drislane Patrick, Ballydoyle

Font Kate, Ballinvoher

Furlong T U, Ballinaltigbeg

Green James, Scrarour

Green James L, Scrarour

Hickey Cornelius, Ballyadeen

Hickey John, Ballydoyle

Hunter David, The Grove

Keating Richard, Ballyadeen

Ludgate Mrs, Castletownroche

Magner John, Ballyadeen

Murphy Mary, Lougharuane

Noonan Denis, Ballyadeen

O'Brien Brigt, Castlewidenham

O'Brien Cornelius, Ballinvoher

O'Brien Edm, Castletownroche

O'Brien James, Ballinvoher

O'Brien James, Lougharuane

O'Brien Thomas, Ballyadeen

O'Connell Philip, Ballydoyle

O'Hanlon Jeremiah, DC, Castlewidenham

O'Neill Thomas, Lougharuane

Patterson Arthur, Ballyadeen

Quirke John, Ballyhimock

Reynolds David, Castletownroche

Reynolds Patk, Lisnagourneen

Reynolds Margaret, Naglesboro

Roche David, Ballygrillihan

Roche Hannah, Ballydoyle

Roche Michael, Ballyadeen

Shinnick Wm, Castletownroche

Sullivan Timy, Castletownroche

Sweeney Owen, Ballinvoher

Troy John, Lougharuane

Troy Michael, Castletownroche



Electoral div. Kilcummer.

Blake John, Kilcummer

Collins Thos, D c, Kilcummer

McDonnell Corns, Kilcummer

O'Brien Rd, D C, Kilcummer

O'Brien William, Kilcummer