(Pop 986)


Post, money order and telegraph office

Postmaster - J Flanagan


Conveyances Bantry 33 - 1/2m .(Cork, Bandon and South Coast ry) nearest station.

Mail car daily to and from Bantry. Bantry Bay Steamship Co "Princess Beara to and from Bantry daily during summer ; alternate days during winter

Captain - J Redmond


Parliamentary div West Cork


County Electoral div Bere



(See also Special List of Unions.)

Chairman Council - M T Hanley, J P

Vice-Chairman - D D Sullivan

Chairman Guardians H J Harrington

Clerk - Michael J Donovan

Master House - P D Kelly

Matron - Mrs P D Ketly

Medical Officer - Dr J M Hayes


Dispensary and Registration district of Castletown

Med officer and Regr - Dr D J Lyne



Petty Sessions held each alternate Friday.
Quar Sess dints of Bantry and Skibbereen

Clark Petty Sess - Thos J Lyne



(See Special Constabulary List.)

Dist Inspector - Jas P Murnane.

Head - Constable John P Dobbyn

Constabulary station Sergeants W Ruth & J P Hogan



Coastguard division of Castletown

Div officer - J W Fairclough

Chief boatman-J Evans



Munster and Leinster Bank ltd - Manager, William Hawkes



Church of Ireland (Berehaven)-Very Rev J Halahan, M A, Dean, rector ; Rev W W Manning, BA, curate

R Catholic (Killaconenagh)-Very Rev J Canon McDonnell, P P, V F. Revs C Scannell and J Cronin curates



Sisters of Mercy - Rev Mother Mrs Margaret Mary Griffin



National - head teachers

Cahergarriff - Timothy Sullivan

Castletown - James Kennedy

Castletown Inft - Sisters of Mercy

Conv - Sisters of Mercy

PLU - Mrs Columba

Church Education - Rock School - Miss Russell


Fairs and Markets-12 Jan; 8 Feb,15 and 30 March, 9 April, 15 May, 5 June, 8 July, 30 July (horses, cattle, sheep and pigs), 17 Aug; 4 and 15 Sept,11 and 31 Oct, 27 Nov, 21 Dec. Fairs falling on Sunday, held following Monday ; pig market on day previous to each fair



Cronin Rev J, C C

Dobbyn John P, head con R I C

Donovan M J, clerk union

Dudley James, Billeragh

Dwyer William, Drom

Fairclough J W, div officer coastguards

Flanagan Miss, G, music teachr

Griffin Mrs Margaret Mary, Rev Mother Convent of Mercy

Halahan Very Rev J, Dean, M A, Berehaven rectory

Harnley .M T, J F

Harrington Daniel, J P

Harrington D D, J P

Harrington J, Cahergarriff

Harrington J, rate coll, Curraduff

Harrington T C

Harrington Michael Regan,J P

Harrison Charles, M D, J P

Harrison C, V S

Hawkes W, manager M and I bank, Cametringane house

Rayon Michael Joseph, M D, J P

Hegarty Gerald J, solr, Main s

Hourihan T J, Killaconenagh

Hunt F K, L P S I, M R C V S

Kelly John, relieving officer

Kelly Mrs P D, matron work hse

Kelly Timothy Cornelius

Lyne Dr Darnel J

Lyne Thomas J, C P S,

McCarthy D F, MCC, Lloyds apt

McCarthy M

McDonnell Very Rev J Canon, P P, V F; Killaconenagh

McKenzie Lieut D A, R G A

Manning.Rev WW BA, curate CI

Murnane J P, list insp R I C

Murphy James Francis

O'Shea D D, agent Bantry Bay S S Co

O'Shea Denis Michael

Scannell Rev C, C C

Sheehan D J, M D

Spanner Lieut H T, R E

Swanton W M, L P S I



Hegarty Gerald J, Main st


Physicians and Surgeons,

Harrison Charles, J P

Hayes J M, J P, medical officer workhouse

Lyne Daniel J

Sheehan D J



Berehaven Hotel Co ltd - Miss Kilkeary, manageress

Commercial - John Lyne and D D Harrington



Harrington Kate

Keily Timothy C

McCarthy Michl

Murphy Jas F

O'Shea D M,

Warner H S


Bill Poster

Murphy J



Cronin P

Harrington J

O'Neill M

Shea J D


Boat Builder

Fitzgerald M


Boot and Shoe Makers.

Brosnan Geo

Crowley john

Harrington C

Power John

Shea Mortfrner

Shea Patrick

Lowney Michl


Boot Warehouse

Canning J

Connelly, J H

Hanley James


Builders and Contractors.

Hourihan T J

Kelly Robert

McCarthy T

O'Sullivan J

O'Sullivan P


Butter Merchants.

Harrington D T

McCarthy F

Murphy Mrs J

Murphy D

O'Neill W D


China and Glass Dealers,

Merwick Michael

Shanahan Jeremiah



Murphy D

O'Shea P


Coal Merchants.

Dudley J V

McCarthy M

O'Neill Daniel

O'Shea D M

Pourer E



Harrington D

Harrington C



Donovan Miss

Dwyer Anne

Hanley Cath

Hanley Mrs K

Harrington CT

Harrington P F

Kelly Mrs M C

Murphy Jas F

Murphy Margt

Murphy Maria

Murphy Miss K

Murphy P J

O'Neill Jerh

Sheehan John

Sullivan D C

Sullivan E

Sullivan Ml N

Wiseman & Co



McAuliffe Miss
Monnely Mrs K

McGrath Mrs C

Miss N


Sullivan Mrs D


Emigration Agents.

Murphy Patrick

O'Neill W D

Sheehan J V


Fancy Warehouses.

Holland Miss N

Molony K

O'Brien Miss E

Shanahan Jerh

Sullivan Mart


Fish Merchants.

Downing Jerh

Harrington DD

McCarthy D F

O'Neill T

O'Neill Wm D

Sheehan John

Sullivan Martin


Hardware Merchants.

Harrington D

Harrington DD

Murphy P

McCarthy T F

O'Shea D M


Harness Makers

O'Shea M

O'Sullivan J T


Posting Establishments

Murphy M

Sullivan D E

Sullivan Mrs K



Crowley Jerh

Harrington Mrs M T

Harrington Mrs M D

Hourihan Margaret

Lowney Mrs

McCarthy Mrs

Monnely Mrs K

Murphy Danl

Murphy D J

Murphy Mrs J

Neill Michl

O'Brien Miss E

O'Neill W D

O'Shea D M

Shanahan Jerh

Shanahan NI J

Shea D D

Sullivan M M

Sullivan S



Harrington D

O'Brien Miss E

O'Neill W D

Sullivan Martin


Tailors and Outfitters

Hanley M T, MCC

Harrington P

Murphy Wm

Sullivan D


Timber Merchants,

Harrington D

O'Shea D M



Ahern Corns

Sullivan Denis E

Merwick John



Dwyer Anne

Hampston Miss

Harrington CTR

Harrington D J

Harrington DT

Harrington E

Harrington Mary

Harrington T C

Hourihan Thos

Kelly T

Lowney Michael

Lyne John

McCarthy D

McCarthy DF

Moriarty J

Murphy J F

O'Neill Ml J

O'Neill W D

O'Shea Michl

Power Mrs Js

Spillane M J

Sullivan D C

Sullivan Kate

Sullivan Patk




Electoral div. Killaconenagh.

Conroy D, Knock

Crowley John, Derrymihin

Dwyer Mrs J, Tooreenmore

Dwyer John, Tooreenmore

Gill Richard, Clonglaskar.

Hanley Robert, Knockanemor

Hanley Thade, Foildarrig

Hanley Timothy, Drom

Harrington J E, Dinish island

Harrington John, Clortglaskarr

Harrington John,Kilmackowerr

Harrington Joseph, Fanahy

Harrington Ml, Kilmackowen

Harrington Timothy, Fanahy

Harrington William, Fanahy

Holland Corns, Kilmackowen

Hourihan Peter, Derrymihin

Huxley John, Fuhir

McAuliffe Eugn, Curradonohue

McCarthy Patrick, Fanahy

Mahony James, ranany

Murphy Cornelius, Clonglaskan

Murphy Hanoria, Curradonohue

Murphy Jerh, Clonglaskan

Murphy Jeremiah T, Gour

Murphy Jerh, Kilmackowen

Murphy Mrs J; Fuhir

Murphy Margt, Clonglaskan

Murphy Timothy, Clonglaskan

Neill Cornelius, Derreentaggart

Neill Jeremiah, Gour

Neill Mary, Derrymihin

O'Shea D M

O'Shea M M

Power Edmond, Derrymihin

Power Edmond, Rodeen

Power Julia, Rodeen

Power Mary, Derrymihin

Regan Denis, Tooreenmore

Shea Patrick, Disert

Sullivan Denis, Tooreenmore

Sullivan Michael, Foildarrig

Sullivan Mrs Mary, Dromnorth

Sullivan Patrick, Foildarrig

Warner S H, Castletown