Macroom 7 m. nearest money order and telegraph offices

Postmistress - Miss Catherine McSwiney


Conveyances - Macroom (Cork and Macroom ry) nearest station


Parliamentary div mid Cork

County Electoral dies Inchigeela and Macroom


Rural District Council Macroom;

Electoral divs. Clondrohid, Rahalisk,Ullanes


Dispensary and Registration dists of Slievereagh and Macroom


Petty Sessions district of Macroom

Constabulary district of Macroom


St Patrick's Total Abstinence Society, meets monthly. A bi-lingual library attached.


National Schools - head teachers

Carriganimmy - Mich O'Shea, Mrs Hannah O'Shea

Moanflugh - J ADesmond; Miss Nellie O'Donoghue


Butter Markets - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday



Casey Rev John, C C

Kelleher Corns J, J P, MC C, D C

Kelleher D J, D C

Lehane J

Lucey P R O


Shopkeepers, etc.

Creedon Miss Mary, groc, vint, blacksmith, etc.

Desmond MrsPatk,shopkeeper, Lackaduv

Goggin Wm, groc & egg mcht, Maulnahorna

Herlihy Margt, grcr, Moanflugh

Inuguess John, shoemaker

Kelleher J, groc, Cashloura

Kelleher Miss M, dressmaker

Kelleher Patrick, mason, etc

Kenny Thomas, carpenter

Leader Richard, carpenter

McCarthy Thade, blacksmith

Murphy D, tailor, Caherbirrane

O'Connell Mce, talr, Moanflugh

O'Shea Matthias, carpenter

O'Sullivan Peter, cooper

Sullivan John, egg merchant

Sullivan Timothy, cooper

Twomey Mrs Julia, Lackaduv

'Twomey Jerh, shoemaker

Twomey Jerh, grocer & shoemaker, Moanflugh

Twomey John, carpenter

Walsh Edmond, grocer, hardware merchant and vintner





Electoral div. Clondrohid.

Buckley Daniel, Glantane

Corcoran John, Glantane

Cotter Mrs K, Maulnagrough

Creedon Mrs, Carriganimmy

Dennehy Mrs J, Carriganimmy

Desmond H, Carrigomrtane

Dinneen Timy, Glantane west

Donoghue Danl, Carrigomrtane

Duggan Corns, Glantane west

Healy Jeremiah, Curraleigh

Kelleher Cors J, DC, Cabragh

Kelleher Julia, Gortnagishagh

Kenny Thomas (and carpenter), Glantane east

Leahy William, Glantane

Leary Peter, Maulnagrough

Lucey James, Curraleigh

Lucey Jeremiah D, Curraleigh

Lucey Jeremiah J, Curraleigh

Lucey Michael, Cabragh

Lucey Michael, Maulnagrough

Lucey Timothy, Garraneycarney

Manning Mrce, Carriganimmy

Murray Corns, Curraleigh

O'Callaghan I, Garraneycarney

O'Shea Matthew, Glantane east

O'Shea Corns, Glantane east

O'Shea Michael, Gortnagishagh

O'Sullivan D, Garraneycarney

O'Sullivan J, Garraneycarney

O'Sullivan Patk, Glantane east

Riordan Corns, Glantane

Riordan Danl, Garraneycarney

Riordan Daniel, Glantane west

Riordan Timy, Garraneycarney

Roche Patrick, Carriganimmy

Shea Denis, Gortnagishagh

Shea John, Glantane east

Shea Timothy, Carriganimmy

Sullivan James, Carriganimmy

Walsh Edmond, Carriganimmy

Walsh Edmond, Maulnagrough

Walsh E, junr, Maulnagrough

Walsh Michael, Maulnagrough

Walsh Redmond,Maulnagrough


Electoral dis. Rahalisk.

Buckley Barth, Knockraheen

Buckley John, Knockraheen

Buckley John, Caherbirrane

Casey Patrick, Coonaniddaine

Corcoran Denis, Kilbaultragh

Creedon Denis, Casloura

Creedon Hugh, Moanflugh

Creedon J Timy, Knockraheen

Cronin Jeremiah, Casloura

Cronin Timothy, Moanflugh

Desmond Andrw, Coolacoosane

Desmond Denis, Coolacoosane

Dineen Denis; Casloura

Dineen John, Casloura

Dineen William, Casloura

Donoghue Jerh, Coolaniddane

Fuller George, Coolaniddane

Goggin Daniel J, Maulnahorna

Goggin Daniel T, Maulnahorna

Kelleher Corns, Kilboultragh

Kelleher Daniel, Cucckanode

Kelleher Danl, Knockraheen

Kelleher Henry I, Moanflugh

Kelleher Jas C, Knockraheen

Kelleher Jeremiah, Lackaduv

Kelleher Jerh D, Casloura

Kelleher Jerh D, Dc, Moanflugh

Kelleher J J, Knockraheen

Kelleher John,llTaulnahorna

Kelleher Kate, Scrahanard

Kelleher Michael, Scrahanard

Kelleher Patk, Maulnahorna

Lehane John, Lackaduv

Linehan Jeremiah, Jun

Looney, Timothy, Kilpatrick

Lucey John, Maulnahorna

Lucey Jeremiah, Kilpatrick

Lynch Jeremiah, Scrahanard

McCarthy Jerh, Moanflugh

Mahony Corns, Cackanode

Mahony D, Coolacoosane

Mahony Timothy, Coolacoosane

Murphy Cornelius, Scrahanard

Murphy Hanora, Knockraheen

Murphy John, Scrahanard

Murphy Timothy J, Scrahanard

O'Connor Jerh, Caherbirrane

O'Connor Thomas, Casloura

O'Connor Timy; Caherbirrane

O'Donoghue J, Coolaniddane

O'Leary Corns, Casloura

O'Leary T, Maulnahorna

O'Shea Corns, Kilboultragh

O'Shea Jeremiah, Caherbirrane

O'Shea Timothy, Cackanode

Quill Daniel, Maulnahorna

Quill Mrs N, Maulnahorna

Ring Jeremiah, Caherbirrane

Riordan John, Cackanode

Riordan John, Scrahanard

Riordan Peter, Cackanode and Mullinrue

Riordan William, Cashloura

Shea Cornelius, Lackaduv

Shea Daniel, Knockraheen

Shea Denis, Knocknagappul

Shea John, Knockraheen

Shea Timothy, Kilpatrick

Sheehan Daniel, Maulnahorna

Sweeney D, Knockraheen

Swiney Ellen, Coolaniddane

Twohig J, D c, Knocknagappul

Twohig Timothy, Lackaduv

White Allen, Kilpatrick


Electoral div Ullanes

Kelleher Ellen, Glendav

Twohig Jeremiah, Glendav

Twohig Michael, Glendav

Twohig William, Glendav

Walsh John, Glendav

Walsh Kate, Glendav

Walsh Michael, Glendav



Electoral div Coomlogane

Buckley Denis T, Caherdowney

Buckley Timy P, Caherdowney

Kelleher Corns, Caherdowney

Kelleher Jerh, Caherdowney

Kelleher Jerh J, Caherdowney

Kelleher john, Caherdowney

Lane Michael, Caherdowney

Neville Richard, Caherdowney