(P O Queenstown)


Conveyances - Carrigaloe a station Queenstown branch G S and W rly ; Trains to and from Cork every hour

Station Master - D Twomey


Parliamentary div East Cork

County Electoral div Queenstown


Petty Sessions and Constabulary district of Queenstown



Barryrnore Pit Hon Lord, P C, D L, J P, Fota

Buckley T, Marino

Connolly John, 7 Marion villas

Coxwell-Rogers Mrs, Donegal cottage

Gregg S C, 6 Marino villas

Hoare Capt H, Summerlea

Houston W J, 4 Marino villas

Lewis Capt, 2 111tarino villas

Oakley John, 9 Marino villas

Packham John, 5 Marino villas

Russell Mrs M, Nat teach, Fota

Ryan Michael, 8 Marino villas

Ryan W F, 1 Marino villas

Stuart Pascoe W G, Marino hse

Tate Richard, 10 Marino villas



Twomey John J


Government Launch and Boat Builders .

Carrigaloe Gridiron and Marine Motor Works Co R E Roberts, & A E Perry, props




Electoral div. Queenstown.

Byrne Cornelius, Ballinacrusha

Frahill John, Ballyleary

Higgins Denis, RDC, Ballyleary

Kirby Edmund, Ballinacrusha

Kirby Edward, Ballinacrusha

Kirby William, Newtown

McCarthy Miss K

McSweeney Mrs, Ballinacrusha

O'Brien John, Ballinacrusha

O'Keefe Michael, Marino

Riordan James, Ballyleary

Riordan Jeremiah, Ballyleary

Russell Edmund, Ballynae

Russell Edmond, Newtown

Russell James jun, Ballynoe

Russell John, Ballynoe

Russell John jun, Ballynoe

Savage Mrs, Ballinacrusha

Sullivan James, Ballinacrusha