Drimoleague 4 m. nearest money order and telegraph office

Postmistress - Mrs KO'Donovan


Conveyances - Madore a station; Cork, Bandon and South Coast ry 1 m. from Caheragh ; three trains to and two from Cork daily.

Stationmaster - Dews Lane


Parliamentary div West Cork

County Electoral div Ballydehob


Rural District Council Skibbereen

Electoral divs Caheragh, Cloghdonnel, and Killeenleagh


Dispensary and Registration dist of Drimoleague

Medical officer and Reg Dr Michael Burke, Skibbereen


Petty Sessions districts of Drimoleague and Skibbereen

Constabulary dist of Dunmanway


National Schools - head teachers

Bauravilla - J McCarthy; Mrs McCarthy

Garrane - Timothy Maguire, Miss McCarthy

Killeenleagh - Corns McCarthy, Mrs McCarthy


Butter Market-Friday



Ahern Rev Jeremiah, C C

O'Flea Rev Jeremiah, P P

Whitley Rev A J W, BA, rector



McCarthy Florence, Riverview, Coarliss



Clancy P, vintner, Bauravilla

Goggin William, Killeenleagh

Collins Mrs Hannah, vintner

Hayes Patrick, blacksmith

Hegarty Patrick, genl mercht and butter buyer

Hobbs William, genl merchanf

O'Donovan Michael, vintner




Electoral div. Caheragh

Ahern George, Mullaghmore

Cotter John, Barna

Crowley Jeremiah, Ballyourane

Crowley John, Ballyourane

Murphy Patrick, Ballyourane

Daly Mrs J, Clooncugger

Dineen Denis, Barna

Dineen Mrs, Barna

Donovan Corns, Clooncugger

Donovan John, Coolboy

Duggan Timothy, Clooncugger

Keohane Nicholas,Clooncugger

Kingston S, Derreenavarrihy

Lave Richard, Clooncugger

McCarthy J, DC, Ballyourane

Murphy Patrick, Ballyourane

O'Hea J T, DC, Derreenavarrihy

O'Hea Denis, Derreenavarrihy

Sullivan Corns, Clooncugger

Sullivan J, Derreenavarrihy

Sullivan James, Coolboy

Sullivan John, Clooncugger


Electoral div. Cloghdonnell.

Caverley Andrew, Cooranuller

Caverley Andrew, Cooranuller

Caverley Richard, Cooranuller

Coakley Denis, Coolbane

Connell Charles, Dromcorragh

Donovan Denis, Lassanaroe

Donovan John, D C, Lassanaroe

Donovan Timothy; Lassanaroe

Donovan Timothy, Rea

Hayes James, Dromcorragh

Hayes John, Dromcorragh

Leaky Mrs J, Dromcorragh

Levis John, Garrarie

Lonney John, Cooranuller

McCarthy Patrick, Garrane

Minihane Michael, Coolbane

Murphy Denis, Dromcorragh

Murphy Jerh, Dromcorragh

Murray Michael, Coolbane

O'Driscoll Patk, DC, Coolbane

Stout Robert, Coolbane

Sullivan Daniel, Cooranuller

Sullivan Eugene, Rea

Sweeny Miss, Coolbane


Electoral div Killeenleagh.

Beamish Alleyn, Coarliss

Collins John, Caheragh

Donovan Denis, Madore

Donovan Patrick, Carrig

Goggin William, Killeenleagh

Hartnedy Timothy, Caheragh

Hegarty Birth, Cioghanc

Hegarty John, Caheragh

Hegarty Mrs Mary, Caheragh

Hegarty Patrick, Caheragh

Hobbs William, Coarliss

Hourihan E, Cloghane

Hourihan Mrs, Cloghane

Burley Timothy, Coarliss

Keohane Patrick, Killeenleagh

Kerr William, Lissangle

Kingston James, Caheragh

Kingston Samuel, Lissangle

McCarthy A, Ballagliadown sth

McCarthy Charles, Caheragh

McCarthy Daniel, Caheragh

McCarthy Jeremiah, D C, Ballaghadown South

McCarthy Patrick, Castle, Clohanebeg

McCarthy William, Caheragh .

Mahony Jeremiah, Caheragh

Mornane Daniel, Cooradowney

O'Sullivan Timothy, Coarliss

O'Sullivan Arthur,Cloghanebeg

Patterson Samuel, Maune

Roberts Mrs T, Lissangle

Shelly D, Lissangle

Shelly John, Madore

Sullivan Charles, Caheragh

Sweetnam Thos, DC, Clohane