(Pop 1,754)


Military station, head post, money order, telegraph and telephone office

Postmaster - W A Law

Mails despatched for Dublin, England,etc  week-days 3.30pm, 9.55 pm, and 7.00 pml via Rosslare. South of Ireland 9.15 am ; Sundays 10.20 p m


Conveyances-Buttevant a station G S & Wry ; five trains to and seven from Cork daily

Stationmaster - D Scanlan


Parliamentary div North Cork

County Electoral div Charleville


Rural District Council Mallow;

Electoral divs. Buttevant, Churchtown, Kilmaclenine and Templemary


Dispensary and Registration dist of Buttevant

Med officer and Regr - Dr Michl Corbett

Relieving officer - Wm O'Brien



Petty Sessions held every second and fourth Thursdays in month 11.30 am.

Quar Sess dist of Mallow

Clerk Petty Sess - William Daly



(For list of officers see Military)

1st Bn North Staffordshire Regiment



Constabulary district of Charleville

In charge of Buttevant station-

Sergeant Crowley



Buttevant Coursing Club

Commercial Club

League of the Cross Temperance Association

Soldiers' Home - Miss Woods, supt

Towns Improvement Committee - J Barrett, sec



Munster and Leinster Bank, ltd - Manager Thos B Nash ; accountant, J Dillon

National Bank ltd - Sub office to Doneraile ; open market and fair days, also every Monday and Friday



Ch Ireland - Rev W H Cotter, M A LLD, rector ; Rev J A, Jagoe, curate

R Catholic - Very Rev D Canon Burdon, PP ; Revs Walter O'Brien and J Hartnett, curates



Sisters of Mercy - (Ten Sisters) Rev Mother M Augustine



National - head teachers

Buttevant - Michael Linehan

Convent - Sisters of Mercy


Fairs and Markets - Buttevant,  23 Jan, 30 April, 27 May, 27 Aug, 21 Nov (cattle, sheep, and pigs) ; 27 Mar, 14 Oct, 17 Dec (cattle, and sheep)  pigs previous day  11 July (pigs) ; Horse-Fourth Monday in October. Fairs falling on Saturday held following Monday. Poultry and egg market-Friday .

Cahirmee (½ m .from Buttevant) 12 July  (cattle, sheep, horses) ; 13 July  (horses)




Anderson Major H S, R A M C, Castleview

Augustine Mrs M, Rev Mother Sisters of Mercy

Brasier-Creagh Colonel R S Ballyrossagh

Brasier-Creagh Sherlock, Woodville

Brazier-Creagh Lt-Col G W, CMG, Lombards castle

Buckley Miss, Jordanstown

Burdon Very Rev David Canon, P P, Rathclare house

Burdon Wm, Rathclare house

Coleman W J, Castleview hse

Corbett Michael, M D,Main st,

Corbett Dr C P, Main street

Cotter Rev W H, M A, LL D, The Rectory

Crofts C, Ballyhoos lodge

Crofts Christopher, Velvetstown

Daly William, CPS, Main street

Davison Major Thomas, J P, Springfield house

De Falbe Lieut-Col V W, com 1st Bn N Staff regt

Diilon J, acct M & L bank

Fuge R P, Templemary

Guinee Mrs WB, Buttevantcastle

Harold-Barry Philip, JP, Ballyellis house

Hartnett Rev Dr J, C C

Hutch Daniel, v s

Jagoe Rev J A, C I curate

Linehan Thos W, JP, DC, Main street, and Cregane

Lysaght W, J P, Hazlewood hse

Mullins John, Ardenville

Nagle J J, Bregogue

Nagle W B, Liskelly house

Nash T B, mgr M & .L bank

Nicholson Miss, Ballyelhs lode

O'Brien Rev Walter, C C

Oliver Wm R, Buttevant mills

Regan Mrs, Dreenagh west

Roberts F H, Ballyellis

Roche L, JP, Curraghmount

Trant Miss, Cloheen

Walsh Edward, Dunbaxry

Woods Miss, supt soldiers home


Physician and Surgeon

Brazier-Creagh Lieut-Col G W, CMG (late R A M C)

Corbett Michael; Main street

Corbett C P


Veterinary Surgeons.

Hutch D

Sikes F G



Flanagan J, M P S I



Murphy Timothy, Main St



Coughlan Timothy, Main street

McGarry Mrs, Main street

Military, Barrack place - H Taylor, prop



Coleman David, Main street

Coleman Mrs J W, Convent pl

Corbett Cornelius

Coughlan John, Main street

Daly William, Main street

Lenahan Thomas W, Main st

Sheehan Daniel, Main street

Sheehan Mrs, Main street



O'Brien Denis


Boot and Shoemakers.

Grady James, New street

Henchy M, Main street

McPoland J W, Barrack place

Mulcahy T, Main street

Nolan Patrick, Main street

Sheedy R, Main street


Builders and Contractors.

Creedon D

Walsh T A


Car Owners.

Duane James, Main St

Johnson Dave, Barrack place

Leonard D, New Street

O’Donnell Thos, Barrack place

Spratt Eugene, Main Street

Taylor Herbert, Barrack place



Barry P, Main St.

Cole A

Connors O

Duane J


Cattle Dealers.

Berry John

McCarthy Ed

Murphy John


Coach Builders.

Heffernan James

Linehan James

Motherway Michael

Sweeny Jeremiah


Coal Merchants.

Oliver W R, Buttevant mills-Telephone No 3

S B, Railway station, telephone No 7



Coghlan Jas

Daly Wm

Galligan P

Mc Donald Mrs E

Leehy Denis

Lee Miss

Lenahan T W



Hicke Eugene


Cycle and Motor Agents

Barretts Cycle and Motor factory – J J Barrett, prop

O’Donnell J



Buttevant Dairy Company ltd--J Howard, manager-Telephone No 4

Cleeves Bros, Lisgriffin dairy-J Healy, manager



Barry Mrs J T
Burgess Miss

Linehan Mrs W

O'Brien Kate

Connell Geo B
Walsh Robert

Lenahan Mrs T



Barrett MrsL

Byrnes Mrs Kate

Garvan Miss H

Groombes Mrs

Hickey Miss M

Houlihan Mrs B

Johnson Mrs D

Linehan Mrs J

Linehan MrsW

Trimm Mrs


Egg Merchants.

Barry John

Berry Mrs H

Sadlier James


Emigration Agents.

Byrne J Roche J

Feather and Skin Merchant

Barry Cornelius, Richmond st


Flour Merchants

Coleman D

Coleman Mrs J W

Coughlan J

Foley Thos

Daly William

Lenahan TW

Oliver W R

Sheehan D

Sheehan Ml


Grocers and Vintners.

Beechinor Mrs, Castleland

Coghlan. James, Main street

Coleman David, Main street

Coleman John, Main street

Coleman Mrs J W, Main street

Coughlan John, Main street

Coughlan Timothy, Main street

Coughlan Margaret, Main st

Cronin Michael, vint, Main st

Cronin Miss Kate, Main street

Daly William, Main street

Dempsey Michael, Bregoge

Duane David, Lisballyhay

Duane James, Main street

Foley Thomas, Main street

Foley Timothy, vint, Main st

Garvan Miss H, vint, Main st

Greene Philip, Main street

Hickey Eugene, Main street

Kincaid Mrs Johanna, Main st

Leahy Denis, Main street

Linehan John M, Main street

Linehan Miss Mary, Main st

Macdonald E, Main street

McGarry Mrs Frances, Main st

Murphy Miss H,vint, Barrack pl

Nash Patrick, vent, Main street

O'Callaghan Corns, Main street

O'Connell G B, Main street

O'Dee Denis, Main street

O'Donnell Miss Dl, Main street

O'Donnell T, Richmond street

O'Sullivan Mrs, Barrack place

Quinn Thomas B, Main street

Roche James, Main street

Ryan Mrs Margaret, Main st

Saunders Mrs M, Main street

Taylor Herbert, Barrack place

Walsh Margt, Barrack square

Wilmot John, Barrack place


Hardware Dealers.

Barry John

Colman David, Main street

Colman John, Main street

Coughlan John

Lenahan T W, Main st - Tel no 2

Macdonald E, Main street

The Central Supply Store - D Leahy, proprietor



Curtin John

Mulcahy D


Horse Dealers .

Byrne Joseph

Crofts C G

Dunlea John

Foley David

Foley Thomas

Greene Philip

Murphy Timy


Insurance Agents.

Daly William

Lenahan T W

Nash T B

Oliver W

O'Donnell Jas

O'Shea A


Iron Works

Barry S

Beechinor Wm

Callaghan John

Linehan Wm


Leather Merchants.

Coleman D

Kinkead Mrs Johanna


Lodging-house Keepers

O'Connor Mrs, Main street

Pearce Mrs, Main street



Barry Mrs J T

Burgess Miss

Linehan Mrs W E

O'Connell G B



Buttevant Flour Mills-W R Oliver, prop



Conors Wrn

Hickey Eugene


Shopkeepers, etc.

Barry Mrs J, Richmond st

Coughlan James, Main st

Fitzpatrick Thos A, Main

Garvan Miss H, Main st

Kavanagh John, Main st

McCarthy Robert, Main st

O'Brien Miss K, Main st

O'Keeffe Mrs J, Main str



Cahill Alfred, Richmond st

Guiney C

Thornhill P, Main street


Timber Merchants

Coleman David

Lenahan T W

McDonald J



Linehan James, Main street

Motherway Michael, Main street



Coughlan. Timothy, Main street

McCarthy Mrs John, Main st

Murphy John, Main street

Roche Maurice, Main street




Electoral div. Templemary.

Barrett William, Garryduff



Electoral div  Buttevant

Barrett Cornelius, Boherascrub

Barrett Patrick, Spital

Blake Miss Margt, Knockbarry

Blake Thomas, Boherascrub

Burdon William, Rathclare

Callaghan John, Grange

Carley George, Ballybeg

Coleman Jas, Boherascrub west

Coleman Mrs Hannah, Cregane

Coleman Thomas; Ballybeg

Coleman WJ, Castleview

Connors Denis, Ballybeg west

Coughlan Denis, Kilclousha

Coughlan John, Knockanare

Coughlan Michael, Spital

Coughlan Miss, Rathclare

Coughlan Miss, Rathclare

Coughlan Thomas, Rathclare

Cronin Ed, Boherascrub

Cronin John, Boherascrub

Cronin Mrs, Ballybeg

Cronin Patrick, Boherascrub

Daly W, Lackaroe

Egan Timothy, Lackaroe

Ellard George, Spital

Garvin George, Knockanare

Greene John, Ballybeg

Greene Michael, Ballybeg

Hannon Miss Mary, Creggane

Heard Mrs Anne, Rathclare

Hickey Eugene, Castlelands

Hutch Richard, Ballybeg

Linehan Mrs Kate, Ballybeg

Linehan Thomas, Knockbarry

Lucey Corners, Ballybeg

Morris Mrs Catherine,Creggane

Mullins John, Rathclare

Nagle James, Knockanare

Nagle John, Ballybeg west

O'Brien Jeremiah, Ballybeg

O'Brien Mary, Boherascrub

O'Connell John, Ballybeg

O'Connell Maurice, Ballybeg w

O’Connell William, Boherascrub

O'Connell William, Spital

Oliver W R, Ballybeg

Regan Myles, Spital

Sullivan John, Boherascrub


Electoral div. Kilmaclenine

Blake John, Grange

Green Matt, Knockanavadreen

Green Michael, Grange

Leahy Julia, Grange

Madden John, D C, Grange .

Stack Patrick, Grange

Stack Timothy, Grange


Electoral div. Templemary

Cronin Hannah, Ardaprior

Cronin Maurice, Curraglass

Cronin Mrs E, Ardaprior

Cronin Thomas, Tinnascart

Cronin Timothy, Poulnareagha

Culhane Denis, Tinnascart

Flynn Patrick, Ardaprior

Frawley Patrick, Lisgriffin

Lucey Daniel, Ardaprior

Mullins William, Tinnascart

Nunan D, Dreenagh west

O'Brien James, Tinnascart

O'Connell Jeremiah, Ardskeagh

O'Connell John, Tinnascart

Regan John, Curraglass

Regan Mrs, Dreenagh west

Regan Patrick, Curraglass

Sheehan MrsMA,Dreenaghwst

Warren John, Ardskeagh



Electoral div. Buttevant.

Coleman Mrs Hannah, Bregoge

Hutch John, Bregoge

Mackessy William, Bregoge

Magner J, Bregoge

Nagle James J, Bregoge

Rogers Kate, Bregoge

Stack Denis, Bregoge



Electoral div. Buttevant.

Healy William, Cahermee

Hutch Richard, Lag

Kelleher Mrs John, Ballymague

Neenan Denis, Ballymague

Parrott Geo, Ballymague



Electoral div . Churchtown.

Barry Patrick, Ballinguile

Barry Patk, Ballyvorisheen

Bourke John, Ballynatrilla

Buckley James, Templeconnell

Buckley Miss N, Jordanstown

Burdon Wm, Ballyvorisheen

Fleming Patrick, Ballinguile

Hallinan Mrs, Templeconnell

Hallinan William, Ballinatrilla

Lynch Miss B, Ballincurrig

Nagle Bernard, Liskelly

O'Brien Charles, Ballinguile

O'Brien Daniel,Knockroundaly

O’Brien John, Ballinguile

O'Sullivan Patrick, Templeconnell

Regan Denis, Kilbroney

Sheehan Patrick

Simcox James, Ballincurrig

Walsh Thomas, Ballyvorishee



El. div Kilmaclenine

Browne William, Kilmaclenine

Connor Johanna, Kilmaclenine

Greene John, Dc, Kilmaclenine

Guaire Eliza, Kilmaclenine

Sheehan Timothy, Kilmaclenine

Walsh John, Kilmaclenine