Postand telegraphoffice; Donoughmore  nearest money order office

Postmaster - Patrick Reen


Conveyances - Gurfeen 2 m. (Cork and Muskerry ry) nearest station


Parliamentary div Mid Cork

County Electoral div Dripsey


Rural District Council Cork;

Electoral div Dripsey


Dispensary and Registration dist of Dripsey


Petty Sessions district of Coachford


Constabulary dist of Ballincollig


National School - head teachers

Berrings - Daniel Daly, BA; Miss Mary E Downing



O'Callaghan Rev John, C C



Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society ltd- Timothy Byrnes,manager; store manager-David Bowdren



Reen Patrick, vintner

Regan Daniel, vintner, Rea

Spence Mrs, N Kilmurray




Buckley Daniel, Dromgownagh

Buckley James, Ballyshoneen

Buckley John, Berrings

Butler William, Carhue

Casey Jeremiah, Berrings

Coakley Jeremiah, Ballyshoneen

Coleman Mrs M, Ballyshoneen

Collins John, Gortatray

Collins Michael, Gortatray

Concannon Thomas, Gortatray

Donovan John, Ballyshoneen

Dorgan Jerome, Berrings

Healy Patrick, Ballyshoneen

Hennessy John, Kilblaffer

Herlihy Daniel, Gortatray

Herlihy David, Berrings

Herlihy Timothy, Callas

Lane Eugene, Berrings

McCarthy Charles, Rea

McCarthy Jeremiah, Carhue

Mahony Mrs Dromgownagh

Mahony Daniel, Berrings

Mahony John J, Berrings

Mahony Patrick, Bet-rings

Mahony Patrick, Carhue

Mahony William, Berrings

Murphy Daniel, Lisladeen

Murphy Denis, Ballyshoneen

Murphy John, Lisladeen

Murphy Maurice, Berrings

McCarthy Eugene, Callas

O'Brien John, Berrings

O'Callaghan D B, Lisnashandrain

O'Callaghan D D, Ballyshoneen

O'Callaghan Denis, Callas

O'Connell John, Callas

O'Connor Daniel J, Kilblaffer

O'Herlihy Mrs C, Berrings

O'Sullivan Eugene, Lisladeen

O'Sullivan John, Lisladeen

Rearden J, Dromgownagb

Regan Mrs J, Lismahane

Regan William, Kilblaffer

Regan William, Ballymacoo

Reilly Daniel, Berrings

Richardson Jn M. Baillyshoneen

Ring James, Kilblaffer

Riordan Mrs, .Carhue

Riordan Patrick, Kilblaffer

Sheehan John, Carhue

Sullivan Jeremiah, Lisladeen

Sullivan Michl, Lisnasbandrum

Sullivan Mrs E, Kilblaffer

Sullivan Patrick, Berrings

Sullivan Timothy, Ba.llyshoneen

Twomey Daniel, Kilblaffer

Twomey Jeremiah, Kilblaffer

Twomey Matthew, Kilblaffer

Walsh John, Berrings

Walsh Nicholas jun, Berrings

Walsh Nicholas sen, Berrings

Walsh Thomas, Rea