Ballymakeery 2m.nearest money order and telegraph office

Postmistress - Miss J Hallisey


Conveyances - Macroom (Cork and Macroom ry) nearest station


Parliamentary div Mid Cork

County Electoral div Inchigeela


Rural District Council Macroom

Electoral divs. Gortnatubbrid and Slievereagh


Dispenasry and Registration dist Slievereagh


Petty Sessions Court - every fourth Tuesday in month.

Quar Sess dist of Macroom

Clerk Petty Sess - John Grainger,Macroom


Constabulary district of Macroom

In charge of Ballyvourney station

Sergeant J Jackson


National School - head teachers

Slievereagh Patrick McCarthy ; Miss J Kelleher

Ballyvourney - Patk W Collins; Mrs D Buckley


Pattern - A great Pattern held at Balllyvourney Whit Sunday and 11th February, in honour of St Abban


Fair-23rd of every month. Tolls free.



Burton Rev J, PP, Parochial hse

Fitzgerald Rev Edmund, CC

Lynch D, M D, J P, Slievereagh



Williams G W


Knitting Factory.

The Ballyvourney Knitting Industry - Dr Lynch, prop

Frank Creedon, manager


Shopkeepers, etc.

Carey Cornelius, baker

Creedon Mrs, shopkeeper

Hallissy John, butter buyer, Slievereagh

Manning John, blacksmith

Williams G W, baker and genl merchant




Electoral div Gortnatubbrid

Connell Wm D, Gortnatubbrid

Good Henry, Gortnatubbrid

Hallissey, Patk, Gortnatubbrid

Kelleher Jerh, Gortnatubbrid

Lynch Patrick, Gortna'tubbrid

Maybury Win, Gortnatubbrid

O'Leary Daniel, Shanacloon

Quill Jeremiah, Gortnatubbrid

Riordan John, Gortnatubbrid

Roche Birth, Gortnatubbrid

Twomey Michl, Gortnatubbrid

Twomey Patrick. Shanacloon


Electoral div. Slievereagh.

Corey Patrick, Derrynasaggart

Casey Matt, Derrynasaggart

Connell Birth, Coonanaclohy

Connor John, Derrynasaggart

Creedon Cornelius, Cappagh

Creedon Corns, Coomnaclohy

Creedon Tim Coomnaclohy

Creedon Timy F, Coomilaclohy

Cronin John, Slievereagh

Desmond Daniel, Cappagh

Dinneen Dears, Slievereagh

Dinneen Michael, Slievereagh

Dineen Mary, Coomnachhy

Donoghue P, Deyrynasaggart

Finnigan Michl,D errynasaggart

Hallissey Daniel, Derreenaling

Hallissey Daniel J, Slievereagh

Hallissey John, Slievereagh

Healy Ben Matt, Derreenaling

Healy Daniel S, Slievereagh

Healy Matthew, Derreenaling

Hegarty Jerh J, Slievereagh

Hyde Michael, Milleeny

Kelleher Daniel, Slievereagh

Kelleher Denis, Derreenaling

Kelleher James D, Derreenaling

Kelleher James T, Derreenaling

Kelleher John, Derreenaling

Kelleher John, Coomnagire

Kelleher John C, Slievereagh

Kelleher Matt, Derrynasaggart

Kelleher Timothy, Coomnagire

Kelleher Timy D, Derreenaling

Lehane John, Slievereagh

Lehane John C, Cappagh

Lucey Jas, Up Derrynalsaggart

Lucey John, Slievereagh

Lucey Michael Derreenaling

Lucey Michl , Derrynasaggart

Lucey Patrick, Cappagh east

Lucey Patrick, Coomnagire

Lynch Corns D, Slievereagh

Lynch Corns J, Slievereagh

Lynch Daniel, Derrynasaggart

Lynch Dan] M, Derrynasaggart

Lynch Humphrey, Derreenaling

Lynch Jeremiah D, Slievereagh

Lynch, J N D, D C, Derrynasaggart

Lynch, John J, Derrynasaggart

Mc Sweeny Jn,,Derrynasaggart

Murphy John, Derreenaling

Murphy, Mrs J, Derreenaling

Quill Daniel, Slievereagh

Quill Michael, Milleeny

Riordan William, Derreenaling

Riordan Jerh D, Dereenaling

Riordan John, Slievereagh

Scannell Timothy, Inchamore

Sheehan Cornelius, Cappagh

Sullivan Eugene, Derreenaling

Twomey John M, Up Cappagh

Twomey Michael, Cappagh

Twomey Patrick, Coomnaclohy