Fáilte Romhat

  Guy's Postal Directory 1914 - Balllyvoige



Ballymakeery 5m nearest money order and telegraph office

Postmaster - M Murphy


Conveyances-Macroorm (Cork and Macroom, ry) nearest station


Parliamentary div Mid Cork

County Electoral div Inchigeela


Rural District Council Macroom ;

Electoral divs. Candroma and Kilnamartery


Dispensary and Registration district of Inchigeela

Med officer - Dr P Goold


Petty Sessions and Cons district of Macroom


National School-head teachers

Ballyvoige - John Sullivan; Mrs Mary Sullivan

Dundarike - Miss L Linehan


Fresh Butter Market - every Monday, Thursday and Friday at Ballyvolge cross



Blake Rev William, C C

O'Donoghue Rev Timothy, PP, Kilnamartery


Shopkeepers, etc .

Browne H, leather merchant

Browne Mrs Jane, dispensary, caretaker, Kilnamartery

Buckley Denis, vint, Caherdaha

Corkery Daniel, grocer

Johnson William, blacksmith

Manning Richard, blacksmith

Murphy Daniel, carpenter

O'Connell Jeremiah, vintner, butter buyer-and contractor, Caherdaha




Electoral div. Candroma.

Coleman Denis, Candroma

Coleman John, Candroma

Cronin Daniel T, Candroma

Cronin Jeremiah D, Candroma

Cronin Jeremiah, Candroma

Cronin Patrick J, Candroma

Dinneen Jeremiah, Candrorna

Kelleher Daniel, Candroma

McCarthy Denis, Candroma


Electoral div Kilnamartery

Buckley Denis, Dromagarry

Creedon Mrs Julia, Dromagarry

Golden Daniel, Dromagarry

Goold Edmond, M C C, Dromonig

Goold Michael, Dromagarry

Riordan Mrs Eliz, Dromagarry

Riordan Timothy, Dromagarry

Twomey Michael, Dromagarry

Twomey Michael M, Dromonig



Electoral div. Candroma.

Browne Henry, Cools

Buckley Patk, D C, Lisboymore

Connell Jeremiah, Lisboyinore

Connell John, Knocksabaran

Connor Mrs Johanna, Derrintogher

Connor Matthew, Derrintogher

Cooney Patrick, Kilmakaroge

Cremin John, Cloontycarthy

Cronin Denis, Caherdaha

Cronin Michael, Lisboybeg

Cronin Timothy, Knocksaharan

Crowley Jeremiah, Aghacunna

Crowley John, Aghacunna

Dennehy Mrs John, Aghacunna

Dinneen Denis, Knocksaharan

Dinneen Patrick, Lisboybeg

Galvin Jeremiah, Aghacunna

Golden Patrick, Caherdaha

Harrington D, Knocksaharan

Harrington M, Cloontycarthy

Healy Mary, Lisboybeg

Kelleher Mrs John, Lisboybeg

Leary Daniel, Cloontycartby

Leary Daniel, Agbacunna

Leary Michael, Aghacunna

Lehane Patrick, Lisboymore

Lucey Daniel, Caherdaha

Lucey Jeremah, Lisboymore

Lucey Ml, D C, Knocksabaran

McCarthy James, Lisboybeg

McCarthy Timothy, Lisboybeg

O'Callaghan Ml, Cloontycarthy -

O'Connell Denis, Lisboymore

O'Connell Denis B, Lisboymore

Riordan Daniel, Cloontycarthy

Riordan Mrs, Cloontycarthy

Sullivan John, Caberdaha

Sweeney Monomer, Aghacunna

Twohig James, Lisboybeg

Twomey John, Lisboymore

Twomey Timothy, Lisboymore

Vaughan Chas, Cloontycarthy


Electoral div Kilnainartery

Browne Allen, Drormreague

Browne Edward, Dromreague

Browne Mrs T, Clonclud

Callaghan Cornelius, Knockroe

Cronin Daniel P, Caherkereen

Dinneen Mrs D, Knockroe

Mealy Cornelius, Bal lyvoge

Horgan Jeremiah, Ballyvoge

Horgan Jerh M, Caherkereen

Kelleher J, Clonclud

Leaby Michael, Drornreague

Lehane John, Ballyvoge

Murphy Daniel, Dundareirke

Murphy D, Shanvallyshane

Murphy D J K, Shanvallyshane

Murphy Jeremiah, Caherkereen

Murphy John, Caherkereen

Murray Patk, Shanvallyshane

O'Connell Corns, Baltyvoge

O'Connell John, Dromreague

O'Connor Matthew, Ballyvoge

Quill Mrs Fanny, Ballyvoge

Ring William, Parkanillane

Riordan Corns, Calierkereen

Riordan Danl F,Shanvallyshane

Riordan Flornc, Shanvallyshane

Riordan Matthew, Ballyvoge

Riordan Michael, Knockroe

Riordan Mrs D, Knockroe

Riordan Mrs M, Knockroe

Sullivan Mrs C, Ballyvoge

Sullivan Patrick, Ballyvoge

Twomey Danl, D C, Kylefincbin

Vaughan Charles, Kylefinchin

Vaughan Daniel, Knockroe