Fáilte Romhat

  Guy's Postal Directory 1914 - Ballinspittle



(Pop 74)

Post, money order and telegraph office. Telephone connection with Kinsale

Postmistress - Mrs Anne Mulvey


Conveyances -Kinsale 6 m, (Cork, Bandon and South Coast ry) nearest station


Parliamentary div South East Cork

County Electoral div Bandon


Rural District Council Kinsale;

Electoral divs Ballinspittle, Ballymackean and Laherne


Dispensary and Registration dist of Courceys

Med officer and Regr - Dr Arthur O'Leary


Petty Sessions Court-Every 4th Tuesday.
Quarter Sess dist of Bandon

ClerkPettySess - Chas H Donnan


Constabulary district of Bandon

In charge of Ballinspittle station-

Sergean C Crean


National Schools -head teachers

Ballinspittle - John J Holland

Wood view house Miss Ellen Donovan


Butter, Fowl, Wool and Calf market Wednesday



Dunlea Rev Denis Canon, P P, Ballymacredmond

Franks M H, JP, Garrettstown house

Good James, J P, Coolbawn hse

Holland Mrs L A, Wood view

Nunan Rev T, cc, Courceys glebe

O Leary A, M D, J P, Mill house Kilmore



Murphy James

Power Mrs Ellen


Flour and Saw Mills.

Buttimore R, Garrettston mills

Foley William, steam mill


Shopkeepers, etc.

Buttimore & Son, builders and contractors, Kilmore

Clark Ptr, herd, Garrettstown

Coghlan Dl, fish mcht, Currahoo

Coghlan John, mason, Kilkerran

Coghlan John, cartmaker

Crowley Danl, carpntr, Kilmore

Driscoll Kate, grocer

Foley William, general mcht

Henness Mararet - grocer

Hickey Ed matd, farrier, etc

Hickey Ed, junr, blacksmith

Horgan Timothy, cooper

Hourihan Mrs J

Hurley Michael D C vintner and car owner

Kelly Jeremiah, DC, grocer, car owner and farmer

Kiely Mrs Mary J, grcr, lodgings

Kirb Mary, grocer, dressmaker lodgings

Mulvey Anne, grocer, etc

McSwiney Miss dressmkr

Nash Timothy, rocer, vintner

O'Leary John, plasterer, Dromdough

OLeary Mrs Julia, grocer

Power Mrs Ellen grocer, vinter and car owner

Rooney Mrs S, lodgs, Kilmore

Ryan Jerh, carp, Garrettstown

Sorley T M, assist gamekeeper, Garrettstown

Tait John, gardnr, Garrettstown

White John, gamekeeper, Garrettstown


Land Stewards

Moir G, Garrettstown

White Jeremiah, Garrettstown




Electoral div. Ballymackean

Cronin Timothy, Killowney

Dempsey Daniel, Killowney

Dempsey John, Killowney

Desmond Jas, Courtaparteen

Desmond Mrs K, Courtaparteen

Desmond Wm, Courtaparteen

Donovan Mrs John, Killowney

Donovan Laurence, Crohane

Donovan Peter, D C, Crohane

Kelly Edwd, sen, Courtaparteen

Kelly Edwd,jun,Courtaparteen

Leary John, Killowney

Lordon Jeremiah, Killowney

Manning Patk, Courtaparteen

O'Brien Jeremiah, Dooneen

Twomey Denis, Dooneen



Electoral div~Ballymackean,

Chambers Thos, Ballinroe house

Collins John, Oldcourt

Galvin Mrs Ellen, Oldcourt

Galvin Michael, Oldcourt

Griffin Jeremiah, Oldourt

Holland Michael, Oldcourt

Mahony Jeremiah, Oldcourt

Quinn John, Oldcourt

Electoral div. Ballinspittle.

Bateman William, Ballinvredig

Coghlan Daniel, Ballincurrig

Coghlan Daniel, Currahoo

Coghlan Daniel Kilkerran

Coghlan Patrick, Currahoo

Corcoran William, Kilkerran

Coughlan Denis, Kilkerran

Coughlan Michael, Kilkerran

Crowley Edward, Ballincurrig

Dempsey Mrs, Ballinspittle cot

Dempsey Wrn, Ballyhander bse

Donovan Barth, Ballinspittle

Donovan Dl, sen, Ballincurrig

Donovan Dl, jun, Ballincurrig

Donovan Jerh, Carrigavulieen

Donovan Johr, Carrigavulleen

Donovan Michael, Ballincurrig

Donovan Thomas, Coolyrahilly

Driscoll Daniel, Kilkerran

Driscoll Denis, Kilkerran

Galvin D, Ballymacredmond

Griffin Daniel, Ballincurrig

Griffin Denis, Ballinvredig

Griffin Mrs Kate, Ballincurrig

Griffin Denis J Jun Ballincurrig

Griffin Denis L, Ballincurrig

Griffin Denis P, Ballincurrig

Griffin John Ballincurrig ,

Griffin Marlin Kilkerran

Griffin Miss M E, Ballinspittle

Griffin Mrs Mary, Ballincurrig

Hannan John Knocknabinny

Hannon James, Knocknabinny

Hunt Armiger, Ballyhander

Hunt James, Ballyhander

Hurley Michael, Pallinvredig

Keily Mrs Maryiane, Kilkerran

Keohane Denis, Kilclanoona

Leary Bridget, Dromdough

Leary Denis, Dromdough

Leary John T, Dromdough

Martin Timothy, Knocknabirny

McCarthy Jerh, Kilnacioona

McCarthy Michael, Kilkerra

McCarthy Tim, Knocknabinnh

McGrath Danl, DC, Dromdough

Murphy Denis, Currahoo

Murphy James, Knocknabinn

Murphy Jeremiah, Kilkerran

Murphy Patrick, Currahoo

O'Reilly Denis, Kilkerran

Roche John, Kilnacloona

Ryan Denis, Dromdough

Twomey Patrick, Dromdough



Electoral div. Laherne

Barrett John, Bogstown house

Barrett Patrick, Ballynascubbig

Collins Cornelius, Gortnacrusha

Collins Denis, Gortnacrusha

Collins Denis, Ballycatteen

Collins John, Gortnacrusha

Collins Mary, Gortnacrusha

Collins Michael, Gortnacrusha

Coveney James, Garrettstown

Cronin Patrick, Ballynascubbig

Donovan Corns, Ballycatteen

Draper George, Artitigue

Fitzgerald Daniel, Gortnacrusha

Fitzgerald James, Ballycatteen

Fitzgerald Mrce, Ballycatteen

Harrington Michael, Bogstown

Fitzgerald Mrce, Ballycatteen

Harrington Michael, Bogstown

Hayes Cornelius, Ballycatteen

Madden Mrs, Gortnacrusha

Mahony John, Gortnacrusha

Mehigan John, Gortnacrusha

Murphy Jeremiah, Ballycatteen

Murphy Patrick, Brownstown

McCarthy Tim, Gortnacrusha

Nyhan Jerh, Gortnacrusha

Nyhane John, D C, Ballycatteen

O'Donovan Thomas, N T

O'Driscoll Wm, Ballycatteen

Ryan Daniel, Brownstown

Ryan Patrick, Gortnacrusha

Sexton John, Brownstown

Sexton Timothy, Brownstown

Skinner John, Artitigue