Post, money order, and telegraph office

Postmistress - Mrs J Scriven


Conveyances - Macroom (Cork and Macroom ry) nearest station


Parliamentary div Mid Cork

County Electoral div Inchigeela


Rural Dist Council Dunmanway;

Electoral div. of Bealanageary


Dispensary and Registration dist Coolmountain


Rural District Council Macroom;

Electoral div. Bealanageary


Dispensary and Registration dist Inchigeela


Petty Sessions and Constabulary district of Dunmanway

In charge of Ballingeary station - Sergeant J Appleby


Irish Training College - The Master Training College for Teachers of Irish.

(See Colleges, Schools, etc)


National Schools - head teachers

Ballingeary - Jeremiah Twohig; Mrs Scannell

Keimaneigh - Wm O'Sullivan


Fowl and Butter Market - every Tuesday



O'Callaghan Rev J, C C



Cronin James, Gougane Barra

Lucey Michael, Ballingeary

Shorten John, Ballingeary


Carding,and Tucking Mills,

Ronan Mrs, Kilmare mills


Shopkeepers, etc.

Cotter William, shopkeeper

Creed B, shopkeeper

Hurley Cornelius J, shopkeeper, Kilmore

Hyde Michael, butter buyer, Cahir

Lehane C J, draper, gen mercht

Lucey Michael, mercht, draper, car owner, Kilmore

Mahony Corns, Gorteennakilla

Manning Maggie, shopkeeper

O'Shea Michl, shopkeeper, etc

Ronan P, cycle agent, Kilmore mills

Shorten Benj,vint,Dromanallig

Twohig J, grocer, Kilmore




Electoral div . Bealanageary

(Dunmanway R.D .C .)

Bourke Mrs J, Inchibeg

Creed Michael M, Illauninagh

Creedon Jeremiah, Illauninagh

Creedon John, Illauninagh

Creedon M T, Illauninagh

Cronin Cornelius, Bargarriff

Cronin Corns, Garrynapealoa

Cronin John, Bargarriff

Cronin Margaret, Illauninagh

Cronin Richard, Inchibog

Leahy John, D C, Inchinossig

Mahony Michael, Inchinossig

Moynihan Corns, Illauninagh

Moynihan Jas, Garrynapeaka

Moynihan John, Garrynapeaka

Scriven John, Illauninagh

Sweeney T, Keirnaneigh

Twomey John, Kealvaugh

Twomey John, Tooreenduff

Walsh Richard, Tooreenduff


Electoral div . Bealanageary

(Macroom R .D.C.)

Ahern James, Keamcorravooly

Ahern Patk, Keamcorravooly

Callaghan Cal, Inchimore

Callaghan Daniel, Rossalougha.

Callaghan James, Gortafiudig

Callaghan Michael, Inchimore

Cotter Cornelius, Currahy

Cotter Edmund, Maulmore

Cotter James, Kilmore

Cotter Mrs, Kilmore

Cotter William, Kilmore

Creed Jerh, D C, Rahaskeey

Creedon Mrs, Currahy

Cronin Abbey, Keamcorravooly

Cronin Denis, Gorteennakilla

Cronin Denis, Carrignadoura

Cronin J, Carrig lodge

Cronin James, Lyrenageeha

Cronin James, Gorteennakill

Cronin John, Derrinaiackan

Cronin John, Lyrenageeha

Cronin John Gorteenakilla

Cronin John F, Carrignadoura

Cronin Mary, Carrignadoura

Cronin Patrick, Derreenlunnig

Healy Cornelius, Scrahanmore

Healy John, Gortafludig

Hyde Cornelius, Cahir

Hyde Daniel, Scrahanmore

Hyde Jeremiah, Rossalougha

Hyde Michael, Cahir

Leary Arthur, D C, Currahy

Leary Barth, Rossalougha

Leary Ellen, Derreenabourky

Leary Jerh, Derreenalraurky.

Leary John sen, Kealvaugh

Leary John Jun, Kealvaugh

Leary Timothy, Currahy

Leary Timothy, Gortafludig

Lehane Cornelius, Dromanallig

Lehane John, Tooreenlahard

Lehane John, Gurteenflugh

Lehane Patk, Tooreenlahard

Lucey Cornelius, Gurteenowen

Lucey Cornelius, Inchimore

Lucey D, D C, Cahir

Lucey Daniel, Cahir

Lucey M, Cahir

Lucey Patrick, Carrigbaun

Lucey Patrick, Kilmore

Lucey Peter, Gurteenowen

Lyhane Michael, Currahy

McSweeney E, Kearncorravooly

Mahony Jerh, Dromanallig

Moynihan John, Cahir

Moynihan John, D C, Currahy

Moynihan Patrick, Lackabaun

Murray Patk, Derreenclodig

Scriven Mrs M, Dromanallig

Shorten Benjamin, Dromanahig

Shorten John, Currahy

Sullivan Michael, Currahy

Sweeney Timothy, Keimaneigh

Sweeney Timy, De, Inchimore