Bantry. (Pop 82 )

Eyeries 4 m . nearest money order and telegraph office

Postmistress - Mrs B McCarthy


Conveyances - Kenmare 20 m. (Great Southern and Western ry, Killarney and Tralee branch) nearest station


Parliamentary div West Cork

County Electoral div Bere


Rural District Council Castletown

Electoral div Kilcatherine


Petty Sessions and Constabulary district of Castletownbere


National School - head teachers

Ardgroom,T Connell; MissWolfe


Fairs and Markets -11 Jan, 7 Feb, 14 Mar, 8 April, 14 May, 4 June, 7 July, 16Aug, 14 Sept, 10 Oct, 26 Nov, 20 Dec. Market day, Tuesday


In neighbourhood - Glenbeg, Glenderry, Loughfadda, and Derrygrone Lakes



Kelly's - T Kelly, prop


Woollen Mills.

Young J & Co


Fish Buyers

Flynn H

Lynch Mchl

Murphy J D

O'Sullivan D

Pettery G

Sullivan Corns

Sullivan Patrick


Shopkeepers, etc.

Crowley John, grocer

Crowley Timothy, boatbuilder

Downey Patrick, carpenter

Harrington Denis, grocer, vice

Harrington Timothy, grocer

Kelly Timothy D, vint, earpntr

McCarthy Daniel, carpenter

Malvey Jas; shopkpr, car owner

Mullins Stephen, weaver

Murphy Mk, grocer, car owner

Murphy Michael, boatbuilder

Murphy John D, car owner

O'Shea Daniel, draper; etc

O'Shea Margaret

O'Sullivan John, tailor

O'Sullivan Margt, draper, etc

O'Sullivan Mort, draper, etc

O'Sullivan Miss E, draper etc

O'Sullivan Palk, vintner, tailor

Sheehan Michael, vint, weaver



Electoral div Kileatherine

Connell Thomas, Ardgroom

Connell William, Ardgroom

Connor Daniel, Glenderry

Crowley Daniel, Glenbeg

Crowley John, Ardgroom

Crowley Patrick C, Glenbeg

Crowley Patrick P, Glenbeg

Harnett Patrick, Ardgroom

Harrington Jeremiah, Oxside

Harrington Patrick, Oxside

Harrington Timothy, Oxside

Healy Patrick, Ardgroom

Leafy Daniel, Ardgroom

Lowney Corns, Oxside

Lowney Simon, Oxside

Lynch John J, Glenderry

Mahony D, Ardgroom

McCarthy Denis, Glenbeg

McCarthy Philip, Ardgroom

Neill John, Glenderry

O'Leary Daniel, Ardgroom

O'Shea Daniel, Commendagh

O'Shea Jeremiah, Ardgroom

O’Shea John, Ardgroom

O'Shea Mrs Johanna, Glenbeg

O'Shea Patrick, Ardgroom

O'Shea Timothy, Glenderry

O'Shea Timothy T, Glenderry

O'Sullivan John, Gurteen

Rahilly Daniel, Glenderry

Rahilly Mchl, Commendagh

Shea James, Glenderry

Sheehan Michael, Ardgroom

Sheehan Michael J, Ardgroom

Sullivan Flor, Commendagh

Sullivan Florence E, Ardgroom

Sullivan Jerh, Commendagh

Sullivan John C, Ardgroom

Sullivan John T, Ardgroorn

Sullivan Patrick, Commendagh

Sullivan Roger, Ardgroom