Coachford 4 m. nearest money order and telegraph office

Postmistress - Mrs Mary Crowley


Convevances - Peake 1 1/2 m. (Cork and Muskerry) nearest station

Stationmaster-Timothy Dineen


Parliamentary div Mid Cork.

County Electoral div Macroom


Rural District Council Macroom 

Electoral div. Clonmoyle


Dispensary and Registration dist of Clomnoyle

Med officer and Registrar - Dr T Crowley, Coachford


Petty Sessions district of Coachford

Constabulary district of Ballincollig


National School - head teachers

Aghabullogue - Thos T Twomey; Mrs. Kelly




Fouhy Rev Michael, CC, Dromatimore Cork,

Healy Michl, J P, Aghavrin cot

Kelleher Jeremiah, Nat teacher

Lethbridge Mrs F, Peake house

McAuliffe Rev P, P P

Patchett A, Clonmoyle east


Clonmoyle Flour and Corn Mills

Young John & Sons, props ; John J O Sullivan, manager


Shopkeepers, etc.

Buckley Daniel, vintner

Crowley Mary, shopkeeper

Dineen Timothy, vint, Peake

Healy Daniel D, prov dealer

Healy Denis, DC, harness maker

Healy Dl, vintner, Dromatimore

Long Patrick, vint, Peake

Murphy Edward, grocer, Dromatimore

Noonan Matthew, Coolineagh

Sheehan Jeremiah & Son, builders

Twomey C, blacksmith, Aghavrin

Twomey P, blacksmith ,Clonmoyle




Electoral div. Clonmoyle

Ahern Michael, Dromatimore

Buckley John, Clonmoyle

Burns Denis, Clonmoyle west

Callaghan W, Cloninoyle

Casey Cornelius, Clonmoyle

Casey Jerh D, D C, Coolineagh

Coakley Daniel, Aghavrin

Coffey Timothy, Dromatimore

Dineen Cornelius, D C, Peake

Dwyer .Daniel, Peake

Falvey Denis, Dromatimore

Healy Thomas, Clonmoyle

Hinchin Jerh, Clonmoyle east

Kelleher Miss, Clonmoyle

Kelleher Patk, Clonmoyle west

Long Patrick, Peake

Lyhane Timothy, Gortacrohig

Lyons Jerh, Clonmoyle middle

Lyons John, Clonmoyle

Lyons Timothy, Clonmoyle east

Lyons Wm, Clonmoyle middle

Murphy Mrs Daniel, Coolineagh

Murphy Denis J, Dromatimore

Murphy Edm D, Dromatimore

Murphy Jerh T, Coolineagh

Murphy Jerh W, Clonmoyle

Murphy M G, Dromatimore

Murphy Timy T, Coolineagh

O'Connell John J, Clonmoyle

O'Connell Mrs, Clonmoyle

O'Keeffe Patrick, Clonmoyle

O'Shea Michl, Clonmoyle west

Pyne Thos L, Clonmoyle east

Riordan Timy, Clonmoyle west

Sullivan John, Clonmoyle mid

Sullivan Roger, Clonmoyle mid

Twohig Daniel, Clonmoyle,

Twomey James, Woodfield

Twomey Michl, Woodfield hse