Flax Growers of Ireland, 1796 - County Roscommon
Flax Growers of Ireland, 1796 - County Roscommon
Angly             Thady                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Armsby            John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Banan             John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Bannon            Daniel               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Bannon            Edmond               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Bannon            James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Barlow            Andrew               Tibohine             Roscommon
Barnwall          George               Kilglass             Roscommon
Barry             James                Aughrim              Roscommon
Barry             Michael              Aughrim              Roscommon
Barry             Patrick              Aughrim              Roscommon
Barry             Roger                Aughrim              Roscommon
Barry             Widow                Clooncraff           Roscommon
Bartly            Terence              Kilglass             Roscommon
Beatty            Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Beene             Denis                Elphin               Roscommon
Behawne           Luke                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Bennet            James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Bennet            John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Bennet            Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Bennet            Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Bennet            Widow                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Bermingham        Edmund               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Bermingham        James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Bermingham        Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Berne             Alexander            Kilglass             Roscommon
Berne             Andrew               Creeve               Roscommon
Berne             Bryan                Elphin               Roscommon
Berne             Bryan                Esternow             Roscommon
Berne             Bryan                Kilglass             Roscommon
Berne             Bryan                Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             Bryan                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Berne             Carbra               Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             Carbry               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Berne             Connor               Esternow             Roscommon
Berne             Daniel               Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             Denis                Kilglass             Roscommon
Berne             Denis                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Berne             Dominic              Kilnamanagh          Roscommon
Berne             Dominick             Esternow             Roscommon
Berne             Francis              Esternow             Roscommon
Berne             Francis              Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             George               Elphin               Roscommon
Berne             Henry                Kilglass             Roscommon
Berne             Hugh                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Berne             Hugh                 Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Berne             Hugh                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             James                Aughrim              Roscommon
Berne             James                Elphin               Roscommon
Berne             James                Fuerty               Roscommon
Berne             James                Killukin             Roscommon
Berne             James                Killummod            Roscommon
Berne             James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Berne             John                 Esternow             Roscommon
Berne             John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Berne             John                 Killukin             Roscommon
Berne             John                 Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Berne             John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Berne             Laurence             Aughrim              Roscommon
Berne             Laurence             Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             Luke                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Berne             Martin               Aughrim              Roscommon
Berne             Martin               Clooncraff           Roscommon
Berne             Martin               Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Berne             Martin               Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             Martin               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Berne             Mary                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Berne             Matthew              Aughrim              Roscommon
Berne             Matthew              Kilglass             Roscommon
Berne             Michael              Boyle                Roscommon
Berne             Michael              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Berne             Michael              Creeve               Roscommon
Berne             Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Berne             Michael              Esternow             Roscommon
Berne             Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Berne             Michael              Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             Owen                 Creeve               Roscommon
Berne             Owen                 Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Berne             Owen                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             Patrick              Aughrim              Roscommon
Berne             Patrick              Boyle                Roscommon
Berne             Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Berne             Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Berne             Patrick              Esternow             Roscommon
Berne             Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Berne             Patrick              Killummod            Roscommon
Berne             Patrick              Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Berne             Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Berne             Peter                Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             Robert               Aughrim              Roscommon
Berne             Terence              Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             Thady                Clooncraff           Roscommon
Berne             Thady                Kilglass             Roscommon
Berne             Thady                Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             Thady                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Berne             Thomas               Aughrim              Roscommon
Berne             Thomas               Creeve               Roscommon
Berne             Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Berne             Thomas               Esternow             Roscommon
Berne             Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Berne             Thomas               Killukin             Roscommon
Berne             Thomas               Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Berne             Thomas               Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             Widow                Kilglass             Roscommon
Berne             Widow                Killummod            Roscommon
Berne             Widow                Kilmore              Roscommon
Berne             William              Elphin               Roscommon
Berne             William              Esternow             Roscommon
Berne             William              Kilglass             Roscommon
Berne             William              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Bickell           Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Birch             Charles, Esq.        Ballintober          Roscommon
Black             Dominick             Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Black             John                 Fuerty               Roscommon
Blasford          John                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Bligh             Cornelius            Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Blighe            Hugh                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Bly               Andrew               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Bly               John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Bohan             John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Bolan             Andrew               Boyle                Roscommon
Boland            Bryan                Fuerty               Roscommon
Boland            Mark                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Boland            Patrick              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Bonas             Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Bones             John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Bonny             John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Bothel            Michael              Kilcooley            Roscommon
Bourke            William              St. Johns            Roscommon
Bourne            Laurence             Boyle                Roscommon
Bourns            David                Ardcarn              Roscommon
Bourns            David                Esternow             Roscommon
Bowells           Andrew               Clooncraff           Roscommon
Boyle             Hugh                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Boyle             John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Boyle             Laurence             Elphin               Roscommon
Boyle             Mary                 Fuerty               Roscommon
Boyle             Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Boyle             Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Boyle             Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Boyle             Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Brabazon          James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Brackan           Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Bracken           Maurice              Kilglass             Roscommon
Bracken           Richard              Kilglass             Roscommon
Bracken           Richard              Tibohine             Roscommon
Brady             Charles              Tibohine             Roscommon
Brady             Martin               Elphin               Roscommon
Brady             Patrick              Killukin             Roscommon
Brady             Peter                Elphin               Roscommon
Brady             Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Brady             Widow                Killukin             Roscommon
Brannan           Andrew               Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Brannan           John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Brannan           Luke                 Fuerty               Roscommon
Brannan           Miles                Boyle                Roscommon
Brannan           Owen                 Roscommon            Roscommon
Brannan           Patrick              Killukin             Roscommon
Brannan           Richard              Boyle                Roscommon
Brannan           Thomas               Killinvoy            Roscommon
Brannan           Widow                Kilmore              Roscommon
Brannon           Bryan                Esternow             Roscommon
Brannon           Charles              Boyle                Roscommon
Brannon           Edmond               Kilglass             Roscommon
Brannon           Edmund               Boyle                Roscommon
Brannon           George               Boyle                Roscommon
Brannon           Hubert               Kilglass             Roscommon
Brannon           John                 St. Johns            Roscommon
Brannon           Luke                 St. Johns            Roscommon
Brannon           Michael              Fuerty               Roscommon
Brannon           Michael              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Brannon           Nicholas             Fuerty               Roscommon
Brannon           Owen                 Oran                 Roscommon
Brannon           Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Brannon           Patrick              Esternow             Roscommon
Brannon           Roger                St. Johns            Roscommon
Brannon           Widow                Esternow             Roscommon
Brannon           Widow                Killummod            Roscommon
Brannon           William              St. Johns            Roscommon
Breaghan          Patrick              Fuerty               Roscommon
Breheny           John                 Killinvoy            Roscommon
Breheny           John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Brehony           Thomas               Fuerty               Roscommon
Brenan            James                Elphin               Roscommon
Brenan            Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Brennan           Daniel               Tibohine             Roscommon
Brennan           James                Creeve               Roscommon
Brennan           Martin               Tibohine             Roscommon
Breune            Edmund               Tibohine             Roscommon
Brocan            Cornelius            Elphin               Roscommon
Brodel            Francis              Elphin               Roscommon
Brooks            Francis              Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Brown             William              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Browne            John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Browne            Redmond              Elphin               Roscommon
Bruen             Peter                Esternow             Roscommon
Bruin             Edmund               Shankill             Roscommon
Bryan             Garret               Tibohine             Roscommon
Bryan             John                 Killinvoy            Roscommon
Bryan             Luke                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Bryan             Michael              Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Bulter            John                 Killukin             Roscommon
Bulter            Patrick              Loughend             Roscommon
Bulter            Pierce               Aughrim              Roscommon
Bulter            Richard              Aughrim              Roscommon
Bulter            Robert               Killukin             Roscommon
Bulter            Samuel               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Bulter            Thomas               Killukin             Roscommon
Bulter            Thomas               Loughend             Roscommon
Bulter            William              Tisrara              Roscommon
Burke             Dominic              Aughrim              Roscommon
Burke             Festus               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Burke             James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Burke             John                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Burke             John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Burke             Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Burke             Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Burke             Peter                Aughrim              Roscommon
Burke             Peter                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Burke             Richard              Aughrim              Roscommon
Burke             Thomas               Killukin             Roscommon
Burke             Thomas               Kilmore              Roscommon
Burke             Ulick                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Burke             William              Kilmore              Roscommon
Burke             William              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Bushell           William              Aughrim              Roscommon
Bushell           William              Elphin               Roscommon
Byrne             Denis                Shankill             Roscommon
Byrne             Dominick             Tibohine             Roscommon
Byrne             Farrel               Tibohine             Roscommon
Byrne             Hugh                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Byrne             John                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Byrne             John                 Baslick              Roscommon
Byrne             Mertin               Tibohine             Roscommon
Cafferkey         Daniel               Tibohine             Roscommon
Cafferly          James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Cafferly          John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Cafferly          John                 Killukin             Roscommon
Cafferly          Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Cafferly          Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Cafferly          Patrick              Killummod            Roscommon
Cafferly          Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Caffin            Darby                Aughrim              Roscommon
Cahalan           Daniel               Tibohine             Roscommon
Cahalan           James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Cahalan           John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Cahalan           William              Tibohine             Roscommon
Caherly           Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Caherly           Peter                Tibohine             Roscommon
Cahil             Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Cahil             Widow                Tibohine             Roscommon
Cahill            Cornelius            Termonbarry          Roscommon
Cahill            Hubert               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Cahill            Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Cahill            William              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Cain              William              Fuerty               Roscommon
Caldwell          Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Callaghan         Cormick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Callaghan         Edmund               Tibohine             Roscommon
Callaghan         Luke                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Callaghan         Martin               Tibohine             Roscommon
Callaghan         Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Callaghan         Myles                Tibohine             Roscommon
Callaghan         Patrick              Aughrim              Roscommon
Callaghan         Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Callaghan         Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Callaghan         Thady                Creeve               Roscommon
Callelly          Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Callely           James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Callery           Charles              Loughend             Roscommon
Callery           Edmund               Aughrim              Roscommon
Callery           John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Callery           John                 Killummod            Roscommon
Callery           John                 Loughend             Roscommon
Callery           Thomas               Creeve               Roscommon
Cancurr           Edmund               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Cannon            Luke                 Creeve               Roscommon
Canny             Laughlin             Creeve               Roscommon
Canny             Luke                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Canny             Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Carane            Laurence             Tibohine             Roscommon
Carbra            Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Caren             John                 Esternow             Roscommon
Carien            Cormick              Kilnamanagh          Roscommon
Carman            John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Carney            John                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Carney            Luke                 Elphin               Roscommon
Carney            Michael              Aughrim              Roscommon
Carney            Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Carney            Owen                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Carney            Peter                Creeve               Roscommon
Carney            Widow                Elphin               Roscommon
Carolan           John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Caron             Dominick             Esternow             Roscommon
Carrington        Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Carrington        Owen                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Carrington        Samuel               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Carrington        William              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Carrol            Bryan                Killummod            Roscommon
Carrol            James                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Carrol            John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Carrol            Marcus               Creeve               Roscommon
Carrol            Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Carrol            Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Carrol            Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Carroll           Francis              Kilglass             Roscommon
Carroll           James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Carroll           John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Carroll           John                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Carroll           Martin               Elphin               Roscommon
Carroll           Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Carroll           Michael              Killukin             Roscommon
Carroll           Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Carter            Michael              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Carthy            Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Carty             Denis                Tibohine             Roscommon
Carty             Mark                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Carty             Michael              Kilmore              Roscommon
Carty             Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Carty             Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Caryn             Michael              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Casey             Denis                Kilglass             Roscommon
Casey             James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Casey             John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Casey             Nicholas             Termonbarry          Roscommon
Casey             Patrick              Boyle                Roscommon
Casey             Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Casey             Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Casey             Peter                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Casey             Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Casey             Widow                Boyle                Roscommon
Cashey            Darby                Elphin               Roscommon
Casidy            Denis                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Casidy            Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Caslin            Bryan                Clooncraff           Roscommon
Caslin            Daniel               Clooncraff           Roscommon
Caslin            James                Clooncraff           Roscommon
Caslin            John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Caslin            John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Caslin            Patrick              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Caslin            Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Caslin            Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Caslin            Peter                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Caslin            Thady                Clooncraff           Roscommon
Caslin            William              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Casserly          Thomas               Esternow             Roscommon
Cassidy           Hugh                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Cassidy           James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Cassidy           John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Cassidy           Neale                Kilglass             Roscommon
Cassidy           Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Cassidy           Phelim               Kilglass             Roscommon
Cassidy           Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Cassidy           Thomas               Kilmore              Roscommon
Casurky           Cormick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Casy              James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Caufield          Thomas               Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Caulfield         Daniel               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Caulfield         Darby                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Caulfield         Michael              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Caulfield         Robert               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Caulfield         Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Caully            John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Cavanagh          Bryan                Creeve               Roscommon
Cavanagh          Daniel               Kilglass             Roscommon
Cavanagh          Michael              Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Cavanagh          Michael              Kilmore              Roscommon
Cavenny           James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Ceery             Henry                Killinvoy            Roscommon
Cerne             Carbra               Kilmore              Roscommon
Chambers          Edmond               Kilglass             Roscommon
Chapman           Richard              Kilmore              Roscommon
Clabbey           James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Clabby            John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Clabby            Loughlin             Kilglass             Roscommon
Clabby            Robert               Kilglass             Roscommon
Clancy            Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Clarke            Charles              Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Clarke            Edmund               Killummod            Roscommon
Clarke            John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Clarke            Luke                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Clarke            Owen                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Clarke            Patrick              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Clifford          Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Cline             Daniel               Kilglass             Roscommon
Cline             Henry                Kilmore              Roscommon
Cline             John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Cline             Owen                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Cline             Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Cline             Thady                Kilglass             Roscommon
Cline             Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Cline             William              Kilmore              Roscommon
Coan              Edmund               Tibohine             Roscommon
Coan              Finne                Tibohine             Roscommon
Coan              Luke                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Coan              Marcus               Tibohine             Roscommon
Coan              Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Coen              Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Coffee            William              Kilglass             Roscommon
Coffie            Thady                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Coghlan           John                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Coghlan           Michael              Creeve               Roscommon
Coghlan           Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Cole              John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Coleman           Francis              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Coleman           James                Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Coleman           Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon
Colgan            James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Colgan            Laurence             Kilglass             Roscommon
Colgan            Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Colgan            Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Colgan            Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon
Colgan            Widow                Kilglass             Roscommon
Colgan            William              Kilglass             Roscommon
Collenan          James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Collery           Bartholomew          St. Johns            Roscommon
Collins           Nicholas             Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Comber            Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Comber            Thomas               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Comboy            Thomas               Tisrara              Roscommon
Commons           James                Boyle                Roscommon
Comuff            Patrick              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Conaghton         Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Conaghton         Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Conaughton        Andrew               Killinvoy            Roscommon
Conaughton        Byran                Boyle                Roscommon
Conaughton        Byran                Esternow             Roscommon
Conaughton        John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Conaughton        John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Conaughton        Owen                 Elphin               Roscommon
Concannin         Cole                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Concannon         Thomas               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Conellan          Connor               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Conlan            James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Conlan            John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Conlan            Martin               Kilmore              Roscommon
Conlan            Widow                Aughrim              Roscommon
Connaughton       John                 Fuerty               Roscommon
Connaughton       Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Connaughton       Patrick              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Connaughton       Peter                Killukin             Roscommon
Connelan          Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Connell           Catherine            Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Connell           Cormick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Connell           Luke                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Connell           Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Connell           Thomas               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Connell           Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Connellan         Andrew               Elphin               Roscommon
Connellan         Bartholomew          Boyle                Roscommon
Connellan         James                Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Connellan         Martin               Esternow             Roscommon
Connellan         Mary                 Elphin               Roscommon
Connellan         Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Connellan         Michael              Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Connellan         Peter                Boyle                Roscommon
Connellan         Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Connelly          Owen                 Creeve               Roscommon
Connolly          Gilbert              Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Connolly          Murtagh              Loughend             Roscommon
Connolly          Patrick              Loughend             Roscommon
Connolly          Phelim               Aughrim              Roscommon
Connor            Andrew               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Connor            Cornelius            Kilcooley            Roscommon
Connor            Denis                Kilglass             Roscommon
Connor            Francis              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Connor            Hugh                 Killinvoy            Roscommon
Connor            James                St. Johns            Roscommon
Connor            James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Connor            John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Connor            John                 Esternow             Roscommon
Connor            John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Connor            John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Connor            John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Connor            Loughlin             Fuerty               Roscommon
Connor            Mary                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Connor            Maurice              Killummod            Roscommon
Connor            Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Connor            Owen                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Connor            Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Connor            Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Connor            Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Connor            Phelim               Kilglass             Roscommon
Connor            Roger                Elphin               Roscommon
Connor            Roger                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Connor            Thomas               Aughrim              Roscommon
Connor            Thomas               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Connor            Widow                Tibohine             Roscommon
Conny             Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Conoannon         Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Conran            Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Conry             Bryan                Elphin               Roscommon
Conry             Bryan                Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Conry             Daniel               Aughrim              Roscommon
Conry             Edmund               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Conry             Francis              Kilmore              Roscommon
Conry             James                Clooncraff           Roscommon
Conry             James                Elphin               Roscommon
Conry             James                Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Conry             James                Killukin             Roscommon
Conry             John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Conry             John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Conry             John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Conry             John                 Loughend             Roscommon
Conry             John, Jr.            Elphin               Roscommon
Conry             John, Sr.            Elphin               Roscommon
Conry             Laurence             Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Conry             Luke                 Killukin             Roscommon
Conry             Martin               Kilmore              Roscommon
Conry             Maurice              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Conry             Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Conry             Michael              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Conry             Myles                Kilglass             Roscommon
Conry             Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Conry             Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Conry             Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Conry             Peter                Kilcooley            Roscommon
Conry             Thomas               Esternow             Roscommon
Conry             Thomas               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Conry             Widow                Killukin             Roscommon
Conway            Bryan                Kilglass             Roscommon
Conway            James                Fuerty               Roscommon
Conway            Thady                Kilglass             Roscommon
Cooney            Farrel               Kilmore              Roscommon
Cooney            Hugh                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Coony             Michael              Fuerty               Roscommon
Corcoran          Augustine            Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Corcoran          Bryan                Tibohine             Roscommon
Corcoran          Francis              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Corcoran          James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Corcoran          John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Corcoran          John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Corcoran          Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Corcoran          Thady                Tibohine             Roscommon
Cormick           Andrew               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Cormick           James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Cormick           John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Cormick           Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Cormick           Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Corr              William              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Corragan          Michael              Aughrim              Roscommon
Cosgriff          Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon
Cosgriff          Terence              Kilglass             Roscommon
Cosgriff          Thomas               Fuerty               Roscommon
Costella          Stephen              Kilmore              Roscommon
Costello          James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Costello          John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Costello          Laughlin             Aughrim              Roscommon
Costello          Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Costello          Walter               Kilglass             Roscommon
Costello          Walter               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Costello          William              Aughrim              Roscommon
Costello          William              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Cougher           James                Kiltoom              Roscommon
Cox               Andrew               Tibohine             Roscommon
Cox               Francis              Kilglass             Roscommon
Cox               Francis              Kilmore              Roscommon
Cox               Hugh                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Cox               James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Cox               John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Cox               John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Cox               John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Cox               Lackey               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Cox               Loughlin             Kilglass             Roscommon
Cox               Manus                Tibohine             Roscommon
Cox               Mark                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Cox               Matthew              Killukin             Roscommon
Cox               Michael              Kilmore              Roscommon
Cox               Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Cox               Owen                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Cox               Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Cox               Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Cox               Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Cox               Thomas               Kilmore              Roscommon
Cox               Widow                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Coxe              Denis                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Coxe              Hugh                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Coxe              Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Coyle             John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Coyle             Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Coyle             Patrick              Rahara               Roscommon
Coyne             Edward               Roscommon            Roscommon
Craig             Mary                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Craig             Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Craige            James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Crain             Gregory              Tibohine             Roscommon
Crane             Honora               Killummod            Roscommon
Creag             Robert               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Crebbeen          John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Creed             Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Creen             John                 Killummod            Roscommon
Cregg             Bryan                Boyle                Roscommon
Cregg             Laurence             Boyle                Roscommon
Cregg             Michael              Boyle                Roscommon
Cregg             Thady                Boyle                Roscommon
Creton            Matthew              Killummod            Roscommon
Crevan            William              Fuerty               Roscommon
Crien             Cormick              Esternow             Roscommon
Crien             Owen                 Boyle                Roscommon
Crien             Owen                 Killukin             Roscommon
Crien             Peter                Killukin             Roscommon
Crine             Widow                Kilmore              Roscommon
Croark            Laughlin             Oran                 Roscommon
Croghan           Darby                Boyle                Roscommon
Croghan           James                Killummod            Roscommon
Croghan           Michael              Killummod            Roscommon
Croghan           Parson               Tibohine             Roscommon
Croghan           Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Crosby            Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Crosby            Phelim               Kilmore              Roscommon
Crosby            Thomas               Creeve               Roscommon
Crosby            Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Croshan           James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Cryan             Bryan                Kilcooley            Roscommon
Cryan             Murtagh              Elphin               Roscommon
Cryan             Owen                 Kilcooley            Roscommon
Crystal           John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Cuff              Dominick             Tibohine             Roscommon
Cullen            Francis              Kilglass             Roscommon
Cullinan          Samuel               Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Cumane            Patrick              Aughrim              Roscommon
Cummins           Patrick              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Cummins           Thady                Aughrim              Roscommon
Cunane            Owen                 Kilmeane             Roscommon
Cunelly           Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Cunnan            John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Cunnane           Michael              Boyle                Roscommon
Cunnane           Owen                 Boyle                Roscommon
Cunnane           Owen                 Creeve               Roscommon
Cunnawne          James                Elphin               Roscommon
Cunnawne          Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Cunnawne          Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Cunnawne          Thady                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Cunniff           Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Cunningham        Henry                St. Johns            Roscommon
Cunningham        James                Kilcooley            Roscommon
Cunningham        John                 Kilcooley            Roscommon
Cunningham        Michael              Kilcooley            Roscommon
Cunningham        Patrick              Fuerty               Roscommon
Cunningham        Thomas               St. Johns            Roscommon
Cunningham        Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Cunningham        Widow                Tibohine             Roscommon
Curabane          Patrick              Fuerty               Roscommon
Curgan            Owen                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Curly             Roger                Fuerty               Roscommon
Curly             Thomas               Fuerty               Roscommon
Currabane         Owen                 Athleague            Roscommon
Cuttle            John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Dackny            Thady                Loughend             Roscommon
Dalton            Francis              Kilglass             Roscommon
Dalton            Henry                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Dalton            John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Dalton            Peter                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Daly              George               Kilglass             Roscommon
Daly              John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Daly              John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Daly              Owen                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Daly              Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Daly              Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Davy              John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Dawane            Owen                 Creeve               Roscommon
Dawane            Thady                Creeve               Roscommon
Dawel             Bartholomew          Kilmore              Roscommon
Degnan            Bartholomew          Kilmore              Roscommon
Degnan            Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Delahoyde         Darby                Killummod            Roscommon
Delahoyde         Michael              Killummod            Roscommon
Delany            Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Deravan           Daniel               Kilglass             Roscommon
Deravan           Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon
Dermott           Roger                Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Descan            John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Devany            Michael              Shankill             Roscommon
Devene            Michael              Fuerty               Roscommon
Devine            Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Devire            Michael              Fuerty               Roscommon
Devlin            James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Dhwd              Michael              Creeve               Roscommon
Dieghan           Laurence             Kilglass             Roscommon
Diffelly          Cornelius            Kilglass             Roscommon
Diffelly          John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Diffelly          Philip               Kilglass             Roscommon
Diffely           Peter                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Diffilly          Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Diffilly          William              Kilglass             Roscommon
Diffily           James                Clooncraff           Roscommon
Dignan            James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Dignan            Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Dignan            Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon
Dignan            Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Dillan            Arthur               Tibohine             Roscommon
Dillon            John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Dillon            John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Dillon            Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Dillon            Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Dillon            Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Dirr              Darby                Elphin               Roscommon
Ditton            Richard              Tibohine             Roscommon
Divanny           Francis              Tibohine             Roscommon
Dockery           John                 Killukin             Roscommon
Dockery           Michael              Creeve               Roscommon
Dockery           Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Dockery           Thady                Creeve               Roscommon
Dockery           Widow                Creeve               Roscommon
Dockny            Michael              Loughend             Roscommon
Dockry            Denis                Aughrim              Roscommon
Dockry            Edmund               Aughrim              Roscommon
Dockry            Edmund               Elphin               Roscommon
Dockry            John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Dockry            John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Dockry            Luke                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Dockry            Thady                Kilcooley            Roscommon
Dockry            Thomas               Aughrim              Roscommon
Dockry            Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Dodd              John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Dogherty          Bryan                Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Dogherty          John                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Dogherty          John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Dogherty          Judith               Kilglass             Roscommon
Dogherty          Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Dogherty          Phelim               Kilmore              Roscommon
Dogherty          Roger                Tibohine             Roscommon
Dogherty          Terence              Kilmore              Roscommon
Dolan             Andrew               Tibohine             Roscommon
Dolan             Bryan                Athleague            Roscommon
Dolan             Hugh                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Dolan             James                Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Dolan             John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Dolan             Michael              Creeve               Roscommon
Dolan             Michael              Kilmore              Roscommon
Dolan             Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Dolan             Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Dolan             Patrick              Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Dolan             Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Dolan             Peter                Killukin             Roscommon
Dolan             Thady                Elphin               Roscommon
Dolan             Thomas               Creeve               Roscommon
Donaghan          James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Donagho           Edmond               Kilglass             Roscommon
Donell            John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Donellan          Cormick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Donellan          James                Killukin             Roscommon
Donnel            Owen                 Elphin               Roscommon
Donnell           Connor               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Donnell           Neal                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Donnellan         John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Donnellan         William              Killukin             Roscommon
Donnelly          Anne                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Donnelly          Edmond               Kilglass             Roscommon
Donnelly          Edmond, Jr.          Kilglass             Roscommon
Donnelly          Francis              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Donnelly          John                 Clooncraff           Roscommon
Donnelly          Mark                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Donnelly          Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Donnelly          Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon
Donnely           Widow                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Donogho           John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Donogho           Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Doolin            Peter                Elphin               Roscommon
Dooly             John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Dooly             Mathias              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Dooner            John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Dooner            Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Dooner            Simon                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Dooner            Widow                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Doud              Cormick              Creeve               Roscommon
Doud              Denis                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Doud              Francis              Aughrim              Roscommon
Doud              John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Doud              John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Doud              Martin               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Doud              Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Doud              Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Doud              Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Doud              Thomas               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Dowane            John                 Clooncraff           Roscommon
Dowane            Patrick              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Dowd              Charles              Aughrim              Roscommon
Dowd              Denis                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Dowd              Dominic              St. Johns            Roscommon
Dowd              James                Killukin             Roscommon
Dowd              Laurence             St. Johns            Roscommon
Dowd              Owen                 Creeve               Roscommon
Dowel             Bartholomew          Kilmore              Roscommon
Dowel             Edmund               Elphin               Roscommon
Dowel             John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Dowel             Luke                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Dowell            Bryan                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Dowell            Charles              Elphin               Roscommon
Dowell            Luke                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Dowell            Simon                Kilmore              Roscommon
Dowell            Widow                Kilglass             Roscommon
Dowling           Patrick              St. Johns            Roscommon
Downs             James                Boyle                Roscommon
Drury             Bartholomew          Tibohine             Roscommon
Drury             James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Drury             Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Duanny            James                Esternow             Roscommon
Duck              Edward               Fuerty               Roscommon
Duffefy           John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Duffey            Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Duffy             Andrew               Tibohine             Roscommon
Duffy             John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Duffy             Martin               Tibohine             Roscommon
Duffy             Mathew               Creeve               Roscommon
Duffy             Matthew              Tibohine             Roscommon
Duffy             Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Duffy             Michael              Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Duffy             Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Duffy             Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Duffy             Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Duffy             Peter                Esternow             Roscommon
Duffy             Roger                Creeve               Roscommon
Duffy             Thady                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Duffy             Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Duffy             Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Duffy             Widow                Tibohine             Roscommon
Duke              Michael              Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Dunbarr           Patrick              Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Dunleavy          Michael              Dysart               Roscommon
Dunn              Andrew               Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Durkin            Maurice              Kilmore              Roscommon
Durr              Darby                Elphin               Roscommon
Dyar              John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Dyer              James                Elphin               Roscommon
Dyer              John                 Killummod            Roscommon
Dyer              Patrick              Esternow             Roscommon
Dyer              Patrick              Killummod            Roscommon
Dyer              Widow                Esternow             Roscommon
Dyne              John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Dyre              James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Dyre              Marcus               Tibohine             Roscommon
Dyre              Owen                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Eagan             Dominick             Tibohine             Roscommon
Eagan             James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Eagan             Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Eagan             Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Early             Andrew               Esternow             Roscommon
Eccles            William              Tibohine             Roscommon
Eclis             Andrew               Kilglass             Roscommon
Egan              Edmond               Kilglass             Roscommon
Egan              Francis              Kilcooley            Roscommon
Egan              Francis              Kilglass             Roscommon
Egan              Francis              Kilmore              Roscommon
Egan              James                Kilcooley            Roscommon
Egan              James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Egan              James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Egan              Laughlin             Kilcooley            Roscommon
Egan              Martin               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Egan              Matthew              Kilglass             Roscommon
Egan              Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Egan              Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Egan              Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Egan              Owen                 Killinvoy            Roscommon
Egan              Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Egan              Patrick              Killukin             Roscommon
Egan              Patrick              Loughend             Roscommon
Egan              Patrick              St. Johns            Roscommon
Egan              Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Egan              William              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Egoe              John                 Killinvoy            Roscommon
Egoe              Luke                 Killinvoy            Roscommon
Ellwood           Maurice              Killukin             Roscommon
Ellwood           William              Elphin               Roscommon
Elwood            George               Tibohine             Roscommon
Elwood            Thomas               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Fahy              Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Fahy              William              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Fallan            Darby                Shankill             Roscommon
Fallan            James                Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Fallan            John                 Shankill             Roscommon
Fallan            John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Fallan            Thomas               Shankill             Roscommon
Fallon            Bryan                St. Johns            Roscommon
Fallon            John, Esq.           Cloonygormican       Roscommon
Fallon            Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Fallon            Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Fallon            Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Fallon            Thady                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Fallon            Thady                St. Johns            Roscommon
Fallon            Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Fallon            Widow                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Fancy             Martin               Kilmore              Roscommon
Fannon            Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Farmer            James                Aughrim              Roscommon
Farmer            Owen                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Farmer            Patrick              Loughend             Roscommon
Farmer            Thomas               Aughrim              Roscommon
Farrel            Bartholomew          Creeve               Roscommon
Farrel            Edmund               Aughrim              Roscommon
Farrel            James                Creeve               Roscommon
Farrel            John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Farrel            Peter                Kilmore              Roscommon
Farrel            Richard              Kilmore              Roscommon
Farrell           Andrew               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Farrell           Connor               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Farrell           Edmund               Killukin             Roscommon
Farrell           Francis              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Farrell           James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Farrell           James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Farrell           John                 Boyle                Roscommon
Farrell           John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Farrell           Mark                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Farrell           Martin               Boyle                Roscommon
Farrell           Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Farrell           Peter                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Farrell           Thady                Clooncraff           Roscommon
Farrell           Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Farrell           Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Fay               Owen                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Fealy             John                 Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Featherston       Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Feely             John                 Esternow             Roscommon
Feely             Martin               Killukin             Roscommon
Feely             Thady, Jr.           Killukin             Roscommon
Feely             Thomas               Killummod            Roscommon
Feenaghty         John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Feeny             Bryan                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Feeny             Bryan                Tibohine             Roscommon
Feeny             Bryan, Sr.           Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Feeny             Darby                Kilmore              Roscommon
Feeny             Francis              Kilglass             Roscommon
Feeny             Hugh                 Rahara               Roscommon
Feeny             James                Shankill             Roscommon
Feeny             Jemes                Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Feeny             John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Feeny             John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Feeny             John, Jr.            Elphin               Roscommon
Feeny             John, Sr.            Elphin               Roscommon
Feeny             Luke                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Feeny             Martin               Clooncraff           Roscommon
Feeny             Michael              Creeve               Roscommon
Feeny             Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Feeny             Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Feeny             Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Feeny             Patrick              Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Feeny             Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Feeny             Roger                Kilmore              Roscommon
Feeny             Thady                Kilmore              Roscommon
Feeny             Thomas               Creeve               Roscommon
Feeny             Thomas               Kilmore              Roscommon
Fenneran          James                Creeve               Roscommon
Fenneran          Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Fenneron          Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Fetherston        Honora               Fuerty               Roscommon
Fetherston        Luke                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Fetherston        Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Fetherston        Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Fetherston        Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Fin               Luke                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Fin               Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Finegan           Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Fineran           Thady                Tibohine             Roscommon
Fineran           Thomas               Fuerty               Roscommon
Finigan           Edmund               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Finn              Bryan                Elphin               Roscommon
Finn              Owen                 Elphin               Roscommon
Finne             E.                   Tibohine             Roscommon
Fitzgerald        Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Fitzgerald        Nicholas             Killinvoy            Roscommon
Fitzgerald        Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Fitzmaurice       Michael              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Fitzmaurice       Patrick              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Fitzmaurice       Walter               Aughrim              Roscommon
Fitzmorris        James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Fitzmorris        Martin               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Fitzmorris        Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Fitzsimons        James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Flaherty          John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Flaherty          Widow                Kilmore              Roscommon
Flahetty          Laurence             Tibohine             Roscommon
Flanagan          Bartholomew          Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Flanagan          Edmond               Kilcooley            Roscommon
Flanagan          Edmond               Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Flanagan          Edmund               Killukin             Roscommon
Flanagan          Francis              Aughrim              Roscommon
Flanagan          James                Kilcooley            Roscommon
Flanagan          John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Flanagan          Loughlin             Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Flanagan          Malachy              Shankill             Roscommon
Flanagan          Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Flanagan          Michael              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Flanagan          Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Flanagan          Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Flanagan          Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Flanagan          Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Flanagan          Paul                 Killummod            Roscommon
Flanagan          Peter                Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Flanagan          Peter                Killummod            Roscommon
Flanagan          Peter                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Flanagan          Terence              Elphin               Roscommon
Flanagan          Terence              Kilglass             Roscommon
Flanagan          Thomas               Kilcooley            Roscommon
Flannagan         Charles              Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Flannagan         Darby                Tibohine             Roscommon
Flannagan         Edmond               Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Flannagan         James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Flannagan         Michael              Fuerty               Roscommon
Flannagan         Michael              Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Flannagan         Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Flannagan         Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Flannigan         Michael              Fuerty               Roscommon
Fleming           Peter                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Fleming           Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Fleming           Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Flennagan         Connor               Tibohine             Roscommon
Flood             John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Flyn              Bryan                Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Flyn              Bryan                Tibohine             Roscommon
Flyn              Edward               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Flyn              James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Flyn              Laurence             Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Flyn              Laurence             Tibohine             Roscommon
Flyn              Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Flyn              Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Flyn              Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon
Flyn              Peter                Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Flyn              Robert               Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Flyn              Roger                Dysart               Roscommon
Flyn              Roger                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Flyn              Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Flyn              William              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Flynn             John                 Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Flynn             Laurence             Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Flynn             William              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Foally            Bartholomew          Aughrim              Roscommon
Foalty            Martin               Kilglass             Roscommon
Foard             Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Foaty             James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Foley             James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Foley             Luke                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Foley             Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Foly              Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Ford              Bryan                Boyle                Roscommon
Ford              Bryan                Kilglass             Roscommon
Ford              Bryan                Kilmore              Roscommon
Ford              Bryan, Jr.           Boyle                Roscommon
Ford              Bryan, Sr.           Boyle                Roscommon
Ford              Charles              Elphin               Roscommon
Ford              Edmund               Shankill             Roscommon
Ford              James                Creeve               Roscommon
Ford              John                 Boyle                Roscommon
Ford              John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Ford              John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Ford              Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Ford              Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Ford              Terence              Elphin               Roscommon
Ford              Thady                Boyle                Roscommon
Forde             Bryan, Sr.           Esternow             Roscommon
Forde             Edmond               Elphin               Roscommon
Forrester         John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Fowles            Daniel               Killinvoy            Roscommon
Fox               Bridget              Killummod            Roscommon
Fox               Luke                 Killinvoy            Roscommon
Fox               Patrick              Aughrim              Roscommon
Fox               Phelim               Kilglass             Roscommon
Frain             Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Francis           Charles              Tibohine             Roscommon
Frane             Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Freeman           Peter                Boyle                Roscommon
Frustan           James                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Furagan           Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Furrey            Michael              Creeve               Roscommon
Fury              John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Fury              Mark                 Fuerty               Roscommon
Fury              Patrick              Esternow             Roscommon
Fury              Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Gaffey            Cornelius            Elphin               Roscommon
Gaffney           James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Galagher          Bartholomew          Killummod            Roscommon
Galagher          Denis                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Galagher          Hugh                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Galagher          James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Galagher          James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Galagher          Michael              Aughrim              Roscommon
Galagher          Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Galagher          Owen                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Galagher          Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Gallaghar         Hugh                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Gallaghar         Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Gallagher         Andrew               Tibohine             Roscommon
Gallagher         John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Gallagher         Owen                 Athleague            Roscommon
Gallagher         Roger                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Ganly             Andrew               Tibohine             Roscommon
Ganly             James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Ganly             John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Ganly             Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Ganly             Richard              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Gannan            Luke                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Gannon            Cormick              Loughend             Roscommon
Gannon            Denis                Loughend             Roscommon
Gannon            Dominic              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Gannon            James                Aughrim              Roscommon
Gannon            James                Creeve               Roscommon
Gannon            James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Gannon            John                 Killinvoy            Roscommon
Gannon            John                 Loughend             Roscommon
Gannon            Michael              Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Gannon            Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Gannon            Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Gannon            Patrick              Loughend             Roscommon
Gannon            Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Gannon            Thady                Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Gannon            Thady                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Gannon            Thomas               Aughrim              Roscommon
Gara              Garret               Tibohine             Roscommon
Gara              James                Boyle                Roscommon
Gara              John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Gara              Loughlin             Tibohine             Roscommon
Gara              Marcus               Tibohine             Roscommon
Gara              Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Gara              Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Garaghan          Hugh                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Garmon            John                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Garvey            Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Garvy             John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Gately            William              Rahara               Roscommon
Gavacan           James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Gavacan           Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Gavin             Christopher          Elphin               Roscommon
Gearly            Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Gearty            Luke                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Gearty            Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Gearty            Thady                Kilglass             Roscommon
Gearty            Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Geoughan          Esther               Fuerty               Roscommon
Gerahty           Bartholomew          Kilglass             Roscommon
Gerahty           Edmund               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Gerahty           James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Gerahty           James                Killinvoy            Roscommon
Gerahty           Mathew               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Gianty            Bryan                Kilglass             Roscommon
Gianty            Connor               Kilglass             Roscommon
Gianty            Edmond               Kilglass             Roscommon
Gianty            Owen                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Gianty            Thady                Kilglass             Roscommon
Gianty            Widow                Clooncraff           Roscommon
Gibbons           Thomas               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Giblan            Bryan                Aughrim              Roscommon
Giblan            Carret               Tibohine             Roscommon
Giblan            Edmund               Tibohine             Roscommon
Giblan            Farrel               Loughend             Roscommon
Giblan            James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Giblan            James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Giblan            John                 Clooncraff           Roscommon
Giblan            John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Giblan            Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Giblan            Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Giblau            William              Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Giblin            James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Giblin            William              Tibohine             Roscommon
Giblon            Bryan                Kilglass             Roscommon
Giblon            John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Giblon            Laurence             Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Giblon            Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Giblon            Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Gibson            James                Aughrim              Roscommon
Gilhuly           John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Gilhuly           Laughlin             Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Gilhuly           Peter                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Gill              Laurence             Kilcooley            Roscommon
Gill              Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Gillane           Alexander            Athleague            Roscommon
Gilleran          Edmond               Elphin               Roscommon
Gilleran          Michael              Kilcooley            Roscommon
Gilligan          Edward               Elphin               Roscommon
Gilligin          Marcus               Tibohine             Roscommon
Gilmar            Darby                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Gilmar            John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Gilmar            William              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Gilmer            William              Aughrim              Roscommon
Gilmor            William              Kilglass             Roscommon
Glancy            Charles              Aughrim              Roscommon
Glancy            Denis                Kilcooley            Roscommon
Glancy            Hugh                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Glancy            Hugh                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Glancy            Michael              Kilmore              Roscommon
Glancy            Roger                Kilmore              Roscommon
Glancy            Terence              Kilmore              Roscommon
Glancy            Thomas               Aughrim              Roscommon
Glancy            Widow                Kilmore              Roscommon
Glancy            William              Aughrim              Roscommon
Glenanae          John                 Killinvoy            Roscommon
Glenanae          Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Glumorn           Hugh                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Glyn              James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Glynn             Gilbert              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Glynn             Laurence             Killummod            Roscommon
Glynn             Michael              Boyle                Roscommon
Glynn             Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Glynn             Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Gneeve            John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Godfrey           James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Golden            Edmund               Killummod            Roscommon
Golden            Farrell              Killukin             Roscommon
Golden            Hugh                 Esternow             Roscommon
Golden            James                Elphin               Roscommon
Golden            John                 Killummod            Roscommon
Golden            Patrick              Esternow             Roscommon
Golden            Thomas               Boyle                Roscommon
Golden            Thomas               Esternow             Roscommon
Golden            Thomas               Killummod            Roscommon
Goolrick          Terence              Elphin               Roscommon
Goonin            Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Gorick            Patrick              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Gorman            Bartholomew          Tibohine             Roscommon
Gorman            Darby                Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Gorman            John                 Dysart               Roscommon
Gormley           James                Shankill             Roscommon
Gormly            Edmund               Creeve               Roscommon
Gormly            John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Gormly            John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Gormly            Luke                 Clooncraff           Roscommon
Gormly            Michael              Aughrim              Roscommon
Gormly            Michael              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Gormly            Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Gormly            Thomas               Creeve               Roscommon
Gormly            Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Gormoly           Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Gorrek            Patrick              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Grady             Henry                Oran                 Roscommon
Graham            Henry                Killukin             Roscommon
Graharn           James                Killukin             Roscommon
Gralton           Widow                Kilmore              Roscommon
Grawley           Lackey               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Gray              Michael              Boyle                Roscommon
Gray              Michael              Esternow             Roscommon
Greaghan          Owen                 Fuerty               Roscommon
Grealy            James                Killukin             Roscommon
Grealy            James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Greavy            Francis              Tibohine             Roscommon
Greavy            James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Greavy            Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Green             James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Green             Laurence             Termonbarry          Roscommon
Green             Michael              Rahara               Roscommon
Green             Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Green             Thady                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Greghan           Owen                 Fuerty               Roscommon
Grehan            Patrick              Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Grely             Bryan                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Grenan            Farral               Fuerty               Roscommon
Grevey            Martin               Elphin               Roscommon
Grevy             Matthew              Elphin               Roscommon
Grevy             Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Griffin           Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Griffin           Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Groark            Denis                Dunamon              Roscommon
Groark            Henry                Oran                 Roscommon
Groark            James                Dunamon              Roscommon
Groark            James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Groark            Luke                 Dunamon              Roscommon
Groark            Patrick              Oran                 Roscommon
Groghan           Hugh                 Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Groghan           Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Gublon            John                 Fuerty               Roscommon
Gunne             Denis                Elphin               Roscommon
Gurry             Denis                Killinvoy            Roscommon
Hagan             Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Halaron           Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Halloran          Peter                Aughrim              Roscommon
Hamill            Thomas               Ogulla               Roscommon
Hand              John                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Hand              John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Handberry         James                Esternow             Roscommon
Handberry         John                 Ardcarn              Roscommon
Handberry         John                 Esternow             Roscommon
Haneen            Patrick              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Hanelly           Patrick              Fuerty               Roscommon
Hangley           Hugh                 Creeve               Roscommon
Hangley           Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Hangley           Patrick              Killummod            Roscommon
Hangley           Peter                Creeve               Roscommon
Hanly             Daniel               Aughrim              Roscommon
Hanly             Daniel               Ballintober          Roscommon
Hanly             Daniel               Elphin               Roscommon
Hanly             Daniel               Kilglass             Roscommon
Hanly             Daniel               Kilmore              Roscommon
Hanly             Dominic              Kilglass             Roscommon
Hanly             Dominick             Kilglass             Roscommon
Hanly             Edmond               Kilmore              Roscommon
Hanly             Hugh                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Hanly             James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Hanly             James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Hanly             James                Oran                 Roscommon
Hanly             James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Hanly             John                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Hanly             John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Hanly             John                 Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Hanly             John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Hanly             John                 Loughend             Roscommon
Hanly             John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Hanly             John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Hanly             Martin               Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Hanly             Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Hanly             Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Hanly             Michael              Killummod            Roscommon
Hanly             Michael              Kilmore              Roscommon
Hanly             Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Hanly             Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Hanly             Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Hanly             Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Hanly             Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Hanly             Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon
Hanly             Phelim               Elphin               Roscommon
Hanly             Thady                Kilglass             Roscommon
Hanly             Thady                Kilmore              Roscommon
Hanly             Thady                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Hanly             Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Hanly             Thomas               Kilmore              Roscommon
Hanly             Widow                Kilglass             Roscommon
Hanly             Widow                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Hanneen           Patrick              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Haraughty         Patrick              Kilcooley            Roscommon
Hardiman          Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Harley            Edward               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Harrington        Bryan                Boyle                Roscommon
Harrington        Patrick              Esternow             Roscommon
Harrison          Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Hart              John                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Hart              Laurence             Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Hart              Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Hart              Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Headian           John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Healy             James                Esternow             Roscommon
Healy             John                 Tisrara              Roscommon
Healy             Laurence             Killukin             Roscommon
Healy             Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Healy             Owen                 Elphin               Roscommon
Healy             Owen                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Healy             Patrick              Esternow             Roscommon
Healy             Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Healy             Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Healy             Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Healy             Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Heanaghan         Edmund               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Heaneaghan        Francis              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Heaneaghan        Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Heatly            John                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Heavey            Hugh                 Killinvoy            Roscommon
Hedian            Francis              Aughrim              Roscommon
Hedian            Francis              Elphin               Roscommon
Hedian            James                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Hedian            John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Hedian            Peter                Kilcooley            Roscommon
Heeny             John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Helbert           Michael              Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Helbert           Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Helbert           William              Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Henaghan          Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Henry             Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Henry             Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Henry             Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Hester            James                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Hett              Widow                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Hevaghan          Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Hevakin           John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Hevakin           Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Hevakin           Thady                Tibohine             Roscommon
Hewitt            James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Hewitt            John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Higgins           John                 Killummod            Roscommon
Higgins           Patrick              Boyle                Roscommon
Higgins           Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Higgins           Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Higgins           Thady                Tibohine             Roscommon
Higgins           Thomas               Killummod            Roscommon
Higgins           Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Higgins           Tully                Killummod            Roscommon
Hinds             Nicholas             Termonbarry          Roscommon
Hinegan           Charles              Athleague            Roscommon
Hinegan           Daniel               Athleague            Roscommon
Hinegan           William              Athleague            Roscommon
Hix               Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Hoar              David                Athleague            Roscommon
Hoar              Flyn                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Hogan             Denis                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Hogan             Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Hogan             Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Hogg              John                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Hogg              Michael              Creeve               Roscommon
Hogg              Widow                Kilmore              Roscommon
Hopkins           Denis                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Hopkins           Farrell              Kilglass             Roscommon
Hopkins           Francis              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Hopkins           Francis              Tibohine             Roscommon
Hopkins           Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Hopkins           Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Horan             Bryan                Killummod            Roscommon
Horan             Charles              Creeve               Roscommon
Horan             Darby                Creeve               Roscommon
Horan             Denis                Killummod            Roscommon
Horan             John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Horan             Laughlin             Boyle                Roscommon
Horan             Patrick              Killummod            Roscommon
Horan             Peter                Aughrim              Roscommon
Horan             Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon
Horan             Stephen              Creeve               Roscommon
Horogho           Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Horogho           Owen                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Horogho           Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Horogho           Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Horogho           Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Horogho           Thomas, Sr.          Kilglass             Roscommon
Horogho           Widow                Kilglass             Roscommon
Horogho           William              Kilglass             Roscommon
Horrogho          James                Fuerty               Roscommon
Houlaughan        James                Elphin               Roscommon
Hughes            Francis              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Hughes            James                Elphin               Roscommon
Hughes            Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Hughes            Patrick              Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Hughes            Thomas               Clooncraff           Roscommon
Hunt              James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Hurley            Dominic              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Hurley            Loughlin             Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Hynes             Andrew               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Igoe              John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Igoe              Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Igoe              Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Igoe              Owen                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Igoe              Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Igoe              Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Igoe              Widow                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Igoe              William              Kilglass             Roscommon
Infant            Patrick              Athleague            Roscommon
Jenings           Theobald             Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Jennings          Edmund               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Jennings          John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Jennings          Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Jones             Honora               Athleague            Roscommon
Jones             Michael              Athleague            Roscommon
Jordan            Martin               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Jordan            William              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Jorden            John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Judge             Andrew               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Judge             Michael              Aughrim              Roscommon
Judge             Peter                Killukin             Roscommon
Kain              Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Kallary           Thady                Tibohine             Roscommon
Kane              Bryan                Aughrim              Roscommon
Kane              Charles              Kilmore              Roscommon
Kane              James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Kane              John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Kane              Matthew              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Kane              Michael              Aughrim              Roscommon
Kane              Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Kane              Roger                Killummod            Roscommon
Kane              Roger                Kilmore              Roscommon
Kane              Thady                Kilmore              Roscommon
Kane              Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Kaneen            John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Kaveny            Roger                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Keaghran          William              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Keaghry           Bartholomew          St. Johns            Roscommon
Keaghry           Edmund               Dysart               Roscommon
Kean              James                Kilmeane             Roscommon
Kean              Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Keanry            John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Keany             Andrew               Tibohine             Roscommon
Keany             Connor               Tibohine             Roscommon
Kearacan          James                Fuerty               Roscommon
Keasy             John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Keasy             Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Keating           John                 St. Johns            Roscommon
Keating           Michael              Fuerty               Roscommon
Keating           Thomas               Fuerty               Roscommon
Keating           William              Fuerty               Roscommon
Keaveny           Dominic              Killukin             Roscommon
Keaveny           James                Killukin             Roscommon
Keaveny           Luke                 Killukin             Roscommon
Keaveny           Owen                 Killukin             Roscommon
Keaveny           Patrick              Killukin             Roscommon
Keaveny           Widow                Killukin             Roscommon
Kedean            Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Keelty            Thady                Creeve               Roscommon
Keenan            Owen                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Keesse            Peter                Athleague            Roscommon
Keevert           Michael              Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Keggan            John                 Fuerty               Roscommon
Keggin            James                Fuerty               Roscommon
Keigher           Connor               Elphin               Roscommon
Kelagher          Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Kelly             Anthony              Kilglass             Roscommon
Kelly             Bartholomew          Kilglass             Roscommon
Kelly             Bartholomew          Termonbarry          Roscommon
Kelly             Catherine            Elphin               Roscommon
Kelly             Connor               Kilmore              Roscommon
Kelly             Daniel               Clooncraff           Roscommon
Kelly             Daniel               Creeve               Roscommon
Kelly             Daniel               Kilglass             Roscommon
Kelly             Daniel               Killinvoy            Roscommon
Kelly             Denis                Kilglass             Roscommon
Kelly             Edmond               Kilglass             Roscommon
Kelly             Edmund               Tibohine             Roscommon
Kelly             James                Boyle                Roscommon
Kelly             James                Elphin               Roscommon
Kelly             James                Fuerty               Roscommon
Kelly             James                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Kelly             James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kelly             James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Kelly             John                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Kelly             John                 Boyle                Roscommon
Kelly             John                 Clooncraff           Roscommon
Kelly             John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Kelly             John                 Fuerty               Roscommon
Kelly             John                 Killinvoy            Roscommon
Kelly             John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kelly             Laughlin             Kilglass             Roscommon
Kelly             Martin               Clooncraff           Roscommon
Kelly             Martin               Kilglass             Roscommon
Kelly             Mary                 Fuerty               Roscommon
Kelly             Michael              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Kelly             Michael              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Kelly             Michael              Tisrara              Roscommon
Kelly             Owen                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Kelly             Patrick              Boyle                Roscommon
Kelly             Patrick              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Kelly             Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Kelly             Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Kelly             Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Kelly             Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Kelly             Roger                Elphin               Roscommon
Kelly             Roger                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Kelly             Thady                Killummod            Roscommon
Kelly             Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kelly             Thady                Tibohine             Roscommon
Kelly             Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Kelly             Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Kelly             Thomas               Killinvoy            Roscommon
Kelly             Thomas               Killummod            Roscommon
Kelly             Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kelly             Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Kelly             Widow                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Kelly             Widow                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kelly             William              Kilglass             Roscommon
Kelly             William              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Kelly             William              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Kelly             William              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Kenally           Dominick             Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kenally           John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kennedy           John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Kennedy           Owen                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Kennedy           Owen                 Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Kennedy           Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Kenny             Bryan                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Kenny             Hugh                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Kenny             James                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Kenny             John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Kenny             John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Kenny             Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Kenny             Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Kenny             Peter                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Kenny             Richard              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Kenny             Thomas               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Kenny             Widow                Tibohine             Roscommon
Kenny             William              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Keny              Thady                Tibohine             Roscommon
Keogh             Matthew              Shankill             Roscommon
Keon              Flan                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Keon              Laurence             Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Keon              Manus                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Keon              Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Keregan           Andrew               Kilglass             Roscommon
Keregan           James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Keregan           John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Keregan           Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Keregan           William              Kilglass             Roscommon
Kerrane           Edmond               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kerrane           John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kerrane           Roger                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kerrane           Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kerrawne          Laurence             Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Kevenny           Widow                Kilmore              Roscommon
Keveny            Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Kielty            Michael              Kilmore              Roscommon
Kielty            Patrick              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Kiercon           Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Kiericon          James                Elphin               Roscommon
Kilbaine          Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Kilbane           Connor               Kilglass             Roscommon
Kilbride          Mark                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Kilcran           Mathew               Tibohine             Roscommon
Kilcran           Owen                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Kilduff           John                 Roscommon            Roscommon
Kilduff           Roger                Killinvoy            Roscommon
Kilgarrive        Loughlin             Tibohine             Roscommon
Kilglass          Bryan                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kilglass          Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kilheely          Peter                Killukin             Roscommon
Kilkenny          Andrew               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kilkenny          Anthony              Tibohine             Roscommon
Kilkenny          William              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Killane           John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Killian           Augustin             Killinvoy            Roscommon
Killian           James                Killinvoy            Roscommon
Killine           Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Kilmartin         Bartholomew          Killinvoy            Roscommon
Kilmartin         Luke                 Killinvoy            Roscommon
Kilmartin         Michael              Esternow             Roscommon
Kilmartin         Owen                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Kilmartin         Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Kilmartin         Phelim               Killinvoy            Roscommon
Kilmartin         Thady                Killummod            Roscommon
Kilmartin         Widow                Boyle                Roscommon
Kilroe            Martin               Fuerty               Roscommon
Kinally           Angustus             Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kinally           James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kine              Luke                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Kine              Patrick              Roscommon            Roscommon
Kine              Thomas               Fuerty               Roscommon
Kine              Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
King              Bryan                Tibohine             Roscommon
King              Edmund               Tibohine             Roscommon
King              Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
King              Michael              Kilcorkey            Roscommon
King              Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
King              Owen                 Elphin               Roscommon
King              Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
King              Patrick              Kilcorkey            Roscommon
King              Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
King              Thomas               Kilraghty            Roscommon
Kinnedy           Luke                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Kinnedy           Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Kinnedy           William              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Kinneen           Bryan                Kilglass             Roscommon
Kinneen           James                Clooncraff           Roscommon
Kinneen           John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Kinneen           Patrick              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Kinneen           Widow                Clooncraff           Roscommon
Kirawan           Bryan                Killinvoy            Roscommon
Kirigan           Terence              Aughrim              Roscommon
Kirrane           Luke                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Kirwan            Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Krinegan          Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Krishim           Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Krishim           Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Laden             James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Lafferty          Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Lamb              George               Fuerty               Roscommon
Lane              Patrick              Killummod            Roscommon
Lannan            Edmond               Kilmore              Roscommon
Lannon            Bartholomew          Kilglass             Roscommon
Lannon            Bryan                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Lannon            Connor               Kilmore              Roscommon
Lannon            Edmund               Creeve               Roscommon
Lannon            James, Jr.           Shankill             Roscommon
Lannon            James, Sr.           Shankill             Roscommon
Lannon            John                 Lissonuffy           Roscommon
Lannon            Loughlin             Kilglass             Roscommon
Lannon            Thomas               Shankill             Roscommon
Larkin            Mark                 Elphin               Roscommon
Larkin            Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Larkin            Stephen              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Larney            Edmond               Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Larney            James                Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Lavan             John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Lavan             Manus                Elphin               Roscommon
Laven             Cormick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Laven             William              Kilmore              Roscommon
Lavender          George               Kilcooley            Roscommon
Lavin             Bartholomew          Killummod            Roscommon
Lavin             Cormick              Killukin             Roscommon
Lavin             Dominick             Tibohine             Roscommon
Lavin             Edmund               Killukin             Roscommon
Lavin             Luke                 Killukin             Roscommon
Lavin             Manus                Tibohine             Roscommon
Lavin             Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Lavin             Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Lavin             Thady                Killummod            Roscommon
Lavin             Thady                Tibohine             Roscommon
Lee               Edmund               Tibohine             Roscommon
Leland            Robert               Kilmore              Roscommon
Lenaghan          Bartholomew          Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Lenaghan          Hugh                 Creeve               Roscommon
Lenaghan          James                Killukin             Roscommon
Lenaghan          James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Lenaghan          John                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Lenaghan          John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Lenaghan          Laurence             Kilmore              Roscommon
Lenaghan          Michael              Aughrim              Roscommon
Lenaghan          Michael              Creeve               Roscommon
Lenaghan          Michael              Killummod            Roscommon
Lenaghan          Patrick              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Lenaghan          Simon                Kilmore              Roscommon
Leneghan          James                Killukin             Roscommon
Leneghan          John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Leneghan          Peter                Killukin             Roscommon
Lennon            Michael              Fuerty               Roscommon
Leonard           Patrick              Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Lily              George               Tibohine             Roscommon
Linehan           Mathew               Creeve               Roscommon
Loagham           Thomas               Fuerty               Roscommon
Loaghan           James                Athleague            Roscommon
Loaghan           John                 Athleague            Roscommon
Loftus            Bartholomew          Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Loftus            John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Loftus            Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Loghran           Darby                Kilglass             Roscommon
Looby             James                St. Johns            Roscommon
Loury             Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Loury             Peter                Tibohine             Roscommon
Lovrey            James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Lovrey            John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Lovrey            Murtagh              Tibohine             Roscommon
Lovrey            Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Lowry             Murtagh              Roscommon            Roscommon
Lowry             Peter                Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Luppawee          Peter                Elphin               Roscommon
Lynch             Dominick             Tibohine             Roscommon
Lynch             Francis              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Lynch             Martin               St. Johns            Roscommon
Lynch             Thomas               Kilmore              Roscommon
Lynsk             Laurance             Tibohine             Roscommon
Lyons             Andrew               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Lyons             Edmund               Tibohine             Roscommon
Lyons             James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Lyons             John                 Oran                 Roscommon
Lyons             Luke                 Oran                 Roscommon
Lyons             Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Lyons             Mrs. Alexander       Lissonuffy           Roscommon
Lyons             Patrick              Kilcooley            Roscommon
Lyons             Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Lyons             Patrick              Lissonuffy           Roscommon
M'Cabe            Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Canna           John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Cawly           Thomas               Clooncraff           Roscommon
M'Cormick         Anne                 Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Cormick         Catherine            Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Cormick         Charles              Aughrim              Roscommon
M'Cormick         Denis                Ogulla               Roscommon
M'Cormick         Edmund               Killukin             Roscommon
M'Cormick         James                Creeve               Roscommon
M'Cormick         James                Elphin               Roscommon
M'Cormick         James                Killukin             Roscommon
M'Cormick         James                Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Cormick         James, Jr.           Killummod            Roscommon
M'Cormick         John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Cormick         Laurence             Boyle                Roscommon
M'Cormick         Matthew              Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Cormick         Michael              Esternow             Roscommon
M'Cormick         Owen                 Aughrim              Roscommon
M'Cormick         Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Cormick         Peter                Aughrim              Roscommon
M'Cormick         Terence              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Cormick         Ternan               Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Cormick         Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
M'Cue             Bryan                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Cue             James                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Cue             John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Cue             John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Cue             Mary                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Cue             Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Daniel          Alexander            Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Daniel          Andrew               Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Daniel          Charles              Aughrim              Roscommon
M'Daniel          Daniel               Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Daniel          James                Aughrim              Roscommon
M'Daniel          James                Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Daniel          Matthew              Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Daniel          Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
M'Daniel          Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Daniel          Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Daniel          Thady                Kilmeane             Roscommon
M'Danniel         James                Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Dennotroe       Charles              Killukin             Roscommon
M'Dennotroe       Widow                Killukin             Roscommon
M'Dermot          Bryan                Kilkeevin            Roscommon
M'Dermot          Charles              Killinvoy            Roscommon
M'Dermot          Edmond               Kilkeevin            Roscommon
M'Dermot          James                Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Dermot          Luke                 Fuerty               Roscommon
M'Dermot          Martin               Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
M'Dermot          Michael              Aughrim              Roscommon
M'Dermot          Owen                 Esternow             Roscommon
M'Dermot          Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Dermot          Peter                Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
M'Dermot          Thomas               Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Dermotroe       Cornelius            Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Dermotroe       Matthew              Killukin             Roscommon
M'Dermott         Bryan                Creeve               Roscommon
M'Dermott         Bryan                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
M'Dermott         Bryan                Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Dermott         Charles              Aughrim              Roscommon
M'Dermott         Charles              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
M'Dermott         Garret               Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Dermott         Hugh                 Clooncraff           Roscommon
M'Dermott         Hugh                 Elphin               Roscommon
M'Dermott         Hugh, Sr.            Clooncraff           Roscommon
M'Dermott         James                Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Dermott         James                Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Dermott         John                 Clooncraff           Roscommon
M'Dermott         John                 Elphin               Roscommon
M'Dermott         Laurence             Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Dermott         Martin               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
M'Dermott         Michael              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Dermott         Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Dermott         Owen                 Elphin               Roscommon
M'Dermott         Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
M'Dermott         Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
M'Dermott         Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Dermott         Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Dermott         Paul                 Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Dermott         Peter                Clooncraff           Roscommon
M'Dermott         Peter                Elphin               Roscommon
M'Dermott         Roger                Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Dermott         Stephen              Killummod            Roscommon
M'Dermott         Terence              Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Dermott         Terence              Killummod            Roscommon
M'Dermott         Thady                Clooncraff           Roscommon
M'Dermott         Thady                Creeve               Roscommon
M'Dermott         Thady                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Dermott         Thomas               Aughrim              Roscommon
M'Dermott         Thomas               Clooncraff           Roscommon
M'Dermott         Thomas               Creeve               Roscommon
M'Dermott         Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Dermott         Thomas               Killummod            Roscommon
M'Dermott         Widow                Creeve               Roscommon
M'Donagh          Denis                Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Donagh          Owen                 Aughrim              Roscommon
M'Donagh          Owen                 Creeve               Roscommon
M'Donagh          Patrick              Boyle                Roscommon
M'Donnel          Thady                Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Donnell         James                Creeve               Roscommon
M'Donnell         James                Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Donnell         Thady                Creeve               Roscommon
M'Donogh          Laurence             Elphin               Roscommon
M'Donough         Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
M'Gann            Bryan                Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Gann            Francis              Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Garry           Bryan                Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Garry           Cormick              Elphin               Roscommon
M'Garry           Denis                Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Garry           Edmond               Elphin               Roscommon
M'Garry           Marcus               Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Garry           Owen                 Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Garry           Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Garry           Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Garry           Peter                Killukin             Roscommon
M'Garry           Roger                Boyle                Roscommon
M'Garry           Roger                Esternow             Roscommon
M'Garry           Thomas               Killummod            Roscommon
M'Gauran          John                 Creeve               Roscommon
M'Gauran          Luke                 Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Gauran          Patrick              Clooncraff           Roscommon
M'Gauren          Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
M'Gaurin          John                 Elphin               Roscommon
M'Gaurin          Michael              Shankill             Roscommon
M'Gaurin          Widow                Shankill             Roscommon
M'Gavey           Denis                Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Ginnis          Francis              Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Glin            John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Glinn           Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Gowan           James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Gowan           John                 Boyle                Roscommon
M'Gowan           Luke                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Gowan           Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Gowan           Roger                Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Gowan           Widow                Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Grath           Bryan                Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
M'Grath           James                Esternow             Roscommon
M'Grath           James                Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Grath           Matthew              Esternow             Roscommon
M'Grath           Michael              Boyle                Roscommon
M'Grath           Peter                Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Grath           Terrence             Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
M'Greevy          John                 Killukin             Roscommon
M'Greevy          Owen                 Killukin             Roscommon
M'Guie            Martin               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Guire           Bryan                Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Guire           Cornelius            Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Guire           Denis                Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Guire           Elizabeth            Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Guire           Francis              Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Guire           James                Aughrim              Roscommon
M'Guire           James                Esternow             Roscommon
M'Guire           James                Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Guire           John                 Creeve               Roscommon
M'Guire           John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Guire           Joseph               Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Guire           Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Guire           Philip               Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Guire           Thomas               Creeve               Roscommon
M'Guire           Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
M'Guire           Widow                Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Guire           William              Aughrim              Roscommon
M'Guire           William              Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Hugh            James, Jr.           Clooncraff           Roscommon
M'Hugh            John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
M'Hugh            Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
M'Hugh            Owen                 Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Hugh            Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Hugh            Roger                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
M'Hugh            Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
M'Kaen            Dominic              Clooncraff           Roscommon
M'Keon            Hugh                 Killinvoy            Roscommon
M'Keon            James                Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Keon            John                 Clooncraff           Roscommon
M'Keon            John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Keon            Michael              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Keon            Owen                 Clooncraff           Roscommon
M'Keon            Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Keon            Philip               Creeve               Roscommon
M'Koen            Martin               Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Lanny           Hugh                 Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Laughlin        Antony               Aughrim              Roscommon
M'Laughlin        Bryan                Kilcooley            Roscommon
M'Laughlin        Edmund               Aughrim              Roscommon
M'Laughlin        James                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Laughlin        John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Laughlin        Martin               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Laughlin        Michael              Kilcooley            Roscommon
M'Laughlin        Robert               Aughrim              Roscommon
M'Laughlin        Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
M'Laughlin        Thomas               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
M'Lorey           William              Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Loughlin        Andrew               Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Loughlin        Francis              Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Loughlin        James                Roscommon            Roscommon
M'Loughlin        Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
M'Loughlin        Widow                Elphin               Roscommon
M'Lowry           Owen                 Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Manus           Cormick              Elphin               Roscommon
M'Manus           John                 Killukin             Roscommon
M'Nally           James                Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Nally           Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Namara          Cornelius            Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Namara          Daniel               Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Namara          James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Namara          John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Namara          John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Namara          Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Naughton        Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
M'Neal            Peter                Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Neale           Bryan                Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Neale           Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
M'Neale           Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Neale           Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
M'Neil            Martin               Elphin               Roscommon
M'Nelly           John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Nelly           Peter                Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Niff            Charles              Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Niff            Dominick             Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Niff            James                Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Niff            John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Niff            Luke                 Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Niff            Michael              Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Niff            Owen                 Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Niff            Thady                Kilmore              Roscommon
M'Nulty           Maurice              Tibohine             Roscommon
M'Nulty           Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Madden            Andrew               Boyle                Roscommon
Madden            Andrew               Esternow             Roscommon
Madden            Denis                Kilglass             Roscommon
Madden            John                 Kiltoom              Roscommon
Madden            Owen                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Madden            Thomas               Creeve               Roscommon
Madden            Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Maffit            David                Tibohine             Roscommon
Maffit            Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Magarry           Thady                Kilcooley            Roscommon
Magee             James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Magee             William              Fuerty               Roscommon
Magnue            James                Elphin               Roscommon
Magnue            Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Magrath           Michael              Shankill             Roscommon
Magrevy           James                Creeve               Roscommon
Maguire           Daniel               Kilglass             Roscommon
Maguire           John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Maguire           Patrick              Tisrara              Roscommon
Mahan             John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Mahan             Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Mahane            Darby                Killummod            Roscommon
Mahon             Bryan                Tibohine             Roscommon
Mahon             John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Mahon             Luke                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Mahon             Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Mahon             Neal                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Mahon             Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Mahon             Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Mahon             Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Mahon             Peter                Tibohine             Roscommon
Mahon             Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Malarchy          Neal                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Malarchy          Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Malarchy          Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Malarkey          Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Malone            Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Malooly           Patrick              Fuerty               Roscommon
Malsh             Matthew              Shankill             Roscommon
Mangan            John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Mangan            Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Mangan            Thomas               Creeve               Roscommon
Mangan            Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Manion            Daniel               Kilmeane             Roscommon
Manion            John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Manion            Laurence             Kilglass             Roscommon
Manion            Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Manion            Owen                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Manion            Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Manion            Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Manion            Peter                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Manion            Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Manion            William              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Manne             Mary                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Mannion           Michael              Fuerty               Roscommon
Mannon            Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Mannon            Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Manon             Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Marroly           Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Martin            Daniel               Killinvoy            Roscommon
Martin            James                Boyle                Roscommon
Martin            John                 Kiltoom              Roscommon
Martin            John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Martin            Simon                Elphin               Roscommon
Martin            Simon                Shankill             Roscommon
Martin            Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Matima            James                Esternow             Roscommon
Maurice           Edmund               Aughrim              Roscommon
Maxwel            John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Maxwell           Hugh                 Creeve               Roscommon
Maxwell           Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Maxwell           Patrick              Clooncraff           Roscommon
Maxwell           Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Maxwello          Thady                Kilmore              Roscommon
May               Daniel               Kilmore              Roscommon
May               Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
May               Thady                Loughend             Roscommon
May               Thomas               Loughend             Roscommon
Meala             James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Mealue            Andrew               Roscommon            Roscommon
Meares            George               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Meelanny          Patrick              Creeve               Roscommon
Meelick           Conner               Creeve               Roscommon
Megan             John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Meily             James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Merriman          John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Merriman          Owen                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Mighon            John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Milrenan          Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Mitchell          Charles              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Mitchell          Luke                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Mitchell          Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Monaghan          Gilbert              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Monaghan          James                Creeve               Roscommon
Monaghan          James                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Monaghan          Laurence             Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Monaghan          Terence              Creeve               Roscommon
Mooney            Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Moony             Michael              Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Moor              James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Moor              Luke                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Moore             Edward               Elphin               Roscommon
Moraghan          Denis                Aughrim              Roscommon
Moraghan          Margaret             Killinvoy            Roscommon
Moraghan          Peter                Aughrim              Roscommon
Moraghan          Peter                Kilmore              Roscommon
Moran             Andrew               Tibohine             Roscommon
Moran             Bryan                Elphin               Roscommon
Moran             Darby                Fuerty               Roscommon
Moran             Dominic              Killummod            Roscommon
Moran             Edmund               Tibohine             Roscommon
Moran             Francis              Tibohine             Roscommon
Moran             Hugh                 Fuerty               Roscommon
Moran             Hugh                 Tisrara              Roscommon
Moran             James                Elphin               Roscommon
Moran             James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Moran             John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Moran             John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Moran             John                 Killummod            Roscommon
Moran             John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Moran             John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Moran             Martin               Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Moran             Matthew              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Moran             Michael              Kilmore              Roscommon
Moran             Owen                 Elphin               Roscommon
Moran             Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Moran             Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Moran             Peter                Killinvoy            Roscommon
Moran             Roger                Kilcooley            Roscommon
Moran             Thady                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Moran             Thomas               Kilcooley            Roscommon
Moran             William              Creeve               Roscommon
Mormian           Owen                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Mormian           Thomas               Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Morris            Edmond               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Morris            John                 Killummod            Roscommon
Morris            John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Morris            Matthew              Shankill             Roscommon
Morris            Michael              Killummod            Roscommon
Morris            Monus                Tibohine             Roscommon
Morris            Thomas               Killummod            Roscommon
Morris            Widow                Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Morrisroe         Bartholomew          Tibohine             Roscommon
Morrisroe         David                Tibohine             Roscommon
Morrisroe         Dudly                Tibohine             Roscommon
Morrisroe         Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Morriss           James                Killummod            Roscommon
Morroly           Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Mulark            Owen                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Mulchere          Owen                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Muldowney         James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Muldowny          James                Killinvoy            Roscommon
Muldowny          Peter                Killinvoy            Roscommon
Mulheran          Widow                Creeve               Roscommon
Mulheron          Widow                Creeve               Roscommon
Mulhuran          John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Mulkearn          James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Mullan            Darby                Kilglass             Roscommon
Mullan            Denis                Killinvoy            Roscommon
Mullanny          Edmund               Boyle                Roscommon
Mullanny          John                 Esternow             Roscommon
Mullanny          Michael              Ardcarn              Roscommon
Mullanny          Patrick              Boyle                Roscommon
Mullany           James                Creeve               Roscommon
Mullany           Michael              Esternow             Roscommon
Mullark           Daniel               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Mullark           John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Mullark           Owen                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Mullavill         Daniel               Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Mullay            William              Kilglass             Roscommon
Mullery           Patrick              Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Mulligan          John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Mullin            Luke                 Kilmeane             Roscommon
Mulloly           Matthew              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Mullon            Andrew               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Mullon            Thady                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Mullowney         Martin               Athleague            Roscommon
Mullowny          Dominick             Tibohine             Roscommon
Mullowny          Martin               Tibohine             Roscommon
Mullowny          Owen                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Mullowny          Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Mulloy            James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Mulloy            Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Mulrehil          Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Mulrenan          Edmund               Tibohine             Roscommon
Mulrenan          Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Mulrey            Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Mulvehill         Margaret             Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Mulvehill         Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Mulvey            Bridget              Killummod            Roscommon
Mulvey            Charles              Killummod            Roscommon
Mulvey            James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Mulvil            James                Roscommon            Roscommon
Mulvil            Luke                 Roscommon            Roscommon
Mulvy             Charles              Tibohine             Roscommon
Murphy            Garret               Killummod            Roscommon
Murphy            John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Murphy            John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Murphy            Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Murphy            Patrick              St. Johns            Roscommon
Murphy            Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Murphy            William              Elphin               Roscommon
Murray            Anne                 Athleague            Roscommon
Murray            Daniel               Elphin               Roscommon
Murray            Dominic              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Murray            John                 Shankill             Roscommon
Murray            Loughlin             Tibohine             Roscommon
Murray            Luke                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Murray            Owen                 Creeve               Roscommon
Murray            Owen                 Elphin               Roscommon
Murray            Patrick              Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Murray            Peter                Kilmeane             Roscommon
Murray            Peter                Roscommon            Roscommon
Murray            Thady                Kilmore              Roscommon
Murray            Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Murray            Thomas               Fuerty               Roscommon
Murrion           Thomas               Boyle                Roscommon
Murry             James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Murry             Roger                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Murtagh           Edmund               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Murtagh           Edmund, Jr.          Termonbarry          Roscommon
Murtagh           John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Murtagh           Matthew              Elphin               Roscommon
Murtagh           Thady                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Murtagh           William              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Mylott            James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Mylott            William              Tibohine             Roscommon
Nady              James                Elphin               Roscommon
Nary              Bryan                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Nary              Darby                Kilmore              Roscommon
Nary              James                Boyle                Roscommon
Nary              James                Esternow             Roscommon
Nary              John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Nary              John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Nary              Luke                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Nary              Luke                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Nary              Mark                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Nary              Martin               Kilmore              Roscommon
Nary              Matthew              Kilglass             Roscommon
Nary              Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Nary              Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Nary              Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Nary              Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Nary              Peter                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Nary              Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Nary              William              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Naughlin          Michael              Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Naughtin          Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Naughtin          Peter                Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Naughton          James                Elphin               Roscommon
Naughton          John                 Fuerty               Roscommon
Naughton          Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Neal              Owen                 Loughend             Roscommon
Neal              Terence              Loughend             Roscommon
Neelan            William              Fuerty               Roscommon
Nenan             Margaret             Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Nenan             Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Nenan             Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Nenan             Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Nenin             John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Nerheny           Hugh                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Nerheny           Nicholas             Kilglass             Roscommon
Netheney          Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Neven             Owen                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Neven             Robert               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Nicholson         James                Killukin             Roscommon
Nicholson         Patrick              Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Nilan             Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Nirheny           Thomas               Aughrim              Roscommon
Noghlan           Loughlin             Kilglass             Roscommon
Noghlan           Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Noghtan           Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon
Nolan             Francis              Elphin               Roscommon
Nolan             Gregory, Jr.         Elphin               Roscommon
Nolan             Gregory, Sr.         Elphin               Roscommon
Nolan             John                 Loughend             Roscommon
Nolan             Luke                 Elphin               Roscommon
Nolan             Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Nolan             Roger                Fuerty               Roscommon
Nolan             Thady                Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Nolan             Thomas               Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Nolan             Widow                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Nolan             Willim               Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Noon              Bryan                Kilcooley            Roscommon
Noon              Henry                Esternow             Roscommon
Noon              Martin               Tibohine             Roscommon
Noon              Michael              Creeve               Roscommon
Noon              Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Noon              Peter                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Noon              Thomas               Creeve               Roscommon
Noonan            Laurence             Termonbarry          Roscommon
Noonan            Morgan               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Noonan            Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Nowlan            James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Nowlan            Peter                Tibohine             Roscommon
Nowlan            Thomas               Aughrim              Roscommon
Nugent            Edmond               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Nugent            Simonmy              Termonbarry          Roscommon
O'Brien           Henry                Tibohine             Roscommon
O'Brien           John                 Aughrim              Roscommon
O'Brien           John                 Creeve               Roscommon
O'Brien           Peter                Tibohine             Roscommon
O'Brien           Terence              Kilglass             Roscommon
O'Connor          Mrs.                 Ogulla               Roscommon
O'Donnel          Andrew               Tibohine             Roscommon
O'Donnel          John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
O'Donnell         Hugh                 Loughend             Roscommon
O'Farrell         Daniel               Kilglass             Roscommon
O'Hara            James                Kilglass             Roscommon
O'Hara            John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
O'Hara            Luke                 Kilglass             Roscommon
O'Hara            Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
O'Hara            Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
O'Hara            Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
O'Neale           Arthur               Kilglass             Roscommon
O'Neale           John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
O'Neale           Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
O'Neale           Phelim               Kilglass             Roscommon
O'Neil            Widow                Killukin             Roscommon
O'Roarke          Mr.                  Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Oats              Andrew               Boyle                Roscommon
Oats              Edmund               Aughrim              Roscommon
Oats              Francis              Kilmore              Roscommon
Oats              John                 Killukin             Roscommon
Oats              John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Oats              Mary                 Killukin             Roscommon
Oats              Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Oats              Michael              Kilmore              Roscommon
Oats              Michael              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Oats              Peter                Kilmore              Roscommon
Oats              Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Oufly             John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Owens             Dominic              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Owens             Edmond               Kilmore              Roscommon
Owens             Edmund               Aughrim              Roscommon
Owens             Edmund               Kilmore              Roscommon
Owens             James                Aughrim              Roscommon
Owens             James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Owens             Laurence             Elphin               Roscommon
Owens             Luke                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Owens             Martin               Aughrim              Roscommon
Owens             Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Owens             Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Owens             Samuel               Dundermot            Roscommon
Owens             Thomas               Aughrim              Roscommon
Paden             John                 Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Paden             Luke                 Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Padon             Edmund               Killukin             Roscommon
Padon             Widow                Creeve               Roscommon
Page              Patrick              Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Peaton            Hugh                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Peaton            Mathew               Tibohine             Roscommon
Petit             Richard              Boyle                Roscommon
Petted            Nicholas             Kilmore              Roscommon
Phair             James                Fuerty               Roscommon
Phair             John                 Fuerty               Roscommon
Plower            Dominick             Tibohine             Roscommon
Plunket           James                Athleague            Roscommon
Plunkett          Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Poe               John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Power             Antony               Elphin               Roscommon
Prendergast       Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Proctor           Henry                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Purdiew           Bartholomew          Kilglass             Roscommon
Queeny            Laurence             Tisrara              Roscommon
Quigly            John                 Killinvoy            Roscommon
Quin              Bryan                Aughrim              Roscommon
Quin              Carbra               Loughend             Roscommon
Quin              Darby                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Quin              James                Boyle                Roscommon
Quin              James                Esternow             Roscommon
Quin              James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Quin              John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Quin              Michael              Aughrim              Roscommon
Quin              Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Quin              Thomas               Boyle                Roscommon
Raffery           John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Raftery           John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Raftery           Luke                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Raftery           Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Rafury            Thady                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Ramsey            John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Regan             Anthony              Tibohine             Roscommon
Regan             Charles              Kilmore              Roscommon
Regan             Daniel               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Regan             Edmund               Tibohine             Roscommon
Regan             Hugh                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Regan             John                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Regan             John                 Killukin             Roscommon
Regan             John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Regan             John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Regan             Laurence             Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Regan             Martin               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Regan             Owen                 Kilcorkey            Roscommon
Regan             Patrick              Killukin             Roscommon
Regan             Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Regan             Thady                Elphin               Roscommon
Regan             Thomas               Aughrim              Roscommon
Regan             Thomas               Killukin             Roscommon
Reilly            Bartholomew          Kilglass             Roscommon
Reilly            Bryan                Tibohine             Roscommon
Reilly            Cornelius            Kilglass             Roscommon
Reilly            James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Reilly            John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Reilly            Luke                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Reilly            Matthew              Kilglass             Roscommon
Reilly            Owen                 Boyle                Roscommon
Reilly            Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Reilly            Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon
Reilly            Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Reilly            Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Reily             Andrew               Kilmore              Roscommon
Reynolds          Charles              Kilglass             Roscommon
Reynolds          Charles              Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Reynolds          Hubert               Kilglass             Roscommon
Reynolds          Hugh                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Reynolds          Jeffry               Elphin               Roscommon
Reynolds          John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Reynolds          John                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Reynolds          John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Reynolds          Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Reynolds          Owen                 Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Reynolds          Terence              Kilglass             Roscommon
Reynolds          Thomas               Aughrim              Roscommon
Reynolds          Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Reynolds          Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Roach             Bartholomew          Boyle                Roscommon
Roache            Bartholomew          Kilmore              Roscommon
Roache            Patrick              Aughrim              Roscommon
Roache            Thomas               Aughrim              Roscommon
Roark             Stephen              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Roarke            Martin               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Roarke            Patrick              Kilmore              Roscommon
Roarke            Widow                Esternow             Roscommon
Rock              Darby                Elphin               Roscommon
Roddy             Bryan                Kilglass             Roscommon
Roddy             Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Roddy             Michael              Tibohine             Roscommon
Roddy             Owen                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Roddy             Peter                Kilglass             Roscommon
Roger             Michael              Aughrim              Roscommon
Rogers            Bryan                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Rogers            Edmund               Tibohine             Roscommon
Rogers            James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Rogers            John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Rogers            Loughlin             Tibohine             Roscommon
Rogers            Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Rogers            Owen                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Rogers            Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Rogers            Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Rogers            William              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Rolan             James                Lissonuffy           Roscommon
Ronan             David                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Roony             John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Rorke             Hugh                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Rorke             James                Boyle                Roscommon
Rorke             Owen                 Creeve               Roscommon
Rorke             Owen                 Killummod            Roscommon
Rovane            Garret               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Rovane            John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Rovane            Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Rudegan           Bryan                Aughrim              Roscommon
Rush              Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Russlawne         James                Elphin               Roscommon
Russlawne         Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Russlawne         Paul                 Elphin               Roscommon
Russlawne         Peter                Elphin               Roscommon
Ruth              Martin               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Rutledge          Nicholas             Killukin             Roscommon
Sampey            Charles              Tibohine             Roscommon
Sampey            Edward               Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Sampey            Henry                Tibohine             Roscommon
Sampey            Metthew              Tibohine             Roscommon
Sampey            Widow                Tibohine             Roscommon
Sampey            William              Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Sandford          Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Saunders          John                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Scally            Andrew               Tibohine             Roscommon
Scally            Bridget              Athleague            Roscommon
Scally            Cormick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Scally            Darby                Tibohine             Roscommon
Scally            Denis                Elphin               Roscommon
Scally            Denis                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Scally            Edmond               Lissonuffy           Roscommon
Scally            James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Scally            John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Scally            Michael              Aughrim              Roscommon
Scally            Michael              St. Johns            Roscommon
Scally            Myles                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Scally            Nicholas             Termonbarry          Roscommon
Scally            Owen                 Elphin               Roscommon
Scally            Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Scally            Philip               Kilglass             Roscommon
Scally            Robert               Fuerty               Roscommon
Scally            Thady                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Scally            Thady                Tibohine             Roscommon
Scally            Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Scally            William              Tibohine             Roscommon
Scully            John                 Killummod            Roscommon
Shanaghan         Bryan                Kilglass             Roscommon
Shanaghan         James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Shanaghan         Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Shanaghan         Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Shanagher         John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Shanagher         Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Shanagher         Peter                Elphin               Roscommon
Shanly            Connor               Kilglass             Roscommon
Shanly            Hugh                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Shanly            James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Shanly            Laurence             Termonbarry          Roscommon
Shanly            Martin               Kilmore              Roscommon
Shanly            Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Shanly            Michael              Kilmore              Roscommon
Shanly            Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Shanly            Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Shanly            Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Shannon           Denis                Boyle                Roscommon
Shannon           Edmund               Elphin               Roscommon
Shannon           John                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Shannon           John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Shannon           Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Shannon           Stephen              Boyle                Roscommon
Shannon           Thomas               Boyle                Roscommon
Sharkell          Michael              Kilmore              Roscommon
Sharket           John                 Boyle                Roscommon
Sharket           John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Sharkett          Bryan                Killukin             Roscommon
Sharkett          Bryan                Tibohine             Roscommon
Sharkett          Dominick             Tibohine             Roscommon
Sharkett          Francis              Tibohine             Roscommon
Sharkett          John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Sharkett          Patrick              Killukin             Roscommon
Sharkett          Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Sharkett          Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Sharkitt          Martin               Aughrim              Roscommon
Sharvan           James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Sheighran         Connor               Kilglass             Roscommon
Sheil             Bryan                Loughend             Roscommon
Sheil             John                 Loughend             Roscommon
Sheil             Terence              Loughend             Roscommon
Shenaune          Denis                Elphin               Roscommon
Sheridan          James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Sheridan          John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Sheridan          Patrick              Shankill             Roscommon
Sheridan          Phelim               Kilglass             Roscommon
Sheridan          Thomas               Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Shieghran         John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Shieghran         Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Shorkett          Patrick              Elphin               Roscommon
Shorkett          Thomas               Elphin               Roscommon
Shoughnessy       John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Simmons           Walter               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Simpson           Edmond               Kilmore              Roscommon
Simpson           James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Simpson           John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Sinclair          Bartholomew          Elphin               Roscommon
Sinclair          John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Sinclair          John                 Shankill             Roscommon
Slow              Joseph               Kilmore              Roscommon
Small             Thomas, Jr.          Elphin               Roscommon
Small             Thomas, Sr.          Elphin               Roscommon
Smith             Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Smith             Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Smyth             Hugh                 Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Smyth             James                Killukin             Roscommon
Smyth             Peter                Elphin               Roscommon
Smyth             Thomas               Athleague            Roscommon
Smyth             Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Southwell         Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Spallan           Christopher          Termonbarry          Roscommon
Spallan           Dolly                Fuerty               Roscommon
Spallon           Patrick              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Spallon           Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Stafford          John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Staghan           Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Stapleton         John                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Stapleton         John                 Kilmore              Roscommon
Stapleton         Thomas               Kilmore              Roscommon
Stewart           George               Kilglass             Roscommon
Stewart           Henry                Kilglass             Roscommon
Stewart           Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Stroughan         Owen                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Stroughan         Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Sullivan          William              Tibohine             Roscommon
Surley            Bryan                Ardcarn              Roscommon
Surley            Bryan                Esternow             Roscommon
Swaneck           John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Swaneck           Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Swaneck           Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Sweeney           Rev. Geo.            Kilmore              Roscommon
Sweeny            Bryan                Kilkeevin            Roscommon
Sweeny            Denis                Boyle                Roscommon
Sweeny            Edmond               Esternow             Roscommon
Sweeny            Edmund               Boyle                Roscommon
Sweeny            James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Swett             Edward               Killinvoy            Roscommon
Swiney            Andrew               Lissonuffy           Roscommon
Swiney            Anne                 Lissonuffy           Roscommon
Swiney            James                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Swiney            John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Swiney            Owen                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Swiney            Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Tallon            Francis              Elphin               Roscommon
Tallon            Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Tansey            Luke                 Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Tarpey            William              Tibohine             Roscommon
Taughran          Connor               Killummod            Roscommon
Tegart            Denis                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Teige             Patrick              Fuerty               Roscommon
Teneran           Patrick              Fuerty               Roscommon
Ternan            Bryan                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Ternan            Edmund               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Ternan            Hugh                 Loughend             Roscommon
Ternan            James                Elphin               Roscommon
Ternan            James                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Ternan            John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Ternan            John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Ternan            Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Ternan            Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Ternan            Myles                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Ternan            Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Ternan            Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Ternan            Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Ternan            Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Ternan            William              Kilglass             Roscommon
Terrnan           Edmund               Tibohine             Roscommon
Thompson          Cornelius            Kilglass             Roscommon
Thompson          John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Thompson          Widow                Kilglass             Roscommon
Tiernan           John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Tiernan           Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Tighe             Bryan                Kilmore              Roscommon
Tighe             James                Kilmore              Roscommon
Tighe             John                 Aughrim              Roscommon
Tighe             Michael              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Tighe             Robert               Kilglass             Roscommon
Tighe             Thomas               Esternow             Roscommon
Tighe             Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Tighe             Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Tighe             Widow                Kilmore              Roscommon
Tigue             Bryan                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Tigue             John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Timon             Patrick              Killukin             Roscommon
Tinnan            James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Toby              Robert               Kilglass             Roscommon
Tonny             Bryan                Fuerty               Roscommon
Toolan            Francis              Boyle                Roscommon
Toorisk           Daniel               Tibohine             Roscommon
Towlan            Daniel               Kilglass             Roscommon
Tracy             Denis                Ogulla               Roscommon
Tracy             John                 Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Tracy             Martin               Kilglass             Roscommon
Tracy             Nicholas             Fuerty               Roscommon
Tracy             Thomas               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Tracy             William              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Trainy            Patrick              Tibohine             Roscommon
Tully             Hugh                 Termonbarry          Roscommon
Tully             Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Tully             Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Tully             Owen                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Tully             Patrick              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Tully             Peter                Elphin               Roscommon
Tully             Peter                Termonbarry          Roscommon
Tully             Thady                Kilglass             Roscommon
Tully             Thomas               Kilglass             Roscommon
Turner            Thomas               Fuerty               Roscommon
Turrey            Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Twolan            Bryan                Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Twolan            Edmund               Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Twolan            John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Twolan            Michael              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Twolan            Owen                 Elphin               Roscommon
Twolan            Patrick              Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Tyler             Richard              Oran                 Roscommon
Tymon             Hugh                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Tymon             John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Vahan             James                Creeve               Roscommon
Vahan             Loughlin             Creeve               Roscommon
Vahon             Cormick              Creeve               Roscommon
Vahy              Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Veasy             James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Veasy             Luke                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Verdan            Luke                 Elphin               Roscommon
Verdon            George               Elphin               Roscommon
Vesey             Edmund               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Vizard            Paitrick             Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Walder            Hugh                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Walder            James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Walder            Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Walder            William              Tibohine             Roscommon
Waldor            Michael              Fuerty               Roscommon
Waldron           Henry                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Waldron           James                Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Waldron           Michael              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Waldron           Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Waldron           William              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Wallace           Luke                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Wallace           Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
Wallis            Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Walsh             Bartholomew          Kiltrustan           Roscommon
Walsh             Edmond               Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Walsh             Henry                Kilglass             Roscommon
Walsh             John                 Elphin               Roscommon
Walsh             John                 Kilglass             Roscommon
Walsh             Luke                 Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Walsh             Matthew              Elphin               Roscommon
Walsh             Matthew              Termonbarry          Roscommon
Walsh             Michael              Elphin               Roscommon
Walsh             Michael              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Walsh             Patrick, Jr.         Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Walsh             Peter                Elphin               Roscommon
Walsh             Richard              Kilmacumsy           Roscommon
Walsh             Rose                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Walsh             Thomas               Termonbarry          Roscommon
Ward              Connor               Esternow             Roscommon
Ward              Connor               Kilnamanagh          Roscommon
Ward              James                Boyle                Roscommon
Ward              John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Ward              Michael              Aughrim              Roscommon
Ward              Patrick              Killinvoy            Roscommon
Ward              Patrick              Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Ward              Patrick              St. Johns            Roscommon
Ward              Patrick, Jr.         Esternow             Roscommon
Ward              Patrick, Jr.         Kilnamanagh          Roscommon
Ward              Patrick, Sr.         Esternow             Roscommon
Ward              Patrick, Sr.         Kilnamanagh          Roscommon
Ward              Roger                Kilmeane             Roscommon
Warrant           Patrick              Aughrim              Roscommon
Washington        Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Weere             James                Tibohine             Roscommon
Weere             John                 Tibohine             Roscommon
Weere             Marcus               Tibohine             Roscommon
Weere             Thomas               Tibohine             Roscommon
White             James                Elphin               Roscommon
White             James                Kilglass             Roscommon
White             Patrick              Kilglass             Roscommon
Whyte             James                Elphin               Roscommon
Winston           Augustus             Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Winston           Edmond               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Winston           John                 Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Winston           Thomas               Kiltullagh           Roscommon
Winter            William              Kilglass             Roscommon
Wolaghen          James                Athleague            Roscommon
Wyne              John                 Creeve               Roscommon
Wyne              Owen                 Creeve               Roscommon
Wyne              William              Creeve               Roscommon
Wynne             James                Kilglass             Roscommon
Wynne             Michael              Kilglass             Roscommon
Wynne             Patrick              Aughrim              Roscommon
Wynne             William              Kilglass             Roscommon
York              John                 Termonbarry          Roscommon