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Flax Growers of Ireland, 1796 - County Louth
Flax Growers of Ireland, 1796 - County Louth
Addy              Edward                       Ardee                Louth
Allen             Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Anderson          Bryan                        Smarmore             Louth
Andrews           Thomas                       Kildemock            Louth
Bagnell           Thomas                       Clonkeen             Louth
Ball              John                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Ball              Patrick                      Drumshallon          Louth
Ball              Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Bannon            Andrew                       Tullyallen           Louth
Bannon            Nicholas                     Tullyallen           Louth
Bannot            Daniel                       Dundalk              Louth
Banon             Laurence                     Collon               Louth
Banun             Andrew                       Mosstown             Louth
Barran            Peter                        Carlingford          Louth
Barret            Gabriel                      Faughart             Louth
Barriskil         Arthur                       Louth                Louth
Barron            Ann                          St. Peters           Louth
Barron            Ann                          Tullyallen           Louth
Barron            Dennis                       Tullyallen           Louth
Barron            Nicholas                     Termonfeckin         Louth
Barron            Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Barron            Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Barron            Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Barron            Thomas                       Collon               Louth
Barton            Thomas                       Port                 Louth
Beagly            Edward                       Creggan              Louth
Begg              Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Begley            Patrick                      Creggan              Louth
Begly             Mary                         Creggan              Louth
Bell              John                         Stabannan            Louth
Bellew            Gerald, Esq.                 Dysart               Louth
Bellew            John                         Mosstown             Louth
Bellew            John                         Parsonstown          Louth
Bellew            Joseph                       Kildemock            Louth
Bellew            Laurence                     Drumcar              Louth
Bellew            Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
Bellew            Philip                       Kildemock            Louth
Bellew            Richard                      St. Peters           Louth
Bellingham        John, Esq.                   Tullyallen           Louth
Bennet            Arthur                       Faughart             Louth
Bequethan         Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Berrell           Patrick, Sr.                 Monasterboice        Louth
Berril            Mathew                       Louth                Louth
Berril            Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Berril            Patrick, Jr.                 Tullyallen           Louth
Berrill           Ann                          Tullyallen           Louth
Berrill           Charles                      Mayne                Louth
Berrill           Edward                       Monasterboice        Louth
Berrill           Matthew                      Tullyallen           Louth
Bezell            Laurence                     Dunleer              Louth
Bingham           Robert                       Collon               Louth
Bird              John                         Ballymakenny         Louth
Bird              Patrick                      Ballymakenny         Louth
Bird              Patrick, Jr.                 Ballymakenny         Louth
Bird              Peter                        Ballymakenny         Louth
Blackwell         Nathaniel                    Tallanstown          Louth
Blamer            Richard                      Haggardstown         Louth
Blunt             Edward                       Collon               Louth
Blunt             Thomas                       Collon               Louth
Boadin            James                        Drumshallon          Louth
Boadin            John                         Drumshallon          Louth
Boadin            Matthew                      Mullary              Louth
Boadin            Patrick                      Drumshallon          Louth
Boadin            Thomas                       St. Peters           Louth
Bodan             James                        Rathdrumin           Louth
Bodan             John                         Dunleer              Louth
Bodan             John                         Rathdrumin           Louth
Bodan             Patrick                      Rathdrumin           Louth
Boden             Ann                          Drumcar              Louth
Bonnaghan         John                         St. Peters           Louth
Borun             Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Bourke            Patrick                      Drumshallon          Louth
Bourke            Patrick                      Mayne                Louth
Bourke            Peter                        Clogher              Louth
Bourke            Thomas                       Parsonstown          Louth
Bourn             Bryan                        Mosstown             Louth
Bourn             Cullow                       Drumcar              Louth
Bourn             Edmond                       Drumcar              Louth
Bourn             Frances                      Killanny             Louth
Bourn             Henry                        Mosstown             Louth
Bourn             Hugh                         Philipstown          Louth
Bourn             James                        Charlestown          Louth
Bourn             James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Bourn             James                        Philipstown          Louth
Bourn             James                        Tallanstown          Louth
Bourn             John                         Tallanstown          Louth
Bourn             Mathew                       Killanny             Louth
Bourn             Matthew                      Collon               Louth
Bourn             Matthew                      Mosstown             Louth
Bourn             Michael                      Collon               Louth
Bourn             Michael                      Mosstown             Louth
Bourn             Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Bourn             Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Bourn             Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Bourn             Patrick Adann.               Drumcar              Louth
Bourn             Peter                        Killanny             Louth
Bourn             Philip                       Philipstown          Louth
Bourn             Thomas                       Drumcar              Louth
Bourn             Thomas                       Kilsaran             Louth
Bourn             Widow Mary                   Drumcar              Louth
Bourne            James                        Port                 Louth
Bourne            Michael                      Port                 Louth
Bourne            Patrick                      Dunleer              Louth
Bourne            Patrick Windmill             Drumcar              Louth
Bourne            Peter                        Mayne                Louth
Boyd              William                      Stabannan            Louth
Boylan            Anne                         Drumshallon          Louth
Boylan            Anne                         Mullary              Louth
Boylan            Michael                      Dromin               Louth
Boylan            Patrick                      Cappoge              Louth
Boylan            Peter                        Shanlis              Louth
Boylan            Thomas                       Mullary              Louth
Boylan            Thomas                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Boyle             Bryan                        Inishkeen            Louth
Boyle             Daniel                       Dromiskin            Louth
Boyle             Hugh                         Roche                Louth
Boyle             James                        Louth                Louth
Boyle             John                         Carlingford          Louth
Boyle             John                         Drumcar              Louth
Boyle             John                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Boyle             Laurence                     Cappoge              Louth
Boyle             Laurence                     Dromiskin            Louth
Boyle             Owen                         Castletown           Louth
Boyle             Owen                         Louth                Louth
Boyle             Owen                         Roche                Louth
Boyle             Patrick                      Charlestown          Louth
Boyle             Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Boyle             Rose                         Louth                Louth
Boyle             Thomas                       Dromiskin            Louth
Boyle             Thomas                       Faughart             Louth
Boyle             Thomas                       Mapastown            Louth
Brabazon          Anthony                      Clonmore             Louth
Brabazon          Henry, Esq.                  Port                 Louth
Brabazon          Phillip, Esq.                Termonfeckin         Louth
Brabazon          Wallop, Esq.                 Termonfeckin         Louth
Bradford          Samuel                       Creggan              Louth
Bradshaw          John                         Carlingford          Louth
Brady             Dennis                       Kilsaran             Louth
Brady             Edward                       Tullyallen           Louth
Brady             James                        Killanny             Louth
Brady             James                        Mayne                Louth
Brady             John                         Tullyallen           Louth
Brady             Mary                         Collon               Louth
Brady             Michael                      Creggan              Louth
Brady             Nicholas                     Kildemock            Louth
Brady             Patrick                      Drumshallon          Louth
Brady             Patrick                      Kildemock            Louth
Brady             Patrick                      Killanny             Louth
Brady             Peter                        Tullyallen           Louth
Brady             Thomas                       Clonkeen             Louth
Brady             Thomas                       Dunleer              Louth
Bragy             John                         Dromin               Louth
Branagan          Anne                         St. Peters           Louth
Branagan          Bryan                        Dunany               Louth
Branagan          Daniel                       Ballymakenny         Louth
Branagan          Dennis                       Tullyallen           Louth
Branagan          James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Branagan          James                        Monasterboice        Louth
Branagan          James                        Stabannan            Louth
Branagan          John                         Mullary              Louth
Branagan          John                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Branagan          Michael                      Monasterboice        Louth
Branagan          Michael                      Rathdrumin           Louth
Branagan          Neal                         Collon               Louth
Branagan          Nicholas                     Ballymakenny         Louth
Branagan          Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Branagan          Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Branagan          Patrick                      Rathdrumin           Louth
Branagan          Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Branagan          Patrick, Jr.                 Tullyallen           Louth
Branagan          Thomas                       Tullyallen           Louth
Branagan          William                      Collon               Louth
Branagan          William                      Kildemock            Louth
Branan            Edward                       Louth                Louth
Branan            John                         Ballybarrack         Louth
Branan            John                         Kilsaran             Louth
Branan            Mathew                       Ballybarrack         Louth
Branan            Patrick                      Darver               Louth
Branan            Terence                      Ballybarrack         Louth
Branan            Thomas                       Ballybarrack         Louth
Branan            Thomas                       Kilsaran             Louth
Branegan          Ann                          St. Peters           Louth
Branegan          Daniel                       St. Peters           Louth
Brannagan         Daniel                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Brannagan         James                        Kildemock            Louth
Brannagan         Michael                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Brannan           Michael                      Dunbin               Louth
Brannan           Michael                      Louth                Louth
Brannan           Patrick                      Dundalk              Louth
Brannigan         Patrick                      Creggan              Louth
Bray              John                         Drumshallon          Louth
Breagy            Thomas                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Breen             Bryans                       Philipstown          Louth
Breen             Edward                       Cappoge              Louth
Breen             Edward                       Philipstown          Louth
Breen             James                        Stabannan            Louth
Brennan           Matthew                      Roche                Louth
Bride             Bryan                        Drumcar              Louth
Bride             John                         Kilsaran             Louth
Bride             Margaret                     Drumcar              Louth
Bride             Margaret                     Kilsaran             Louth
Brodigan          James                        Clogher              Louth
Brodigan          Patrick                      Drumshallon          Louth
Brodigan          Peter                        Clogher              Louth
Brodigan          Richard                      Tullyallen           Louth
Browne            George                       Parsonstown          Louth
Bryan             Owen                         Ardee                Louth
Bryne             James                        Collon               Louth
Bulter            Thomas                       Darver               Louth
Burges            John                         Smarmore             Louth
Burkhill          Richard                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Butterly          Patrick                      Clonmore             Louth
Butterly          William                      Tullyallen           Louth
Bynee             Bridget                      St. Peters           Louth
Bynee             Thomas                       St. Peters           Louth
Byrne             Bryan                        Dunbin               Louth
Byrne             Bryan                        Dundalk              Louth
Byrne             Bryan                        Louth                Louth
Byrne             James                        Dunleer              Louth
Byrne             James                        Haggardstown         Louth
Byrne             James                        Inishkeen            Louth
Byrne             James                        Louth                Louth
Byrne             John                         Collon               Louth
Byrne             John                         Louth                Louth
Byrne             John                         Salterstown          Louth
Byrne             John, Jr.                    Louth                Louth
Byrne             Laurence                     Faughart             Louth
Byrne             Matthew                      Creggan              Louth
Byrne             Matthew                      Louth                Louth
Byrne             Michael                      Marlestown           Louth
Byrne             Michael                      Mullary              Louth
Byrne             Nicholas                     Mullary              Louth
Byrne             Owen                         Clogher              Louth
Byrne             Owen                         Louth                Louth
Byrne             Patrick                      Clogher              Louth
Byrne             Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Byrne             Patrick                      Haggardstown         Louth
Byrne             Peter                        Louth                Louth
Byrne             Peter                        St. Peters           Louth
Byrne             Rose                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Byrne             Stephen                      Louth                Louth
Byrne             Thomas                       Haggardstown         Louth
Byrne             Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Byrne             William                      Louth                Louth
Cain              Patrick                      Ballymakenny         Louth
Calaghan          Anne                         Mullary              Louth
Calaghan          Patrick                      Parsonstown          Louth
Callady           James                        Port                 Louth
Callaghan         Patrick                      Carlingford          Louth
Callaghan         Patrick                      Charlestown          Louth
Callaghan         William                      Drumcar              Louth
Callaghen         William                      Port                 Louth
Callah            John                         Mapastown            Louth
Callan            Andrew                       Mullary              Louth
Callan            Bartly                       Inishkeen            Louth
Callan            Bryan                        Castletown           Louth
Callan            Bryan                        Philipstown          Louth
Callan            Catherine                    Collon               Louth
Callan            Christopher                  Dysart               Louth
Callan            Dennis, Jr.                  Dromiskin            Louth
Callan            Edward                       Drumcar              Louth
Callan            Henry                        Kildemock            Louth
Callan            Henry                        Salterstown          Louth
Callan            James                        Castletown           Louth
Callan            James                        Drumcar              Louth
Callan            James                        Killanny             Louth
Callan            James                        Philipstown          Louth
Callan            James                        Shanlis              Louth
Callan            John                         Ballymakenny         Louth
Callan            John                         Drumcar              Louth
Callan            John                         Haggardstown         Louth
Callan            John                         Louth                Louth
Callan            John                         Philipstown          Louth
Callan            John                         Tullyallen           Louth
Callan            Mary                         Louth                Louth
Callan            Matthew                      Mansfieldstown       Louth
Callan            Michael                      Kilsaran             Louth
Callan            Michael                      Louth                Louth
Callan            Patrick                      Barronstown          Louth
Callan            Patrick                      Haggardstown         Louth
Callan            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Callan            Patrick                      Stabannan            Louth
Callan            Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Callan            Peter                        Dromiskin            Louth
Callan            Philip                       Mapastown            Louth
Callan            Phillip                      Dunany               Louth
Callan            Thomas                       Collon               Louth
Callan            Thomas                       Killincoole          Louth
Callan            Thomas                       Mayne                Louth
Callan            Thomas                       Tallanstown          Louth
Caltan            Denis, Sr.                   Dromiskin            Louth
Cambell           Bridget                      Dromin               Louth
Cambell           James                        Drumcar              Louth
Camell            James                        St. Peters           Louth
Camell            John                         Collon               Louth
Camell            John                         Mullary              Louth
Camell            John                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Camell            Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
Camell            Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Camell            Thomas                       Ballymakenny         Louth
Camell            Thomas                       Dunany               Louth
Camell            Thomas                       St. Peters           Louth
Camell            William                      Dunleer              Louth
Camell            William                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Cammell           Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Cammil            Ann                          Dromiskin            Louth
Cammil            Arthur                       Roche                Louth
Cammil            Bryan                        Inishkeen            Louth
Cammil            Bryan                        Roche                Louth
Cammil            Elizabeth                    Barronstown          Louth
Cammil            John                         Faughart             Louth
Cammil            John                         Inishkeen            Louth
Cammil            Laurence                     Louth                Louth
Cammil            Michael                      Louth                Louth
Cammil            Owen                         Inishkeen            Louth
Cammil            Owen                         Roche                Louth
Cammil            Patrick                      Dromiskin            Louth
Cammil            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Cammil            Patrick                      Roche                Louth
Cammil            Rose                         Faughart             Louth
Campbell          Andrew                       Salterstown          Louth
Campbell          James                        Cappoge              Louth
Campbell          James                        Drumcar              Louth
Campbell          James                        Kildemock            Louth
Campbell          John                         Kildemock            Louth
Campbell          Mary                         Cappoge              Louth
Campbell          Michael                      Drumcar              Louth
Campbell          Thomas, Jr.                  Cappoge              Louth
Campbell          Thomas, Sr.                  Cappoge              Louth
Campbell          William                      Kildemock            Louth
Cannon            John                         Ballymakenny         Louth
Canvan            Patrick                      Ballymakenny         Louth
Car               Dennis                       Dromiskin            Louth
Car               John                         Faughart             Louth
Car               Patrick                      Dromiskin            Louth
Car               Peter                        Clonkeen             Louth
Car               Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Caragher          Laurence                     Roche                Louth
Caragher          Owen                         Kane                 Louth
Caragher          Widow Mary                   Clonkeen             Louth
Carahar           Rose                         Charlestown          Louth
Caraher           Arthur                       Kildemock            Louth
Caraher           Bryan                        Clonkeen             Louth
Carberry          Dennis                       Kildemock            Louth
Carbley           Bryan                        Collon               Louth
Carlin            Charles                      Tullyallen           Louth
Carlin            Neil                         Collon               Louth
Carlin            Owen                         Tullyallen           Louth
Carlin            Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Carline           Owen                         Mosstown             Louth
Carlon            James                        Tallanstown          Louth
Carney            Francis                      Kildemock            Louth
Carney            Owen                         Stabannan            Louth
Carney            Owen, Jr.                    Stabannan            Louth
Carney            Peter                        Mullary              Louth
Carney            Richard                      St. Peters           Louth
Carney            Rose                         Collon               Louth
Carney            Rose                         Kildemock            Louth
Carney            William                      Kilsaran             Louth
Carolan           Michael                      Mapastown            Louth
Carolan           Patrick                      Clonkeen             Louth
Carolan           Patrick                      Mansfieldstown       Louth
Carolan           William                      Dromiskin            Louth
Carpenter         Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Carpenter         Patrick                      Parsonstown          Louth
Carraghan         Michael                      Roche                Louth
Carragher         Michael                      Louth                Louth
Carrell           John                         Louth                Louth
Carrell           Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
Carrol            Arthur                       Killincoole          Louth
Carrol            Christopher                  Dromiskin            Louth
Carrol            Henry                        Dromiskin            Louth
Carrol            James                        Beaulieu             Louth
Carrol            James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Carrol            James                        Louth                Louth
Carrol            James                        Roche                Louth
Carrol            James                        St. Peters           Louth
Carrol            James                        Stabannan            Louth
Carrol            John                         Dromiskin            Louth
Carrol            John                         Faughart             Louth
Carrol            John                         Louth                Louth
Carrol            Margaret                     Louth                Louth
Carrol            Michael                      Louth                Louth
Carrol            Owen                         Mosstown             Louth
Carrol            Pames                        Drumcar              Louth
Carrol            Patrick                      Ballymakenny         Louth
Carrol            Patrick                      Carlingford          Louth
Carrol            Patrick                      Charlestown          Louth
Carrol            Patrick                      Killanny             Louth
Carrol            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Carrol            Patrick                      Smarmore             Louth
Carrol            Patrick, Sr.                 Louth                Louth
Carrol            Peter                        Dromiskin            Louth
Carrol            Peter                        Louth                Louth
Carrol            Richard                      Port                 Louth
Carrol            Richard                      Stabannan            Louth
Carrol            Rose                         Stabannan            Louth
Carrol            Thomas                       Darver               Louth
Carrol            Thomas                       Kilsaran             Louth
Carrol            Thomas, Jr.                  Kilsaran             Louth
Carroll           Bartle                       Clogher              Louth
Carroll           Christopher                  Louth                Louth
Carroll           Edmund                       Ardee                Louth
Carroll           Henry                        Louth                Louth
Carroll           James                        Ardee                Louth
Carroll           James                        Haggardstown         Louth
Carroll           James                        St. Marys            Louth
Carroll           John                         Ardee                Louth
Carroll           John                         Kilsaran             Louth
Carroll           John                         Louth                Louth
Carroll           John                         Tallanstown          Louth
Carroll           Laurence                     Carlingford          Louth
Carroll           Mary                         Dunleer              Louth
Carroll           Mary                         Mullary              Louth
Carroll           Matthew                      Louth                Louth
Carroll           Michael                      Louth                Louth
Carroll           Patrick                      Ardee                Louth
Carroll           Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Carroll           Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Carroll           Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
Carroll           Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
Carroll           Peter                        Cappoge              Louth
Carroll           Simon                        Monasterboice        Louth
Carroll           Terence                      Mullary              Louth
Carroll           Thomas                       Collon               Louth
Carroll           Thomas                       Drumcar              Louth
Carroll           Thomas                       Mapastown            Louth
Carroll           Thomas                       Mayne                Louth
Carroll           William                      Kilsaran             Louth
Carron            Laurence                     Kildemock            Louth
Carron            Thomas                       Ballymakenny         Louth
Carron            Thomas                       Port                 Louth
Carstin           Christopher, Esq.            Stabannan            Louth
Carter            Ch.                          St. Marys            Louth
Carter            Patrick                      St. Marys            Louth
Carvan            John                         Mosstown             Louth
Carvan            Thomas                       Ardee                Louth
Carwan            Hugh                         Mullary              Louth
Casey             Henry                        Mullary              Louth
Casey             James                        Collon               Louth
Casey             James                        Drumcar              Louth
Casey             James                        Faughart             Louth
Casey             James                        Parsonstown          Louth
Casey             James                        Philipstown          Louth
Casey             Laurence                     Kane                 Louth
Casey             Michael                      Parsonstown          Louth
Casey             Owen                         Barronstown          Louth
Casey             Patrick                      Barronstown          Louth
Casey             Patrick                      Kane                 Louth
Casey             Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Casey             Thomas                       Dunleer              Louth
Casey             Thomas                       Philipstown          Louth
Cassady           Phillip                      Mayne                Louth
Caulin            Christopher                  Clonmore             Louth
Caulon            Patrick                      Smarmore             Louth
Cauvan            Francis                      St. Peters           Louth
Cauvan            John                         St. Peters           Louth
Cauvan            Michael                      Mayne                Louth
Cauvan            Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Cavanagh          Arthur                       Kilsaran             Louth
Cavanagh          James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Cavanagh          John                         Dromiskin            Louth
Cavanagh          Laurence                     Dunany               Louth
Cavanagh          Michael                      Drumcar              Louth
Cavanagh          Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Cavanagh          Peter                        Dromiskin            Louth
Cavanagh          Thomas                       Port                 Louth
Cawlan            Richard                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Chrisahan         Mathew                       Port                 Louth
Chrisahan         Matthew                      Mayne                Louth
Christy           James                        Philipstown          Louth
Christy           Stephen                      Mapastown            Louth
Clanbrassil       Earlof                       Dundalk              Louth
Clark             Michael                      Louth                Louth
Clarke            Bernard                      Stabannan            Louth
Clarke            Edmond                       Killanny             Louth
Clarke            Henry                        Clonkeen             Louth
Clarke            James                        Drumcar              Louth
Clarke            John                         Beaulieu             Louth
Clarke            John                         Faughart             Louth
Clarke            John                         Smarmore             Louth
Clarke            Owen                         Dundalk              Louth
Clarke            Patrick                      Inishkeen            Louth
Clarke            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Clarke            Patrick                      Smarmore             Louth
Clarke            Thomas                       Killanny             Louth
Claskey           Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Clenton           Michael                      Louth                Louth
Clenton           Michael                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Clenton           Patrick                      Mayne                Louth
Clenton           Thomas                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Clifford          John                         Tullyallen           Louth
Clinton           Laurence                     Drumcar              Louth
Clinton           Mary                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Clinton           Richard                      Stabannan            Louth
Clinton           Thomas                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Cluskey           Edward                       Tullyallen           Louth
Cluskey           James                        Drumcar              Louth
Cluskey           Thomas                       Tullyallen           Louth
Coffy             Thomas                       Mansfieldstown       Louth
Cogan             Henry                        Louth                Louth
Coleman           Bryan                        Drumcar              Louth
Coleman           James                        Haynestown           Louth
Coleman           James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Coleman           James                        Louth                Louth
Coleman           James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Coleman           John                         Ballybarrack         Louth
Coleman           John                         Louth                Louth
Coleman           John                         Tallanstown          Louth
Coleman           Mary                         Louth                Louth
Coleman           Michael                      Ballybarrack         Louth
Coleman           Owen                         Dundalk              Louth
Coleman           Patrick                      Dromiskin            Louth
Coleman           Patrick, Jr.                 Ballybarrack         Louth
Coleman           Patrick, Sr.                 Ballybarrack         Louth
Coleman           Richard                      Ballybarrack         Louth
Coleman           Thomas                       Tallanstown          Louth
Coleman           Widow Bridget                Clonkeen             Louth
Colgan            Joseph                       Mosstown             Louth
Colligan          James                        Faughart             Louth
Comeskey          John                         Clogher              Louth
Commins           James                        Dunleer              Louth
Commons           Patrick                      Ardee                Louth
Comyell           Patrick                      Dunleer              Louth
Conlan            Andrew                       Salterstown          Louth
Conlan            Catherine                    Louth                Louth
Conlan            Henry                        Louth                Louth
Conlan            James                        Drumshallon          Louth
Conlan            James                        Louth                Louth
Conlan            John                         Mansfieldstown       Louth
Conlan            Martin                       Clogher              Louth
Conlan            Mary                         Inishkeen            Louth
Conlan            Mary                         Roche                Louth
Conlan            Patrick                      Carlingford          Louth
Conlan            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Conlan            Philip                       Castletown           Louth
Conlan            Thomas                       Port                 Louth
Conlan            Widow                        Castletown           Louth
Conlon            John                         Kilsaran             Louth
Conlon            Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Conly             Bryan                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Conly             John                         St. Peters           Louth
Conly             Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
Connel            John                         Carlingford          Louth
Connell           John                         Monasterboice        Louth
Connell           Mathew                       Faughart             Louth
Connell           Michael                      Haynestown           Louth
Connelly          Bryan                        Drumshallon          Louth
Connelly          James                        Salterstown          Louth
Connelly          Laurence                     Tullyallen           Louth
Conner            James                        Carlingford          Louth
Connin            Thomas                       Mullary              Louth
Connohy           Michael                      Kilsaran             Louth
Connolly          Bryan                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Connolly          James                        Clonmore             Louth
Connolly          Patrick                      Creggan              Louth
Connolly          Thady                        Dromiskin            Louth
Connolly          William                      Cappoge              Louth
Connolly          William                      Stickillin           Louth
Connor            Bryan                        Kilsaran             Louth
Connor            James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Connor            John                         Clonmore             Louth
Connor            John                         Drumcar              Louth
Connor            John                         Stabannan            Louth
Connor            Joseph                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Connor            Laurence                     Philipstown          Louth
Connor            Martin                       Kilsaran             Louth
Connor            Nicholas                     Haynestown           Louth
Connor            Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Connor            Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Connor            Peter                        Louth                Louth
Connor            Thomas                       Parsonstown          Louth
Connor            William                      Dromin               Louth
Connor            William                      Louth                Louth
Connor            William                      Mullary              Louth
Conroy            John                         Mayne                Louth
Conroy            Patrick                      Mayne                Louth
Conry             Joseph                       Drumshallon          Louth
Conry             Joseph, Sr.                  Drumshallon          Louth
Conry             Michael                      Killincoole          Louth
Conry             Richard                      Drumshallon          Louth
Conway            Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Conway            Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Conwell           Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
Conyngham         Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Coogan            Andrew                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Coogan            Patrick                      Clogher              Louth
Cook              James                        Darver               Louth
Cook              Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Cook              Stephen                      Louth                Louth
Coonegan          Bryan                        Roche                Louth
Coonegan          John                         Roche                Louth
Cooney            James                        Drumshallon          Louth
Cooney            Patrick                      Monasterboice        Louth
Cooney            Patrick, Jr.                 Monasterboice        Louth
Cooney            Patrick, Sr.                 Monasterboice        Louth
Cor               Daniel                       Creggan              Louth
Cor               Patrick                      Roche                Louth
Corkan            Michael                      Dundalk              Louth
Corran            Nicholas                     Ardee                Louth
Corran            Nicholas                     Clonkeen             Louth
Corrigan          Catherine                    Termonfeckin         Louth
Corrigan          James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Corrigan          Patrick                      Dromiskin            Louth
Corrigan          Patrick                      Drumshallon          Louth
Corrigan          Peter                        Drumshallon          Louth
Corrigan          Peter                        Rathdrumin           Louth
Costigan          Patrick                      Carrickbaggot        Louth
Cotter            John                         Faughart             Louth
Coulter           Charles                      Creggan              Louth
Coulter           Henry                        Philipstown          Louth
Coulter           Joseph                       Dundalk              Louth
Council           Laurence                     Clonkeen             Louth
Courn             Patrick, Sr.                 Drumcar              Louth
Courtney          James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Courtney          Thomas                       Port                 Louth
Coyne             Michael                      Kildemock            Louth
Crampshy          Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Crannan           Thomas                       Dunbin               Louth
Cranny            Owen                         Haggardstown         Louth
Cranry            Matthew                      Charlestown          Louth
Craven            Catherine                    Port                 Louth
Craven            Hugh                         Stabannan            Louth
Craven            Patrick                      Parsonstown          Louth
Craven            Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Craven            Richard                      Parsonstown          Louth
Craven            Thomas                       Collon               Louth
Crawley           Edward                       Charlestown          Louth
Crawley           Henry                        Tallanstown          Louth
Crawley           James                        Darver               Louth
Crawley           James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Crawley           John                         Charlestown          Louth
Crawley           John                         Haggardstown         Louth
Crawley           Nicholas                     Tullyallen           Louth
Crawley           Patrick                      Haggardstown         Louth
Crawley           Patrick                      Stabannan            Louth
Crawley           Patrick                      Tallanstown          Louth
Crawley           Thomas                       Haggardstown         Louth
Crawley           Thomas                       Stabannan            Louth
Crawly            John                         St. Marys            Louth
Creag             Nicholas                     Faughart             Louth
Crelly            James                        Parsonstown          Louth
Crelly            Patrick                      Parsonstown          Louth
Crelly            Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Creman            Dominick                     Mullary              Louth
Crenian           John                         Drumshallon          Louth
Crennion          Michael                      Salterstown          Louth
Criffan           Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Crilly            Patrick                      Dromiskin            Louth
Crinnan           James                        Darver               Louth
Crinnan           Margaret                     Darver               Louth
Crinnan           Mark                         Dromiskin            Louth
Crinnan           Michael                      Darver               Louth
Crinnion          Patrick                      Ardee                Louth
Crinnion          Peter                        Clonkeen             Louth
Critten           Bryan                        Philipstown          Louth
Crosby            John                         Mullary              Louth
Crosby            Thomas                       St. Peters           Louth
Cullen            Andrew                       Charlestown          Louth
Cullen            Bartholomew                  Charlestown          Louth
Cullen            James                        Charlestown          Louth
Cullen            Mary                         Charlestown          Louth
Cullen            Thomas                       Charlestown          Louth
Cullen            Widow                        Drumshallon          Louth
Cummeskey         Owen                         Dunany               Louth
Cummesky          Patrick                      Salterstown          Louth
Cummins           Judith                       Ballymakenny         Louth
Cummins           Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
Cunegan           Michael                      Drumcar              Louth
Cunehan           James                        Richardstown         Louth
Cunningham        Bryan                        Dunbin               Louth
Cunningham        James                        Dromin               Louth
Cunningham        John                         Collon               Louth
Cunningham        John                         Dromin               Louth
Cunningham        John                         Dunbin               Louth
Cunningham        Joseph                       Tullyallen           Louth
Cunningham        Laurence                     Dunbin               Louth
Cunningham        Laurence                     Kilsaran             Louth
Cunningham        Michael                      Dunbin               Louth
Cunningham        Oewn                         Dunbin               Louth
Cunningham        Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Cunningham        Patrick                      Dromin               Louth
Cunningham        Patrick                      Dunbin               Louth
Cunningham        Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Cunningham        Patrick                      Port                 Louth
Cunningham        Patrick, Jr.                 Collon               Louth
Cunningham        Thomas                       Ardee                Louth
Cunningham        Thomas                       Dunbin               Louth
Cunningham        Thomas                       Tullyallen           Louth
Cunran            John                         Rathdrumin           Louth
Cuorkan           Edward                       Mapastown            Louth
Cuorkan           John                         Drumcar              Louth
Curren            Arthur                       Dunbin               Louth
Curren            Cormick                      Mansfieldstown       Louth
Curren            Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
Currin            James                        Tullyallen           Louth
Currin            Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Currin            Peter                        Tullyallen           Louth
Curson            Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Curtis            Bryan                        Philipstown          Louth
Curtis            Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Curtis            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Curtis            Patrick, Jr.                 Killincoole          Louth
Curtis            Patrick, Sr.                 Killincoole          Louth
Curtis            Silvester                    Faughart             Louth
Curtis            Thomas                       Drumcar              Louth
Curtis            Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Curtis            Widow                        Louth                Louth
Daley             Hugh                         Dunbin               Louth
Daley             James                        Roche                Louth
Daley             Owen                         Roche                Louth
Daly              Francis                      Louth                Louth
Daly              James                        Mosstown             Louth
Daly              John                         Marlestown           Louth
Daly              Owen                         Collon               Louth
Daly              Owen, Jr.                    Collon               Louth
Daly              Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Daly              Patrick                      Dundalk              Louth
Daly              Patrick                      Marlestown           Louth
Daly              Patrick, Sr.                 Collon               Louth
Daly              Robert                       Kildemock            Louth
Darby             Bernard                      St. Peters           Louth
Darby             Charles                      Mullary              Louth
Darby             Michael                      St. Peters           Louth
Darney            Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Darny             John                         Louth                Louth
Darny             Patrick                      Roche                Louth
Davin             Peter                        Mosstown             Louth
Daw               Widow                        Faughart             Louth
Deeran            Patrick                      Stabannan            Louth
Deernan           Edward                       Stabannan            Louth
Deery             Bryan                        Barronstown          Louth
Deery             Catherine                    Kane                 Louth
Deery             Mathew                       Inishkeen            Louth
Deery             Owen                         Barronstown          Louth
Deery             Rose                         Mosstown             Louth
Dermot            James                        Haggardstown         Louth
Devein            John                         Collon               Louth
Deven             Anne                         Drumshallon          Louth
Deven             Patrick                      Monasterboice        Louth
Devin             Andrew                       Tallanstown          Louth
Devin             James                        Mosstown             Louth
Devin             Matthew                      Mosstown             Louth
Devin             Pat.                         Ardee                Louth
Devin             Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Devin             Patrick                      Kildemock            Louth
Devin             Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Devin             Patrick, Sr.                 Monasterboice        Louth
Devin             Richard                      Mosstown             Louth
Devin             Thomas                       Monasterboice        Louth
Devin             William                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Devine            James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Devine            Patrick                      Clogher              Louth
Devine            Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
Devine            Richard                      Collon               Louth
Devine            Richard                      St. Peters           Louth
Devlin            Francis                      Kildemock            Louth
Devlin            Luke                         Shanlis              Louth
Dickey            Robert                       Creggan              Louth
Dignam            Laurence                     Beaulieu             Louth
Dignam            Laurence                     Mayne                Louth
Dillon            Hugh                         Mullary              Louth
Divine            Peter                        Mullary              Louth
Dogherty          John                         Tallanstown          Louth
Dolaghan          Patrick                      Roche                Louth
Dolan             Bartle                       St. Peters           Louth
Dolan             Dominick                     Rathdrumin           Louth
Dolan             James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Dolan             John                         Parsonstown          Louth
Dolan             Owen                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Dolan             Patrick                      Clonmore             Louth
Dolan             Patrick                      Marlestown           Louth
Dolan             Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Dollaghan         John                         Faughart             Louth
Dollaghan         John, Jr.                    Roche                Louth
Dollaghan         John, Sr.                    Roche                Louth
Dollaghan         Patrick                      Roche                Louth
Dollaghan         Thomas                       Castletown           Louth
Donagh            Edward                       Philipstown          Louth
Donelly           John                         Mullary              Louth
Donnegan          Dwenis                       Stabannan            Louth
Donnelly          Cormick                      Carlingford          Louth
Donnelly          Henry                        Carlingford          Louth
Donnelly          Hugh                         Clonkeen             Louth
Donnelly          Hugh                         Kildemock            Louth
Donnelly          James                        Carlingford          Louth
Donnelly          James                        Tullyallen           Louth
Donnelly          John                         Carlingford          Louth
Donnelly          Michael                      Carlingford          Louth
Donnelly          Michael                      Dysart               Louth
Donnelly          Michael                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Donnelly          Nicholas                     Ballymakenny         Louth
Donnelly          Nicholas                     Drumshallon          Louth
Donnelly          Owen                         Carlingford          Louth
Donnelly          Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Donnelly          Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Donnelly          Patrick                      Kildemock            Louth
Donnelly          Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Donnelly          Tynan                        St. Peters           Louth
Donnoh            Edward                       Barronstown          Louth
Donnohy           Owen                         Louth                Louth
Donnoy            Michael                      Dundalk              Louth
Donogh            Edward                       Philipstown          Louth
Donogh            Edward                       Tallanstown          Louth
Doogan            James                        Dysart               Louth
Doogan            Patrick                      Dysart               Louth
Doohan            Edward                       Collon               Louth
Doolan            Bernard                      Ardee                Louth
Dooley            Patrick                      Clonkeen             Louth
Dooly             James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Dooly             Philip                       Louth                Louth
Dooly             Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Dooly             Thomas                       Parsonstown          Louth
Doonegan          Thomas                       Philipstown          Louth
Doran             Bryan                        Faughart             Louth
Doran             Catharine                    Faughart             Louth
Doran             Mathew                       Faughart             Louth
Doran             Michael                      Faughart             Louth
Doran             Neil                         Faughart             Louth
Dorian            Daniel                       Dunbin               Louth
Dorian            James                        Dunbin               Louth
Dorian            Joseph                       Dunbin               Louth
Dorian            Thomas                       Dunbin               Louth
Dougherty         Hugh                         Mullary              Louth
Dougherty         John                         Mullary              Louth
Dougherty         Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
Dougherty         Thomas                       Mullary              Louth
Douney            Thomas                       Tullyallen           Louth
Dowd              John                         Mullary              Louth
Dowd              Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Dowd              Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
Dowd              Rev. Mr.                     Tallanstown          Louth
Dowd              Richard                      Mosstown             Louth
Dowdal            George                       Philipstown          Louth
Dowdal            Henry                        Faughart             Louth
Dowdal            James                        Smarmore             Louth
Dowdal            Matthew                      Shanlis              Louth
Dowdall           John                         Drumcar              Louth
Dowdall           Laurence                     Kildemock            Louth
Dowdall           Patrick                      Clonmore             Louth
Dowdall           Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Dowdall           Patrick                      Kildemock            Louth
Dowdall           Thomas                       Faughart             Louth
Dowdall           Thomas                       Kildemock            Louth
Dowlan            Edward                       Collon               Louth
Downes            Bryan                        Mullary              Louth
Downes            Bryan                        St. Peters           Louth
Downey            John                         Kilsaran             Louth
Downey            Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
Downey            Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Doyle             John                         Salterstown          Louth
Doyle             Owen                         Inishkeen            Louth
Doyle             Patrick                      Clonmore             Louth
Doyle             Patrick, Jr.                 Clonmore             Louth
Doyle             Thomas                       Clonmore             Louth
Doyle             Thomas                       Salterstown          Louth
Drew              Margaret                     St. Peters           Louth
Drew              Thomas                       Beaulieu             Louth
Drumgool          Christopher                  Dromin               Louth
Drumgoole         Michael                      Faughart             Louth
Duff              James                        Mayne                Louth
Duffey            Hugh                         Kilsaran             Louth
Duffey            Patrick                      Castletown           Louth
Duffy             Bernard                      Mansfieldstown       Louth
Duffy             Bryan                        Louth                Louth
Duffy             Bryan                        Roche                Louth
Duffy             Charles                      Roche                Louth
Duffy             Francis                      Mayne                Louth
Duffy             James                        Collon               Louth
Duffy             James                        Dromiskin            Louth
Duffy             John                         Ardee                Louth
Duffy             John                         Inishkeen            Louth
Duffy             John                         Louth                Louth
Duffy             Margaret                     Dromiskin            Louth
Duffy             Mary                         Roche                Louth
Duffy             Matthew                      Creggan              Louth
Duffy             Matthew                      Louth                Louth
Duffy             Michael                      Faughart             Louth
Duffy             Owen                         Collon               Louth
Duffy             Owen                         Faughart             Louth
Duffy             Owen                         Roche                Louth
Duffy             Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Duffy             Patrick                      Mansfieldstown       Louth
Duffy             Patrick                      Marlestown           Louth
Duffy             Patrick, Sr.                 Kilsaran             Louth
Duffy             Terence                      Inishkeen            Louth
Duffy             Terence                      Roche                Louth
Duffy             Thomas                       Roche                Louth
Duffy             Thomas                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Dullaghan         John                         Louth                Louth
Dullaghan         Nicholas                     Louth                Louth
Dullehan          James                        Salterstown          Louth
Dullehan          Patrick                      Salterstown          Louth
Dullehan          Thomas                       Salterstown          Louth
Dullihan          Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Dunegan           James                        Marlestown           Louth
Dunn              James                        Collon               Louth
Dunn              James                        Louth                Louth
Dunn              Nicholas                     Tullyallen           Louth
Dunn              Peter                        Parsonstown          Louth
Dunnegan          James                        Mullary              Louth
Durna             Matthew                      Philipstown          Louth
Durnan            Bryan                        Philipstown          Louth
Durnan            Edward                       Collon               Louth
Durnan            Henry                        Clonkeen             Louth
Durnan            Henry                        Philipstown          Louth
Durnan            Michael                      Killanny             Louth
Durnan            Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Durnan            Peter                        Philipstown          Louth
Durnan            Thomas                       Philipstown          Louth
Durnin            James                        Darver               Louth
Durnin            Michael                      Louth                Louth
Durnin            Patrick                      Roche                Louth
Early             Bryan                        Mansfieldstown       Louth
Early             Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Ebbet             Jane                         Mosstown             Louth
Ebbet             William                      Mosstown             Louth
Ebbett            Nicholas                     Ballymakenny         Louth
Ebit              Mathew                       Louth                Louth
Eccleston         William                      Clonkeen             Louth
Ecleston          Francis                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Ecleston          Frederick                    Mayne                Louth
Egnew             Arthur                       Creggan              Louth
Egnew             Patrick                      Creggan              Louth
Ekins             Patrick                      Dromin               Louth
Elbert            William                      Collon               Louth
English           Andrew                       Port                 Louth
English           John                         Mullary              Louth
English           Patrick                      Dundalk              Louth
Englishbee        James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Englishbee        John                         Charlestown          Louth
Etkins            Alexander                    Charlestown          Louth
Eton              Alexander                    Tallanstown          Louth
Eton              Thomas                       Dromin               Louth
Everard           Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Fadden            Michael                      Tallanstown          Louth
Fannan            William                      Port                 Louth
Fannin            William                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Fannon            Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Fant              James                        Tallanstown          Louth
Fant              Thomas                       Philipstown          Louth
Farel             John                         Tullyallen           Louth
Farrally          Owen                         Killanny             Louth
Farrel            James                        Mayne                Louth
Farrel            Joseph                       Tullyallen           Louth
Farrel            Owen                         Louth                Louth
Farrel            Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Farrel            Thomas                       Tullyallen           Louth
Farrell           Bryan                        Parsonstown          Louth
Farrell           Francis                      Castletown           Louth
Farrell           James                        Clogher              Louth
Farrell           Michael                      Kildemock            Louth
Farrell           Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Farrell           Richard                      Louth                Louth
Farrell           Silvester                    Termonfeckin         Louth
Farren            James                        Mayne                Louth
Faughy            Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
Faugy             Ann                          Dromiskin            Louth
Faugy             James                        Darver               Louth
Faugy             James                        Dromiskin            Louth
Faugy             Mathew                       Louth                Louth
Faugy             Silvester                    Dromiskin            Louth
Faugy             Thomas                       Clonkeen             Louth
Faulkin           George                       Drumcar              Louth
Faulkin           Laurence                     Kilsaran             Louth
Faulkin           Laurence                     Mosstown             Louth
Faulkin           Thomas                       Mosstown             Louth
Faulkner          John                         Clonmore             Louth
Faulkner          Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Fearns            Hugh                         Collon               Louth
Fegan             James                        Faughart             Louth
Fegan             John                         Philipstown          Louth
Fegan             Michael                      Philipstown          Louth
Fellican          Peter                        Clogher              Louth
Feran             Peter                        Carlingford          Louth
Ferguson          John                         Haggardstown         Louth
Ferrall           James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Ferrall           James                        Tullyallen           Louth
Fidigan           Patrick                      Mapastown            Louth
Finegan           John                         Dunleer              Louth
Finegan           John                         Rathdrumin           Louth
Finegan           Mathew                       Rathdrumin           Louth
Finegan           Mathew, Jr.                  Rathdrumin           Louth
Finegan           Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Finegan           Richard                      Collon               Louth
Finegan           Thomas                       Collon               Louth
Finegan           Thomas                       Mosstown             Louth
Finigan           Matthew                      Mosstown             Louth
Finigan           Terence                      Mosstown             Louth
Finnegan          Francis                      St. Peters           Louth
Finnegan          James                        Drumshallon          Louth
Finnegan          John                         Collon               Louth
Finnegan          Mary                         Collon               Louth
Finnegan          Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Finnegan          Patrick                      Kildemock            Louth
Finnegan          Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
Finnegan          Patrick                      Stabannan            Louth
Finnegan          Patrick, Jr.                 Collon               Louth
Finnegan          Thomas                       Kildemock            Louth
Finnegan          William                      Collon               Louth
Finnigan          Daniel                       Carlingford          Louth
Finnigan          Edward                       Louth                Louth
Finnigan          James                        Castletown           Louth
Finnigan          Matthew                      Louth                Louth
Finnigan          Michael                      Carlingford          Louth
Finnigan          Owen                         Faughart             Louth
Finnigan          Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Finnigan          Patrick, Sr.                 Louth                Louth
Finnigan          Silvester                    Louth                Louth
Finnigan          Thomas                       Carlingford          Louth
Finnigan          Thomas                       Darver               Louth
Fitzimmons        Patrick                      Dundalk              Louth
Fitzpatrick       James                        Parsonstown          Louth
Fitzpatrick       John                         Clogher              Louth
Fitzpatrick       John                         Dunleer              Louth
Fitzpatrick       John                         Tullyallen           Louth
Fitzpatrick       Matthew                      Parsonstown          Louth
Fitzpatrick       Matthew                      Rathdrumin           Louth
Fitzpatrick       Nicholas                     Drumshallon          Louth
Fitzpatrick       Nicholas                     Termonfeckin         Louth
Fitzpatrick       Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Fitzpatrick       Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Fiuegan           John                         Rathdrumin           Louth
Flanagan          James                        Stabannan            Louth
Flanagan          John                         Rathdrumin           Louth
Flanagan          John                         Tullyallen           Louth
Flanagan          Joseph                       Mosstown             Louth
Flanagan          Michael                      Mosstown             Louth
Flanagan          Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Flanagan          Thomas                       Stabannan            Louth
Flannagan         John                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Flannagan         Matthew                      Collon               Louth
Flannagan         Nicholas                     Termonfeckin         Louth
Flannagan         Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Flannagan         Patrick                      Drumshallon          Louth
Flannagan         Peter                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Fleming           James                        Dromiskin            Louth
Flin              Charles                      Ballybarrack         Louth
Flin              Charles                      Barronstown          Louth
Flin              Elizabeth                    Faughart             Louth
Flin              Patrick                      Creggan              Louth
Flin              Richard                      Roche                Louth
Flin              Roger                        Roche                Louth
Flin              Walter                       Carlingford          Louth
Flinn             Ann                          Faughart             Louth
Flinn             Bryan                        Mullary              Louth
Flinn             John                         Mayne                Louth
Flinn             Laurence                     Termonfeckin         Louth
Flinn             Nicholas                     Mayne                Louth
Flinn             Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Flinn             Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
Flinn             Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Flinn             Peter                        Drumshallon          Louth
Flinn             Thomas                       St. Peters           Louth
Fluddy            James                        Parsonstown          Louth
Ford              Patrick, Jr.                 Cappoge              Louth
Ford              Patrick, Sr.                 Cappoge              Louth
Foskey            James                        Dysart               Louth
Foster            Sir Rev. Thomas, Bart.       Philipstown          Louth
Fowler            Christopher                  Drumcar              Louth
Fox               Bridget                      Kilsaran             Louth
Fox               Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Free              Hugh                         Creggan              Louth
French            Bryan                        Smarmore             Louth
Gaghan            Patrick                      Mayne                Louth
Galagher          Nicholas                     Parsonstown          Louth
Gallagher         James                        Faughart             Louth
Gallagher         Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Gallogly          Patrick                      Creggan              Louth
Galogly           Thomas                       Inishkeen            Louth
Gargan            Dennis                       Mayne                Louth
Gargan            Mathew                       Clogher              Louth
Garlan            Andrew                       Louth                Louth
Garlan            Bartley                      Killincoole          Louth
Garlan            James                        Louth                Louth
Garlan            James                        Mansfieldstown       Louth
Garlan            Margaret                     Killincoole          Louth
Garlan            Michael                      Dromiskin            Louth
Garlan            Nicholas                     Louth                Louth
Garlan            Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Garlan            Walter                       Haggardstown         Louth
Garlon            John                         Philipstown          Louth
Garlon            Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Garney            Thomas                       Tullyallen           Louth
Garragan          Nicholas                     Philipstown          Louth
Garretty          James                        Smarmore             Louth
Garrety           John                         Kilsaran             Louth
Garrigan          Philip                       Philipstown          Louth
Garrity           Hugh                         Carlingford          Louth
Gartland          Thomas                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Gartlaney         James                        Collon               Louth
Gartlaney         James                        Monasterboice        Louth
Gartlaney         John                         Collon               Louth
Gartlaney         Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Gartlaney         Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Gartlanny         James                        Tallanstown          Louth
Gartlany          Anne                         Louth                Louth
Gartlany          Dennis                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Gartlany          James                        Dromiskin            Louth
Gartlany          James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Gartlany          Mary                         Louth                Louth
Gartlany          Michael                      Dromiskin            Louth
Gartlany          Patrick                      Dromiskin            Louth
Gartlany          Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Gartlany          Peter                        Darver               Louth
Gartlany          Peter                        Port                 Louth
Gartlany          Thomas                       Darver               Louth
Garvey            Andrew                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Garvey            Andrew, Jr.                  Termonfeckin         Louth
Garvey            Bryan                        Roche                Louth
Garvey            Peter                        Louth                Louth
Garvey            Thomas                       Clogher              Louth
Gatakar           Thomas, Esq.                 Dundalk              Louth
Gaynor            Henry                        Tullyallen           Louth
Gaynor            John                         Faughart             Louth
Geehan            John                         Clogher              Louth
Geehan            John                         Mayne                Louth
Geehan            Patrick                      Clogher              Louth
Geenan            Nicholas                     Drumcar              Louth
Geenaty           Bryan                        Drumcar              Louth
Gelmur            John                         St. Peters           Louth
Gelmurray         Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Gennity           Laurence                     Mosstown             Louth
Gernon            Francis                      Drumcar              Louth
Gernon            George                       Stabannan            Louth
Gernon            Patrick                      Stabannan            Louth
Gillis            William                      Faughart             Louth
Gilmer            Patrick                      Mansfieldstown       Louth
Gilmur            Owen                         St. Peters           Louth
Gilmut            Patrick                      Port                 Louth
Gogan             John                         Clonmore             Louth
Gogan             John                         Dysart               Louth
Gollagher         Bryan                        Clonkeen             Louth
Gorman            John                         Parsonstown          Louth
Gorman            Laurence                     Dunbin               Louth
Gorman            Laurence                     Mayne                Louth
Gorman            Margaret                     Kilsaran             Louth
Gorman            Patrick                      Charlestown          Louth
Gorman            Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Gorman            Patrick                      Mayne                Louth
Gorman            Patrick                      Parsonstown          Louth
Gorrigan          James                        Philipstown          Louth
Goslin            Thomas                       Clonkeen             Louth
Gough             Anne                         Parsonstown          Louth
Gough             Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
Grady             James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Grant             James                        Roche                Louth
Grant             Laurence                     Faughart             Louth
Gray              Patrick                      Carlingford          Louth
Gray              Stephen                      Smarmore             Louth
Green             Patrick                      Stabannan            Louth
Griffan           Michael                      Dromiskin            Louth
Griffin           Christopher                  Collon               Louth
Grimes            Bryan                        Dundalk              Louth
Grimes            James                        Louth                Louth
Grimes            Michael                      Kilsaran             Louth
Grimes            Patrick                      Darver               Louth
Grimes            Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Grogan            Dennis                       Clonkeen             Louth
Grogan            Hugh                         Parsonstown          Louth
Grogan            John                         Stabannan            Louth
Grogan            Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Grogan            Thomas                       Drumcar              Louth
Gugurcy           Michael                      Roche                Louth
Gugurcy           Thomas                       Dunbin               Louth
Gugurty           Thomas                       Dromiskin            Louth
Gunnell           Joseph                       Charlestown          Louth
Hackett           Laurence                     Carlingford          Louth
Hagan             Francis                      Kane                 Louth
Hagan             Hugh                         Castletown           Louth
Hagan             John                         Faughart             Louth
Hagan             Owen                         Kane                 Louth
Hairty            Patrick                      Dundalk              Louth
Hairty            Patrick                      Haggardstown         Louth
Hairty            Peter                        Castletown           Louth
Hale              James                        Dundalk              Louth
Hale              John                         Ardee                Louth
Halfpenny         Andrew                       Louth                Louth
Halfpenny         Daniel                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Halfpenny         James                        Cappoge              Louth
Halfpenny         James                        Clonmore             Louth
Halfpenny         James                        Dromiskin            Louth
Halfpenny         James                        Dysart               Louth
Halfpenny         James                        Philipstown          Louth
Halfpenny         John                         Cappoge              Louth
Halfpenny         Joseph                       Tallanstown          Louth
Halfpenny         Laurence                     Dromiskin            Louth
Halfpenny         Margaret                     Stabannan            Louth
Halfpenny         Mary                         Louth                Louth
Halfpenny         Matthew                      Tallanstown          Louth
Halfpenny         Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Halfpenny         Patrick                      Tallanstown          Louth
Halfpenny         William                      Philipstown          Louth
Hall              Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Hamill            Bryan                        Louth                Louth
Hamill            James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Hamill            John                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Hamill            Manis                        Louth                Louth
Hamill            Owen                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Hamill            Patrick                      Dundalk              Louth
Hamill            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Hamill            Thomas                       Dundalk              Louth
Hamlin            Thomas                       Drumshallon          Louth
Hamlin            Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Hammil            Bryan                        Louth                Louth
Hammil            Dennis                       Louth                Louth
Hammil            Edward                       Louth                Louth
Hammil            James                        Roche                Louth
Hammil            Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Hammill           Patrick                      Haggardstown         Louth
Hand              Anthony                      Stabannan            Louth
Hand              Golias                       Drumcar              Louth
Hand              John                         Kilsaran             Louth
Hand              Joseph                       Clonmore             Louth
Hand              Patrick, Jr.                 Cappoge              Louth
Hand              Patrick, Sr.                 Cappoge              Louth
Hand              Thomas                       Ardee                Louth
Hanlan            Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Hanlon            Bryan                        Carlingford          Louth
Hanlon            Cormick                      Faughart             Louth
Hanlon            Felix                        Carlingford          Louth
Hanlon            Hugh                         Carlingford          Louth
Hanlon            Hugh                         Faughart             Louth
Hanlon            James                        Kildemock            Louth
Hanlon            John                         Faughart             Louth
Hanlon            Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Hanlon            Terence                      Carlingford          Louth
Hanlon            Widow                        Dundalk              Louth
Hanratty          Hugh                         Louth                Louth
Hanratty          James                        Louth                Louth
Hanratty          John                         Inishkeen            Louth
Hanratty          Owen                         Carlingford          Louth
Hanratty          Owen                         Louth                Louth
Hanratty          Terence                      Carlingford          Louth
Hanratty          Terrence                     Faughart             Louth
Hanratty          Thomas                       Cappoge              Louth
Hanraty           Andrew                       Collon               Louth
Haragher          Patrick                      Dunbin               Louth
Hardgrove         William                      Tallanstown          Louth
Hardman           Christopher                  Termonfeckin         Louth
Hardman           Laurence                     Clonmore             Louth
Hardman           Patrick                      Clonmore             Louth
Hardman           Patrick                      Dunleer              Louth
Hardman           Thomas                       Clogher              Louth
Hardman           Thomas                       Clonmore             Louth
Hardman           Thomas                       Dunleer              Louth
Hardmand          James                        Collon               Louth
Hardy             Luke                         Mosstown             Louth
Hardy             Nicholas                     Haynestown           Louth
Hardy             Owen                         Haynestown           Louth
Hardy             Owen                         Louth                Louth
Hardy             Patrick                      Castletown           Louth
Harlin            John                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Harlin            Patrick                      Clonmore             Louth
Harlin            Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Harlin            Patrick, Jr.                 Clonmore             Louth
Harman            Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Harman            Thomas                       Drumcar              Louth
Harrington        Thomas                       Clogher              Louth
Harrington        Thomas                       Mayne                Louth
Hart              Bartholomew                  Louth                Louth
Hart              Bryan                        Louth                Louth
Haughey           Edward                       Faughart             Louth
Haughey           Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Haughy            John                         Tullyallen           Louth
Haughy            Owen                         Tullyallen           Louth
Hawkins           Charles                      Stabannan            Louth
Haws              John                         Clonkeen             Louth
Headfort          Christopher                  Dunany               Louth
Headfort          Christopher                  Salterstown          Louth
Healy             John                         Beaulieu             Louth
Healy             John                         Port                 Louth
Hearns            James                        Cappoge              Louth
Hearns            John                         Drumcar              Louth
Hecy              Thomas                       Collon               Louth
Heeley            James                        Ballymakenny         Louth
Heeley            James                        Drumshallon          Louth
Heely             James                        Tullyallen           Louth
Heely             John                         Monasterboice        Louth
Heely             Mathew                       Tullyallen           Louth
Heely             Patrick                      Ballymakenny         Louth
Heely             Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Heely             Thomas                       Ballymakenny         Louth
Heeney            Francis                      Mosstown             Louth
Heeney            James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Heeney            Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
Heeny             Ann                          Faughart             Louth
Heeny             Catherine                    Mosstown             Louth
Heeny             James                        Port                 Louth
Heeny             John                         Ballymakenny         Louth
Heeny             Laurence                     Inishkeen            Louth
Heeny             Mary                         Mullary              Louth
Heeny             Richard                      Faughart             Louth
Heeny             Widow                        St. Peters           Louth
Heeny             William                      Port                 Louth
Henny             Rose                         Faughart             Louth
Henry             James                        Port                 Louth
Henry             John                         Roche                Louth
Henry             Patrick                      Clonmore             Louth
Heoy              Adam                         Collon               Louth
Heoy              James                        Drumshallon          Louth
Heoy              Joseph                       Dunleer              Louth
Heoy              Michael                      Parsonstown          Louth
Heoy              Patrick                      Clogher              Louth
Heoy              William                      Ballymakenny         Louth
Herril            Bryan                        Louth                Louth
Herril            Dennis                       Carlingford          Louth
Herril            James                        Dromiskin            Louth
Herril            Neil                         Dromiskin            Louth
Herril            Patrick                      Carlingford          Louth
Hertford          John                         Dunany               Louth
Hickey            James                        Collon               Louth
Hickey            Richard                      Collon               Louth
Hickey            William                      Louth                Louth
Higgins           Thomas                       Barronstown          Louth
Hillard           Laurence                     Mayne                Louth
Hillard           Matthew                      Tallanstown          Louth
Hillard           Patrick                      Tallanstown          Louth
Hillard           William                      Tallanstown          Louth
Hinchy            Anne                         Louth                Louth
Hinds             James                        Mansfieldstown       Louth
Hodgers           Patrick, Sr.                 Termonfeckin         Louth
Hodges            George                       Clonmore             Louth
Hodges            William                      Clogher              Louth
Hoey              James                        Cappoge              Louth
Hoey              James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Hoey              John                         Kilsaran             Louth
Hoey              John                         Mayne                Louth
Hoey              Micahel                      Darver               Louth
Hoey              Nicholas                     Drumcar              Louth
Hoey              Robert                       Mosstown             Louth
Hoey              Thomas                       Cappoge              Louth
Hoey              Thomas                       Kilsaran             Louth
Hoey              Widow Ann                    Clonkeen             Louth
Hogg              John                         Mayne                Louth
Holland           James                        Dunany               Louth
Holland           William                      Stabannan            Louth
Hollander         George                       Drumcar              Louth
Hollegan          Michael                      Tullyallen           Louth
Holligan          John                         Tullyallen           Louth
Holligan          Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Holligan          Richard                      Kilsaran             Louth
Holligan          Thomas                       Tullyallen           Louth
Hollyan           John                         St. Peters           Louth
Howell            William                      Clonmore             Louth
Howell            William                      Rathdrumin           Louth
Hoy               Edward                       Dundalk              Louth
Hoy               Hugh                         Mansfieldstown       Louth
Hoy               Laurence                     Mansfieldstown       Louth
Hoy               Mathew                       Dundalk              Louth
Hoy               Owen                         Louth                Louth
Hoy               Patrick                      Dundalk              Louth
Hoy               Richard                      Dromiskin            Louth
Hudson            Richard                      Stabannan            Louth
Hughes            Bernard                      Clonmore             Louth
Hughes            Bryan                        Drumcar              Louth
Hughes            Bryan                        Dunbin               Louth
Hughes            Edward                       Drumcar              Louth
Hughes            Edward                       Salterstown          Louth
Hughes            Edward                       Tullyallen           Louth
Hughes            Felix                        Roche                Louth
Hughes            James                        Louth                Louth
Hughes            John                         Drumcar              Louth
Hughes            John                         Haynestown           Louth
Hughes            Michael                      Dromin               Louth
Hughes            Nicholas                     Clonmore             Louth
Hughes            Patrick                      Clonmore             Louth
Hughes            Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Hughes            Patrick                      Dunany               Louth
Hughes            Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Hughes            Patrick                      Port                 Louth
Hughes            Silvester                    Castletown           Louth
Hughes            Thomas                       Dunany               Louth
Hughs             John                         Kilsaran             Louth
Hulland           Daniel                       Ballymakenny         Louth
Hulland           Patrick                      Drumshallon          Louth
Hullen            Michael                      Salterstown          Louth
Hurreran          Patrick                      Roche                Louth
Hurtis            James                        Faughart             Louth
Hynes             Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Ivers             Thomas                       Faughart             Louth
Jemmision         William                      Faughart             Louth
Johnston          Arthur                       Port                 Louth
Johnston          Bryan                        Mayne                Louth
Johnston          Bryan                        Port                 Louth
Johnston          Christopher                  Mosstown             Louth
Johnston          Edward                       Collon               Louth
Johnston          Henry                        Dromiskin            Louth
Johnston          Henry                        Mayne                Louth
Johnston          James                        Port                 Louth
Johnston          Laurence                     Termonfeckin         Louth
Johnston          Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Johnston          Patrick                      Mayne                Louth
Johnston          Peter                        Kilsaran             Louth
Johnston          William                      Dunany               Louth
Jones             Patrick                      Monasterboice        Louth
Jordan            Christopher                  Stabannan            Louth
Jordan            John                         Ardee                Louth
Jordan            Joseph                       Mosstown             Louth
Jordan            Laurence                     Mapastown            Louth
Jordan            Mathew                       Louth                Louth
Jordan            Patrick                      Tallanstown          Louth
Jordan            Peter                        Louth                Louth
Jordan            Simon                        Stabannan            Louth
Jough             James                        Mullary              Louth
Kaar              John                         Clonmore             Louth
Kavanagh          Michael                      Drumcar              Louth
Kavanagh          Nicholas                     Kilsaran             Louth
Kealet            John                         Dromin               Louth
Kean              James                        Monasterboice        Louth
Kean              Patrick                      Monasterboice        Louth
Kearney           Bryan                        Ardee                Louth
Kearney           Bryan                        Louth                Louth
Kearney           Edmond                       Clonkeen             Louth
Kearney           Francis                      Drumcar              Louth
Kearney           John                         Carlingford          Louth
Kearney           John                         Drumcar              Louth
Kearney           Mary                         Ballybarrack         Louth
Kearney           Patrick                      Clonkeen             Louth
Kearney           Patrick                      Creggan              Louth
Kearney           Patrick                      Haynestown           Louth
Kearney           Simon                        Dunbin               Louth
Kearney           William                      Barronstown          Louth
Kearny            Bryan                        Barronstown          Louth
Kearny            James                        Barronstown          Louth
Keegan            Michael                      Philipstown          Louth
Keegan            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Keegan            Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Keegan            Thomas                       Ardee                Louth
Keegan            Thomas                       Mosstown             Louth
Keelan            Patrick                      Kildemock            Louth
Keelan            Richard                      Smarmore             Louth
Keenan            James                        Dunleer              Louth
Keenan            James                        Dysart               Louth
Keenan            John                         Mosstown             Louth
Keenan            John                         Stickillin           Louth
Keenan            Mathew                       Drumcar              Louth
Keenan            Nicholas                     Drumcar              Louth
Keenan            Nicholas                     Dunleer              Louth
Keenan            Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Keenan            Patrick, Jr.                 Drumcar              Louth
Keenan            Patrick, Jr.                 Dunleer              Louth
Keenan            Patrick, Sr.                 Drumcar              Louth
Keenan            Patrick, Sr.                 Dunleer              Louth
Keenan            Peter                        Mosstown             Louth
Keenan            Peter                        Philipstown          Louth
Keenan            Thomas                       Mosstown             Louth
Keeran            Laurence                     Dromin               Louth
Keeran            Laurence                     Stabannan            Louth
Keeran            Laurence                     Tallanstown          Louth
Keeran            Laurence, Sr.                Richardstown         Louth
Keeran            Richard                      Richardstown         Louth
Keeran            Thomas                       Charlestown          Louth
Keevan            Thomas                       Mullary              Louth
Kelledy           Bryan                        Philipstown          Louth
Kelledy           Laurence                     Louth                Louth
Kelly             Alexander                    Termonfeckin         Louth
Kelly             Bryan                        Louth                Louth
Kelly             Hugh                         Tullyallen           Louth
Kelly             James                        Ballymakenny         Louth
Kelly             James                        Drumcar              Louth
Kelly             James                        Drumshallon          Louth
Kelly             James                        Dundalk              Louth
Kelly             James                        Haynestown           Louth
Kelly             James                        Louth                Louth
Kelly             James                        St. Marys            Louth
Kelly             James                        St. Peters           Louth
Kelly             James, Jr.                   Drumshallon          Louth
Kelly             John                         Cappoge              Louth
Kelly             John                         Clonmore             Louth
Kelly             John                         Creggan              Louth
Kelly             John                         Dromin               Louth
Kelly             John                         Dromiskin            Louth
Kelly             John                         Drumshallon          Louth
Kelly             John                         Mosstown             Louth
Kelly             John                         Roche                Louth
Kelly             John                         St. Peters           Louth
Kelly             John, Jr.                    Drumcar              Louth
Kelly             John, Sr.                    Drumcar              Louth
Kelly             Joseph                       Mosstown             Louth
Kelly             Laughlin                     Louth                Louth
Kelly             Mathaw                       Kilsaran             Louth
Kelly             Michael                      Faughart             Louth
Kelly             Michael                      Parsonstown          Louth
Kelly             Nicholas                     Drumcar              Louth
Kelly             Nicholas                     Tallanstown          Louth
Kelly             Patrick                      Carrickbaggot        Louth
Kelly             Patrick                      Clonkeen             Louth
Kelly             Patrick                      Clonmore             Louth
Kelly             Patrick                      Drumshallon          Louth
Kelly             Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Kelly             Patrick                      Mayne                Louth
Kelly             Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Kelly             Patt                         Clonmore             Louth
Kelly             Peter                        Dromiskin            Louth
Kelly             Peter                        Drumcar              Louth
Kelly             Peter                        Stickillin           Louth
Kelly             Teady                        Louth                Louth
Kelly             Thomas                       Dundalk              Louth
Kelly             Thomas                       Mosstown             Louth
Kelly             Thomas                       Parsonstown          Louth
Kelly             Widow                        St. Peters           Louth
Kendellan         George                       Louth                Louth
Kennedy           John                         Ardee                Louth
Kennedy           Widow                        St. Marys            Louth
Kennehan          Arthur                       Faughart             Louth
Kennehan          John                         Dromiskin            Louth
Kenny             George                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Kenny             James                        Dysart               Louth
Kenny             James                        Monasterboice        Louth
Kenny             James                        Tullyallen           Louth
Kenny             Owen                         Dysart               Louth
Kenny             Owen                         Monasterboice        Louth
Kenny             Owen                         Rathdrumin           Louth
Kenny             Patrick                      Mayne                Louth
Kenny             Richard                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Keough            Martin                       Kilsaran             Louth
Keran             Anthony                      Faughart             Louth
Keran             James                        Dunbin               Louth
Keran             James                        Inishkeen            Louth
Keran             Laurence                     Tallanstown          Louth
Keran             Mathew                       Louth                Louth
Keran             Michael                      Faughart             Louth
Keran             Michael                      Louth                Louth
Keran             Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Keran             Peter                        Creggan              Louth
Keran             Peter                        Louth                Louth
Keran             Rev. Bryan                   Faughart             Louth
Keran             Roger                        Dunbin               Louth
Keran             Terence                      Carlingford          Louth
Keran             Thomas                       Creggan              Louth
Keran             Widow                        Darver               Louth
Kerwan            Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Kerwan            Thomas                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Kessady           Hugh                         Louth                Louth
Kessedy           Michael                      Faughart             Louth
Kessedy           Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Kessedy           Peter                        Louth                Louth
Kessedy           Thomas                       Faughart             Louth
Kieran            Christopher                  Tallanstown          Louth
Kieran            George                       Dromin               Louth
Kieran            James                        Dromin               Louth
Kietely           Catherine                    Haynestown           Louth
Kindelan          Andrew                       Tullyallen           Louth
King              Anne                         Dunleer              Louth
King              Bryan                        Clogher              Louth
King              Bryan                        Termonfeckin         Louth
King              George                       Louth                Louth
King              James                        Cappoge              Louth
King              James                        Clogher              Louth
King              James                        Mullary              Louth
King              John                         Drumshallon          Louth
King              John                         Parsonstown          Louth
King              Margaret                     Louth                Louth
King              Owen                         Faughart             Louth
King              Patrick                      Clonkeen             Louth
King              Patrick                      Dunleer              Louth
King              Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
King              Patrick, Jr.                 Termonfeckin         Louth
King              Peter                        Termonfeckin         Louth
King              Thomas                       Faughart             Louth
King              Widow Margaret               Cappoge              Louth
King              William                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Kinnehan          John                         Faughart             Louth
Kinnehan          Nicholas                     Faughart             Louth
Kinnehan          Patrick                      Dromiskin            Louth
Kirk              Francis                      Barronstown          Louth
Kirk              James                        Roche                Louth
Kirk              John                         Barronstown          Louth
Kirley            Thomas                       Dundalk              Louth
Kirly             Bryan                        Louth                Louth
Kirly             Constant                     Castletown           Louth
Kirly             Cormick                      Roche                Louth
Kirly             Edward                       Roche                Louth
Kirly             John                         Roche                Louth
Kirly             Michael                      Barronstown          Louth
Kirly             Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Kirly             Patrick                      Roche                Louth
Kirwan            Laurence                     Parsonstown          Louth
Kirwan            Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
Kirwan            Peter                        Mullary              Louth
Lacy              Thomas                       Drumshallon          Louth
Lady              Thomas                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Lamb              Bryan                        Ardee                Louth
Lamb              Charles                      Ardee                Louth
Lamb              Edward                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Lamb              James                        Mosstown             Louth
Lamb              Michael                      Kane                 Louth
Lamb              Nicholas                     Collon               Louth
Lamb              Owen                         Roche                Louth
Lamb              Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Lamb              Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Lamb              Patrick                      Haynestown           Louth
Lamb              Patrick                      Killincoole          Louth
Lamb              Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Lamb              Peter                        Stabannan            Louth
Lamb              Thomas                       Rathdrumin           Louth
Lamb              William                      Collon               Louth
Landy             Thomas                       Dunleer              Louth
Lannan            Bryan                        Barronstown          Louth
Lannan            Daniel                       Louth                Louth
Lannan            Hugh                         Dundalk              Louth
Lannan            James                        Louth                Louth
Lannan            John                         Louth                Louth
Lannan            John                         Roche                Louth
Lannan            Laurence                     Louth                Louth
Lannan            Margaret                     Louth                Louth
Lannan            Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Lannan            William                      Louth                Louth
Lappan            James                        Louth                Louth
Larkan            Bryan                        Faughart             Louth
Larkan            Daniel                       Dunbin               Louth
Larkan            James                        Dundalk              Louth
Larkan            Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Larken            Owen                         Dunbin               Louth
Lawless           Anthony                      Clonmore             Louth
Lawless           Anthony                      Dysart               Louth
Lawless           Henry                        Louth                Louth
Lawless           James                        Barronstown          Louth
Lawless           James                        Dunbin               Louth
Lawless           James                        Kildemock            Louth
Lawless           John                         Ballymakenny         Louth
Lawless           Mary                         Tullyallen           Louth
Lawless           Michael                      Drumshallon          Louth
Lawless           Nicholas                     Drumcar              Louth
Lawless           Nicholas                     Kilsaran             Louth
Lawless           Patrick                      Castletown           Louth
Lawless           Patrick                      Clonmore             Louth
Lawless           Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Lawless           Patrick                      Port                 Louth
Lawless           Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Lawless           Peter                        Drumcar              Louth
Lawless           Peter                        Salterstown          Louth
Leak              Catherine                    Kilsaran             Louth
Leavy             Henry                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Leavy             Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Lee               John                         Ardee                Louth
Lee               Mary                         Collon               Louth
Lee               Patrick                      Dunbin               Louth
Lee               William                      Ardee                Louth
Lee               William                      Collon               Louth
Leech             Andrew                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Leen              Patrick                      Roche                Louth
Leen              Thomas                       Castletown           Louth
Lennan            Michael                      Tullyallen           Louth
Lennan            Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
Lennan            Richard                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Lennon            John                         Drumshallon          Louth
Lennon            John                         Tallanstown          Louth
Lennon            Patrick                      Mayne                Louth
Lennon            Richard                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Leonard           Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Levens            James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Levens            John                         Clonmore             Louth
Levens            John                         Rathdrumin           Louth
Levens            John                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Levens            Laurence                     Rathdrumin           Louth
Levens            Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Levens            Patrick                      Drumshallon          Louth
Levens            Peter                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Levens            Thomas                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Levins            Henry                        Clonkeen             Louth
Limnagh           Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Linchy            Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Linden            James                        Faughart             Louth
Little            John                         Dunbin               Louth
Little            Thomas                       Stabannan            Louth
Long              Christopher                  Carlingford          Louth
Long              Francis                      Carlingford          Louth
Long              Francis                      Drumcar              Louth
Long              James                        Drumcar              Louth
Long              Michael                      Tullyallen           Louth
Long              Richard                      Tullyallen           Louth
Loughlin          Unknown                      Clonmore             Louth
Loughran          Andrew                       Dysart               Louth
Loughran          Owen                         Parsonstown          Louth
Loughran          Terence                      Barronstown          Louth
Lucas             Joseph                       Kilsaran             Louth
Lunin             Patrick, Sr.                 Louth                Louth
Lunnin            Henry                        Louth                Louth
Lunnin            Henry                        Roche                Louth
Lunnin            James                        Louth                Louth
Lunnin            James, Sr.                   Louth                Louth
Lunnin            Michael                      Faughart             Louth
Lunnin            Owen                         Faughart             Louth
Lunnin            Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Lunnin            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Lunnin            Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Lunnin            Patrick, Jr.                 Louth                Louth
Lunnin            Peter                        Faughart             Louth
Lunnin            Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Lyn               John                         Ballymakenny         Louth
Lynch             Christopher                  Dunbin               Louth
Lynch             George                       Mosstown             Louth
Lynch             James                        Mayne                Louth
Lynch             John                         Dunleer              Louth
Lynch             Mary                         Tullyallen           Louth
Lynch             Mathew                       Kildemock            Louth
Lynch             Owen                         Louth                Louth
Lynch             Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Lynch             Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
Lynch             Richard                      Louth                Louth
Lynn              Patrick                      Ballymakenny         Louth
Lyons             James                        Tullyallen           Louth
Lyons             Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
M'Alister         James                        Faughart             Louth
M'Ardel           Ann                          Inishkeen            Louth
M'Ardel           Arthur                       Kane                 Louth
M'Ardel           Bryan                        Creggan              Louth
M'Ardel           Bryan                        Faughart             Louth
M'Ardel           Bryan                        Kane                 Louth
M'Ardel           Bryan                        Louth                Louth
M'Ardel           Dennis                       Faughart             Louth
M'Ardel           Edward                       Creggan              Louth
M'Ardel           Edward                       Philipstown          Louth
M'Ardel           Elizabeth                    Louth                Louth
M'Ardel           Francis                      Creggan              Louth
M'Ardel           Henry                        Faughart             Louth
M'Ardel           James                        Kane                 Louth
M'Ardel           James                        Louth                Louth
M'Ardel           James                        Philipstown          Louth
M'Ardel           John                         Faughart             Louth
M'Ardel           John                         Louth                Louth
M'Ardel           Laurence                     Faughart             Louth
M'Ardel           Owen                         Creggan              Louth
M'Ardel           Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
M'Ardel           Patrick                      Roche                Louth
M'Ardel           Peter                        Faughart             Louth
M'Ardel           Philip                       Roche                Louth
M'Ardel           Phillip                      Faughart             Louth
M'Ardel           Widow                        Dundalk              Louth
M'Ardell          Francis                      Castletown           Louth
M'Ardle           Henry                        Drumshallon          Louth
M'Bride           Anthony                      Louth                Louth
M'Bride           Mathew                       Louth                Louth
M'Bride           Matthew                      Louth                Louth
M'Bride           Michael                      Louth                Louth
M'Bride           Patrick                      Castletown           Louth
M'Bride           Terence                      Faughart             Louth
M'Cabe            Biddy                        Louth                Louth
M'Cabe            Bryan                        Stabannan            Louth
M'Cabe            Hugh                         Darver               Louth
M'Cabe            James                        Louth                Louth
M'Cabe            James                        Mosstown             Louth
M'Cabe            John                         St. Peters           Louth
M'Cabe            Mary                         Collon               Louth
M'Cabe            Mathew                       Roche                Louth
M'Cabe            Patrick                      Clonmore             Louth
M'Cabe            Peter                        Ballymakenny         Louth
M'Cabe            Ross                         St. Peters           Louth
M'Can             Arthur                       Faughart             Louth
M'Can             John                         Louth                Louth
M'Cann            James                        St. Marys            Louth
M'Cann            John                         St. Peters           Louth
M'Cann            Mary                         Collon               Louth
M'Cann            Michael                      Collon               Louth
M'Cann            Neill                        Louth                Louth
M'Cann            Owen                         Kildemock            Louth
M'Cann            Patrick                      Dunleer              Louth
M'Cann            Peter                        Dunleer              Louth
M'Cann            Terence                      Faughart             Louth
M'Cann            Thomas                       Drumshallon          Louth
M'Cann            Thomas                       Louth                Louth
M'Cart            Patrick                      Dromiskin            Louth
M'Cart            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
M'Cartney         James                        St. Peters           Louth
M'Cartney         Thomas                       Kilsaran             Louth
M'Cartney         William                      Stabannan            Louth
M'Carty           John                         Louth                Louth
M'Carty           Michael                      Ballybarrack         Louth
M'Carty           Patrick                      Port                 Louth
M'Clean           Patrick                      Port                 Louth
M'Collin          Arthur                       Louth                Louth
M'Collin          Catherine                    Louth                Louth
M'Collin          James                        Roche                Louth
M'Collin          Patrick                      Inishkeen            Louth
M'Collin          Patrick                      Roche                Louth
M'Connon          Nicholas                     Stickillin           Louth
M'Connon          Patrick                      Kildemock            Louth
M'Connor          Thomas                       Kildemock            Louth
M'Cooy            Arthur                       Barronstown          Louth
M'Cooy            Bryan                        Barronstown          Louth
M'Cooy            Felix                        Barronstown          Louth
M'Cooy            James                        Barronstown          Louth
M'Cormick         Bryan                        Dromiskin            Louth
M'Cormick         Ch.                          St. Marys            Louth
M'Cormick         James                        Louth                Louth
M'Cormick         Joseph                       Collon               Louth
M'Cormick         Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
M'Cormick         Thomas                       Dunbin               Louth
M'Cormick         William                      Kildemock            Louth
M'Court           Bridget                      Carlingford          Louth
M'Court           Bryan                        Roche                Louth
M'Court           James                        Louth                Louth
M'Court           John                         Dundalk              Louth
M'Court           Patrick                      Barronstown          Louth
M'Creesh          Owen                         Faughart             Louth
M'Crink           John                         Carlingford          Louth
M'Cuddin          Bernard                      Stabannan            Louth
M'Cullagh         John                         Louth                Louth
M'Cullen          Andrew                       Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Cullen          Edward                       Faughart             Louth
M'Cullen          James                        St. Peters           Louth
M'Cullen          Judy                         Drumshallon          Louth
M'Cullen          Richard                      Kilsaran             Louth
M'Cullen          Rose                         Monasterboice        Louth
M'Cullen          Terence                      Mullary              Louth
M'Cullin          Alexander                    Faughart             Louth
M'Cullin          James                        Ballymakenny         Louth
M'Cullin          James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Cullin          Nicholas                     Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Cullin          Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Cullon          Daniel                       Monasterboice        Louth
M'Cullow          Mathew                       Tallanstown          Louth
M'Cullow          Michael                      Dromin               Louth
M'Cullow          Patrick                      Monasterboice        Louth
M'Cullow          Richard                      Kilsaran             Louth
M'Daniel          Christopher                  Mullary              Louth
M'Daniel          Cornelius                    Tullyallen           Louth
M'Daniel          John                         Port                 Louth
M'Daniel          Margaret                     Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Daniel          Michael                      Drumcar              Louth
M'Daniel          Michael                      Dunleer              Louth
M'Daniel          Owen                         Drumshallon          Louth
M'Daniel          Owen                         Mapastown            Louth
M'Daniel          Patrick                      Drumshallon          Louth
M'Daniel          Patrick                      Dunleer              Louth
M'Daniel          Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
M'Daniel          Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
M'Daniel          Peter                        Drumcar              Louth
M'Daniel          Peter                        Mullary              Louth
M'Daniel          Stephen                      Charlestown          Louth
M'Daniel          Thomas                       Clonmore             Louth
M'Daniel          Thomas                       Kilsaran             Louth
M'Daniell         Matthew                      Dunleer              Louth
M'Dermot          Bryan                        Roche                Louth
M'Dermot          Daniel                       Faughart             Louth
M'Dermot          Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
M'Dermot          Patrick                      Roche                Louth
M'Dermot          Peter                        Faughart             Louth
M'Dermott         Laurence                     Drumcar              Louth
M'Donald          Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
M'Donnel          Arthur                       Louth                Louth
M'Donnel          Patrick                      Darver               Louth
M'Donnel          Peter                        Dromiskin            Louth
M'Donnel          Peter                        Faughart             Louth
M'Donnel          Philip                       Charlestown          Louth
M'Donnel          Thomas                       Dromiskin            Louth
M'Donnel          Thomas                       Louth                Louth
M'Donnell         Edward                       Faughart             Louth
M'Donnell         James                        Haynestown           Louth
M'Donnell         James                        Mansfieldstown       Louth
M'Donnell         John                         Dundalk              Louth
M'Donnell         John                         Faughart             Louth
M'Donnell         Thomas                       Barronstown          Louth
M'Donnell         Widow                        Dundalk              Louth
M'Elroy           Bryan                        Kilsaran             Louth
M'Enally          Owen                         Philipstown          Louth
M'Enally          Patrick                      Dromiskin            Louth
M'Enally          Thomas                       Faughart             Louth
M'Eneany          Henry                        Inishkeen            Louth
M'Eneany          Patrick                      Louth                Louth
M'Entee           Henry                        Faughart             Louth
M'Entee           Hugh                         Faughart             Louth
M'Entee           James                        Faughart             Louth
M'Entee           Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
M'Entegart        Alexander                    Mansfieldstown       Louth
M'Entegart        Michael                      Castletown           Louth
M'Entegart        Owen                         Castletown           Louth
M'Entegart        Owen                         Philipstown          Louth
M'Entegart        Owen                         Stabannan            Louth
M'Entegart        William                      Roche                Louth
M'Enter           Patrick                      Dromiskin            Louth
M'Etee            Joseph                       Tullyallen           Louth
M'Ever            Andrew                       Collon               Louth
M'Evoy            John                         Tullyallen           Louth
M'Evoy            Michael                      Louth                Louth
M'Evoy            Nicholas                     Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Evoy            Patrick                      Rathdrumin           Louth
M'Evoy            Patrick                      Stabannan            Louth
M'Evoy            Peter                        Drumcar              Louth
M'Gahan           James                        Dundalk              Louth
M'Gahan           James                        Louth                Louth
M'Gahan           Michael                      Faughart             Louth
M'Gahan           Michael                      Louth                Louth
M'Gahan           Owen                         Louth                Louth
M'Gahan           Peter                        Carlingford          Louth
M'Gahan           Thomas                       Faughart             Louth
M'Gahan           Thomas                       Louth                Louth
M'Gahon           Owen                         Mayne                Louth
M'Gavran          Thomas                       Louth                Louth
M'Gee             Edward                       Carlingford          Louth
M'Gee             Elizabeth                    Louth                Louth
M'Gee             Henry                        Dromiskin            Louth
M'Gee             James                        Dundalk              Louth
M'Gee             James                        Haggardstown         Louth
M'Gee             Nicholas                     Dundalk              Louth
M'Gee             Nicholas                     Louth                Louth
M'Gee             Thomas                       Haggardstown         Louth
M'Gennis          Andrew                       Kildemock            Louth
M'Geough          Thomas                       Kildemock            Louth
M'Gill            Daniel                       Barronstown          Louth
M'Gill            Henry                        Barronstown          Louth
M'Gill            Thomas                       Barronstown          Louth
M'Ginn            John                         Louth                Louth
M'Ginn            Patrick, Jr.                 Drumshallon          Louth
M'Ginness         Patrick                      Dunleer              Louth
M'Ginnis          Ann                          Clonkeen             Louth
M'Ginnis          Arthur                       Roche                Louth
M'Ginnis          Bryan                        Castletown           Louth
M'Ginnis          Bryan                        Creggan              Louth
M'Ginnis          Con.                         Roche                Louth
M'Ginnis          Constant                     Mansfieldstown       Louth
M'Ginnis          Edward                       Dundalk              Louth
M'Ginnis          Hugh                         Inishkeen            Louth
M'Ginnis          James                        Louth                Louth
M'Ginnis          Mathew                       Faughart             Louth
M'Ginnis          Mathew                       Louth                Louth
M'Ginnis          Michael                      Carlingford          Louth
M'Ginnis          Owen                         Faughart             Louth
M'Ginnis          Owen                         Louth                Louth
M'Ginnis          Patrick                      Ballybarrack         Louth
M'Ginnis          Patrick                      Killanny             Louth
M'Ginnis          Patrick                      Monasterboice        Louth
M'Ginnis          Patrick                      Roche                Louth
M'Ginnis          Peter                        Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Ginnis          Thomas                       Dromiskin            Louth
M'Ginnis          Thomas                       Dundalk              Louth
M'Googin          James                        Inishkeen            Louth
M'Googin          Patrick                      Carlingford          Louth
M'Gorgin          Michael                      Philipstown          Louth
M'Gough           Andrew                       Louth                Louth
M'Gough           James                        Haggardstown         Louth
M'Gough           James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Gough           Michael                      Faughart             Louth
M'Gough           Owen                         Haggardstown         Louth
M'Gough           Terence                      Faughart             Louth
M'Grane           Daniel                       Carlingford          Louth
M'Groder          James                        Haggardstown         Louth
M'Guiggan         Edward                       Mosstown             Louth
M'Guire           Cormack                      Stabannan            Louth
M'Guire           James                        Faughart             Louth
M'Guire           James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Guire           James, Sr.                   Louth                Louth
M'Guire           John                         Dundalk              Louth
M'Guire           Matthew                      Monasterboice        Louth
M'Guire           Michael                      Clogher              Louth
M'Guire           Nicholas                     Louth                Louth
M'Guire           Patrick                      Mayne                Louth
M'Guire           Patrick                      Monasterboice        Louth
M'Guire           Thomas                       Faughart             Louth
M'Guire           William                      Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Gunnis          Peter, Jr.                   Dromiskin            Louth
M'Gurgan          Margaret                     Mosstown             Louth
M'Gurk            Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Ilroy           Ally                         Faughart             Louth
M'Ilroy           Bryan                        Faughart             Louth
M'Ilroy           John                         Louth                Louth
M'Ilroy           Michael                      Louth                Louth
M'Ilroy           Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
M'Ilroy           Patrick                      Roche                Louth
M'Keeven          Laurence                     Rathdrumin           Louth
M'Keeven          William                      Rathdrumin           Louth
M'Keever          Mathew                       Philipstown          Louth
M'Keever          Owen                         Philipstown          Louth
M'Keevey          Peter                        Richardstown         Louth
M'Keevon          John                         Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Keevon          Mary                         Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Keevon          Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Keevon          Thomas                       Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Keevor          Michael                      Drumshallon          Louth
M'Keevor          Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
M'Keevor          Peter                        Mullary              Louth
M'Kenna           Bryan                        Faughart             Louth
M'Kenna           Bryan                        Philipstown          Louth
M'Kenna           Bryan                        Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Kenna           Christopher                  Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Kenna           Francis                      Roche                Louth
M'Kenna           Francis                      Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Kenna           Henry                        Tallanstown          Louth
M'Kenna           James                        Parsonstown          Louth
M'Kenna           Laurence                     Mosstown             Louth
M'Kenna           Michael                      Dromin               Louth
M'Kenna           Michael                      Louth                Louth
M'Kenna           Owen                         Roche                Louth
M'Kenna           Patrick                      Collon               Louth
M'Kenna           Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
M'Kenna           Patrick                      Parsonstown          Louth
M'Kenna           Peter                        Dunleer              Louth
M'Kenna           Redmond                      Philipstown          Louth
M'Kenna           Thomas                       Roche                Louth
M'Kenny           John                         Faughart             Louth
M'Kevit           Arthur                       Barronstown          Louth
M'Kevit           Hugh                         Roche                Louth
M'Kevit           Patrick                      Barronstown          Louth
M'Kevit           Patrick                      Louth                Louth
M'Kewen           Charles                      Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Kewen           Laurence                     St. Peters           Louth
M'Kewen           Laurence                     Termonfeckin         Louth
M'Kewen           Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
M'Kewon           Patrick                      Mayne                Louth
M'Kewon           Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
M'Kone            Daniel                       Carlingford          Louth
M'Kone            Felix                        Carlingford          Louth
M'Kone            Hugh                         Carlingford          Louth
M'Kone            Michael                      Carlingford          Louth
M'Kone            Michael                      Faughart             Louth
M'Kone            Neil                         Faughart             Louth
M'Kone            Owen                         Barronstown          Louth
M'Kone            Patrick                      Dunbin               Louth
M'Kone            Peter                        Louth                Louth
M'Kone            Thomas                       Faughart             Louth
M'Lain            Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
M'Leer            John                         Clogher              Louth
M'Loughlan        Nicholas                     Port                 Louth
M'Loughlin        James                        Philipstown          Louth
M'Loughlin        Owen                         Mayne                Louth
M'Loughlin        Patrick                      Dunleer              Louth
M'Mahon           Coll                         Faughart             Louth
M'Mahon           Edward                       Louth                Louth
M'Mahon           Edward                       Roche                Louth
M'Mahon           Owen                         Creggan              Louth
M'Mahon           Owen                         Inishkeen            Louth
M'Nally           John                         Collon               Louth
M'Nally           Matthew                      Mayne                Louth
M'Nally           Patrick                      Clogher              Louth
M'Nally           Terence                      Port                 Louth
M'Name            Edward                       Dunleer              Louth
M'Naulty          John                         Louth                Louth
M'Naulty          Nicholas                     Darver               Louth
M'Neany           Arthur                       Philipstown          Louth
M'Neany           Patrick                      Louth                Louth
M'Noller          John                         Darver               Louth
M'Nollin          John                         Louth                Louth
M'Owen            William                      Port                 Louth
M'Quaid           Philip                       Barronstown          Louth
M'Quillan         James                        Cappoge              Louth
M'Quillan         Owen                         Dromin               Louth
M'Quillan         Patrick                      Stickillin           Louth
M'Quone           Dennis                       Kilsaran             Louth
M'Quone           Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
M'Shean           Daniel                       Roche                Louth
M'Shean           Fanny                        Roche                Louth
M'Shean           Felix                        Roche                Louth
M'Shean           Hugh                         Roche                Louth
M'Shean           Mary                         Roche                Louth
M'Shean           Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
M'Shean           Patrick                      Kane                 Louth
M'Shean           Peter                        Roche                Louth
M'Teag            Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
M'Tegart          Bryan                        Louth                Louth
M'Tegart          Silvester                    Mansfieldstown       Louth
M'Veen            David                        Creggan              Louth
M'Vey             Bridget                      Roche                Louth
M'Vey             David                        Creggan              Louth
Mackan            Fyan                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Mackin            Laurence                     Drumcar              Louth
Madden            Andrew                       Killanny             Louth
Maga              Thomas                       Mullary              Louth
Magan             Edward                       Tullyallen           Louth
Magan             Laurence                     Tullyallen           Louth
Magan             Richard                      Tullyallen           Louth
Magauran          John                         Clonmore             Louth
Magauran          John                         Dysart               Louth
Magcough          James                        Charlestown          Louth
Magee             Charles                      Collon               Louth
Magee             James                        Philipstown          Louth
Magee             James                        Richardstown         Louth
Magee             Michael                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Magee             Patrick                      Parsonstown          Louth
Magee             Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Magee             Patrick                      Stabannan            Louth
Magee             Peter                        Dunleer              Louth
Magee             Thomas                       Kilsaran             Louth
Magennis          Arthur                       Parsonstown          Louth
Magennis          Bartholomew                  Mosstown             Louth
Magennis          Cornelius                    Mosstown             Louth
Magennis          James                        Drumcar              Louth
Magennis          John                         Collon               Louth
Magennis          Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Magennis          Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Magennis          Patrick                      Smarmore             Louth
Mageough          Rose                         Charlestown          Louth
Magill            Daniel                       Drumshallon          Louth
Magill            Daniel                       Rathdrumin           Louth
Magin             James                        Mullary              Louth
Maginnes          Thomas                       Beaulieu             Louth
Maginnis          Bryan                        Dunany               Louth
Maginnis          Bryan                        Salterstown          Louth
Maginnis          Christopher                  Termonfeckin         Louth
Maginnis          John                         St. Peters           Louth
Maginnis          Richard                      Collon               Louth
Maginnis          Thomas                       Collon               Louth
Maginnis          Thomas                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Magorisk          Anthony                      Stabannan            Louth
Magorisk          Thomas                       Stabannan            Louth
Magough           Loughlin                     Mullary              Louth
Magough           Thomas                       Collon               Louth
Magourk           James                        Port                 Louth
Magourk           Mary                         Port                 Louth
Magourk           Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
Magrane           Hugh                         Kilsaran             Louth
Magrane           Hugh                         Stabannan            Louth
Magrane           Mary                         Collon               Louth
Magrane           Mary                         Dunany               Louth
Magrane           Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
Magrane           Thomas                       Tullyallen           Louth
Magrane           William                      Tullyallen           Louth
Magrath           James                        Drumcar              Louth
Magrath           James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Magrath           Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Magrath           Thomas                       Kilsaran             Louth
Maguire           Bryan                        Ardee                Louth
Maguire           Bryan                        Kilsaran             Louth
Maguire           Daniel                       Kilsaran             Louth
Maguire           Francis                      Collon               Louth
Maguire           John                         Monasterboice        Louth
Maguire           John                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Maguire           Michael                      Kilsaran             Louth
Maguire           Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Maguire           Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Maguire           Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Maguire           Richard                      Ardee                Louth
Maguirk           Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Mahan             James                        St. Peters           Louth
Mahan             Thomas                       Mayne                Louth
Mahon             James                        St. Marys            Louth
Mahon             Michael                      Philipstown          Louth
Mahon             Owen                         Rathdrumin           Louth
Mahon             Owen                         Tullyallen           Louth
Mahon             Peter                        Drumcar              Louth
Major             James                        Carlingford          Louth
Makin             Margaret                     Clonmore             Louth
Mallan            Hugh                         Louth                Louth
Mallan            James                        Creggan              Louth
Malone            Edward                       Haynestown           Louth
Malone            James                        Drumcar              Louth
Malone            Marks                        Charlestown          Louth
Malone            Michael                      Carlingford          Louth
Malone            Patrick                      Carlingford          Louth
Malone            Thoms                        Carlingford          Louth
Malone            Walter                       Haggardstown         Louth
Malone            William                      Kilsaran             Louth
Maloy             John                         Clonmore             Louth
Mandiwel          Patrick                      Dromiskin            Louth
Mannin            Nicholas                     Ballymakenny         Louth
Manning           Francis, Esq.                Kildemock            Louth
Manning           Nathaniel                    Kildemock            Louth
Mannon            Michael                      Clogher              Louth
Mannon            Nicholas                     Mayne                Louth
Maquone           Peter                        Drumcar              Louth
Markey            Andrew                       Clogher              Louth
Markey            Edward                       Dromiskin            Louth
Markey            Edward                       Louth                Louth
Markey            James                        Mullary              Louth
Markey            John                         Drumcar              Louth
Markey            Mary                         Dunleer              Louth
Markey            Mary                         St. Peters           Louth
Markey            Mathew                       Drumcar              Louth
Markey            Mathew                       Port                 Louth
Markey            Matthew                      Mullary              Louth
Markey            Matthew                      Port                 Louth
Markey            Nicholas                     Clogher              Louth
Markey            Nicholas                     Port                 Louth
Markey            Patrick                      Carrickbaggot        Louth
Markey            Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Markey            Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
Markey            Patrick                      Port                 Louth
Markey            Patrick                      Stabannan            Louth
Markey            Peter                        Clogher              Louth
Markey            Peter                        Drumcar              Louth
Markey            Phillip                      Faughart             Louth
Markey            Richard                      St. Peters           Louth
Markin            Peter                        Louth                Louth
Marks             James                        Carlingford          Louth
Marley            Ann                          Termonfeckin         Louth
Marmion           Bernard                      Faughart             Louth
Marmion           James                        Faughart             Louth
Marmion           John                         Faughart             Louth
Marran            Joseph                       Roche                Louth
Marron            Patrick                      Parsonstown          Louth
Marry             Catherine                    Clogher              Louth
Marry             Catherine                    Tullyallen           Louth
Marry             Dennis, Jr.                  Drumshallon          Louth
Marry             Dennis, Sr.                  Drumshallon          Louth
Marry             James                        Mosstown             Louth
Marry             John                         St. Peters           Louth
Marry             Nicholas                     Drumshallon          Louth
Marry             Patrick                      Ballymakenny         Louth
Marry             Patrick                      Drumshallon          Louth
Marry             Richard                      Stabannan            Louth
Marry             Thomas                       Clogher              Louth
Martin            Catherine                    St. Marys            Louth
Martin            Christopher                  Termonfeckin         Louth
Martin            James                        Collon               Louth
Martin            James                        Louth                Louth
Martin            James                        St. Peters           Louth
Martin            James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Martin            John                         Haynestown           Louth
Martin            Laurence                     Louth                Louth
Martin            Owen                         Faughart             Louth
Martin            Patrick                      Dundalk              Louth
Martin            Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Martin            Peter                        St. Peters           Louth
Martin            Philip                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Martin            Thomas                       Creggan              Louth
Martin            Thomas                       Faughart             Louth
Mathew            Owen                         Dundalk              Louth
Mathews           Aby                          Ardee                Louth
Mathews           Anne                         Louth                Louth
Mathews           Arthur                       Mullary              Louth
Mathews           Arthur                       Parsonstown          Louth
Mathews           Bryan                        Louth                Louth
Mathews           Bryan                        Smarmore             Louth
Mathews           Bryan                        Tallanstown          Louth
Mathews           Edward                       Drumshallon          Louth
Mathews           Glusney                      Ardee                Louth
Mathews           Henry                        Louth                Louth
Mathews           Hugh                         Clonkeen             Louth
Mathews           Hugh                         Drumcar              Louth
Mathews           Hugh                         Kildemock            Louth
Mathews           Hugh                         Killanny             Louth
Mathews           Hugh                         Louth                Louth
Mathews           Hugh                         Philipstown          Louth
Mathews           Hugh                         Stabannan            Louth
Mathews           Hugh                         Tallanstown          Louth
Mathews           James                        Cappoge              Louth
Mathews           James                        Dunleer              Louth
Mathews           James                        Kildemock            Louth
Mathews           James                        Louth                Louth
Mathews           James                        Mapastown            Louth
Mathews           James                        Mullary              Louth
Mathews           John                         Clonmore             Louth
Mathews           John                         Kilsaran             Louth
Mathews           John                         Marlestown           Louth
Mathews           John                         Mullary              Louth
Mathews           John                         Philipstown          Louth
Mathews           John                         Roche                Louth
Mathews           John                         St. Peters           Louth
Mathews           Laurence                     Stabannan            Louth
Mathews           Owen                         Louth                Louth
Mathews           Owen                         Tallanstown          Louth
Mathews           Patrick                      Cappoge              Louth
Mathews           Patrick                      Dromin               Louth
Mathews           Patrick                      Drumshallon          Louth
Mathews           Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Mathews           Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Mathews           Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Mathews           Patrick                      Stabannan            Louth
Mathews           Peter                        Ardee                Louth
Mathews           Peter                        Drumshallon          Louth
Mathews           Peter                        Parsonstown          Louth
Mathews           Phillip                      Dunany               Louth
Mathews           Roger                        Charlestown          Louth
Mathews           Thomas                       Cappoge              Louth
Mathews           Thomas                       Mosstown             Louth
Matthews          James                        Mayne                Louth
Matthews          John                         Mullary              Louth
Matthews          Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Matthews          Patrick                      Tallanstown          Louth
Matthews          Patrick, Jr.                 Tallanstown          Louth
Matthews          Peter                        Collon               Louth
Maxwell           Henry                        Faughart             Louth
Mead              James                        Dunleer              Louth
Mead              Thomas                       Ardee                Louth
Mead              Thomas                       Collon               Louth
Meade             John                         Mullary              Louth
Meary             James                        Dromiskin            Louth
Meath             James                        Drumcar              Louth
Meath             John                         Drumshallon          Louth
Meegan            Bryan                        Inishkeen            Louth
Meegan            Patrick                      Inishkeen            Louth
Meegan            Philip                       Inishkeen            Louth
Meehan            Elizabeth                    Louth                Louth
Meehan            Hugh                         Killanny             Louth
Meehan            Matthew                      Killanny             Louth
Mehan             Mary                         Drumcar              Louth
Mehan             Thomas                       Cappoge              Louth
Mehon             Owen                         Kilsaran             Louth
Meleady           Hugh                         Drumcar              Louth
Meleady           Patrick                      Shanlis              Louth
Merriman          Thomas                       Clonkeen             Louth
Miles             Alexander                    Kildemock            Louth
Miles             Edward                       Kildemock            Louth
Miles             Joseph                       Kildemock            Louth
Miles             Patrick                      Kildemock            Louth
Miller            Robert                       Creggan              Louth
Mohan             James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Mohan             Owen                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Mohan             Patrick                      Clogher              Louth
Mohan             Phillip                      Collon               Louth
Mohan             Thomas                       Collon               Louth
Mohery            Patrick                      Creggan              Louth
Mohon             Terrence                     Clogher              Louth
Molloy            Michael                      Drumcar              Louth
Monaghan          Matthew                      Louth                Louth
Monaghan          Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Monan             Martin                       Mullary              Louth
Moonan            James                        Ballymakenny         Louth
Moonan            James                        Collon               Louth
Moonan            James                        Shanlis              Louth
Moonan            John                         Collon               Louth
Moonan            John                         Monasterboice        Louth
Moonan            John                         Mullary              Louth
Moonan            John                         Tullyallen           Louth
Moonan            John, Sr.                    Collon               Louth
Moonan            John, Sr.                    Mullary              Louth
Moonan            Martin                       Collon               Louth
Moonan            Matthew                      Collon               Louth
Moonan            Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
Moonan            Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Moonan            Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Moonan            Peter                        Monasterboice        Louth
Moonan            Peter                        Mullary              Louth
Moonan            Walter                       St. Peters           Louth
Moonan            William                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Mooney            Andrew                       Tullyallen           Louth
Mooney            James                        Tallanstown          Louth
Mooney            Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Mooney            Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Mooney            Thomas                       Tullyallen           Louth
Moony             Bartly                       Faughart             Louth
Moony             Laurence                     Darver               Louth
Moony             Thomas                       Tullyallen           Louth
Moor              Ann                          St. Peters           Louth
Moore             Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Moore             Richard                      Tullyallen           Louth
Moore             Robert                       Faughart             Louth
Moore             William                      Dunleer              Louth
Moorehead         William                      Mosstown             Louth
Morgan            Edward                       Dromiskin            Louth
Morgan            James                        Philipstown          Louth
Morgan            Mary                         Creggan              Louth
Morgan            Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Morgan            Peter                        Cappoge              Louth
Morgan            Peter                        Dunleer              Louth
Morgan            Peter                        Kane                 Louth
Morgan            Richard                      Dunleer              Louth
Morgan            Rogern                       Cappoge              Louth
Morgan            Thomas                       Barronstown          Louth
Morris            Philip                       Rathdrumin           Louth
Morris            Terence                      Rathdrumin           Louth
Muldowney         Hugh                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Muldowny          Patrick                      Ballymakenny         Louth
Mulhollan         Arthur                       Barronstown          Louth
Mulhollan         James                        Smarmore             Louth
Mulhollan         Laurence                     Barronstown          Louth
Mulhollan         Michel                       Barronstown          Louth
Mulhollan         Patrick                      Barronstown          Louth
Mulhollan         Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Mulholland        Owen                         Philipstown          Louth
Mulholland        Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Mulholland        William                      Collon               Louth
Mullan            Bryan                        Louth                Louth
Mullan            Dennis                       Haggardstown         Louth
Mullan            James                        Louth                Louth
Mullan            James                        Roche                Louth
Mullan            John                         Louth                Louth
Mullan            John                         Mayne                Louth
Mullan            Nicholas                     Roche                Louth
Mullan            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Mullan            Peter                        Mosstown             Louth
Mullan            Thomas                       Charlestown          Louth
Mullay            John                         Mullary              Louth
Mullen            James                        Monasterboice        Louth
Mullen            James                        Tallanstown          Louth
Mullen            John                         Kilsaran             Louth
Mullen            John                         Richardstown         Louth
Mullen            Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Mullen            Patrick                      Salterstown          Louth
Mullen            Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Mullen            Peter                        Tullyallen           Louth
Mullen            Peter, Jr.                   Tullyallen           Louth
Mulligan          Arthur                       Roche                Louth
Mulligan          Daniel                       Carlingford          Louth
Mulligan          James                        Carlingford          Louth
Mulligan          James                        Faughart             Louth
Mulligan          Owen                         Faughart             Louth
Mulligan          Peter                        Faughart             Louth
Mulligan          Thomas                       Roche                Louth
Mullin            Francis                      Drumshallon          Louth
Mullin            James                        Mullary              Louth
Mullin            Michael                      Collon               Louth
Mullon            Philip                       Monasterboice        Louth
Mullon            Thomas                       Monasterboice        Louth
Mulroy            Bridget                      Dromin               Louth
Mulroy            Bryan                        Cappoge              Louth
Mulroy            Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Mulroy            Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Munster           Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
Murphy            Ann                          Termonfeckin         Louth
Murphy            Arthur                       Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            Bartholomew                  Termonfeckin         Louth
Murphy            Bryan                        Barronstown          Louth
Murphy            Bryan                        Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            Bryan                        Creggan              Louth
Murphy            Bryan                        Dundalk              Louth
Murphy            Dennis                       Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            Edward                       Dromiskin            Louth
Murphy            George                       Castletown           Louth
Murphy            Henry                        Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            Henry                        Collon               Louth
Murphy            Henry                        Mayne                Louth
Murphy            Hugh                         Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            Hugh                         Faughart             Louth
Murphy            Hugh                         Mansfieldstown       Louth
Murphy            James                        Ballymakenny         Louth
Murphy            James                        Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            John                         Ballymakenny         Louth
Murphy            John                         Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            John                         Faughart             Louth
Murphy            John                         Haynestown           Louth
Murphy            John                         Louth                Louth
Murphy            John                         Parsonstown          Louth
Murphy            John                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Murphy            Joseph                       Faughart             Louth
Murphy            Laughlin                     Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            Laurence                     Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            Loughlin                     Termonfeckin         Louth
Murphy            Margaret                     Ballymakenny         Louth
Murphy            Margaret                     Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            Mathew                       Port                 Louth
Murphy            Michael                      Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            Michael                      Tullyallen           Louth
Murphy            Owen                         Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            Owen                         Creggan              Louth
Murphy            Owen                         Faughart             Louth
Murphy            Owen                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Murphy            Patrick                      Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Murphy            Patrick                      Kildemock            Louth
Murphy            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Murphy            Peter                        Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            Peter                        Collon               Louth
Murphy            Peter                        Mansfieldstown       Louth
Murphy            Roger                        Faughart             Louth
Murphy            Terence                      Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            Thomas                       Ballymakenny         Louth
Murphy            Thomas                       Carlingford          Louth
Murphy            Thomas                       Faughart             Louth
Murphy            Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Murphy            Thomas                       Mayne                Louth
Murphy            Thomas                       Mullary              Louth
Murphy            Thomas, Jr.                  Ballymakenny         Louth
Murphy            Widow                        Ballymakenny         Louth
Murphy            William                      Killincoole          Louth
Murray            James                        Kildemock            Louth
Murray            James                        Louth                Louth
Murray            James                        Mayne                Louth
Murray            James                        Mullary              Louth
Murray            John                         Clonkeen             Louth
Murray            John                         Louth                Louth
Murray            Patrick                      Clonmore             Louth
Murray            Patrick                      Dunleer              Louth
Murray            Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Murray            Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Murry             Bryan                        Shanlis              Louth
Murry             John                         Inishkeen            Louth
Murry             John                         St. Peters           Louth
Murry             Widow                        Tullyallen           Louth
Murtagh           Michael                      Salterstown          Louth
Murtagh           Miles                        Darver               Louth
Murtagh           Philip                       Port                 Louth
Murtagh           Thomas                       Salterstown          Louth
Murtaugh          Patrick                      Carlingford          Louth
Murtha            Phelim                       Kilsaran             Louth
Myers             Daniel                       Kane                 Louth
Myers             Henry                        Roche                Louth
Myers             Hugh                         Louth                Louth
Myers             James                        Roche                Louth
Myers             Patrick                      Kane                 Louth
Myers             Peter                        Creggan              Louth
Neal              Patrick                      Mayne                Louth
Neary             Bryan                        Dromiskin            Louth
Neary             John                         Mansfieldstown       Louth
Neary             Mary                         Mansfieldstown       Louth
Neary             Mathew                       Dromiskin            Louth
Neary             Nicholas                     Dromiskin            Louth
Neary             Thomas                       Clogher              Louth
Neary             Thomas                       Mansfieldstown       Louth
Neasy             John                         Haynestown           Louth
Neelty            Laurence                     Dromin               Louth
Newcomb           Thomas                       Dromiskin            Louth
Newett            Philip                       Mosstown             Louth
Nicholas          Daniel                       Collon               Louth
Nicholson         Handon, Esq.                 Ballymakenny         Louth
Norris            James                        Ballymakenny         Louth
Norris            Nicholas                     Stickillin           Louth
Norris            Thomas                       Clogher              Louth
Nugent            Mary                         Dundalk              Louth
Nugent            Michael                      Louth                Louth
Nugent            Nicholas                     Drumcar              Louth
Nugent            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Nutly             James                        Shanlis              Louth
O'Bryan           Catherine                    Termonfeckin         Louth
O'Bryan           Thomas                       Monasterboice        Louth
O'Hara            Edward                       Tallanstown          Louth
O'Hara            James                        Charlestown          Louth
O'Hara            Owen                         Mapastown            Louth
O'Hara            Patrick                      Charlestown          Louth
O'Heer            Edward                       Dundalk              Louth
O'Heer            Felix                        Faughart             Louth
O'Heer            Hugh                         Faughart             Louth
O'Heer            Mary                         Faughart             Louth
O'Heer            Michael                      Faughart             Louth
O'Heer            Owen                         Louth                Louth
O'Heer            Owen                         Roche                Louth
O'Heer            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
O'Heer            Peter                        Faughart             Louth
O'Heer            Phillip                      Faughart             Louth
O'Heer            Thomas                       Faughart             Louth
O'Neil            Bryan                        Kilsaran             Louth
O'Neill           Bryan                        Dunleer              Louth
O'Neill           Michael                      Tallanstown          Louth
O'Neill           Owen                         Mullary              Louth
Ogan              James                        Collon               Louth
Osborn            Thomas                       Drumcar              Louth
Osborn            Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Osborne           Bridget                      Louth                Louth
Owens             James                        Louth                Louth
Owens             John, Esq.                   Mullary              Louth
Owens             Thomas                       Louth                Louth
Parks             Anthony                      Stabannan            Louth
Parks             Thomas                       Stickillin           Louth
Parlon            John                         Mosstown             Louth
Parlon            Michael                      Dunleer              Louth
Pentony           John                         Collon               Louth
Pentony           John                         Mullary              Louth
Pentony           John                         Tullyallen           Louth
Pentony           Mary                         Tullyallen           Louth
Pentony           Michael                      Tullyallen           Louth
Philips           Daniel                       Drumcar              Louth
Philips           John                         Mosstown             Louth
Philips           John                         Philipstown          Louth
Philips           Patrick                      Clonkeen             Louth
Philips           Patrick                      Dromin               Louth
Philips           Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Philips           Patrick                      Parsonstown          Louth
Philips           Roger                        Dromin               Louth
Philips           Roger                        Mosstown             Louth
Phillips          Daniel                       Parsonstown          Louth
Phillips          John                         Haynestown           Louth
Phillips          John                         Mayne                Louth
Phillips          John                         Tullyallen           Louth
Phillips          M., Esq.                     Termonfeckin         Louth
Phillips          Patrick                      Mayne                Louth
Phillips          Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Phillips          Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Plunket           Laurence                     Stabannan            Louth
Plunket           Patrick                      Stabannan            Louth
Plunket           Thomas                       Stabannan            Louth
Pollock           William                      Philipstown          Louth
Powderly          Terence                      Mosstown             Louth
Powderly          Thomas                       Port                 Louth
Price             James                        Tullyallen           Louth
Purhhill          Nicholas                     Tullyallen           Louth
Quigley           James                        Dundalk              Louth
Quigly            Arthur                       Inishkeen            Louth
Quigly            Bryan                        Louth                Louth
Quigly            Edward                       Creggan              Louth
Quigly            Henry                        Inishkeen            Louth
Quigly            James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Quigly            Mathew                       Inishkeen            Louth
Quigly            Owen                         Barronstown          Louth
Quigly            Pat.                         Ardee                Louth
Quigly            Patrick                      Creggan              Louth
Quigly            Patrick                      Inishkeen            Louth
Quigly            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Quigly            Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Quigly            Peter                        Inishkeen            Louth
Quigly            William                      Faughart             Louth
Quilch            Christopher                  Kildemock            Louth
Quilch            Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Quin              Bryan                        Barronstown          Louth
Quin              Bryan                        Louth                Louth
Quin              Bryan                        Roche                Louth
Quin              Catherine                    Louth                Louth
Quin              John                         Drumcar              Louth
Quin              John                         Faughart             Louth
Quin              Michael                      Barronstown          Louth
Quin              Patrick                      Carlingford          Louth
Quin              Patrick                      Roche                Louth
Quin              Richard                      Mullary              Louth
Quin              Rose                         Drumshallon          Louth
Quinn             Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Raferty           Denis                        Kilsaran             Louth
Raferty           William                      Drumcar              Louth
Rafferty          Dennis                       Stabannan            Louth
Rafferty          James                        Drumcar              Louth
Rafferty          John                         Stabannan            Louth
Rafferty          Thomas                       Stabannan            Louth
Randles           James                        Ballymakenny         Louth
Randles           James, Jr.                   Ballymakenny         Louth
Randles           John                         Clogher              Louth
Randles           John                         Drumshallon          Louth
Randles           Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Randles           Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Randles           Richard                      Drumshallon          Louth
Randles           Richard                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Randles           Thomas                       Drumshallon          Louth
Randles           William                      Ballymakenny         Louth
Ranson            Joseph                       Castletown           Louth
Rath              Dennis                       Port                 Louth
Rath              James                        Drumcar              Louth
Rath              James                        St. Peters           Louth
Rath              James, Jr.                   Kilsaran             Louth
Rath              Mary                         Mayne                Louth
Rath              Michael                      Salterstown          Louth
Rath              Thomas                       Mayne                Louth
Raverty           Dennis                       Faughart             Louth
Raverty           Michael                      Louth                Louth
Raverty           Patrick                      Dundalk              Louth
Raverty           Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Read              Matthew                      Dysart               Louth
Read              Patrick                      Ballymakenny         Louth
Read              William                      Collon               Louth
Ready             Widow Mary                   Drumcar              Louth
Reed              Dennis                       St. Peters           Louth
Reed              Thomas                       St. Peters           Louth
Reenan            Loughlin                     Clonkeen             Louth
Reenan            Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Regan             James                        Drumcar              Louth
Reilly            Bryan                        Parsonstown          Louth
Reilly            Daniel                       Collon               Louth
Reilly            Daniel                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Reilly            Francis                      Ardee                Louth
Reilly            Garret                       Louth                Louth
Reilly            Hugh                         Tullyallen           Louth
Reilly            James                        Kildemock            Louth
Reilly            John                         Dromiskin            Louth
Reilly            John                         Kildemock            Louth
Reilly            John                         Parsonstown          Louth
Reilly            John                         St. Marys            Louth
Reilly            John                         St. Peters           Louth
Reilly            Laurence                     Tullyallen           Louth
Reilly            Martin                       St. Peters           Louth
Reilly            Miles                        Dysart               Louth
Reilly            Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Reilly            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Reilly            Patrick                      Parsonstown          Louth
Reilly            Phillip                      Mansfieldstown       Louth
Reilly            Richard                      Collon               Louth
Reilly            Thomas                       St. Peters           Louth
Reilly            Walter                       St. Peters           Louth
Reilly            Widow                        Tullyallen           Louth
Reily             Bryan                        Dromiskin            Louth
Respen            Thomas, Jr.                  Tallanstown          Louth
Reynolds          John                         Killanny             Louth
Reynolds          Patrick                      Kane                 Louth
Reynolds          William                      St. Peters           Louth
Riccard           Francis                      Dundalk              Louth
Riccard           James                        Dundalk              Louth
Rice              Cormick                      Faughart             Louth
Rice              James                        Carlingford          Louth
Rice              James                        Dundalk              Louth
Rice              James                        Dysart               Louth
Rice              James                        Faughart             Louth
Rice              John                         Dunbin               Louth
Rice              John                         Mayne                Louth
Rice              Laughlin                     Faughart             Louth
Rice              Mathew                       Faughart             Louth
Rice              Nicholas                     Louth                Louth
Rice              Owen                         Faughart             Louth
Rice              Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Rice              Patrick, Jr.                 Faughart             Louth
Rice              Patrick, Sr.                 Faughart             Louth
Richardson        Ralph                        St. Peters           Louth
Rispen            Ambrose                      Killanny             Louth
Rispen            Rose                         Stabannan            Louth
Rispen            Thomas                       Charlestown          Louth
Rispen            Thomas                       Clonkeen             Louth
Rispen            Thomas                       Mosstown             Louth
Roach             John                         Ballymakenny         Louth
Roach             John                         Tullyallen           Louth
Roach             Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Roach             Peter                        Tullyallen           Louth
Roach             William                      Tullyallen           Louth
Roark             Patrick                      Clonkeen             Louth
Roarke            Bryan                        Dunany               Louth
Roarke            Bryan                        Port                 Louth
Roarke            James                        Clonmore             Louth
Roarke            Manus                        Salterstown          Louth
Roarke            Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Roarke            Thomas                       Port                 Louth
Robison           William                      Port                 Louth
Roddy             John                         Dundalk              Louth
Roddy             Matthew                      Roche                Louth
Roddy             Owen                         Faughart             Louth
Roddy             Owen                         Louth                Louth
Roddy             Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Roddy             Patrick, Jr.                 Roche                Louth
Roddy             Patrick, Sr.                 Roche                Louth
Roddy             Thomas                       Roche                Louth
Roe               James                        Charlestown          Louth
Roe               Patrick                      Ardee                Louth
Roe               Thomas                       Charlestown          Louth
Rogan             Cormick                      Kane                 Louth
Rogan             Daniel                       Roche                Louth
Rogan             Owen                         Rathdrumin           Louth
Rogan             Patrick                      Roche                Louth
Rogan             Richard                      Dromiskin            Louth
Rogan             Silvester                    Mansfieldstown       Louth
Rogers            Bryan                        Roche                Louth
Rogers            Domnick                      Castletown           Louth
Rogers            Edward                       Mullary              Louth
Rogers            John                         Clonmore             Louth
Rogers            John                         Louth                Louth
Rogers            Michael                      Creggan              Louth
Rogers            Nicholas                     Dunany               Louth
Rogers            Owen                         Parsonstown          Louth
Rogers            Patrick                      Creggan              Louth
Rogers            Patrick                      Kildemock            Louth
Rogers            Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Rogers            Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Rogers            Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Rogers            Peter                        Stabannan            Louth
Rogers            Thomas                       Creggan              Louth
Rogers            Thomas                       Mansfieldstown       Louth
Rogers            Thomas                       Stabannan            Louth
Rooney            Andrew                       Clonkeen             Louth
Rooney            Francis                      Creggan              Louth
Rooney            James                        Charlestown          Louth
Rooney            Nicholas                     Drumshallon          Louth
Rooney            Owen                         Mapastown            Louth
Rooney            Patrick                      Charlestown          Louth
Rooney            Patrick                      Creggan              Louth
Rooney            Patrick                      Killincoole          Louth
Rooney            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Rooney            Peter                        Collon               Louth
Rooney            Thomas                       Clonkeen             Louth
Roony             Arthur                       Faughart             Louth
Roony             James                        Louth                Louth
Roony             Nicholas                     Rathdrumin           Louth
Roony             Owen                         Louth                Louth
Roony             Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Rorke             Hugh                         Louth                Louth
Rorke             James                        Kane                 Louth
Rorke             James                        Louth                Louth
Rorke             John                         Castletown           Louth
Rorke             Owen                         Carlingford          Louth
Rorke             Thomas                       Haggardstown         Louth
Ruddy             John                         Stabannan            Louth
Ruddy             Michael                      Stabannan            Louth
Ruddy             Nicholas                     Mayne                Louth
Rully             Ann                          Tullyallen           Louth
Russel            Thomas                       Faughart             Louth
Ryan              James                        Clonmore             Louth
Ryan              James                        Dysart               Louth
Sands             Bryan                        Roche                Louth
Sands             James                        Barronstown          Louth
Sands             James                        Roche                Louth
Sands             Thomas                       Clonkeen             Louth
Sarsfield         James                        Monasterboice        Louth
Sarsfield         Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Sarsfield         Patrick                      Monasterboice        Louth
Savage            Henry                        Louth                Louth
Savage            Mathew                       Dromiskin            Louth
Savage            Nicholas                     Louth                Louth
Scott             Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Senclare          Margaret                     Creggan              Louth
Sharkey           Bryan                        Tallanstown          Louth
Sharkey           Hugh                         Philipstown          Louth
Sharkey           James                        Drumcar              Louth
Sharkey           James                        Tallanstown          Louth
Sharkey           Luke                         Clogher              Louth
Sharkey           Matthew                      Philipstown          Louth
Sharkey           Nicholas                     Clogher              Louth
Sharkey           Nicholas                     Stabannan            Louth
Sharkey           Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Sharkey           Patrick                      Tallanstown          Louth
Sharkey           Peter                        Tallanstown          Louth
Sharkey           Philip                       Mosstown             Louth
Shean             Patrick                      Rathdrumin           Louth
Sheels            Michael                      Dunleer              Louth
Sheils            Bryan                        Mosstown             Louth
Sheils            Hugh                         Collon               Louth
Sheils            Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Sheils            Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Sheils            Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Sheils            Thomas                       Faughart             Louth
Sheridan          John                         Port                 Louth
Sheridan          Philip                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Sheridan          Thomas                       Dunany               Louth
Sherlock          William                      Clonkeen             Louth
Sherrard          Thomas, Esq.                 Marlestown           Louth
Sherry            John                         St. Peters           Louth
Shilly            James                        Mosstown             Louth
Shoulan           Dennis                       Kildemock            Louth
Shoulder          Michael                      Kane                 Louth
Shoulder          Patrick                      Philipstown          Louth
Sillery           John                         Kildemock            Louth
Silver            Patrick                      Inishkeen            Louth
Skelly            Patrick                      Clonmore             Louth
Skelly            Patrick                      Monasterboice        Louth
Skelly            Watt                         Monasterboice        Louth
Sloan             Terence                      Faughart             Louth
Smart             John                         Tallanstown          Louth
Smith             Laurence                     Tallanstown          Louth
Smith             Luke                         Ardee                Louth
Smith             Patrick                      Kildemock            Louth
Smith             Thomas                       Stabannan            Louth
Smyth             Anne                         Barronstown          Louth
Smyth             Arthur                       Faughart             Louth
Smyth             Edward                       Louth                Louth
Smyth             James                        Darver               Louth
Smyth             James                        Faughart             Louth
Smyth             James                        Mayne                Louth
Smyth             John                         Dunbin               Louth
Smyth             Patrick                      Haggardstown         Louth
Smyth             Thady                        Dunleer              Louth
Soraghan          Thomas                       Mullary              Louth
Soraghan          William                      Tullyallen           Louth
Sorihan           James                        Drumcar              Louth
Sorihan           Mary                         Drumcar              Louth
Sorihan           Michael                      Ardee                Louth
Sorihan           Patrick                      Drumcar              Louth
Sorihan           Thomas                       Drumcar              Louth
Sorohan           John                         Haynestown           Louth
Sorohan           Patrick                      Haynestown           Louth
Stafford          Nicholas                     Ballymakenny         Louth
Stanley           James                        Clogher              Louth
Stanley           John                         Drumshallon          Louth
Stanley           Laurence                     Clogher              Louth
Stanley           Peter                        Clogher              Louth
Stanley           Pohn                         Clogher              Louth
Stanley           Thomas                       Clogher              Louth
Stanley           Thomas                       Parsonstown          Louth
Stanly            James                        Parsonstown          Louth
Stanly            Patrick                      Haggardstown         Louth
Stanly            Thomas                       Clogher              Louth
Starleey          Laurence                     Rathdrumin           Louth
Steen             John                         Kildemock            Louth
Stoaks            John                         Ballymakenny         Louth
Stokes            James                        Cappoge              Louth
Stokes            James                        Dromin               Louth
Stokes            John                         Cappoge              Louth
Stokes            Patrick, Sr.                 Dromin               Louth
Stokes            Thomas                       Dromin               Louth
Sullivan          James                        Ballymakenny         Louth
Sullivan          Mathew                       Tullyallen           Louth
Sullivan          Richard                      Tullyallen           Louth
Sullivan          Richard, Sr.                 Tullyallen           Louth
Sweeny            Edward                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Sweeny            Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Taafe             John                         Dunleer              Louth
Taafe             John                         Termonfeckin         Louth
Taaff             James, Jr.                   Termonfeckin         Louth
Taaffe            George                       Dromin               Louth
Taaffe            George                       Kildemock            Louth
Taaffe            George                       Tullyallen           Louth
Taaffe            James                        Port                 Louth
Taaffe            James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Taaffe            John                         Mosstown             Louth
Taaffe            John                         Mullary              Louth
Taaffe            John, Sr.                    Mullary              Louth
Taaffe            Laurence                     Philipstown          Louth
Taaffe            Michael                      Parsonstown          Louth
Taaffe            Michael                      St. Marys            Louth
Taaffe            Nicholas                     Termonfeckin         Louth
Taaffe            Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Taaffe            Peter                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Taaffe            Richard                      Kildemock            Louth
Taaffe            Robin                        Drumcar              Louth
Tallan            Andrew                       Louth                Louth
Tallan            Catherine                    Louth                Louth
Tallan            James                        Tallanstown          Louth
Tallon            John                         Tullyallen           Louth
Tallon            Laurence                     Mayne                Louth
Teacy             Rose                         Collon               Louth
Teaf              Laurence                     Carlingford          Louth
Teary             Phillip                      Collon               Louth
Teas              Andrew                       Creggan              Louth
Teas              James                        Louth                Louth
Teas              John                         Dunbin               Louth
Teas              Mary                         Louth                Louth
Teas              Nicholas                     Louth                Louth
Teernan           Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Tenanty           Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Tener             John                         Parsonstown          Louth
Ternan            Patrick                      Mosstown             Louth
Ternay            Thomas                       Richardstown         Louth
Terney            Edward                       Tullyallen           Louth
Terney            John                         Tullyallen           Louth
Terney            Nicholas                     Ballymakenny         Louth
Terney            Nicholas                     Tullyallen           Louth
Terney            Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Terney            Phillip                      Tullyallen           Louth
Terney            Thomas                       Tullyallen           Louth
Ternon            James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Thomas            Bryan                        Kilsaran             Louth
Thomas            Catherine                    Kilsaran             Louth
Thompson          John                         Faughart             Louth
Thornton          Joseph                       Collon               Louth
Thornton          Joseph                       Dunleer              Louth
Thornton          Laurence                     Tallanstown          Louth
Thornton          Patrick                      Collon               Louth
Thornton          Patrick                      Creggan              Louth
Thornton          Patrick                      Stabannan            Louth
Thornton          Thomas                       Collon               Louth
Tiernan           Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Tiernan           Patrick, Sr.                 Termonfeckin         Louth
Tiernan           Peter                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Tierney           Patrick                      Clonkeen             Louth
Timmins           Christopher                  Mullary              Louth
Tipping           Jane                         Creggan              Louth
Tole              Arthur                       Roche                Louth
Tole              Darby                        Dromiskin            Louth
Tole              James                        Inishkeen            Louth
Tole              Michael                      Roche                Louth
Tole              Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Tole              Terence                      Carlingford          Louth
Toner             Margaret                     Termonfeckin         Louth
Toner             Mary                         St. Peters           Louth
Tool              Ron.                         St. Peters           Louth
Toresk            Matthew                      Mullary              Louth
Torish            Catherine                    Clogher              Louth
Tower             Thomas                       Salterstown          Louth
Townly            Joseph                       Tullyallen           Louth
Tracy             James                        Dysart               Louth
Tracy             John                         Mayne                Louth
Tracy             Patrick                      Clogher              Louth
Tracy             Patrick                      Parsonstown          Louth
Tracy             Thomas                       Dysart               Louth
Tray              James                        Drumcar              Louth
Treanor           Arthur                       Faughart             Louth
Treanor           Bryan                        Roche                Louth
Treanor           Denis                        Roche                Louth
Treanor           Elizabeth                    Roche                Louth
Treanor           Ferdinand                    Faughart             Louth
Treanor           Hugh                         Faughart             Louth
Treanor           James                        Carlingford          Louth
Treanor           James                        Dundalk              Louth
Treanor           John                         Mapastown            Louth
Treanor           Manus                        Drumcar              Louth
Treanor           Patrick                      Faughart             Louth
Treanor           Patrick                      Marlestown           Louth
Treanor           Patrick                      St. Peters           Louth
Treanor           Patrick                      Tullyallen           Louth
Treanor           Peter                        Killanny             Louth
Treasy            Denis                        Philipstown          Louth
Treynor           James                        Faughart             Louth
Turnan            Christopher                  Mullary              Louth
Turnan            Richard                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Turnan            Thomas                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Usher             Bridget                      Monasterboice        Louth
Usher             James                        St. Peters           Louth
Usher             Matthew                      Drumshallon          Louth
Usher             Patrick                      Mullary              Louth
Vardan            George                       Mosstown             Louth
Veneble           Patrick                      Dunleer              Louth
Verdon            Laurence                     Mayne                Louth
Wall              Michael                      Mullary              Louth
Wall              William                      Mullary              Louth
Walsh             George                       Drumshallon          Louth
Walsh             James                        Mayne                Louth
Walsh             James                        Mullary              Louth
Walsh             James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Walsh             James                        Tullyallen           Louth
Walsh             Nicholas                     Drumcar              Louth
Walsh             Nicholas                     Philipstown          Louth
Walsh             Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Walsh             Patrick                      Parsonstown          Louth
Walsh             Thomas                       Clonmore             Louth
Walsh             Thomas                       Dysart               Louth
Walsh             Thomas                       Parsonstown          Louth
Ward              Bridget                      Mayne                Louth
Ward              Bryan                        Carlingford          Louth
Ward              Bryan                        Mansfieldstown       Louth
Ward              Bryan                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Ward              Christopher                  Kilsaran             Louth
Ward              Hugh                         Mansfieldstown       Louth
Ward              Hugh                         Roche                Louth
Ward              Hugh                         Tallanstown          Louth
Ward              James                        Drumshallon          Louth
Ward              James                        Kilsaran             Louth
Ward              John                         Clonkeen             Louth
Ward              Laurence                     Ardee                Louth
Ward              Laurence                     Kilsaran             Louth
Ward              Laurence                     Termonfeckin         Louth
Ward              Lawrence                     Dromiskin            Louth
Ward              Michael                      Kilsaran             Louth
Ward              Patrick                      Clonkeen             Louth
Ward              Patrick                      Dunleer              Louth
Ward              Patrick                      Kilsaran             Louth
Ward              Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Ward              Patrick                      Mansfieldstown       Louth
Ward              Patrick                      Mayne                Louth
Ward              Patrick                      St. Marys            Louth
Ward              Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Ward              Phillip                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Ward              Silvester                    Dundalk              Louth
Ward              Thomas                       Termonfeckin         Louth
Ward              William                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Warren            John                         St. Marys            Louth
Waters            Patrick                      Louth                Louth
Waters            Robert                       Louth                Louth
Waters            Thomas                       Creggan              Louth
Webb              Nicholas                     Kildemock            Louth
Whearty           Dennis                       Dysart               Louth
Whearty           James                        Clogher              Louth
Whearty           James                        Termonfeckin         Louth
Whearty           Nicholas                     Clonmore             Louth
Whearty           Patrick                      Port                 Louth
Whearty           Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Wheatly           Laurence                     Termonfeckin         Louth
White             Andrew                       Carlingford          Louth
White             Henry                        Faughart             Louth
White             James                        Haggardstown         Louth
White             John                         Carlingford          Louth
White             John                         Tullyallen           Louth
White             Patrick                      Carlingford          Louth
White             Stephen                      Carlingford          Louth
White             Thomas                       Carlingford          Louth
Whitehead         Catherine                    Termonfeckin         Louth
Whitehead         Patrick                      Termonfeckin         Louth
Whitehead         Thomas                       Carrickbaggot        Louth
Winters           Peter                        Drumshallon          Louth
Wire              Henry                        Stabannan            Louth
Woods             Eleanor                      Creggan              Louth
Woods             George                       Louth                Louth
Woods             James                        Faughart             Louth
Woods             James                        Monasterboice        Louth
Woods             John                         Faughart             Louth
Woods             John                         Kilsaran             Louth
Woods             Margaret                     Louth                Louth
Woods             Micheal                      Cappoge              Louth
Woods             Micheal                      Kilsaran             Louth
Woods             Nicholas                     Ballymakenny         Louth
Woods             Nicholas                     Kilsaran             Louth
Woods             Patrick                      Dunleer              Louth
Woods             Peter                        Collon               Louth
Woods             Peter                        Louth                Louth
Woods             Terence                      Faughart             Louth
Wynne             James                        Darver               Louth
Wynne             James                        Faughart             Louth
Yoar              Ann                          St. Peters           Louth
Yoar              Thomas                       Ballymakenny         Louth
Yore              Richard                      Shanlis              Louth
Young             Widow Mary                   Philipstown          Louth