Fáilte Romhat


Flax Growers of Ireland, 1796 - County Kerry
Flax Growers of Ireland, 1796 - County Kerry
Allyards         Edmond              Ventry               Kerry
Ash              Francis             Ballinvoher          Kerry
Ash              Gregg               Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Ash              James               Ballynacourty        Kerry
Ash              James               Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Ash              James               Minard               Kerry
Ash              John                Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Ash              Mathew              Kinard               Kerry
Ashe             John                Kildrum              Kerry
Ashe             Thomas              Cloghane             Kerry
Austin           Michael             Ballinvoher          Kerry
Baker            Michael             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Baker            Nicholas            Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Bane             Darby               Kildrum              Kerry
Bane             William             Inch                 Kerry
Barrell          Mary                Ballyduff            Kerry
Barret           James               Garfinny             Kerry
Barret           James               Kinard               Kerry
Barrett          Thomas              Garfinny             Kerry
Barton           Thomas              Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Begly            James               Dunurlin             Kerry
Begly            John                Kilquane             Kerry
Begly            Maurice             Dunurlin             Kerry
Begly            Thomas              Kilquane             Kerry
Berril           Peter               Valencia             Kerry
Bolan            James               Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Bolan            John                Dingle               Kerry
Bolan            John                Kilquane             Kerry
Bowler           Henry               Kildrum              Kerry
Bowler           James               Dunurlin             Kerry
Bowler           John                Dunurlin             Kerry
Bowler           John                Minard               Kerry
Bowler           Martin              Minard               Kerry
Bowler           Mary                Ventry               Kerry
Bowler           Maurice             Dunurlin             Kerry
Bowler           Maurice             Ventry               Kerry
Bowler           Michael             Dingle               Kerry
Bowler           Richard             Dunurlin             Kerry
Bowler           Richard             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Bowler           Simon               Minard               Kerry
Bowler           Thomas              Minard               Kerry
Bowler           Thomas              Ventry               Kerry
Bowler           William             Minard               Kerry
Brick            Darby               Cloghane             Kerry
Brick            Darby               Minard               Kerry
Brick            Edmund              Cloghane             Kerry
Brick            Thomas              Ballinvoher          Kerry
Brosnihan        Cornelius           Kinard               Kerry
Brosnihan        John, Jr.           Kinard               Kerry
Brosnihan        John, Sr.           Kinard               Kerry
Brosnihan        Patrick             Kinard               Kerry
Brosnihan        Thomas              Kinard               Kerry
Brosnihan        Timothy             Kinard               Kerry
Brown            John                Dunurlin             Kerry
Brown            Martin              Dunquin              Kerry
Brown            Maurice             Marhin               Kerry
Brown            Maurice             Ventry               Kerry
Brown            Nicholas            Dingle               Kerry
Brown            Nicholas            Garfinny             Kerry
Brown            Thomas              Kildrum              Kerry
Brutin           James               Kinard               Kerry
Cahane           Owen                Dunquin              Kerry
Cahil            Cornelius           Garfinny             Kerry
Cahil            Denis               Garfinny             Kerry
Cahil            Maurice             Garfinny             Kerry
Cahil            Thomas              Kilgobban            Kerry
Cahilan          Denis               Dingle               Kerry
Cahilan          James               Ventry               Kerry
Cahilan          John                Cloghane             Kerry
Cahilan          John                Ventry               Kerry
Cahill           Thomas              Minard               Kerry
Cain             Denis               Dingle               Kerry
Cain             Denis               Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Cain             John                Dunurlin             Kerry
Cain             Martin              Dunurlin             Kerry
Cain             Maurice             Minard               Kerry
Cain             Michael             Ballinvoher          Kerry
Cain             Patrick             Ballinvoher          Kerry
Cain             Patrick             Dingle               Kerry
Cain             Patrick             Dunurlin             Kerry
Callaghan        Darby               Kildrum              Kerry
Callaghan        John                Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Callahan         Patrick             Cloghane             Kerry
Callahan         Patrick             Kinard               Kerry
Callinan         John                Cloghane             Kerry
Calsanan         Joan                Dingle               Kerry
Canty            John                Dunquin              Kerry
Carmody          Bartholomew         Ballynacourty        Kerry
Carney           John                Ventry               Kerry
Carney           William             Kinard               Kerry
Carrol           Patrick             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Carthy           Daniel              Dingle               Kerry
Cleary           Maurice             Kildrum              Kerry
Clifford         Daniel              Kinard               Kerry
Collins          Honor               Kinard               Kerry
Collins          William             Kildrum              Kerry
Connel           Bryan               Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Connel           Daniel              Ventry               Kerry
Connel           Denis               Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Connel           James               Ventry               Kerry
Connell          Daniel              Dunurlin             Kerry
Connell          John                Dunurlin             Kerry
Connor           Andrew              Minard               Kerry
Connor           Bridget             Minard               Kerry
Connor           Catherine           Cloghane             Kerry
Connor           Charles             Ballinvoher          Kerry
Connor           Charles             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Connor           Charles             Kinard               Kerry
Connor           Charles             Minard               Kerry
Connor           Darby               Kildrum              Kerry
Connor           Darby               Ventry               Kerry
Connor           Denis               Dingle               Kerry
Connor           Denis               Dunquin              Kerry
Connor           Edmond              Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Connor           Edmund              Minard               Kerry
Connor           Edward              Kinard               Kerry
Connor           Gregory             Garfinny             Kerry
Connor           James               Ballynacourty        Kerry
Connor           James               Kilquane             Kerry
Connor           James               Ventry               Kerry
Connor           Joan                Dingle               Kerry
Connor           John                Ballynacourty        Kerry
Connor           John                Dingle               Kerry
Connor           John                Dunquin              Kerry
Connor           John                Garfinny             Kerry
Connor           John                Inch                 Kerry
Connor           John                Killiney             Kerry
Connor           John                Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Connor           John                Kilquane             Kerry
Connor           John                Marhin               Kerry
Connor           Mary                Valencia             Kerry
Connor           Maurice             Dunquin              Kerry
Connor           Maurice             Garfinny             Kerry
Connor           Maurice             Marhin               Kerry
Connor           Maurice             Minard               Kerry
Connor           Maurice             Ventry               Kerry
Connor           Michael             Dunurlin             Kerry
Connor           Michael             Ventry               Kerry
Connor           Owen                Ballinvoher          Kerry
Connor           Owen                Garfinny             Kerry
Connor           Patrick             Kilquane             Kerry
Connor           Philip              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Connor           Terence             Kilgobban            Kerry
Connor           Thomas              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Connor           Thomas              Cloghane             Kerry
Connor           Thomas              Ventry               Kerry
Connor           Timothy             Ballinvoher          Kerry
Connor           Timothy             Garfinny             Kerry
Connor           Timothy             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Connor           Widow Mary          Dingle               Kerry
Coonin           Bartholomew         Ballynacourty        Kerry
Corkery          Edward              Cloghane             Kerry
Cornane          Michael             Ballyduff            Kerry
Cornane          Owen                Cloghane             Kerry
Cornane          Peter               Minard               Kerry
Cornane          Thomas              Ballyduff            Kerry
Costello         John                Killiney             Kerry
Crean            Edward              Kilgobban            Kerry
Crean            Michael             Kilquane             Kerry
Crean            Peter               Kilgobban            Kerry
Crohon           Bat.                Ventry               Kerry
Crohon           James               Kilquane             Kerry
Crohon           John                Kilquane             Kerry
Crohon           Philip              Dunquin              Kerry
Cronen           Patrick             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Cuarane          Cornelius           Minard               Kerry
Currane          Andrew              Minard               Kerry
Currane          Daniel              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Currane          Denis               Minard               Kerry
Currane          John                Ballynacourty        Kerry
Currane          John                Cloghane             Kerry
Currane          Patrick             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Currane          Peter               Ballynacourty        Kerry
Currane          Simon               Kildrum              Kerry
Currane          Timothy             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Currane          Timothy             Kinard               Kerry
Cushin           Honorah             Killury              Kerry
Daly             Charles             Kilgobban            Kerry
Daly             Cornelius           Ballinvoher          Kerry
Daly             Daniel              Kilgobban            Kerry
Daly             Darby               Dingle               Kerry
Daly             John                Dunquin              Kerry
Daly             John                Kilgobban            Kerry
Daly             Owen                Kildrum              Kerry
Daly             Patrick             Dunquin              Kerry
Daly             Thomas              Dunquin              Kerry
Daly             Thomas              Inch                 Kerry
Danahy           Patrick             Ventry               Kerry
Deady            Laurence            Cloghane             Kerry
Deady            Mary                Cloghane             Kerry
Dee              Thomas              Rattoo               Kerry
Dellane          Michael             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Denehan          Philip              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Devane           Daniel              Ventry               Kerry
Diady            Daniel              Kilquane             Kerry
Diady            Owen                Kilquane             Kerry
Dinlea           Denis               Ventry               Kerry
Dinlea           George              Kildrum              Kerry
Dinlea           James               Ventry               Kerry
Dinlea           Jane                Kildrum              Kerry
Dinlea           John                Ventry               Kerry
Dinlea           Owen                Kildrum              Kerry
Dinlea           Owen                Ventry               Kerry
Dohig            John                Kildrum              Kerry
Dohig            Maurice             Garfinny             Kerry
Dohig            Maurice             Kildrum              Kerry
Donahy           Edmund              Killiney             Kerry
Donohoe          Daniel              Ballyduff            Kerry
Donohoe          James               Garfinny             Kerry
Donohoe          Matthew             Dingle               Kerry
Donohoe          Michael             Dingle               Kerry
Donohoe          Timothy             Ballinvoher          Kerry
Doolin           Denis               Minard               Kerry
Doolin           John                Ballinvoher          Kerry
Doran            James               Ballynacourty        Kerry
Dorgan           Patrick             Killiney             Kerry
Dovane           John                Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Dovane           John                Minard               Kerry
Dovane           Michael             Kildrum              Kerry
Dovane           Timothy             Dingle               Kerry
Dready           James               Cloghane             Kerry
Driscol          Darby               Killiney             Kerry
Duddy            Humphry, Sr.        Garfinny             Kerry
Duddy            John                Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Duddy            Laurence            Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Duddy            Michael             Minard               Kerry
Eager            James               Dingle               Kerry
Eager            John                Dingle               Kerry
Eager            Robert              Ballinvoher          Kerry
Egan             Francis             Coule                Kerry
Evans            William             Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Faherty          Joseph              Ballinvoher          Kerry
Falvey           Darby               Kildrum              Kerry
Farrel           Florence            Ventry               Kerry
Farrell          Patrick             Dingle               Kerry
Feenaughty       Denis               Dunurlin             Kerry
Feenughty        Daniel              Ventry               Kerry
Feenughty        John                Ventry               Kerry
Feenughty        Mary                Garfinny             Kerry
Fenughty         Denis               Marhin               Kerry
Feriter          John                Dingle               Kerry
Feriter          John                Dunurlin             Kerry
Feriter          Michael             Dingle               Kerry
Feriter          Patrick             Dingle               Kerry
Feriter          Thomas              Garfinny             Kerry
Ferris           Anne                Marhin               Kerry
Ferris           Thomas              Marhin               Kerry
Fin              Thomas              Ballyduff            Kerry
Finegan          Denis               Marhin               Kerry
Finn             Mary                Dingle               Kerry
Finn             Michael             Cloghane             Kerry
Finn             Thomas              Cloghane             Kerry
Fitzgerald       Daniel              Dingle               Kerry
Fitzgerald       Edmund              Ballyduff            Kerry
Fitzgerald       Edmund              Cloghane             Kerry
Fitzgerald       Edmund              Dingle               Kerry
Fitzgerald       Edward              Dingle               Kerry
Fitzgerald       Ellen               Dingle               Kerry
Fitzgerald       Ellen               Marhin               Kerry
Fitzgerald       Ellen               Ventry               Kerry
Fitzgerald       Garret              Dunurlin             Kerry
Fitzgerald       Garret              Kinard               Kerry
Fitzgerald       Garret              Marhin               Kerry
Fitzgerald       James               Cloghane             Kerry
Fitzgerald       James               Garfinny             Kerry
Fitzgerald       James               Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Fitzgerald       James               Kinard               Kerry
Fitzgerald       James               Marhin               Kerry
Fitzgerald       John                Ballynacourty        Kerry
Fitzgerald       John                Dunquin              Kerry
Fitzgerald       John                Kilgobban            Kerry
Fitzgerald       John                Kilquane             Kerry
Fitzgerald       John                Ventry               Kerry
Fitzgerald       Mary                Marhin               Kerry
Fitzgerald       Maurice             Ballyduff            Kerry
Fitzgerald       Maurice             Cloghane             Kerry
Fitzgerald       Maurice             Dunquin              Kerry
Fitzgerald       Maurice             Garfinny             Kerry
Fitzgerald       Maurice             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Fitzgerald       Maurice             Ventry               Kerry
Fitzgerald       Maurice, Jr.        Ballyduff            Kerry
Fitzgerald       Michael             Kildrum              Kerry
Fitzgerald       Nicholas            Dingle               Kerry
Fitzgerald       Nicholas            Inch                 Kerry
Fitzgerald       Patrick             Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Fitzgerald       Philip              Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Fitzgerald       Robert              Ballinvoher          Kerry
Fitzgerald       Robert              Minard               Kerry
Fitzgerald       Thomas              Inch                 Kerry
Fitzgerald       Thomas              Ventry               Kerry
Fitzgerald       Timothy             Kinard               Kerry
Fitzgerald       William             Marhin               Kerry
Flaherty         Darby               Dunquin              Kerry
Flaherty         Darby               Dunurlin             Kerry
Flaherty         Matthew             Dingle               Kerry
Flaherty         Owen                Dunquin              Kerry
Flaherty         Patrick             Dingle               Kerry
Flaherty         Timothy             Killiney             Kerry
Flaherty         Timothy             Ventry               Kerry
Flahiff          Cornelius           Ballinvoher          Kerry
Flahiff          Darby               Ballinvoher          Kerry
Flahiff          John                Ballinvoher          Kerry
Flyn             John                Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Foulow           Darby               Kildrum              Kerry
Foulow           Laurence            Kildrum              Kerry
Fourhan          Michael             Dingle               Kerry
Fox              Nicholas            Dingle               Kerry
Francis          James               Kilquane             Kerry
Francis          John                Kinard               Kerry
Francis          Nicholas            Dingle               Kerry
Frank            Peter               Dingle               Kerry
Garvey           Joan                Cloghane             Kerry
Garvey           Laurence            Garfinny             Kerry
Garvy            Catherine           Cloghane             Kerry
Garvy            Daniel              Kinard               Kerry
Garvy            John                Cloghane             Kerry
Garvy            Martin              Minard               Kerry
Garvy            Michael             Dunurlin             Kerry
Garvy            Patrick             Cloghane             Kerry
Garvy            Thomas              Kinard               Kerry
Garvy            William             Garfinny             Kerry
Garvy            William             Minard               Kerry
Gloster          James               Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Goggin           Michael             Killiney             Kerry
Goggin           Patrick             Cloghane             Kerry
Goggin           Thomas              Marhin               Kerry
Goodman          Henry               Kildrum              Kerry
Goodman          John                Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Goodman          Phillis             Dingle               Kerry
Goodman          Rev. John           Kildrum              Kerry
Goolden          Maurice             Dingle               Kerry
Gorman           William             Dingle               Kerry
Grahin           Daniel              Dingle               Kerry
Grancy           James               Ballinvoher          Kerry
Grancy           John                Ballynacourty        Kerry
Granfeld         Andrew              Dunurlin             Kerry
Granfeld         Richard             Dunurlin             Kerry
Granfield        Judith              Kinard               Kerry
Granfield        Thomas              Marhin               Kerry
Green            Christopher         Dingle               Kerry
Griffen          Edmund              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Griffin          Andrew              Dingle               Kerry
Griffin          Bartholomew         Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Griffin          Daniel              Dingle               Kerry
Griffin          Daniel              Kilgobban            Kerry
Griffin          Denis               Garfinny             Kerry
Griffin          James               Garfinny             Kerry
Griffin          James               Ventry               Kerry
Griffin          John                Ballinvoher          Kerry
Griffin          John                Dingle               Kerry
Griffin          John                Kinard               Kerry
Griffin          Laurence            Cloghane             Kerry
Griffin          Michael             Cloghane             Kerry
Griffin          Michael             Kinard               Kerry
Griffin          Patrick             Dingle               Kerry
Griffin          Simon               Inch                 Kerry
Griffin          Sylvester           Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Griffin          Thomas              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Griffin          Thomas              Dingle               Kerry
Griffin          Thomas              Kinard               Kerry
Griffin          Thomas              Minard               Kerry
Guiheen          Derby               Kilquane             Kerry
Gurnet           Thomas              Minard               Kerry
Gurrane          Michael             Dingle               Kerry
Hamilton         John                Ballynacourty        Kerry
Hamilton         William             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Hansin           Daniel              Ventry               Kerry
Hansin           John                Dunquin              Kerry
Hansin           John                Inch                 Kerry
Hansin           John                Kilquane             Kerry
Hansin           John                Marhin               Kerry
Hansin           Peter               Minard               Kerry
Harnett          William, Esq.       Castleisland         Kerry
Harrington       Daniel              Ballinvoher          Kerry
Harrington       Daniel              Minard               Kerry
Harrington       John                Ventry               Kerry
Harrington       Michael             Ventry               Kerry
Harrington       Patrick             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Harward          Mary                Dingle               Kerry
Harward          William             Cloghane             Kerry
Healy            Christopher         Ballinvoher          Kerry
Healy            John                Ballinvoher          Kerry
Heliard          Robert              Kilgobban            Kerry
Hickson          Christopher         Ballinvoher          Kerry
Hickson          Christopher         Dingle               Kerry
Hickson          George              Ballyduff            Kerry
Hickson          James               Killury              Kerry
Hickson          James               Kinard               Kerry
Hickson          John                Killiney             Kerry
Hickson          John                Killury              Kerry
Hickson          Judith              Dingle               Kerry
Hickson          Thomas              Kinard               Kerry
Hoar             John                Ballinvoher          Kerry
Hoar             John                Garfinny             Kerry
Hoar             John                Ventry               Kerry
Hoar             Laurence            Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Hoar             Maurice             Ventry               Kerry
Hogan            Joseph              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Hogan            Michael             Cloghane             Kerry
Horgan           Darby               Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Hosidreck        Robert              Ventry               Kerry
Houan            Patrick             Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Houlahan         Patrick             Dunurlin             Kerry
Houlehan         John                Kildrum              Kerry
Houlehan         Michael             Dunurlin             Kerry
Houlehan         Michael             Ventry               Kerry
Houlehan         Patrick             Kilquane             Kerry
Houlehan         Thomas              Ventry               Kerry
Houlehan         Timothy             Dunquin              Kerry
Houlehan         William             Kildrum              Kerry
Houlehan         William             Ventry               Kerry
Hungaval         Cornelius           Dingle               Kerry
Hungervill       Maurice             Dunurlin             Kerry
Hurlehy          Daniel              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Hurlehy          John                Ballinvoher          Kerry
Hurlehy          Timothy             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Hurlihy          James               Dingle               Kerry
Hussey           Christopher         Kildrum              Kerry
Hussey           Edward              Cloghane             Kerry
Hussey           Edward              Minard               Kerry
Hussey           Thomas              Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Johnson          James               Kilquane             Kerry
Johnson          John                Kilquane             Kerry
Johnson          Matthew             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Johnson          Michael             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Johnson          Richard             Kilquane             Kerry
Johnson          Robert              Dingle               Kerry
Justin           Patrick             Ballinvoher          Kerry
Kavanagh         Anne                Dingle               Kerry
Kealeher         Daniel              Ventry               Kerry
Kealeher         James               Ventry               Kerry
Kealeher         John                Ventry               Kerry
Kealeher         Martin              Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Kealiher         Robert              Garfinny             Kerry
Kealihir         Martin              Killiney             Kerry
Kees             Mary                Kinard               Kerry
Keesse           Francis             Rattoo               Kerry
Keevane          Daniel              Garfinny             Kerry
Keevane          John                Dingle               Kerry
Keevane          Maurice             Garfinny             Kerry
Kelly            Andrew              Dingle               Kerry
Kelly            John                Dingle               Kerry
Kenedy           Cornelius           Ballynacourty        Kerry
Kenedy           Cornelius           Garfinny             Kerry
Kenedy           Cornelius           Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Kenedy           James               Ballynacourty        Kerry
Kenedy           John                Ballinvoher          Kerry
Kenedy           John                Ballynacourty        Kerry
Kenedy           John                Marhin               Kerry
Kenedy           Maurice             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Kenedy           Maurice             Garfinny             Kerry
Kenedy           Patrick             Ballinvoher          Kerry
Kenedy           Patrick             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Kenedy           Peter               Garfinny             Kerry
Kenedy           Roger               Ballinvoher          Kerry
Kenedy           Thomas              Marhin               Kerry
Kenna            Daniel              Ventry               Kerry
Kenna            Patrick             Garfinny             Kerry
Kenna            Thomas              Cloghane             Kerry
Kenna            Thomas              Minard               Kerry
Kennedy          Andrew              Ventry               Kerry
Kennedy          Daniel              Dingle               Kerry
Kennedy          Daniel              Ventry               Kerry
Kennedy          Darby               Dingle               Kerry
Kennedy          James               Cloghane             Kerry
Kennedy          James               Minard               Kerry
Kennedy          John                Cloghane             Kerry
Kennedy          John                Minard               Kerry
Kennedy          Maurice             Cloghane             Kerry
Kennedy          Maurice             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Kennedy          Michael             Inch                 Kerry
Kennedy          Michael             Ventry               Kerry
Kennedy          Morgan              Dingle               Kerry
Kennedy          Patrick             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Kennedy          Patrick             Dingle               Kerry
Kennedy          Patrick             Minard               Kerry
Kennedy          Roger               Minard               Kerry
Kennedy          Roger               Ventry               Kerry
Kennedy          Thomas              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Kennedy          Thomas              Ventry               Kerry
Kennedy          Timothy             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Kennedy          Tinan               Minard               Kerry
Kennedy          William             Dunquin              Kerry
Kenny            Eliza               Kinard               Kerry
Kenny            John                Minard               Kerry
Kenny            Michael             Kinard               Kerry
Kenny            Thomas              Caher                Kerry
Keran            Timothy             Kildrum              Kerry
Kerney           Michael             Cloghane             Kerry
Kevane           Daniel              Dingle               Kerry
Kevane           Daniel              Kildrum              Kerry
Kevane           James               Dunquin              Kerry
Kevane           John                Dingle               Kerry
Kevane           John                Dunquin              Kerry
Kevane           John                Garfinny             Kerry
Kevane           Laurence            Dingle               Kerry
Kevane           Maurice             Cloghane             Kerry
Kevane           Maurice             Dingle               Kerry
Kevane           Maurice             Ventry               Kerry
Kevane           Peter               Dingle               Kerry
Kevane           Thomas              Dunurlin             Kerry
Kevane           Thomas              Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Kievane          Darby               Dingle               Kerry
Kilfone          Patrick             Ventry               Kerry
Kinna            Daniel              Dunurlin             Kerry
Kinna            James               Ventry               Kerry
Kinna            John                Minard               Kerry
Kinna            Thomas              Minard               Kerry
Landers          Edmund              Marhin               Kerry
Landers          Garret              Kilquane             Kerry
Landers          John                Dingle               Kerry
Landers          Maurice             Dunurlin             Kerry
Landers          Maurice             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Landers          Robert              Marhin               Kerry
Landers          Thomas              Dunurlin             Kerry
Landers          Thomas              Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Leake            Michael             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Leary            Pierce              Kildrum              Kerry
Leehy            Cornelius           Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Leehy            Darby               Dingle               Kerry
Leehy            John                Ballynacourty        Kerry
Leehy            John                Ventry               Kerry
Leehy            Maurice             Kilquane             Kerry
Leehy            Maurice             Ventry               Kerry
Leehy            Thomas              Dingle               Kerry
Leehy            Timothy             Cloghane             Kerry
Leslie           Robert, Esq.        Terbert              Kerry
Leslie           Sir Edward          Terbert              Kerry
Long             John                Dunquin              Kerry
Long             Patrick             Dingle               Kerry
Long             Thomas              Dunquin              Kerry
Long             William             Minard               Kerry
Lovett           Christopher         Kildrum              Kerry
Lovett           John                Ballinvoher          Kerry
Lovett           John                Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Lovett           John                Ventry               Kerry
Lovett           Thomas              Kildrum              Kerry
Lovett           Thomas              Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Lovett           William             Ventry               Kerry
Lucett           William             Marhin               Kerry
Lynch            Daniel              Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Lynch            Daniel              Marhin               Kerry
Lynch            Daniel              Ventry               Kerry
Lynch            Darby               Ballyduff            Kerry
Lynch            John                Dingle               Kerry
Lynch            Maurice             Dingle               Kerry
Lynch            Thomas              Garfinny             Kerry
Lynch            Timothy             Cloghane             Kerry
Lynch            Timothy             Dingle               Kerry
Lyne             Denis               Inch                 Kerry
Lyne             Eneas               Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Lyne             Honora              Dingle               Kerry
Lyne             John                Cloghane             Kerry
Lyne             Michael             Inch                 Kerry
M'Carthy         Andrew              Ballinvoher          Kerry
M'Carthy         Darby               Ballinvoher          Kerry
M'Carthy         Eugene              Ballinvoher          Kerry
M'Carthy         Florence            Dingle               Kerry
M'Carthy         Florence            Marhin               Kerry
M'Carthy         John                Caher                Kerry
M'Carthy         Owen                Ballynacourty        Kerry
M'Carthy         Owen                Kilgobban            Kerry
M'Carthy         Owen                Kinard               Kerry
M'Cashon         Eugene              Caher                Kerry
M'Cowen          Lanty               Dingle               Kerry
M'Crohon         Owen                Kildrum              Kerry
M'Donagh         Laurence            Dingle               Kerry
M'Donnell        Denis               Ventry               Kerry
M'Donnell        Edmund              Ballyduff            Kerry
M'Donnell        James               Marhin               Kerry
M'Donnell        Mary                Valencia             Kerry
M'Donnell        Maurice             Ventry               Kerry
M'Donnell        Patrick             Ballynacourty        Kerry
M'Donnell        Patrick             Dunurlin             Kerry
M'Donnell        Patrick             Garfinny             Kerry
M'Donnell        Patrick             Kildrum              Kerry
M'Donnell        Thomas              Dingle               Kerry
M'Eleshum        Thomas              Ballyduff            Kerry
M'Elligot        Daniel              Ballynacourty        Kerry
M'Elligot        Thomas              Ballynacourty        Kerry
M'Geo            Cornelius           Garfinny             Kerry
M'Geo            Derby               Minard               Kerry
M'Geo            Thomas              Cloghane             Kerry
M'Mahon          Stephen             Ballinvoher          Kerry
Mahon            Timothy             Killiney             Kerry
Mahony           Thomas              Ballinvoher          Kerry
Mahony           Timothy             Minard               Kerry
Malone           Michael             Ballinvoher          Kerry
Maneen           Daniel              Dunurlin             Kerry
Maneen           Denis               Ventry               Kerry
Manneen          Denis               Dunurlin             Kerry
Manneen          James               Dunurlin             Kerry
Mannen           Daniel, Jr.         Marhin               Kerry
Mannen           James               Dunurlin             Kerry
Mannen           John                Dunurlin             Kerry
Mannen           Mary                Dunurlin             Kerry
Mannen           Michael             Marhin               Kerry
Mannen           Thomas              Kinard               Kerry
Mansfield        Henry               Ventry               Kerry
Marinan          Darby               Ballyduff            Kerry
Marinan          Thomas              Inch                 Kerry
Markham          John                Kilquane             Kerry
Martin           John                Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Martin           Patrick             Dingle               Kerry
Martin           Robert              Garfinny             Kerry
Maw              John Griffin        Kinard               Kerry
Mead             Laurence            Ballinvoher          Kerry
Mellane          Cornelius           Dunquin              Kerry
Mellane          Margaret            Dunquin              Kerry
Mellone          Laurence            Dunquin              Kerry
Menehan          Denis               Kinard               Kerry
Menehan          Timothy             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Millane          Derby               Inch                 Kerry
Millane          James               Inch                 Kerry
Millegan         Maurice             Garfinny             Kerry
Minehan          Maurice             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Minihan          James               Ventry               Kerry
Mitchell         Robert              Dunquin              Kerry
Moore            Denis               Dingle               Kerry
Moore            Edmund              Ventry               Kerry
Moore            Garret              Ballinvoher          Kerry
Moore            Garrett             Kilgobban            Kerry
Moore            John                Dunquin              Kerry
Moore            Nichols             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Moore            Richard             Garfinny             Kerry
Moriarity        Johanna             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Moriarity        Timothy             Ballinvoher          Kerry
Moriarty         Alexis              Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Moriarty         Andrew              Ballian              Kerry
Moriarty         Andrew              Minard               Kerry
Moriarty         Daniel              Dunquin              Kerry
Moriarty         Daniel              Kilquane             Kerry
Moriarty         Daniel              Kinard               Kerry
Moriarty         Daniel              Minard               Kerry
Moriarty         Denis               Dingle               Kerry
Moriarty         Denis               Dunquin              Kerry
Moriarty         Edmund              Ballinvoher          Kerry
Moriarty         Edmund              Kilquane             Kerry
Moriarty         Edmund              Minard               Kerry
Moriarty         Edward              Kiltomy              Kerry
Moriarty         Eleanor             Dingle               Kerry
Moriarty         Ellen               Dingle               Kerry
Moriarty         Fergus              Kilgobban            Kerry
Moriarty         Gregory             Dingle               Kerry
Moriarty         Henry               Dingle               Kerry
Moriarty         Ignatius            Ballynacourty        Kerry
Moriarty         Ignatius            Garfinny             Kerry
Moriarty         James               Ballynacourty        Kerry
Moriarty         James               Dunquin              Kerry
Moriarty         James               Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Moriarty         James               Kinard               Kerry
Moriarty         John                Cloghane             Kerry
Moriarty         John                Dunquin              Kerry
Moriarty         John                Garfinny             Kerry
Moriarty         John                Inch                 Kerry
Moriarty         John                Kildrum              Kerry
Moriarty         John                Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Moriarty         John                Kilquane             Kerry
Moriarty         Joseph              Garfinny             Kerry
Moriarty         Joseph              Inch                 Kerry
Moriarty         Laurence            Kildrum              Kerry
Moriarty         Martin              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Moriarty         Maurice             Ballinvoher          Kerry
Moriarty         Maurice             Inch                 Kerry
Moriarty         Maurice             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Moriarty         Michael             Kilquane             Kerry
Moriarty         Michael             Minard               Kerry
Moriarty         Owen                Ballynacourty        Kerry
Moriarty         Owen                Dunurlin             Kerry
Moriarty         Owen                Garfinny             Kerry
Moriarty         Patrick             Ballinvoher          Kerry
Moriarty         Thomas              Dingle               Kerry
Moriarty         Thomas              Dunquin              Kerry
Moriarty         Thomas              Dunurlin             Kerry
Moriarty         Timothy             Ballyduff            Kerry
Moriarty         Timothy             Dunquin              Kerry
Moriarty         Timothy             Ventry               Kerry
Moriarty         William             Minard               Kerry
Morrison         Oliver              Killahan             Kerry
Mosoran          James               Kildrum              Kerry
Mouran           James               Dingle               Kerry
Mouran           James               Ventry               Kerry
Mouran           John                Dingle               Kerry
Mouran           William             Dingle               Kerry
Mullane          James               Dunquin              Kerry
Mullane          Timothy             Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Murphy           Daniel              Dingle               Kerry
Murphy           Daniel              Kildrum              Kerry
Murphy           Darby               Ballyduff            Kerry
Murphy           James               Ballian              Kerry
Murphy           James               Minard               Kerry
Murphy           John                Dingle               Kerry
Murphy           John                Killiney             Kerry
Murphy           John                Valencia             Kerry
Murphy           John                Ventry               Kerry
Murphy           Mary                Ballynacourty        Kerry
Murphy           Maurice             Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Murphy           Maurice             Ventry               Kerry
Murphy           Michael             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Murphy           Michael             Killiney             Kerry
Murphy           Michael, Jr.        Kinard               Kerry
Murphy           Michael, Sr.        Kinard               Kerry
Murphy           Patrick             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Murphy           Thomas              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Murphy           Thomas              Dunquin              Kerry
Murphy           Timothy             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Murphy           Timothy             Ventry               Kerry
Nagle            Arthur              Dunquin              Kerry
Nash             Rev. Thomas         Ballinvoher          Kerry
Neal             John                Inch                 Kerry
Neal             Maurice             Ventry               Kerry
Neal             William             Kildrum              Kerry
Nellegan         Darby               Ballynacourty        Kerry
Nellegan         John                Ballynacourty        Kerry
Nellegan         John                Garfinny             Kerry
Nellegan         Michael             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Nelligan         John                Garfinny             Kerry
Nelligan         Michael             Ventry               Kerry
Nelligan         Thomas              Ventry               Kerry
Newton           Joan                Ballinvoher          Kerry
Nillegan         Patrick             Garfinny             Kerry
Noonan           Timothy             Minard               Kerry
Nugent           John                Garfinny             Kerry
O'Brian          Tinan               Minard               Kerry
O'Brien          Daniel              Ballinvoher          Kerry
O'Brien          Edmund              Dingle               Kerry
O'Brien          James               Caher                Kerry
O'Connell        Morgan              Caher                Kerry
O'Donnel         James               Ballinvoher          Kerry
O'Donnel         James               Kilgobban            Kerry
O'Donnel         John                Killiney             Kerry
O'Donnel         Owen                Killiney             Kerry
O'Donnel         Robert              Killiney             Kerry
O'Donnel         Sandy               Killiney             Kerry
O'Donnel         Thomas              Kilgobban            Kerry
O'Donnell        James               Kilgobban            Kerry
O'Donnell        Maurice             Kilgobban            Kerry
O'Keefe          Denis               Kilflyn              Kerry
O'Keeffe         Frederick           Dingle               Kerry
O'Neal           John                Ballinvoher          Kerry
O'Neill          John                Caher                Kerry
Parker           Thomas              Dingle               Kerry
Pendergast       Maurice             Marhin               Kerry
Pierce           Thomas              Castleisland         Kerry
Pilkington       Joseph              Dingle               Kerry
Querk            Daniel              Inch                 Kerry
Querk            Maurice             Inch                 Kerry
Quin             James               Kildrum              Kerry
Quin             John                Kilquane             Kerry
Quirk            Jeremiah            Garfinny             Kerry
Reen             Laurence            Dunurlin             Kerry
Regan            John                Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Rice             Mary                Ventry               Kerry
Rice             Stephen             Ventry               Kerry
Roach            John                Kildrum              Kerry
Rouse            Widow Joan          Dingle               Kerry
Scanlan          Cornelius           Cloghane             Kerry
Scanlan          Eleanor             Garfinny             Kerry
Scanlan          Thomas              Garfinny             Kerry
Scanlan          Timothy             Cloghane             Kerry
Scanlon          Darby               Kildrum              Kerry
Scanlon          Darby               Ventry               Kerry
Scanlon          John                Kilquane             Kerry
Scanlon          Maurice             Garfinny             Kerry
Scanlon          Maurice             Kilquane             Kerry
Scanlon          Michael             Kilquane             Kerry
Seannel          Peter, Jr.          Ballynacourty        Kerry
Seannel          Peter, Sr.          Ballynacourty        Kerry
Sears            Jacob               Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Sears            Michael             Kildrum              Kerry
Sears            Thomas              Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Shea             Daniel              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Shea             Daniel              Dunquin              Kerry
Shea             Darby               Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Shea             Darby               Kilquane             Kerry
Shea             Humphry             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Shea             James               Ventry               Kerry
Shea             Jasper              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Shea             John                Ventry               Kerry
Shea             John, Jr.           Ventry               Kerry
Shea             John, Sr.           Ventry               Kerry
Shea             Laurence            Dunurlin             Kerry
Shea             Maurice             Dingle               Kerry
Shea             Maurice             Kildrum              Kerry
Shea             Michael             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Shea             Michael             Ventry               Kerry
Shea             Patrick             Dingle               Kerry
Shea             Thomas              Ballinvoher          Kerry
Shea             Thomas              Dingle               Kerry
Shea             Thomas              Ventry               Kerry
Sheehy           Bartholomew         Garfinny             Kerry
Sheehy           Bryan               Kildrum              Kerry
Sheehy           Bryan               Kinard               Kerry
Sheehy           Daniel              Garfinny             Kerry
Sheehy           Edmund              Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Sheehy           Edmund              Kinard               Kerry
Sheehy           Ellen               Kildrum              Kerry
Sheehy           James               Ballynacourty        Kerry
Sheehy           James               Dunquin              Kerry
Sheehy           James               Kildrum              Kerry
Sheehy           James, Jr.          Garfinny             Kerry
Sheehy           James, Sr.          Garfinny             Kerry
Sheehy           John                Dingle               Kerry
Sheehy           John                Garfinny             Kerry
Sheehy           John                Inch                 Kerry
Sheehy           John                Kildrum              Kerry
Sheehy           John                Kilquane             Kerry
Sheehy           John                Minard               Kerry
Sheehy           Matthew             Cloghane             Kerry
Sheehy           Mego                Kildrum              Kerry
Sheehy           Owen                Dingle               Kerry
Sheehy           Patrick             Dingle               Kerry
Sheehy           Patrick             Kilquane             Kerry
Sheehy           Peter               Dunurlin             Kerry
Sheehy           Thomas              Cloghane             Kerry
Sheehy           Thomas              Dingle               Kerry
Slack            John, Jr.           Kilquane             Kerry
Slack            John, Sr.           Kilquane             Kerry
Slattery         Thomas              Kildrum              Kerry
Smyth            Edmund              Kildrum              Kerry
Spillane         Edmund              Ballinvoher          Kerry
Stack            Patrick             Dingle               Kerry
Stephens         Robert              Caher                Kerry
Sughrue          Carrol              Dingle               Kerry
Sughrue          Denis               Dingle               Kerry
Sughrue          Michael             Kinard               Kerry
Sullivan         Daniel              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Sullivan         Daniel              Dunurlin             Kerry
Sullivan         Daniel              Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Sullivan         Daniel              Marhin               Kerry
Sullivan         James               Dunurlin             Kerry
Sullivan         James               Garfinny             Kerry
Sullivan         John                Ballynacourty        Kerry
Sullivan         John                Cloghane             Kerry
Sullivan         John                Dingle               Kerry
Sullivan         John                Dunquin              Kerry
Sullivan         John                Dunurlin             Kerry
Sullivan         John                Kildrum              Kerry
Sullivan         John                Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Sullivan         John                Kilquane             Kerry
Sullivan         John                Minard               Kerry
Sullivan         John                Ventry               Kerry
Sullivan         Mary                Dingle               Kerry
Sullivan         Mary                Kildrum              Kerry
Sullivan         Matthew             Cloghane             Kerry
Sullivan         Maurice             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Sullivan         Michael             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Sullivan         Michael             Dunurlin             Kerry
Sullivan         Michael             Garfinny             Kerry
Sullivan         Michael             Killiney             Kerry
Sullivan         Michael             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Sullivan         Michael             Kilquane             Kerry
Sullivan         Owen                Dunurlin             Kerry
Sullivan         Owen                Ventry               Kerry
Sullivan         Patrick             Cloghane             Kerry
Sullivan         Thomas              Kildrum              Kerry
Sullivan         Thomas              Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Sullivan         Thomas              Kilquane             Kerry
Sullivan         Timothy             Marhin               Kerry
Sullivan         Timothy             Minard               Kerry
Teenughty        Owen                Cloghane             Kerry
Teenughty        Thomas              Cloghane             Kerry
Tehan            Michael             Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Thomas           Richard             Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Tinn             Ellin               Killiney             Kerry
Toddy            Thomas Connor       Kinard               Kerry
Toulow           Jeremiah            Kildrum              Kerry
Trant            James               Inch                 Kerry
Trant            Michael             Inch                 Kerry
Trant            Nicholas            Kilgarrylander       Kerry
Trant            Thomas              Minard               Kerry
Upton            Mary                Ventry               Kerry
Usher            Thomas              Killury              Kerry
Wallace          Maurice             Ballynacourty        Kerry
Walsh            James               Kilmalkedar          Kerry
Walsh            John                Ballynacourty        Kerry
Walsh            John                Kilquane             Kerry
Walsh            Maurice             Kinard               Kerry
Walsh            William             Kildrum              Kerry
Webb             Daniel              Minard               Kerry
Welsh            Car.                Dingle               Kerry
Welsh            John                Dingle               Kerry
Welsh            Maurice             Dingle               Kerry
Welsh            Patrick             Dingle               Kerry
Welsh            Thomas              Ballynacourty        Kerry
Welsh            Thomas              Cloghane             Kerry
Woods            Denis               Dingle               Kerry