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  Holden's Triennial Directory Cork 1809

Holden's Triennial Directory Cork 1809

Cork city of, the capitol of the county, and the second in Ireland for extent, trade and population, containing about 8600 houses and upward of 70,000 inhabitants. It is a well built place, and has improved surprisingly of later years, several broad streets having been added, by filling up the canals that run through them. It is seated on the river Lee, by which it is nearly surrounded, and by different channels, vessels come up into the different parts of the town. Its principal export is salt provisions. During the slaughtering season, which holds from August to the latter end of January, they will kill and cure about 100,000 head of black cattle. Their other exports consists of pork, tallow, hides raw and tanned, butter, candles, calves, lambs and rabbits skins, wool, linen and woolen yarn, and worsted and linen cloth. The country adjacent to Cork is hilly and beautiful, affording extensive and diversified prospects. It is 15 miles from the sea, about 150 miles south of Limerick and 124 miles south west of Dublin.

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