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  Old pictures of Clonakilty

Old Pictures of Clonakilty

Image from the railroad over looking the town

Fair Day, I believe this is picture is taken on Connolly St looking up towards the Wheel of Fortune.


The Convent 1940
The Convent
George's Street 1899 (Connolly Street.)
R.C Church
Inside R.C. Church
Inside R.C. Church
Clonakilty RIC Barracks
Sovereign Street (Pearse Street)
The Retreat
Western Road Clonakilty
Astna Square
Astna Square 1952
Ash Street
Mill Street 1910 (Ashe Street)
Sovereign Street 1910

Ballinascarthy Station 17 March 1961

Ballinascarthy Station, 13 April 1935

Locomotive No. 36 at Clonakilty Station with the 9.05 a.m. service to Clonakilty Junction, 13 April 1955

Clonakilty Junction Station 13 April 1955