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  The Mission of Clonakilty, 1868

The Mission of Clonakilty, 1868

We the undersigned Spirit Dealers of Clonakilty and the neighbourhood desirous to preserve the fruits of the Mission, do hereby solemnly resolve and promise:

1st - That we will not sell intoxicating liquors before the hour of 2 o'clock on Sundays; after 6 o'clock on Sundays and Holydays, nor after 10 o'clock on Fairdays.

2nd - That we will not sell intoxicating liquors to persons we notice under the influence of drink.

3rd - That we will have these resolutions printed and placarded in our Shops and at the Chapel.

We also request of respected Parish Priest to see that these resolutions be strictly observed.

Maxwell Irwin (The Quay)

Miss M. Wycherley (Connolly St.)

Timothy Hart

Mrs. C Murray (Ring)

Daniel Spillane (Pearse St.) Thos. Donovan
Michael Santry (Connolly St.) Cors. Crowley (Pearse St.)
James Aherne (Pearse St.) Dan OLeary (Patrick St.)
C. McCarthy (Pearse St.) Denis Sullivan (Ashe St.)
Richard Courcey Tim Donovan
James O'Neill Denis McCarthy (Ashe St)
Timothy McCarthy (Lamb St.) Denis O'Leary (Pearse St.)
Michael Deasy (Sam's Cross) Thos. Kingston (Pearse St.)
Michael Driscoll (Ashe St.) Thos. O'Brien
John O'Brien (Pearse St.) John Lane (Wolfe Tone St.)
Dan O'Leary (Chapel St.) John McCarthy (Rossa St.)
C. Sullivan Patrick Reagan
Thomas Attridge (Connolly St.) Thos. Bateman
Edward Harrington (do.) Sam Kingston (Pearse St.)
Julia McCarthy Mary Hodnett (Connolly St.)
Mrs. Mary Deasy (Ashe St.) Margt. Hartnett (Pearse St.)
Mrs. Driscoll Anne O'Connell
Bridget Donovan C. Donovan (Ring Upper)
Ellen Cunningham Mary McCarthy
Margt. O'Sullivan John Connor (Ring)
Michael Keohane Mrs. Coughlan

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The above framed notice is still to be seen in the licensed premises of Mr. D. J. Kingston, Pearse St., Clonakilty. The addresses of the vintners are not in the notice but any addresses that could be confirmed from the Guy's Directory of 1875 have been inserted.

According to that directory the number of vintners in Clonakilty was: Connolly Street, 6; Rossa Street, 4; Pearse Street, 13; Ash Street, 8; New Chapel Street, 5; Quay, 1; Astna Square, 1; Patrick Street, 1; Lamb Street, 1. Total 39.

Clonakilty District Past & Present  - A Tourist guide to the area -[158 pages, forward dated 1959] The guide was published by the Southern Star Ltd for the Clonakilty C.Y.M.S.

My thanks to Henry McFadden for providing this information.