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  Francis Guy's Directory of Cork 1875-1876 - Clonakilty

Francis Guy's Directory of Cork 1875-1876


My thanks to Ginni Swanton for this information.



Sub post, money-order, and telegraph office, 32 miles from Cork, 13 miles from Bandon (head office), and 10 from Enniskeane, a station on the West Cork Ry. Clonakilty (previously spelt Cloughnakilty), founded by the first Earl of Cork, is a seaport town in the west riding, the corn trade of which was considerable, vessels of 150 tons trading to and from the port; the principal imports now are coal, timber and Indian corn. The bay of Clonakilty is spacious, but ill protected; the bar at the entrance is a great hindrance and the port is generally indifferent. In 1613 a charter was granted to the town by James I., by which inhabitants were incorporated as the sovereign, free burgesses, and commonalty of the borough of Cloughnakilty. The right of sending two members to Parliament was conferred on the town by this charter, a privilege it continued to exercise until the passing of the Act of Union in 1800, when it was disfranchised. The principal buildings consist of a Protestant church, a Roman Catholic Church, convent of Sisters of Mercy, Presbyterian and Wesleyan chapels, a small infantry barracks, market house, inns etc. It is now governed by Commissioners, under the provision of the Towns Improvement Act. Clonakilty was once celebrated for its linen yarn, and on market days large sums were expended on the purchase of this for over two centuries its staple product, but the yard trade has died out, and the town now relies for support on its dealings with the farmers in the neighbourhood, butter, eggs, and fowl are largely bought for exportation. Dr. Smith says, The town flourished greatly before the wars of 1641, but being then entirely burnt down it has since but slowly recovered. The same writer also gives a description of the remains of an ancient heathen temple, stone circle, about two miles to the north-east of Clonakilty, in the parish of Kilgarriff. The Rev. Dr. Collins, R.C. bishop of Cloyne and Ross was born at Clonakilty; is it also the birth place of Byron Deasy, of the Court of Exchequer, member of Co. Cork 1855-60. There was formerly a classical endowed school here, of considerable repute; the Right Hon. ?lountiford Longfield (known as Judge Longfield, of the Landed Estates Court) was educated there and many others of the gentry and clergy. It has now ceased to exist. Arundel mills is a village on Clonakilty harbour. The tract called Ibawn (the fair) territory was, after the coming in of the English, wrested from old proprietors by Lord Arundel of the Strand, and from him it fell to the Barrymore family. There are the remains of an ancient castle on the strand of Clonakilty, formally called Arundel castle, but now King Castle Smiths His. In the mouth of the bay is the Island of Inchidonny, Sulphate of barites occurs at Muckruss and Mountain common, parish of Ardfield.

Summary of Census, 1871 Clonakilty Township

Areas in stat. acres 1086
Houses 700
Farmsteadings 477
Persons 3568
Families 723
Under 12 years of age 999
12 and under 20 575
20 and under 40 850
40 and upwards 1144
Roman Catholics 428
Presbyterians 26
Methodists 108
Read and write 1697
Read only 336
Illiterate 1535


5 April, 1 June, 1 August, 10 October, 12 November, 1st Monday of January, February, March, May, July, September, and December.
Market Day - Friday.



Postmaster - Thomas J. Wolfe, Main street Mail to Bandon, etc., 8.20 a.m., 6.15 p.m.; to Skibbereen, etc., 5.40 a.m.
Mail Cars, &c.
To Bandon, dep. 5.0 a.m., 8.2o a.m., 6.15 p.m. ; to Skibbereen, 5.40 am.
From Bandon, at. 5.40 a.m., 6.o p.m. from Skibbereen, arr. 6.15 p.m.
Private car from Bandon, arr. 9.0 p.m.


Parishes - Ardfield (p. 49), Kilgarriff (p. 77), Desert (p. 63), Kilmeen (p. 8i), Templeomalus (p. 101), Kilnagross (p. 85), Kitmalooda (p. 8o), Kilkerranmore (p. 78), Templebryan (p. 100)
Villages - Arundel mills (now called Ring), Ballinascarty
Registrar Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Dr. William Bennett.
Registrar of Marriages (7 & 8 Vic. cap. 81) - Thomas J. Wolfe.
Relieving and Sanitary Officer - Samuel Helen.
Petty Sessions District - Clonakilty, every 2nd Thursday; clerk, T. A. Lendrum.
Quarter Sessions District - Bandon
Bridewell Keeper - David Mulcahy
Excise Officer - James Nolan, The Square.
Stamp Distributor - John C. Spiller.
Commissioner for taking Affidavits in Superior Courts:
Cromwell Norcott, The Square

Town Commissioners.

Daniel OLeary - Chairman.
James OBrien
Peter ONeill
Maxwell Irwin
Patrick OBrien
Thomas Donovan
Patrick Donovan
John Donovan
Daniel Spillane.
Clerk - John Davis.
Inspector and Collector of Tolls Thomas Kingston.

Harbour Master.

Honner William, Main street

Clonakilty Union.

The Board of Guardians meet every Friday. For list of ex-officio and elected Guardians, Officers, etc., see end of Directory.

Royal Irish Constabulary.

Clonakilty District includes seven stations - Clonakilty, Butlerstown, Common Mountain; Courtmacsherry, Milltown, Rosscarbery, Timoleague.
Resident Magistrate - George R. Cronin
Sub-Inspector - Jas. C. Mills, The Square
Head Constable - Ebenezer Ferns.
Constables at Clonakilty - Francis Gannon and Martin Clinch.
Butlerstown - Jas. Hanrahan.
Common Mountain - William Forde.


Taylor, William, Galley Tower, officer
Owens, William, Barrys Cove, do.
Clancey, Michael, Ring bar, chief boatman

Places of Worship.

Protestant Epis. - Rev. Chas. McFettridge
Roman Catholic - Very Rev. Matthew Donovan, P.P.,V.G.; Revs. Patrick Madden and Paul Kingston, curates.
Presbyterian - Rev. Robert Cowan. Wesleyan - Revs. William. B. Monahan and Hugh Moore.


Sisters of Mercy of the Sacred Heart, Community 30 - Superioress, Mrs. Margaret Genevieve ODonoghue; Chaplain, Rev. Patrick Kingston.


No. 1 Male Teacher Timothy Hurley.
No. 2 Male Teacher Sisters of Mercy.
No. 1 Female Teacher Miss White.
No. 2 Female Teacher Sisters of Mercy.
Ardfield male and female National Michael Madden
Infant - Mrs Johnson .
Kilgarriff National - William J. Housten
St. Aloysius Industrial - Sisters of Mercy.
Wesleyan - Robert McMillan.

Private Schools.

Davis John, Strand road
Elliott George, Shannon square
Sullivan Miss, Strand road - Ladies

Justices of the Peace.

Bennett, Francis Evans, The Square
Bennett, John, Darrara
Giliman, Major Bennett Watkins (Retired List late 12th Foot) The Retreat
Jones, William Bence (called to the bar at Inner Temple 1837) Lisselane; Athernaeum Club, London, sw.
Lucas, George, Lackenduff
Lucas, John, Rashleigh, Richfordstown
Travers, Henry Boyle, Ballymacowen house

Gentry, Clergy, &c.

Alleyn Richard
Beamish Mrs Richard, Beaumont
Beamish Mrs Corriga
Beamish Rickard, Ahagilla
Beamish Henry B., Muckruss
Beamish Henry George, Dunmore
Beamish Rev George, Beaumont, rector of Templeomalus
Beecher Michael R. A, Ballyduvane house
Bennett Mrs Eliza, Strand road
Boyle Mrs Catherine, Ring.house
Bredon Mrs Anne, Coulamore
Callanan Rev Jonas, R.C.C., Leap
Conroy Joseph, Ballyva house, C.E.
Cowan Rev Robert, Presbyterian, Manse
Crofts J. Nelson, Coulamore
Cronin George R, stipendiary magistrate
Donegan Rev. John, P.P. of Kilmeen
Driscoll Mrs Eliza, Barrack street
Fuller Mrs Dora, The Square
Gallway Denis MCarthy, baronial high constable Ibane and Barryroe, Greenfield
Grant Mrs, Ceorges street
Hungerford John, Snugboro
Hungerford Mrs C, The Island
Hungerford William, baronial high constable, E. D. E. Carbery, The Square
Irwin Rev William, rector Kilmeen
Kingston, Rev Paul, R.C.C, Strand road
Lucas Captain Jasper, Ring house
MFettridge Rev Chas, rector Kilgarriff. The Square
Madden Rev Patrick,
Moloney Miss Lucinda, The Square
Monahan Rev William B, Wesleyan, The Square
Moote Rev Hugh, Wesleyan, Sovereign st.
Norcott Cromwell, The Squre
OBrien Rev J, R.C.C, Ardfield
OHea Mrs Ellen. Strand road
OLeary Rev A, p.p, Ardfield, Mountain
Powell Rev V. rector Kilnagross, Lisselane
Ronaldson George, Tawnies cottage
Sandes George, Dunowen house
Smyth Edward, Knocks house
Stowards Moses, Councambeg
Sweeny Mr Louisa, Strand road
Townsend Miss Harriet, The Square
Tuckcy Rev James, rector Ardfield
Walker Rev Frederick G, rector Kilmalooda glebe
Wheeler James S. Fortprospect


Noonan Francis Youghals house
Wright Henry T Fern hill
Wright Thomas, Fern hill

Medical Pratitioners

Bennet William, dispensary med. officer, The Square
Hadden Edward, workhouse med. officer, The Square
Heas Patrick, M D, Strand road


Bennett William, The Square
Starkie Mrs C, Main street

Branch Banks.

Bank of Ireland - D. Franklin, agent
National Bank Robert Purcell, manager

Agricultural Depot

Maxwell, Irwin & Song


Bateman John, Main Street
Bateman William G, Mill Street
Chiddick Ambrose, Main steet
Gilbert Mrs Mary, Mill Street
Hartnett Mrs Margaret, Sovereign street
Hawkes Joseph, Sovereign Street
Holtsbaum William, Main Street
Hurley Thomas, Georges street
Kingston Samuel, Sovereign street
Lendrum Thomas A, Main Street
Neil Peter, Millstreet
OBrien Ellen, Sovereign Street
OBrien Mrs. Ellen, Main street
OBrien John Mill Street
Scaly Miss Susan, Mill street
Walsh Miss Mary, Sovereign street
Walsh Mrs William, Main street

Boot Makers.

Bateman John, Main street
Bateman Thomas, Boyle street
Bateman William G, Millstreet
Chiddick Ambrose, Georges street
Chiddick Walter, Mill street
Connell Cornelius, Mill street
Connell James, Millstreet
Hawkes Joseph, Sovereign street
Holtsbaum William. Main street
Keohane Patrick, Mill street
Phipps Robert, Sovereign street


Deasy & Co. The Square


Anglin William, New Chapel street
Driscoll Michael, Georges street.
Fitzpatrick Thomas, Desert

Butter Merchants.

Donovan Denis, Templebryan
Donovan James, Templebryan
Hayes Denis, Clogheen
ODonovan Patrick, Strand road
ORegan Charles, Clogheen

Cabinet Makers.

Dillon Michael, Sovereign street
Moore Richard Sovereign street

Card-Box Manufacturer.

Austin William Ring house

Cattle Dealers.

Bateman Charles, Sovereign street
Donovan Michael
Holland John, Mill Street
McCarthy James, Georges Street
Perrott Henry, Mill street

China Ware Merchants.

Donovan Patrick, Mill street
Feen Ellen, Mill Street
McCarthy Callaghan, sen, Sovereign Street
OBrien John, Sovereign street


Davis John, clerk to Town Commissioners, Strand road
Dwyer Philip, solicitors clerk, The Square
Lendrum Thomas A, clerk of Petty Sessions
Quinn Patrick, accountant in the National Bank, The Square
Spiller John C, clerk of Union, Sovereign St

Coach Builder.

Regan James, New Chapel street

Coal Merchants.

Bennett Thomas, Millville
Honner William, Main Street
Irwin Maxwell & Sons, Clonakilty
McCarthy Callaghan, Sovereign street
OBrien James, Mill street

Commercial Traveller.

McCarthy Timothy, Ashgrove,


Daly John, Georges street.
Lucas George, Mill street.

Corn Merchants.

Deasy & Co, The Square
Honner William, Main street
Wolfe Bennett & Son, Millville


Nash Mrs Margaret, Main street
OHara John, Jun. Main street
OLeary Daniel, Mill street
OLeary Denis, Sovereign street
Palmer Mrs Maryanne, Main street
Saunders Mrs Lucey, Barrack street
Wolfe Thomas J, Main street


Bateman Mrs, Barrack Street
Bennett Miss Anne, Patrick street
Bennett Miss Mary, Patrick street
Chiddick Mrs. W, Mill street
Leahy Mrs John, Strand road
Lane Mrs, Strand road
Lucas Miss M. A, Mill street
Sheehan Miss M, Mill street


Driscoll Jeremiah, Sovereign Street
Spillane Patrick, Barrack street

Egg Merchants

Donovan Daniel, jun, Barrack street
Driscol Timothy, New Chapel street
OBrien James, Mill street
Roche John, Barrack street

Emigration Agent

Wolfe Thomas J, Main street

Flax Factors.

Bennett Joseph, Shannon vale
Smyth Edward, Knocks house


Ahern James, Sovereign Street
Bateman Henry, Sovereign street.
Bateman William S, Mill Street
Bennett Michael, Sovereign street
Bennett Thomas W, Sovereign street
Brien James, Mill Street
Buttimer Thomas, Sovereign Street
Chiddick Isaac, New Chapel street
Cleary Jeremiah, Georges Street
Coakley Jeremiah, Strand road
Coakley Patrick, Chapel Street
Collins James, Sovereign Street
Coughlan Abraham, Mill Street
Coughlan Mrs Ellen, Sovereign Street
Cadamore Edmond, Main Street
Donovan Daniel, Main street
Donovan Mrs Bridget, Mill Street
Feen Ellen, Mill street
Flynn Cornelius, Sovereign street
Gilbert, Mrs. Mary, Mill street
Hurley Thomas, Georges street
Lendrum Thomas A, Main street
McCarthy Cornelius, Sovereign street
Meade David, Main Street
Meade Patrick, Sovereign street
Mills Mrs Eliza, Sovereign street
Nash, Mrs Margaret, Main street
Nyhane Bartholomew, Ballinascarty
OBrien Mrs Ellen; Main street
OBrien John, Sovereign street
OBrien John, jun, Sovereign street
ODriscoll Miss Ellen, Sovereign street
ONeill Miss Mary, Main Street
Perkins Miss Catherine, Georges street
Perrott Henry, Mill Street
Phipps John, Mill street
Ring Mrs, Sovereign street
Santry Michael, Georges street
Santry Timothy, Sovereign street
Sheehy John, Strand road
Spillane Daniel, Sovereign Street
Spiller John C, Sovereign street
Sullivan, Mrs Mary, Sovereign street
Walsh Margaret, Sovereign street
Williamson Jane, Main street
Wright John Nash, Main Street

Hardware Merchants,

Bennett Josias, Mill street
Bennett Michael, Sovereign sheet
Bennett Thomas W, Sovereign street
McCarthy Callaghan, jun, Main street
Spiller John C, Sovereign street

Harness Makers.

Cunningham Laurence, Sovereign sticet
Hegarty John, Georges street
OBrien James, Mill street

Hotel Keepers.

Donovan Thomas, Sovereign street
OBrien John, Sovereign street

Leather Cutters.

Bateman John, Barrack street and Main St.
Chiddick Ambrose, Georges Street.
Connell Cornelius, Mill street
Coghlan John, Mill street
Donovan Daniel, Main street
Hawkes Joseph, Sovereign street
Helen Samuel, Sovereign street
Holtsbaum William, Main street
Phipps Robert, Sovereign street

Loan Office.

Bateman William S, Mill street


Bennett Thomas, Shannonvale
Bennett Thomas Jun, Milliville
Hawkins Robert, Gearagh.
Hurley Patrick, Ballinrougher
Wolfe, Bennett & Son, Shannonvale


Mills Miss, Sovereign street
Saunders Miss, Sovereign street
Walsh Miss, Georges street
Wolfe Mrs, Main street

Mineral Water Manufacturer.

Santry Michael, Georges street

Painters, Decorators, etc.

Bevan Thomas, Main Street
Harte John & Sons, Strand road


Scans George, Mill street
Waugh Mrs M. A, Mill street

Posting Establishments
Donovan Thomas, Sovereign street
OLeary Daniel, Sovereign street

Salt Merchant.

McCarthy Callaghan, Sovereign street

Seed Merchants.

Honner William, Main street
Hurley Thomas, Georges street
Irwin Maxwell, Quays
McCarthy Callaghan, jun, Main street
Spiller John C, Main street


Barry Charles Georges street
Brien John, Georges Street
Hayes John and Son, Strand road
M Carthy Denis, Strand road

Timber Merchants.

Honner William, Main street
M Carthy Callaghan, jun, Main street
Spiller John C, Sovereign Street


Driscoll Bartholomew, Square street
Driscoll Cornelius, Strand road
England Robert, Boyle street
M Kennedy Bartholomew, Square Street
Mahony Cornelius, Square Street
Sheehan Daniel Patrick street


Ahern James, Sovereign Street
Atteridge Thomas, Georges Street
Barry. David, Mill street
Beamish James, Mill street
Beamish John Sovereign street
Carroll James, New Chapel street
Coakley Jeremiah, Strand road
Coakelly Patrick, Now Chapel street.
Coughlan John, Common mountain
Collins Jeremiah, Sams cross
Conner Ellen, Ring
Crowley Cornelius, Sovereign street
Deasy, Mary, Mill street
Deasy Michael, Sams Cross
Donovan Cornelius, Ring upper
Driscoll Michael, Mill street
Driscoll Michael, George street
Forde Robert, Ballinascarthy
Harrington Edward, Georges street
Hartnett Margaret, Sovereign street
Hodnett Richard, Georges Street.
Irwin Maxwell. The Quay
Kingston Samuel Sovereign street
Kingston Thomas, Sovereign street
Lane John, Strand road.
Leary Daniel, New Chapel street
Mahony Margaret, Common mountain
Murray Honora, Ring
MCarthy Cornelius, Sovereign street
MCarthy Denis, Mill Street
MCarthy John, Main Street
MCarthy Timothy, Lamb street
Neill Peter, Mill street
Nyhan Bartholomew, Ballinascarty
OBrien Ellen, Sovereign street
OBrien John, Sovereign street
OBrien Patrick, Main street
OLeary Daniel, Sovereign street
OLeary Denis, Sovereign street
OLeary Daniel, Patrick street .
OLeary D, Chapel street
ONeill Mary, Main street
ONeill Owen, Bealad
Perrott John, Mill street
Ryan Timothy, Lissavard
Santry Michael, Georges street
Spillane Daniel, Sovereign street
Sullivan Denis, Mill street
Sullivan Mary, Sovereign street
Sullivan Margaret, Shannonvale
Sullivan Patrick, Boyle square
Wright John Nash, Main. street
Wycherly Miss Mary, Georges street

Principal Landholders.

Anglin William, New Chapel street
Applebe John, Garranagoleen
Austin William, Ring south
Bagley Isaac, Tawnies lower
Bagley Richard, Letter
Barrett James, Liscubba
Barrett John, Ring upper
Barry Edmond, Bohonagh
Bateman Charles, Woodfield
Bateman John, Barrack street
Bateman Samuel, Clooncorban
Beamish John, Carhoo
Beechinor Daniel, Caher
Beechinor Francis Sovereign street
Beechinor Robert, Caher
Bennett John, Rossmore
Bennett Robert, Kilgarriff
Bennett Thomas, Aghamilla
Bennett Thomas, Kilmoylerane
Brickly John, Farran
Brien Cornelius, Kilmeen
Brien Honora, Carrig
Buttimer Abraham, Derryvreen
Buttimer Thomas, do.
ButtimerWilliam, Ballinvard
Callinan Daniel, Ballivrougher
Callinan James, Dunowen
Callinan Thomas, Dunnycove
Callinan Timothy, Ballinvrougher
Callinan Timothy, Lackanaboha
Canty Timothy, Barrack street
Clarke James, Bealad house
Collins Mrs Jane, Rossmore
Crowley John, Lisselane
Deane Barnabas B, Ballyduvane
Deasy James, Gearagh
Deasy William, Reecarrigeen
Dinneen Charles, Letter
Dinneen Michael, Knockea
Dinneen Peter, Maulrour
Dinneen Thomas, Monteen
Donoghue Denis, Ballinvard
Donoghue John, Ballyduvane
Donovan Daniel, Creaghniore
Donovan Daniel, Maulnagceragh
Donovan Daniel, Barrack street
Donovan James, Caherkirky
Donovan John, Donoure
Donovan John, Rossmore
Donovan John, Belview
Donovan Matthew, Letter
Donovan Patrick, Maulnageragh
Donovan Thomas, Shannonvale
Donovan Timothy, Aghaliskey
Donovan Timothy, Creaghmore
Donovan Timothy, Gearagh
Driscoll Eliza, Barrack street
Dullea Charles, Knockatlowig
Fitzpatrick Thomas, Desert
Forde Mary, Crohane
Forde Henry, Knockea
Forde Samuel, Knockea
Good Joseph, Rossmore
Good William, Dromgarriff
Grace Patrick, Farran
Hawkins Robert, Gearagh
Hayes Catherine, Castleview
Hayes John, Cruary east
Hayes Joseph, Tawnies lower
Healy Denis, Templebryan
Helen John, Garraneard
Helen Samuel, Sovereign street
Helen William, Garraneard
Hennessy Patrick, Monteen
Holland Richard, Georges street
Hurley Daniel, Derryvreen
Hurley James, Gortnagearagh
Hurley Patrick, Ballinoroher
Hurley Thomas, Georges street
Irvine Walter, Garrancore
Jeffreys Alexander, Fourcuil
Keeffe James, Coorleigh south
Kemp Eliza, Rocksavage
Keohane Jeremiah, Carhoogarriffe
Keohane Jeremiah, Cahergal
Keohane Laurence, Ballincempe
Keohane Sylvester, Cahergal
Keohane Timothy, Ballintemple
Keohane Timothy, Garrymore
Kingston James, Dromgarriff
Kingston James, Templebryan
Kingston Jeremiah, Knockscagh
Kingston Jeremiah, Lisselane
Kingston Jeremiah, Ballymacowen
Kingston John, Fourcuil
Kingston John, Kilgarriff
Kingston Pail, Beanhill
Kingston Samuel, Clogheen
Kingston Thomas, Crohane
Kingston Thomas, Madame
Kingston Thomas, jun, Ballinascarty
Knowles John, Woodfield
Leary Andrew, Kilbree
Leary Andrew, jun, Kilbree
Leary Cornelius, Knockea
Leary Jeremiah, Gearagh
Leary Thomas, Ahalisky
Lyne Michael, Derryvreen
McCarthy Callaghan, Main street
McCarthy Florence, Ashgrove
McCarthy Jeremiah, Ahagilla
McCarthy Margaret, Ashgrove
McCarthy Tiniothy, Garrarieard
Mahony Jeremiah, Tullyneasky
Murray Mrs Catherine, Strand road
Neill John, Reenroe
Neill John, Baflyduvane
Northridge Charles, Liscubba
Northridge William Henry, Lcubba
Nyhane Daniel, Dromgarriff
Nyhane Daniel, Ballyluck
Nyhane Elizabeth, Crohane west
Nyhane John, Brownstovn
Nyhane John, Carriganookery
OBrien Denis, Knockaphonezy.
OBrien Denis, New Chapel street
OHea Mary, Barrack street
ONeill Mrs Felix, Clonakilty
ORegan Charles, Clogheen
Palmer M. A, Main street
Phipps Robert, Sovereign street
Regan Jeremiah, South Ring
Scully Michael, Dunowen
Scully Michael, jun, Brownstown
Sheehy John (Edward), Lackenduff
Sheehy Patrick, Lackenduff
Shiels Peter, Templebryan
Smyth Edward, Knocks house
Sullivan Edward, sen, Kilbree
Sullivan Jeremiah, Sovereign street
Sullivan John, Carrigroe
Sullivan John, Creaghbeg
Sullivan John, Coorleigh south
Sullivan John, Shannonvale
Sullivan Timothy, Garranagoleert
Sullivan William, Kilnagross cottage
Sweeny Denis, Bealad
Unkles Joseph, Sarue
Walsh Francis, Gallanes
Walsh John, Monteen
Walsh Michael, Maulrour
Walsh Peter Knockea
Walsh Richard, Kilmalooda
Waugh Mary Anne, Carhoo
Whelton William, Dunowen
White Thomas, Ahalisky
White Thomas, Brittas
White Thomas, Main street
Williamson Richard, Carrigroe
Wolfe Robert, Barrack street
Woods William, Kilkeran
Wycherly George, Aghamill